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The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro, a new member of the Kaabo wolf family, was released this year. This little brother isn’t shy at all, and he’s already making a name for himself with mind-blowing speed and range. You might be deceived into believing that the Wolf Warrior is missing, but you’d be wrong — this scooter is electrifying!
A beast of a scooter lurks beneath its tiny size and elegant look, eager to be tamed. Do you enjoy spending time in nature? If that’s the case, this scooter is the one for you. A supreme severe electric scooter with a double stem, large 10-inch tyres, speed for days, and a massive range.

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Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro Summary

A serious-looking commuter scooter that can readily handle off-road terrain is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro. It boasts a furious, animalistic speed thanks to two 1100W motors! This electric scooter has the endurance strength of its namesake and the capacity to keep going…and going…and going thanks to a 60volt 28Ah LG/Samsung rechargeable battery. Nothing, not even 35 degree inclines, can stand in its way when it is on a mission. The Kaabo Wolf’s suspension is also very remarkable, including an incredibly effective suspension system made up of a front hydraulic suspension and a rear spring suspension.

You’ll be travelling at unstoppable speeds while destroying the earth under you. Its 10-inch pneumatic tyres complete the picture and elevate this aggressive e-scooter to the top of the heap.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro has a promising future (and we’re not only referring to the e-crazy scooter’s awesome lighting system). An good braking mechanism is necessary with any extreme scooters that may reach jaw-dropping speeds, however. This beast is subdued by an ABS braking system and twin disc brakes, which allow the scooter to stop in an instant.


Performance Overview

The SUV electric scooter is how some jokingly refer to the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro.

But despite his little stature, this stubby little gentleman is very complex. Despite its rugged appearance, it moves with an agile nimbleness and focused accuracy.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro’s 2200W motor power offers speed and acceleration that are difficult to match in terms of torque. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro is a sporty electric scooter that is made for the great outdoors and can easily navigate off-road terrain.

High-end features that come with the X Pro further increase its appeal. The addition of pedal lights and app connectivity further modernizes it.

Not to mention its ingenious built-in safety measures, such as the turn signals, extremely brilliant headlights, deck lights, front and rear lights, and of course, ultra-handy brake lights, it also has the functionality of off-road motocross motorcycles. This scooter has an excellent suspension, making it even more roadworthy.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro, one of the greatest outdoor extreme scooters, is poised to rule the scooter market thanks to its power, endurance, and speed. It has an odd charm that is oddly difficult to ignore.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior is a true work of art and is proving to be a strong candidate for the title of sportiest, fastest, and most adaptable scooter to date.

Top Speed & Acceleration

One of the fastest available scooters, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro electric scooter has a peak speed of up to 43MPH.

Controls & Display

The well-known “EY3” dashboard is included with the Kaabo World Warrior Pro. The display panel is well lit, making it possible to see important scooter details like the speed, gear selection, and remaining battery life.

The power, gear selection, and mode buttons are likewise located on the dashboard (used to display the different scooter mode settings). Additionally, the pull throttle is conveniently located nearby and may be used when you need to accelerate.

Hill Climb

On our 10% test hill, the Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf Warrior X basic versions are in the top 10 quickest motorbikes.

Another surprise in this instance: the basic model outperforms the Pro by more than 0.5 seconds.


For bumpier terrain, the 10 x 3-inch terrain tyres work well. When cycling over unlevel outdoor terrain, pneumatic tyres increase the cushioning effect. Pneumatic tyres are great for outdoor riding, but since they are more delicate than their solid (and more robust) counterparts, you need take extra care to avoid riding over rough terrain to prevent punctures.


Battery Life & Range 

An additional battery charge port on the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro electric scooter substantially reduces the battery charging time. This electric scooter can go an astonishing 62 miles thanks to a 60V, 28Ah LG battery.

Motor Configuration

1100 Watt brushless twin motors are included with the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro. You will be able to ride at dangerous speeds and get up to those astonishing speeds of 43 MPH really rapidly with a motor this strong. This e-scooter features three speed options for each of its four engine types, which is a great feature for off-road riding and adjusting speed as the terrain changes in front of you.

Construction & Build Quality

Overall, fit and quality are exactly what you’d expect from a Wolf Warrior, although we’d be hesitant to ride it too far off road for fear of destroying the delicate plastic sidelights on the deck.

Nearly every aspect of the Wolf X and Pro feels sturdy and well-designed. The ride is very quiet and rattle-free, with the exception of one of our two test scooters where the region around the stem clamps needed to be lubricated to stop squeaking.

The Wolf X and Pro are anticipated to obtain IPX5 water resistance certification, albeit it is not yet official (resistant to jets of water). This is higher than the 11+’s IPX4 rating and every Mantis scooter, which as of right now has no rating at all.

The X and X Pro rear fender protection isn’t very good, much like the huge wolves. In order to avoid being splashed with dirty water when riding in the rain, you must extend the back fender.

Speaking of rear fenders, early models experienced issues where the rear tyre would scrape against the inside of the fender while driving over significant bumps. We’re pleased to announce that the issue has been resolved. Even while riding off curbs, Ramier, our resident Big Dawg, experienced no fender dragging concerns on any of our Wolf Xs.

All new Wolf Warrior scooters now come with tougher, forged aluminium end-caps, which is another significant improvement from Kaabo. These were created in response to a limited number of Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf King scooters having end-caps break.

