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When it came to acceleration, the Mantis Pro completely exceeded our expectations, and we mean that in a good way. We had great hopes for the scooter because it had a dual-motor system, 27A controllers, and a 60V battery, but it still exceeded our expectations.
This incredible vehicle went from 0 to 15 mph in under 2.0 seconds, which is incredible for an electric scooter. It astounded us even more when it achieved top speed in just 10.4 seconds.

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Kaabo Mantis Pro Summary

When it comes to its acceleration skills, the Mantis Pro completely exceeded our expectations—in a good way, mind you. Given that the scooter has a dual-motor system, 27A controllers, and a 60V battery, we had high hopes to begin with, but it still exceeded them.

For an electric scooter, this ingenious piece of machinery could accelerate from 0 to 15 mph in under 2.0 seconds. When it took only 10.4 seconds to achieve its top speed, it astounded us even more.

To get adjusted to the scooter’s pull when you first start using it, keep in mind that you might need to start at a low setting. Please refrain from starting out at full throttle because this scooter is among the most potent ones available.

At low speeds, we saw that the Mantis Pro accelerates fairly evenly and consistently. It stabilises at about 30 mph. When you press the accelerator, you immediately feel the dual motors pushing you. With this scooter, the throttle is surprisingly responsive.

The Mantis Pro is a formidable scooter when compared to others in its category. It moves more quickly than the first Mantis did. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, which reaches 15 mph in 1.9 seconds, is the only scooter that we can think of that can just barely surpass the Mantis Pro in speed.


Performance Overview

This scooter provides the utmost in performance.

Its range, which is 40 miles, is in addition to its top speed of 36 mph (depending, of course, on the rider’s weight and average speed of travel). But for an electric scooter, this is remarkable and rapid.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Kaabo Mantis Pro can go at a top speed of 40 mph, which is very fast for an e-scooter thanks to its dual 1,000W brushless motor system. Its ability to accelerate from 0 to 15 mph in just 2 seconds is proof of its strength. It’s a great e-scooter for escaping at top speed.

It should be noted that the rider’s weight affects the scooter’s top speed. The scooter’s top speed, for instance, will be roughly 39 mph with a rider weight 163 lbs, while it will be roughly 36 mph with a rider weighing 233 lbs.

Terrain and incline are other elements that can affect an e-overall scooter’s performance. The scooter will take longer to accelerate to full speed in rougher or higher uphill terrain.

Also keep in mind that e-scooters may not be able to go at their declared top speed on very rough and hilly terrain. So, don’t anticipate the Mantis Pro to achieve 40 mph when hill climbing.

Battery Life & Range

You could assume that the Mantis Pro has poor range after learning about its acceleration and speed. After all, an e-need scooter’s for power increases with speed, resulting in a lower range. We were surprised to see that the Mantis Pro does not sacrifice range.

The official range of the Mantis Pro is 40 miles, which is absurd given how quickly it travels. Even more impressive is the fact that during our performance testing, we were able to travel more than 40 miles. We were able to get 45 kilometres out of the Mantis Pro, to be more precise.

Don’t expect the Mantis Pro to always travel 40+ miles because, as we already indicated, an e-performance scooter’s is determined by a variety of circumstances, like the rider’s weight, the terrain, the elevation, and so forth. Additionally, keep in mind that if an e-scooter isn’t fully charged, it won’t travel as far as it can.

We must remind you that the Mantis Pro can function with a single motor or two motors. While the latter will provide you more speed and less energy conservation, the former will give you longer range.

An industry-leading 24.5Ah Lithium-ion battery from LG powers the Kaabo Mantis Pro. You don’t have to worry about the battery being harmed by sharp bumps and unexpected hits because it is completely integrated into the scooter’s deck.

The battery on this scooter is quite strong, giving it a maximum range of 40 miles. One of the reasons the Pro model is significantly more expensive than the base model, which also happens to have a 17.5Ah battery, is that it is noticeably pricey.

Consider buying the standard Mantis model rather than the Pro variant if the 40-mile range is too far for your purposes and you want to save some money. Consider the Mantis Pro SE, which features an, if you’re looking for anything in between.

A complete charge of the Mantis Pro’s battery takes between 13 and 16 hours. Compared to other e-scooters in its class, this is fairly long. The rapid charger from Kaabo will be available for purchase separately. The charger, according to them, can assist cut the charging time to 4-5 hours.

