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The Kugoo G-Max is an excellent choice for regular travellers. It’s a relaxing ride with a slew of cool amenities that will make your journey even more pleasurable. Three-speed options (for a smooth and steady journey), an extra roomy deck for tired and sore feet, and cruise control – what else do we need to say? The Kugoo G-Max is a new addition to the Kugoo electric scooter family, designed for city dwellers looking for a great ride at a great price.

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Kugoo G-Max Summary

the Kugoo G-Max would be at home in any sci-fi film set in the future. This scooter, albeit sleek and well made, is hardly a gem in the rough. On the contrary, it’s a stylish e-scooter that was cleverly created with the frequent traveller in mind. Did I also mention that it has a 500 Watt front motor with exceptional torque, a consistent range, and the same level of durability as before? There is no question that the Kugoo G-Max is popular. It comes equipped with all the standard features you would want from a high-quality e-scooter, as well as a few interesting additions you probably weren’t anticipating, including convenient app functionality, cruise control, a USB connector, an absurdly big deck with superb grip, and more. The scooter is well-made, with a stem that is quite steady and big, gripping tyres that act as independent springs. One of them “try it and be astonished by its electric scooters” is the G-Max. The G-Max pushes the envelope in all the right ways since it was created to exceed expectations!


Performance Overview

If you want a quick, dependable, and comfortable scooter, the Kugoo G- Max is regarded as one of the finest electric scooters. The G-Max was designed for frequent commuters who must quickly board and disembark. As a result, it can go 22 miles at a reasonable pace of 22 mph (or 35 km/h), which is what you’d generally anticipate from an electric scooter designed for local journeys. The 500W engine on this e-scooter produces outstanding torque, and it has smooth speed and acceleration with three speed ranges and cruise control. Nevertheless, this e-scooter is not your typical electric scooter by any means. extremely strong, quite comfy, and has a deck that is remarkably broad. Since Kugoo understands how important safety is, this electric scooter has a dual braking system that makes it possible to stop swiftly and safely, even while travelling at peak speeds. Additionally, a ground-breaking software makes sure that the Kugoo G-Max keeps up with technological advancements. With the press of a button, you can remotely lock and unlock your scooter, enable cruise control, and monitor a variety of other parameters including speed and battery life. The Kugoo G-sturdy, Max’s broad 10-inch wear-resistant tyres, which handle uneven ground like a pro, serve as its suspension system. The performance of the

Top Speed & Acceleration

Up to a steady 22 MPH, the G-Max electric scooter can accelerate. To generate quick momentum, just engage the motor by depressing the throttle button.

Hill Climbing

Remember that the Kugoo G-Max is a commuter e-scooter, so don’t anticipate it to handle steep inclines when you’re out and about. In spite of this, the G-Max can climb grades of up to 15 degrees, so if you frequently meet the occasional hill while commuting, be assured that this scooter has enough uphill power.

Battery & Range

A 36V, 10.4 Ah lithium-ion battery powering the Kugoo G-Max has an effective recharge duration of up to 7 hours, which is about average. The standard lead-acid batteries that were once used in electric scooters have been replaced by lithium-ion batteries, which is a current improvement. Lithium-ion batteries are unquestionably the best choice since they are thought to be more energy-efficient and durable.

Motor Configuration

This scooter’s front wheel houses a single 500W engine. In addition to being substantially quieter than their heavier counterparts, brush less motors also use less energy. The front-wheel-drive configuration of the e-scooter also offers it a powerful driving force up front, which improves the scooter’s forward velocity and torque.

Construction & Quality

So this is when the electric scooter really starts to become interesting. The Kugoo G-Max is composed of magnesium alloy rather than aluminium alloy, which is what the bulk of electric scooters on the market are likely to be made of. Which advantages? Magnesium alloy is more impact-resistant and lighter than aluminium alloy. Additionally, this scooter is quite strong and can support up to 220 pounds of weight (100 kg).

