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The Kaabo Skywalker 10S is a solid contender for the best electric scooter on the market. The Skywalker 10S, as one of Kaabo’s unique sport scooters, will enthral anyone looking for an amazing blend of power, range, and riding comfort on both regular urban and light-off-road terrains.
The construction quality of the Skywalker 10S is rather impressive, with a frame made of 6061-T6 aviation-grade aluminium that makes it lightweight, strong, and stable even at high speeds—no wobbling on this scooter. With well-placed wiring, an edged deck, a strong stem, and a curved ergonomic handlebar for comfortable rides, the scooter’s design is sleek and clean. A beautiful bright red glowing LED strip runs the length of the deck, adding to the scooter’s beauty.

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Kaabo Skywalker 10S Summary

At £719 ($1000), the Kaabo Skywalker 10S is unquestionably a serious contender for the title of best electric scooter. The Skywalker 10S is one of Kaabo’s cutting-edge sport scooters, and it will excite anyone seeking an exceptional balance of power, range, and riding comfort in common urban terrains as well as light off-road terrains.

The Skywalker 10S’s construction quality is rather excellent. Its frame is made of 6061-T6 aviation-grade aluminium, making it lightweight, strong, and stable even at high speeds—this scooter won’t wobble. With strategically placed cables, an edged deck, a strong stem, and a curved ergonomic handlebar for comfortable riding, the scooter is sleek and well-designed. The deck of the scooter is bordered with a stunning, bright red LED strip that glows when it is in use.

The Kaabo Skywalker outperforms the majority of mid-range scooters in terms of performance. The scooter’s rear 1200W brushless motor provides amazing non-jerky acceleration as it drives it to a top speed of 31 mph. Depending on the rider’s weight and battery power, the scooter has the power to climb steep hills with a 30 degree gradeability.

Skywalker 10S has three driving modes that can be chosen from on the LCD controller for greater speed control. A 60V 15.6 Ah LG battery powering the scooter offers an outstanding range of up to 33 kilometres. Of course, the range depends on a number of variables, such as riding speed and rider weight.

This scooter is fairly comfortable to ride because to the dual front and rear suspension, 10-inch pneumatic tyres, and height-adjustable stem. Additionally, operating the scooter is simple. To start it up, push the start button. To accelerate, use your right thumb to lightly touch the trigger throttle. To slow down, lightly depress the brake levers.

The scooter provides total rider protection in every way. With an astonishingly short stopping distance, the front and rear disc brakes guarantee smooth and precise stopping even in rainy circumstances. Due to the combination of head, tail, and brake lights, as well as ambient deck lighting, riding the 10S at night is safe.

The Skywalker 10S is not the most portable mid-range scooter available at 57 lbs. (26 kg). With its stem folding mechanism and retractable handlebar, the scooter nevertheless manages to remain portable. The scooter can simply be picked up and carried over short distances in its folded-down form, and it can also fit in tight locations like a vehicle trunk.

The Kaabo Skywalker is an outstanding scooter all around. Continue reading for a more thorough analysis.


Performance Overview

One of the top performing mid-range scooters is the Kaabo Skywalker 10S. With outstanding steady acceleration, great top speed, excellent range, remarkably quick braking distance, and superior hill climb, the scooter gives a respectable performance all around. The scooter picks up speed quickly, going from 0 to 25 km/h in less than 4 seconds, and reaching its top speed of 31 mph in under 20.

You can expect to go for days without needing to charge your scooter because to its 33 Miles (53 Km) range, which is longer than normal for mid-sized scooters. In actual tests, a rider of average weight on gear mode 3 was able to travel up to 25.1 miles (40 km).

The scooter’s best-in-class braking mechanism, which has one of the shortest braking distances in any scooter category, makes riding it fairly comfortable and safe. With a gradeability of up to 30 degrees, it has good hill climbing ability. Overall, the 10S outperforms more expensive versions and is a quick, comfortable, long-range scooter.