It’s important to note that the battery in the Mantis Pro has a Battery Management System (BMS) that does a great job of safeguarding it from short circuits, under and overvoltage, under and overcurrent, and other issues of that sort.

Motor Configuration

With a switch located next to the cockpit, you may switch between operating one or two motors at once on the Kaabo Mantis Pro’s strong twin 1,000W 60V BLDC motor system. However, the motor system can provide a staggering 2,000W of motor power when both motors are running.
You might be wondering why not give the scooter a single motor that has that much potent power all by itself. Well, power isn’t exactly the issue here. The flexibility of being able to switch between the single-drive and double-drive modes is very important.

Range increases when only one motor is running, whereas top speed and acceleration increase when both motors are running. Depending on your priorities, you can alternate between the two modes.

Additionally, the Kaabo Mantis Pro has an eco/turbo button that lets you switch between range and speed. Turbo mode is your best bet if you need to get somewhere quickly. The battery will last longer if you switch to eco mode when it is becoming low on power.

Construction & Build Quality

We adore the Kaabo Mantis Pro’s design, which is one of its best features. This scooter has a really solid structure overall and everything on it feels sturdy and secure.

The nuts and screws on the scooter are sturdy and well-kept, and all the cables are neatly wrapped and protected. There is nothing we can fault about the construction of this scooter.


The Kaabo Mantis Pro offers one of the smoothest rides in scooter history thanks to its dual-coil spring suspension system. To provide optimal comfort, the dual spring arms are great at absorbing shocks and bumps.

The Kaabo Mantis range of scooters is primarily intended for urban use, but because of the exceptional suspension system, the Mantis can easily transverse any type of off-road surface, including gravel, dirt, grass, and more. Additionally, it operates admirably on muddy ground.

Ride Quality

Due to its outstanding twin shock suspension and 10.0 pneumatic tyres, which keep the scooter stable at high speeds as well, the Kaabo Mantis Pro has a smooth ride overall. This also implies that the scooter is capable of navigating any terrain.

You feel comfortable and supported at faster speeds as the scooter cooperates with you because it seems very nimble and even when riders lean into a curve or a bend on the path you’re travelling. Some larger scooters with a similar speed to the model can make you feel unsteady or as though you’ll fall over.


Similar to the base model, the Kaabo Mantis Pro has dual-disc brakes, which are incredibly dependable at greater speeds. The Pro version of the two models features completely hydraulic brakes, while the standard model only has semi-hydraulic brakes.

Because they work better than their mechanical equivalents, hydraulic brakes are noticeably more expensive. The Mantis is one of the more expensive high-end scooters available today because of this, among other things.


The most appealing feature of hydraulic brakes is how effective and quick they are. The scooter will stop quickly if you apply light pressure to the brakes.

The Mantis Pro’s braking was buttery smooth during our performance test. It was in no way bulky. From 20 to 0 mph, we were able to achieve a braking distance of roughly 13.3 feet. When compared to performance rival e-scooters, this is incredibly fast.

Additionally, the Mantis Pro has dual electronic brakes. These brakes’ power may be simply set to the rider’s specifications.

The Antilock Braking System (ABS) on the electronic brakes helps keep the wheels from locking up and ensures responsive steering while applying the brakes. The ABS has an on/off switch.


With a weight of 65 lbs, the Kaabo Mantis Pro is not the lightest scooter available. 65 lbs doesn’t seem like much when you realise that it’s a high-end scooter with a tonne of outstanding features, especially when you learn that the Wolf Warrior 11 weights a whopping 101 lbs. For your knowledge, the Mantis’ base model weights 61 lbs.

The stem folding system on the scooter is fairly dependable. It enables you to fold the scooter more compactly so that you may transport it more easily and store it in the trunk of your vehicle. However, carrying the scooter with one hand is rather difficult.

Keep in mind that the scooter’s handlebars cannot be folded, making it difficult to fit through doorways and other small places.

Two locks on the stem help prevent the scooter from swaying, which is a problem that affects the majority of electric scooters. The scooter’s folded dimensions are 48x24x19 inches.

The folding mechanism is nimble and simple to operate. In essence, it works like a sleeve that glides down and clamps the stem. Since these locking mechanisms frequently budge, creak, or wobble, the Mantis Pro is outfitted with opposing quick-releases to help ensure tight locking.