Suspension & Comfort

Despite not having standard shock absorbers, the inflatable tyres of this electric scooter act as a shock absorber system. In this instance, simplicity like this just contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable ride as a whole.

Ride Quality

If you’re a daily commuter looking for a reliable and steady method of transportation, the Kugoo G-riding Max’s quality very well meets all of your needs. The exceptional design has a solid, strong stem, a deck that is exceedingly broad and non-slip, variable speed settings, and large tyres for the ultimate riding experience.



The Kugoo G-Max is equipped with a single brake light above the rear wheel, reflector lights on the rear fender, and a powerful front LED light. However, because the brake light is rather unnoticeable, it would be wise to wear luminous clothes as an extra measure of safety at night.


Thanks to its effective electronic braking system, this Kugoo scooter offers exceptional stopping force. For two times the stopping force, depressing the brake lever on the handlebar will engage the front electric brake and the rear disc brake. Alternatively, you may depress the mechanical foot brake on the back. Interestingly, disc brakes are among the greatest brakes on the market because of how effective they are on both dry and wet terrain.


One of this electric scooter’s most exciting characteristics is its smartly constructed folding mechanism. All you have to do is raise the pipe up and above the “on” symbol while turning the red attachment to “on.” After finishing, the stem will be moveable, allowing you to fold it safely into place and carry it to the next location. Although this scooter is not your typical pick-up and-go lightweight electric scooter, it is semi-heavy-ish (weighing in at 44 lbs. ), so don’t be shocked if you can’t drag it about for extended distances at a time.



Another key benefit of the Kugoo G-Max is its deck! 7.9 inches of absolute comfort. The Kugoo G-deck Max’s is grippy and incredibly broad, making it a delight to stand on because you can stand steadily with both feet side by side rather than one in front of the other.

Controls & Display

The Kugoo G-controls Max’s and display have a straightforward layout that makes them simple to use when you need to view crucial data like speed, gear, battery life, as well as a clear representation of where your wheels are at any given moment. The power button, throttle, and headlight button are all conveniently located adjacent to the LED display. The braking lever and a bell that commands attention are located on the left side. Additionally, it includes a flawlessly integrated Smart app control function that allows you to see and change settings directly from your smartphone.

Water Resistance

This scooter is splash- and even light drizzle-proof thanks to its IP54 water resistance grade. It is not appropriate for thunderstorms or torrential rain, though.


The G-10-inch Max’s wear-resistant tyres provide a higher surface covering, increasing stability and agility. Additionally, the G-air-filled Max’s tyres significantly contribute to improving the suspension capabilities of this electric scooter. As a result, suspension of this sort ought to be sufficient for various road surface conditions.


Warranty & Customer Support

Standard warranties for the Kugoo G-Max include a 12-month period for non-electrical parts, a 6-month period for the battery, and a 14-day money-back guarantee. In general, Kugoo provides extra customer care if you run into problems with the warranty procedure.


The Kugoo G-Max requires very little care and is a delight to keep up. The G-Max is a hassle-free e-scooter that doesn’t require much care, other from the typical maintenance advice you’ll find for most scooters (such as checking the tyre pressure and making sure the scooter is constructed correctly).

Kugoo G-Max: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The Kugoo G-Max is an affordable electric scooter, costing $758 or £549. Your requirements and expectations will determine if it is a good buy or worth the money. This scooter is definitely worth the money you’ll spend on it if you’re seeking for a commuter scooter that can a) get you about dependably and b) is affordable.

Specification: KUGOO G MAX REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

22 mph


20 miles

Charge Time

6-7 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

22 miles


but the wide pneumatic tyres help to withstand impacts, None

Braking System

Electric double brakes


Pneumatic 10 inch tyres


374 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

44 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


Front LED headlight and a rear brake light

Product Material

Magnesium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Mobility app

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  1. William

    the strongest and best scooter available. I purchased last year.

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  2. Benjamin

    I firmly advise

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  3. Blake

    This scooter is excellent in every way. The force and smoothness on most surfaces are wonderful.

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