Top Speed & Acceleration

With a top speed of 31 mph (50 km/h), the Kaabo Skywalker enables you to navigate traffic and get to your destination swiftly. To reach its top speed, the single 1200-watt motor provides smooth, linear acceleration.

The 10S accelerated to 15 mph in under 4 seconds, 20 mph (32 km/h) in under 6 seconds, and 25 mph (40 km/h) in roughly 9 seconds when put through real-world acceleration testing with a rider weighing 163 lbs (74 kg). The scooter performs quite similarly to scooter models that cost more, particularly the EMOVE Cruiser and the Inokim OX.

Controls & Display

The Skywalker 10S comes with quite a few straightforward buttons and an LCD display, just like the majority of electric scooters in the mid-range price range. The brake and light control buttons are located on the left side of the bent handlebars, which also have brake levers on either side. Due to the horn’s loudness, you may be confident that you will make other vehicles and pedestrians aware of your presence. Horns are not typically found in most scooters, despite being an indispensable road equipment. Thankfully, the 10S already has one, so you won’t have to spend extra money on a mountable horn.

The QS-S4 trigger throttle, found on the right side of the handlebar and typical of most contemporary scooters, has a high-quality, colourful LCD display. You can see important statistics on the display, like battery life.

Battery Life & Range 

The 60V 15.6 Ah LG battery that powers the Skywalker 10S has a theoretical range of 33 miles (53 kilometres), according to the manufacturer. Nevertheless, depending on your weight, riding pace, the terrain, and the weather, you should anticipate a smaller range than this. Though still quite outstanding, riders report a range of 25.1–31.0 miles (40–50 km). This scooter is among the top low-cost long commuter scooters because of its extended range.

Given the long-range, the scooter’s battery takes 6 to 9 hours to fully charge, which is about average. However, for more convenience, using a fast charger can reduce the charging time to just 4 hours. In terms of battery life, LG is known for producing high-end, dependable batteries. As a result, with careful care, the battery on your scooter should last up to 5 years.

Motor Configuration

A powerful 1200W brushless motor with a peak output of 1200W is installed in the Skywalker 10S. The 1200W motor is actually the finest in that price range because it is uncommon to get a motor with that rating for under $1150. The motor accelerates smoothly, allowing the scooter to reach a top speed of 31 mph and have respectable gradeability up to 30 degrees. The motor’s three power settings provide users total control over their acceleration and speed. While Mode 1 restricts speeds to more cautious levels if necessary, Mode 3 reaches the top speed for a thrilling experience.

Construction & Build Quality

Both high-end and entry-level Kaabo scooters are typically solidly built to ensure optimal performance. The Skywalker 10S is the same way. This is a great option for a durable ride because of its exceptional build quality!

The frame is made of sturdy 6061-T6 aviation-grade aluminium to reduce weight and offer the highest level of stability even at high speeds. The scooter is slightly heavier due to the steel used in the deck and shaft, which also helps to keep it firmly planted on the pavement for maximum stability and control.

The curved handlebars with a tapered finish will be greatly appreciated by you. Rubberized handlebar grips provide for comfortable rides and complete control of the scooter. Additionally, its collapsible frame and handlebars improve mobility and storage for ease of travel. The cleanly routed wiring add to the Skywalker’s modern appearance.


The Skywalker 10S has front spring suspension and the best-in-class, well-balanced rear twin air shocks, which offer enough dampening in regular urban terrain and light off-roading. Dual springs in the front suspension are rather firm to provide adequate shock absorption. The scooter’s stability is improved at high speeds over uneven terrain thanks to the combination of the front and rear suspension, which provides enough dampening.

The Skywalker has some of the greatest suspensions you can find in a mid-range scooter overall. Rider evaluations, however, frequently mention that the Kaabo Mantis’ suspension is preferable since it is less noisy and stiff.

Ride Quality

Due to its front and rear suspensions and 10-inch pneumatic tyres, which offer enough dampening on most surfaces, the Skywalker 10S is among the most comfortable scooters in its class.

