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All hail the King of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior! This extreme performance electric scooter, which was released as an upgrade to the renowned Wolf Warrior II, has received a facelift in every category that matters. For starters, this isn’t your typical electric scooter— it’s called the “king” for a reason. It holds the title for being one of the quickest scooters we’ve tested by combining a massive 72V drivetrain with a 28Ah LG MJI (or Samsung 35E) cell.

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Kaabo Wolf King Summary:

The Kaabo Wolf King is not to be ignored due to its wild performance and fearsome stance. This magnificent monster of an electric scooter holds the record for being the fastest e-scooter we’ve ever seen. This strong vehicle, available in black or gold, is meant to test the limits of what an electric scooter can achieve.

The electric scooter features a 72V-28Ah battery and twin (front and rear) 1500W motors with a peak power output of 6720W. On a single charge, the Wolf King reaches a peak speed of 60 MPH and a range of 50+ miles. This is an excellent range per charge, more than enough to let you to go on impromptu adventures.

However, because the Kaabo Wolf King’s battery is so enormous, it will take some time to fully recharge. When using one charger, it usually takes around 10 hours to recharge from flat to full. However, you may cut the charging time in half by using two chargers.

With a range of 50 miles or more, the chances of needing to refuel your electric scooter are small to none. That means you can go for several hours of fun off-roading without worrying about running out of gas. Even better, the BMS Smart Battery Management System on the Kaabo Wolf King enhances battery efficiency while also displaying battery life in real time.

When it comes to comfort and safety, the Wolf King is a cut above the rest, providing a smooth ride on any terrain. The famous front dual hydraulic shock suspension system (as seen on high-end Harley Motorbikes) and rear C-springs make the e-scooter a genuine all-terrain “king.” It absorbs every bump on your route, allowing you to improve your riding profile in every circumstance.

The ability of this electric scooter to set every performance record with 0% stem wobbling caught our attention. For a smooth ride, the e-scooter comes equipped with 11″ tubeless street racing tyres. If you like, you may upgrade to the optional off-road tyres.

Because the Kaabo Wolf King has white-knuckle acceleration and peak speeds, you’ll need to stay out of harm’s way at all times. The people at Ningbo Kaabo got it right from the start when it came to safety. They included full-hydraulic disc brakes on their flagship electric scooter to ensure that you can stop on a dime, even at high speeds.

The Wolf King ensures a long-range perspective of faraway things when it comes to illumination. It has ultra-bright honeycomb headlights, under-deck illumination, and dazzling rear safety tail lights that turn on when you hit the brakes. Its gold finishing touches, which made it stand out from the crowd, were another aspect that pleased us. These finishes will not only improve your visibility, but they will also help you stand out.


Performance Overview:

Think again if you thought the Kaabo Wolf II was strong! The King blends physical muscle, breath-taking acceleration, and sturdy construction into one compact package! The incredible performance of this electric scooter, which features front and rear 1500W motors with a maximum output of 6,720 watts, will appeal to speed demons in particular.

The Wolf King’s massive motors are boosted even more by a 72V-28Ah battery, allowing it to attain a blistering peak speed of 60 MPH.

Despite the high speeds, we found this to be one of the most easy-to-handle electric scooters. A cockpit on the handlebar offers you complete control over speed and torque, allowing you to make more efficient use of engine power. On well-tarmacked streets and trodden trails, the machine also provides speed in a way that makes you feel secure and comfortable.

Speed & Acceleration:

Because the Kaabo Wolf King has white-knuckle acceleration and peak speeds, you’ll need to stay out of harm’s way at all times. The people at Ningbo Kaabo got it right from the start when it came to safety. They included full-hydraulic disc brakes on their flagship electric scooter to ensure that you can stop on a dime, even at high speeds.

The Wolf King ensures a long-range perspective of faraway things when it comes to illumination. It has ultra-bright honeycomb headlights, under-deck illumination, and dazzling rear safety tail lights that turn on when you hit the brakes. Its gold finishing touches, which made it stand out from the crowd, were another aspect that pleased us. These finishes will not only improve your visibility, but they will also help you stand out.

The Wolf King is an indisputable beast, with front and rear 1500W motors connected to a muscular 72V-28Ah cell. This bad boy, with a peak speed of 60 MPH, is one of the quickest electric scooters we’ve ever tested here at Scooter Guide!

Warning: Riding at high speeds on tiny tyres might be dangerous. For your protection, make sure you’re wearing a helmet, armoured leggings, a crash jacket, and gloves.

Hill Climbing:

The Kaabo Wolf King, a verified hill-eating beast, is a gravity-defying machine. It can climb hills with a steepness of up to 100% inclination or 45 degrees, outperforming even Dualtron X, which has a 35-degree hill climb rating.