We don’t like how when the handlebars are completely rotated to the right, the wire on the side of the forks gets pinched. If you’re aware of it, it’s simple to avoid, but Kaabo should have simply added a steering stop.

Due to their weight ratings, the Wolf Warrior 11+ and the Wolf King remain the best options for extremely large dogs. At 120 kg, the X’s maximum rider weight is greater than most, although it is still less than the remarkable 150 kg specification of the 11+ and the King.

In traffic, the motorcycle-grade horn is ideal, but to prevent frightening pedestrians, you may wish to add a bell.

Although little caricature-like, the new cast aluminium side-stand is a nice improvement in safety. It is considerably less likely to grab your ankle when pushing or getting off the scooter since it doesn’t reach out as far as the side-stand on the Wolf warrior 11+ that resembles a blade.


When it comes to a pleasant ride, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro’s distinctive suspension system wins this e-scooter brownie points. Double the amount of cushioning is available for traversing pavement, uneven roads, and irregular outdoor surfaces thanks to a front hydraulic suspension and a rear spring suspension. If the thought of riding over teeth-rattling uneven terrain annoys you, X Pro will guarantee a smooth ride and a pleasant surprise.

Ride Quality

The Wolf Warrior X Pro has an unmatched riding quality. One of its most recognizable characteristics is its double stem, which gives riders the confidence that the stem won’t collapse or crack under strain. This aggressive scooter is perfect for riding outside because to its strong engines, large deck, dual suspension, and heavy-set tyres.

Additionally, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro excels in acceleration and speed. Even though the acceleration happens quickly, the shift is seamless and smooth, so you won’t have whiplash or a stiff neck.

Additionally, since cruise control does the job for you, the riding quality of this electric scooter seems even more opulent. This little brother electric scooter is certain to rise the rankings quickly with a big brother like the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 ranked as the finest electric scooter for 2020.


The safest brakes you’ll find on an e-scooter are disc brakes, which are highly recommended for use with electric scooters. Because disc brakes are adaptable, they will work in any weather.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro also has an ABS braking system to supplement the hydraulic brakes’ stopping strength, allowing you to stop even more quickly. For crowded city streets where you must stop immediately and for sudden deceleration from high speeds, ABS brakes are excellent.


The X and X Pro are difficult to throw into a trunk or carry upstairs since they weigh over 32 kg apiece. That said, you can load up the X and X Pro by yourself without an SUV or Chuck’s excellent roll-it-in method since they are 9 pounds lighter and more than a foot shorter than the WW11+.

The dual double-clamp folding mechanism on the X is quicker and more user-friendly than the large wolf’s stylish but complicated design, which makes the 11+ and King longer when folded. It takes nearly twice as long to fold and deploy as the Mantis’ clamp.

The Wolf X and Pro pass our trunk test (just) despite being several inches taller and somewhat shorter when folded than the Mantis. When it comes to portability, the 28 kilogramme Mantis is unquestionably the finest of the bunch.

It’s important to remember that none of the comparison scooters have folding handlebars, so they will always always be full width.


Water Resistance

Sadly, the X Pro does not have a rating for water resistance. This implies that caution should be used to avoid riding in the rain and to avoid stepping in muddy puddles when off-roading.


As a design element, the lights on the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro electric scooter are head and shoulders above the competition. How do we start?

This electric scooter has two very bright LED headlights in the front center, as well as brilliant brake and rear lights.

This e-scooter has LED pedal deck lights that give it a whimsical touch. Thanks to app connectivity, you can change the LED deck lights’ color at will. Additionally, cutting-edge turn lights are a wonderful design choice that might advance the safety of electric scooters.


The Wolf Warrior 11+’s deck is 1 centimeter longer than the Wolf X’s deck. It is considerably smaller than the 11+, however, since it is also 3 millimetres thinner, resulting in 13% less deck area overall. The rider has lots of unrestricted ability to roam about during extended rides and the deck area is still comparable to most light-heavyweight scooters. The deck employs the same rubber surface as the large Wolf scooters, which has the benefit of being far simpler to clean than grip tape, particularly for mud. The ultimate grip performs well and looks nice, particularly when clean, but it is not nearly as excellent as grip tape.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Depending on the component, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro comes with a six- to 12-month warranty (you can view a complete run-down on Kaabo Australia’s website). However, since Kaabo is a reputable and well-known company, there is little chance that you will have any significant problems with the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro. If you have any questions, you can also contact the Kaabo website’s support team.


The maintenance requirements for the electric Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro scooter are rather modest and normal. Just be sure to carefully put it away after usage, clean it off after each ride, and completely recharge the battery before your next journey.

Known Issues

We searched diligently, but we were unable to locate any noteworthy customer or manufacturer concerns with this e-scooter. This demonstrates how successfully this specific model has been constructed.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Yes, without a doubt. At £2865, or $3999, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior is a tad costly, but hey, this is Kaabo.

Why not, if not? Given all it offers, this electric scooter is well worth the money.


Suitable For




Max Speed

43 mph


97 km

Charge Time

6 to 7 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

62 miles


Front hydraulic suspension with a rear spring suspension

Braking System

ABS braking system with front hydraulic disc brakes and rear hydraulic disc brakes


25.4 cm Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)


1260 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

74.5 lbs

Max Load

264 lb


Front and rear LED lights with brake lights and LED pedal lamp deck lights that are mobile compatible. It also has novel LED turn lights

Product Material

6061-T6 and 6082-T6 aluminium alloy and aluminium forging

Water Resistance

Extra features

Build Quality, Cockpit, Portability

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