The tyres provide enough traction on all surfaces and cushion road impacts from bumps and small stones for a comfortable and quiet ride. For optimal shock absorption with a minimum amount of strain, the suspensions are flexible and give a medium level of stiffness.

The curved handlebars, which prevent wobbling and guarantee ultimate steadiness and scooter control, further enhance the good ride pleasure. To increase rider stability, the deck is coated with grip tape.

The outstanding lighting profile, which includes wrap-around LED lights and a horn, makes it easier to ride safely at night. Additionally, the scooter has an IPX4 rating, allowing you to ride it for brief periods through mild rain.

The whole ride quality is outstanding, making it the pinnacle of urban street travel. But the ride quality seems to be less impressive when compared to its larger, more expensive siblings, including the Kaabo Mantis and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior.


The Skywalker 10S has dual mechanical disc brakes with Zoom-branded callipers for braking. The front disc brake has a 120 mm ventilated disc with appropriate surface area for optimal braking performance, while the rear disc brake has a slightly bigger 150 mm ventilated disc. The 2.8 metres stopping distance from 15mph (24 km/h) is expected with such an effective braking system. Even better, the braking distance can be further reduced by adjusting the brakes.

In essence, the brakes are rather strong; even in an emergency, you can count on precise and smooth stops. The brake callipers, however, have a slight creak, especially when applying forceful emergency braking. You shouldn’t be concerned, though, as this is a very common problem with electric scooters and even motorcycles without ABS.



The Skywalker 10S is not the lightest scooter in the mid-range category, weighing 56 lbs. (25.4 kg). The rapid folding mechanism, folding telescopic stem, and folding handlebars make the 10S extremely portable despite its weight.

The scooter is completely foldable; the handlebars fold using a sliding collar mechanism, and the stem retracts so you can pop it down. A plastic latch on the foot pedal needs to be released and pulled down in order to lower the stem and folded handlebars towards the deck. For simple one-handed carrying, the stem locks into place on the deck.

The scooter may be folded into a small space that is 119.38 x 22.86 x 33.02 cm in size (LxWxH). It’s really small, no? The handlebars soon return to their curved shape when the scooter unfolds, and it is incredibly stable. A plastic safety tab that stops the stem from unintentionally folding was added by Kaabo to address concerns about riding and accidently stepping on the plastic folding latch.


Water Resistance

The Skywalker 10S is water resistant to an IPX4 standard. As a result, the scooter can withstand minor splashes and light rain showers. Since the scooter contains some unsealed parts that could potentially cause electrical damage, avoid riding it through large puddles or for an extended amount of time in the rain.


It is safe to ride at night thanks to the Skywalker 10S’s good lighting system, which also improves its appearance. The scooter has side LED strip lights, a low-mounted LED in the front, and red rear LED lights. The scooter’s name, Skywalker, may have originated from the side LED light strip that depicts Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber.

The lights are fairly bright, giving nighttime visibility that is desperately required. However, because the scooter’s headlight is lowly situated, you might want to add a much brighter lamp high up the stem for improved front visibility.


The Skywalker has two 10″ x 2.6″ pneumatic tube tyres that bear the CST name. The tyres are substantial and thick, offering good traction on all surfaces, whether dry or rainy. By offering stability and dampening, the tyres guarantee comfortable and quiet journeys.

They need periodic maintenance to operate at their best since they are pneumatic, or air tyres, which are prone to punctures. As a result, you should always be prepared to fix a puncture when it occurs, especially when riding on tough terrain.



Glossy black paint and a red LED strip wrapped across the deck of the Skywalker make it stand out and enhance its aesthetic appeal. On/off control for the circular lights is provided by a switch on the side of the deck. To enhance riders’ stability, the sleek deck has two grip tapes lining the stepping plate.