Consider Baldwin Street in New Zealand, which has a 34.8 percent inclination or 19.2 degree incline. It is thought to be the world’s steepest street. Consider a slope that is twice as steep.

The Wolf King can scale it with an average speed of roughly 29.8 MPH, thanks to its 100 percent grade rating!

Battery & Range:

A performance-oriented 72V-28Ah LG MJI or Samsung 35E battery is housed in the Kaabo Wolf King’s modified deck. This is capable of much more than simply providing power to your electric scooter’s engine, lights, controller, and other accessories.

The battery, when combined with the two motors, gives the scooter a range of up to 50 kilometres. While this e-scooter has one of the longest ranges of any we’ve tested, mileage should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Remember that the range an electric scooter can reach is determined by a variety of factors, including your weight, terrain, riding style, wind, and other environmental factors. You should expect a reasonable range of 35-45 minutes if you push the Wolf King to its maximum performance levels.

We’re sorry that the Wolf King’s charging efficiency isn’t up to par, but that’s to be expected from most high-performance electric scooters. This battery usually takes approximately 10 hours to completely charge. However, if you use two chargers – one normal and one rapid – you can cut the duration down to roughly 5 hours.

Motor Configuration:

Ningbo Kaabo’s engineers are well aware that the motor is the kingmaker of performance figures. As a result, they’re always pushing the boundaries of what an e-scooter can achieve when properly outfitted. Their Wolf King is equipped with a pair of 1500W motors.

These two motors, strategically placed at the front and back, produce a combined peak output of 6,720W. This is enough to propel the scooter to a peak speed of around 60 miles per hour.

If you’re just getting started, I recommend going slower or, better yet, getting a lovely 25-mph electric scooter. This 72V Wolf King, on the other hand, is a wonderful complement for the daredevils!

Construction & Quality:

One thing is certain: the Kaabo Wolf King is tough to mistake for another electric scooter type. This massive electric scooter must have taken a lot of care to design and create, resulting in top-notch craftsmanship in every nook and corner.

To begin with, Wolf King is made of 6061-T6 aluminium alloy, which is also used to make helicopter rotor components, fire rescue ladders, and gangways, among other things. It’s also made of 6082 aluminium, which has exceptional corrosion resistance.

With such high build quality, this scooter can withstand a lot of punishment without breaking down. For the Wolf King, off-road obstacles, significant potholes, and cracks are all a piece of cake. The machine exudes endurance and strength, with the capacity to effortlessly push even the heaviest riders up to 400 pounds over hills and across towns.

It not only feels sturdy and substantial to the touch, but it also seems to be such. To ensure riding stability, the Wolf King’s handlebars are a massive 24.6 inches in length. Overall, this scooter features a distinctive look and a high-quality construction that results in a smooth ride.

Suspension & Comfort:

One of the excellent elements that sets the Kaabo Wolf King apart from the competitors is the firm suspension. It has dual rear C-springs and inverted front dual hydraulic shock absorbers.

As previously stated, this is the sort of suspension used on high-end Harley-Davidson bikes. It’s without a doubt the best suspension on the market, with greater extreme performance.

By combining the front hydraulic and rear spring suspension, this electric scooter can speed over rock-strewn terrains with little or no drama. To put it another way, this commuting machine can absorb anything thrown at it—literally!


Ride Quality:

The Wolf King reigns first when it comes to absolutely sumptuous riding quality. This electric scooter comes with 11-inch thick tyres, a robust chassis, huge brakes, and a hydraulic suspension system that provides springy cushioning at a low price. This combination results in a smooth, relaxed ride and handling.


Lights have been strategically placed throughout this kickass electric scooter. Two brilliant front motorcycle-style headlights ensure that you are always seen on the road.

When you apply the brakes to the e-scooter, two rear LED lights (taillights) illuminate. Blue under-deck lights (activated by a metal push-button) gives your scooter some flair.

While the Kaabo Wolf King lacks turn signals, the road lighting is excellent. Better still, the frame’s stunning gold finish enhances overall visibility while also giving it a futuristic appeal!


The Kaabo Wolf King electric scooter shouts safety like no other. You can stop the e-scooter on a dime thanks to strong front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with an electronic anti-lock braking system (EABS).

We discovered that the Wolf King brakes got hot enough to degrade while we were testing it. They smelled like they were on fire. The Wolf King, on the other hand, is made to be more resistant to warping and squeaking.

So, what went wrong?

This flagship e-scooter has bigger rotors (160mm) than the Wolf Warrior II, resulting in a 45 percent larger swept area. Its rotors are also up to 50% thicker, ensuring more control over speed.