Built-in LEDs are all over the Mantis Pro. The front and back of the deck are lit with LED fixtures. White lights positioned on the sides are also present.

The fact that all of the lights are close to the ground makes it simpler for other drivers to see you as you approach from the side of the road. You’ll struggle to see at night because the lights don’t cast a very wide beam.

Fortunately, this is a problem that can be quickly fixed by purchasing headlights and taillights with high mounting points. You don’t need to spend money on high-mounted lights if you won’t be riding your scooter at night.


Large pneumatic tube tyres measuring 10 3 inches are fitted to the Mantis Pro. The scooter is better equipped to deliver a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience because to their rounded profile. They also support the scooter’s overall responsiveness and agility.

The Mantis Pro’s tyres are positioned on a split rim, making it incredibly simple to change the inner tubes and the tyres. In the event of a flat tyre, solid-rim scooters might be challenging to handle.



Controls & Display

The Mantis Pro’s cockpit is not particularly impressive. It has a straightforward cockpit and broad handlebars that almost resemble bicycles. The handlebars’ foam isn’t particularly high-quality and isn’t going to survive very long, which is something we don’t enjoy about them.

The button used to switch between single and dual motors is located on the controls. The button used to switch between turbo and eco settings is likewise located here. It should be noted that the scooter lacks a horn or bell, but you may buy one separately. They’re reasonably priced.

The Mantis Pro sports a Minimotors throttle on the cockpit, just like all high-end scooters. Although it’s a cool innovation, the longer you use the scooter, the more uncomfortable it becomes. The throttle trigger is directly integrated into the LED display.

Speaking of which, you can read everything well in broad daylight thanks to the LED display’s brightness. The backlighting is green, which is useful for nighttime driving. The motor mode and power buttons can be used to modify the programming presets.

Water Resistance

The IP rating for this electric scooter is not water resistant. Avoid going near a lot of puddles, water, or rain to protect its motor and batteries.


The Mantis Pro’s deck is extremely spacious for standing, measuring around 20 inches by 20 inches. An emblemmed rubber mat that is installed on the deck helps to retain traction in both dry and rainy circumstances.

We adore the mat’s ability to cling to the rider’s shoes, lowering the possibility of slipping or falling. We also appreciate how it gives the scooter a more aesthetically beautiful layout by hiding all of the seams and screw holes in the top plate of the deck.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Two years are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the Kaabo Mantis Pro.


This electric scooter requires a little bit more maintenance, especially if you use it on muddy or dirt surfaces. With the exception of the occasional deep clean, merely be sure the battery is always charged, the tyre pressure is correct, and the tyre spike thickness never drops below what is dangerous.

Known Issues

The Mantis Pro is, in our opinion, the best electric scooter on the market right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s faultless. There are a few areas where we believe there could be some improvement.

After testing the scooter for a few months, we discovered that the rear tire’s mudguard doesn’t really do its job very well. The back of the scooter will almost certainly be covered with mud when you travel over muddy, rainy terrain.

A locking option is just another thing we wished this scooter had. Since a premium-priced scooter shouldn’t be without a locking accessory like a chain or combination lock, you’ll need to purchase one separately. However, these are only minor issues.

Is this E-Scooter value  money and is it worth buying?

All things considered, we believe the Mantis Pro is really close to being ideal. Yes, it may benefit from an improved rear mudguard and a locking attachment, but these are minor flaws.
From impressive speed and range to quick steering and braking to superb portability and deck standing space, the Kaabo Mantis Pro has everything going for it. Overall, it’s pretty well-rounded.
Overall, it’s a scooter that meets expectations and is ideal for riders who enjoy cruising and pushing the limits of what the road can provide.


Suitable For



2 x 1000W

Max Speed

40 mph


36 miles

Charge Time

8 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

40 mph


Rear dual shock absorbers

Braking System

Front & Rear Drum brakes


25.4 cm Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)


1470 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

62 lbs

Max Load

264 lbs


Front & Rear built-in lights

Product Material

High-grade aluminium

Water Resistance

Extra features

circular frame of reinforced black plastic., luminescent LED screen, MiniMotors display


4.7 out of 5
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  1. Ezra

    The scooter is light, compact, and quick enough for me.

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  2. Toby

    On pristine, flat roads, the ride comfort and handling are excellent.

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  3. Riley

    Great purchase all around.

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