The Skywalker deck feels somewhat constrained in terms of space, with little room for standing. The standing area is constrained by the rear suspension connections and the metal bar connecting the deck to the stem. Riders are only provided with 44.5 centimeters of standing space, to put things in perspective. For riders who are taller or have wider feet, this is insufficient. When using the scooter, the deck will undoubtedly feel a little bit crowded at first, but you’ll quickly grow used to it.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Skywalker 10S is a trustworthy electric scooter that will meet the demands of anyone seeking for a medium-powered scooter with a long range and comfortable riding experience for urban and light off-road surfaces. The 10S successfully strikes a balance between riding comfort, range, and power. Most importantly, there aren’t many problems with this scooter; it’s simple and safe to ride, especially at night.

The 10S is remarkably portable with a simple folding mechanism, while being too hefty to be employed as a last-mile commute scooter. When not in use, it can be conveniently packed in small locations or transported in the trunk of a car. The 10S is quite dependable and does not require many concessions.

The Skywalker comes with a premium 1-year guarantee (covering motor, battery, throttle, and controller) and a 30-day return policy, much like all Kaabo scooters. You may be sure to get assistance whenever you have a question or a problem with your scooter thanks to Kaabo’s top-notch customer care.


The 10S is without a doubt incredibly reliable and has a wonderful build quality. But you need to regularly maintain it if you want it to work at its best and stay in perfect shape.

The 10S is neither difficult nor expensive to maintain. You must frequently inspect the pneumatic tyres for punctures and pressurise them to the necessary PSI before starting your journey. Regular lubrication of the mechanical disc brakes is required. To do this, apply a little amount of bike oil to the cable close to the housing. Make extra sure that the lubricant doesn’t get on the braking rotors or pads.

Additionally, you must frequently clean your scooter by wiping off dirt and mud with a fresh trash towel. Because the scooter is not waterproof, be careful not to get water on the electric parts. Additionally, if you won’t be using the scooter for a while, fully charge the battery before keeping it at room temperature. Use the stock charger as directed when charging the scooter to prevent overcharging or undercharging the battery.

You can perform the following additional maintenance procedures on the scooter:

  • Verify when to replace consumable parts such the hinge bolt, battery, steering tube, handle stem, and locking slide, among others.
  • Examine and replace any components that the outside environment may have harmed.
  • In order to prevent the brake pads from becoming loose over time, regularly tighten them.
  • In general, make sure you adhere to the maintenance instructions and steps outlined in the user handbook when maintaining the scooter.

Known Issues

The Skywalker 10S is excellent in every way, however it has a few problems that make it difficult to use. The comparatively narrow deck, which makes riders strain when riding, is one complaint that most riders have made. The foot pedal’s plastic clasp is so close to the deck that it’s simple to step on it and unintentionally fold the stem. However, folding while riding is prohibited by the plastic safety tab. But who wants to rely solely on a plastic safety tab?

The poor fasteners that were used to put the components in place are a significant additional problem. Additionally, users have expressed frustration with the folding mechanism’s complexity and slow response of the latches. Apart from those problems, the 10S essentially doesn’t have any additional flaws that would jeopardise its general use and performance.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

For those hoping to improve performance without breaking the bank, the Kaabo Skywalker is a fantastic and unexpected find. This scooter has so much going on, including 1200W of power and a striking look that will turn heads! It also has many other fantastic features, including as a high-performance LG battery, a superior dual suspension system, the strongest braking system in its class, and a chassis made to withstand the elements.

This cosy cruising scooter is perfect for both city use and brief off-road excursions. With speeds up to 31 mph, your battery will last for hours.


Suitable For




Max Speed

31 mph


53 km

Charge Time

4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

33 miles


Braking System

152 mm rear), Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes (120 mm front


25.4 cm Pneumatic + Pneumatic


936 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

56 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


Ambient Deck Lights, LED headlight, Tail & Brake Lights

Product Material

6061-T6 Aviation Grade Aluminium (Frame), Steel( Shaft and Deck)

Water Resistance


Extra features

braking systems, discpowerful motors, dual


4.3 out of 5
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