The Kaabo Wolf King comes fitted with massive, pre-slimed 11″ tubeless street racing tyres. If you want to ride more in the dirt, you can always switch these out with a set of durable, knobby off-road tyres.

Please note that off-road tyres, including installation, are an additional expense. So, unless you plan on spending a lot of time off-roading, you should stay with regular road tyres. After all, they have a great profile and are capable of soaking up a lot of terrain.



The Kaabo Wolf King maintains the massive deck that we saw on the Warrior II. This ultra-wide deck is 20 inches long by 9 inches broad, giving you plenty of room to take any stance you choose. This comes in helpful, especially on lengthy travels.

Even when this beast attempts to roast you off uneven terrains, the surface is rubberized to keep your feet securely anchored in place. Despite having the least wet/dry traction of the various decks we’ve tested, this rubber deck makes you feel nimble.

The rubber grip is complemented by a strategically placed kickplate that gives you a comfortable footing while leaning forward into the ride. Furthermore, the rubber matting is comprised of a basic material with designs that make it simple to clean.

The Kaabo Wolf King has the best ground clearance of any vehicle. It has a 7.8-inch ground clearance, which means you’ll be higher and thus more visible to other road users than electric scooters that sit lower.

Controls & Display:

The new King has a new set of sleek black controls that let you to choose between four motor modes: Eco, Single-Motor, Turbo, and Dual-Motor.

To save energy and enjoy a longer ride, select Eco or Single-Motor mode. When you wish to use the electric scooter’s two 1500W motors to their full potential, Turbo and Dual-Motor modes come into play.

All Dualtron e-scooters use the same Smart EY3 Throttle Display as the Wolf King. Apart from the standard information such as speed, battery level, and P-settings, it also has a cruise control function that allows you to maintain your pace much like in a car.


Except for mobility, the Wolf King is unrivaled. It is possible to fold it down, however the folding mechanism is rather intricate and takes a lot of experience. Furthermore, even when folded down, it will not be as small.

When folded, it measures roughly 59 inches (4.9 feet), which is about the same length as a young child. When left upright, it’s a touch shorter and more space-efficient than when folded (4.1 ft.).

In addition, the King is massive in size and weight. With a weight of 105 pounds, getting it inside a car might be a challenge. It’s practically hard to transport it alone.


Water Resistance:

Did you know that only around half of the e-scooters on the market are waterproof? The Wolf King is one of them, with an IPX4 water-resistance rating.

While it isn’t totally waterproof, it is impervious to splashes from all sides. This means it won’t be harmed if it gets wet. Regardless, don’t let it get too wet in a puddle or a lake.


The Kaabo Wolf King is a top-of-the-line electric scooter that raises the bar on dependability. It’s designed to survive the harshest of abuses and provide the longest possible service life, as we’ve seen in our review.


Kaabo is a well-known e-scooter manufacturer in the United Kingdom who works with reputable distributors. The King’s usual guarantee is one year, however it can be extended to multiple years depending on where you purchase it.

Known Issues:

The Kaabo Wolf King is a new character, and most of the concerns are still being worked out. Nonetheless, we noted that this electric scooter is difficult to fold and requires some practise. Some consumers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the safety pin’s inexpensive chain, which is prone to breaking.


The Kaabo Wolf King adheres to standard electric scooter maintenance guidelines, which include:

  • Having your tyre pressure checked on a regular basis
  • Maintaining correct tyre inflation
  • Before riding the e-scooter, inspect the brakes, joints, and bolts.
  • Battery-management best practises
  • When it comes to harsh weather, it’s important to use the right equipment.

Kaabo Wolf King: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

With a starting MSRP of S2,999, the Kaabo Wolf King is unquestionably one of the best bangs for your buck. This e-scooter produces roughly 6,720W of power when in top condition, allowing it to attain a top speed of 60 MPH. Even among the more costly electric scooters, you won’t find many that are as strong and speedy.


Suitable For



Front 1500W + Rear 1500W Brushless

Max Speed

60 mph


81 km

Charge Time

10 Hours (5 Hours with 2 Chargers)

Single-Charge Mileage

50 miles


2 Front Hydraulic, Rear C-Springs

Braking System

Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes + EABS


11-Inch Tubeless Street Racing


2016 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight


Max Load

180 kg


Dual Stem-Mounted LED Headlights, Tail and Brake Lights

Product Material

6082 Aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Cockpit, Folding mechanism


4.7 out of 5
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  1. Sawyer

    Wonderful so far! I’ve had this scooter for about a month, and thus far the only thing I can say is wow!

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  2. Evan

    This scooter is excellent and very durable. I’ve owned three different scotters, including the Evercross and two Gotraxs.

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  3. Vincent

    I recently bought this scooter and have been using it all over. The battery life has been excellent, and it’s really durable.

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