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INOKIM is a Chinese company that has built a name for itself in the electric scooter industry by emphasising portability. They made a name for themselves with their earlier release of the INOKIM Quick 3 Super electric scooter. Because of its unusual design, high-performance acceleration, folding mechanisms, and mid-range pricing, this model soon gained favour in the United Kingdom.

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We had a lot of positive things to say about the INOKIM Quick 4 Super. It’s an outstanding scooter from a brand renowned for producing impressive scooters. This is an excellent choice for urban commuters because to its speed, range, and effective suspension.

While the INOKIM Quick 4 Super undoubtedly exudes flair and upscale amenities, its small deck, which compromises overall riding comfort and causes unsettling instability while travelling at high speeds, ultimately causes it to fall short of perfection.


Performance Overview

The INOKIM Quick 4 Super has outstanding power capacity. The electric scooter has a respectable level of speed and can reach 25 mph in its maximum setting thanks to the single 600 watt engine, which gives it a great kick.

A little word on steering Sincerely, it’s a mixed bag. Similar to a skateboard, the small deck, straight handlebar, and springy suspension force you to adopt a tight stance. While it handles turns with ease, it may sometimes cause extremely rapid steering, which can be rather terrifying when you’re accelerating to the limit.

Top Speed & Acceleration

Advertising a top speed of 25 mph, we discovered this to be a true time; however, this speed will obviously vary depending on the rider’s weight, the terrain, and the weather. This is easily accomplished in little under 10 seconds and offers sufficient speed for an urban commute.

Hurting at full speed along a well-paved road is exhilarating and comfortable, but those sudden corners might be worrisome. Every scooter that we sell comes with a speed recommendation, but this one is very crucial.

Although the INOKIM Quick 4 Super accelerates quickly, it won’t outperform other scooters of its kind (like the INOKIM OxO, for example).

We reached acceleration on a test ride in just under 4 seconds, which is pretty respectable. When the acceleration begins, there is no lurch, and the traction remains constant.

It is extremely amazing to climb hills. Although it doesn’t precisely hurtle to the top of an incline, the strong torque easily handles your ordinary slope and allows you to keep accelerating all the way to the top, which is unusual in most electric scooters.

Controls & Display

Users like the Inokim Quick 4’s cockpit because of how well it is put together and how simple it is to use. It includes textured handle grips, a bell, an LED display, and red accents on the handlebars.

It has an accessible LED screen in the center of the handlebars. This will display your current speed and remaining battery power. Although the brightness may be changed, reading is still quite simple without doing so.


Battery Life & Range 

We were happy to find that the INOKIMQuick 4 Super came with a large 52V Samsung 16Ah rechargeable battery. Given their superior brand status, Samsung batteries are known for their dependability and long battery life.

One of the best aspects of the electric scooter is its range. It goes above and beyond what might be anticipated for a commuting scooter. Although INOKIM claim a 40-mile range, this can only be reached by driving slowly over flat terrain. The range we discovered was 30-35 miles, which was still more than we had anticipated. Longer travellers may thus relax knowing that their electric scooter will get them to work promptly and securely.

The length of time it takes to charge is something to consider. It’s a significant investment that won’t be simple to recharge between trips with a minimum charge time of 7 hours. It’s a little disappointing when you contrast this with the quicker charge times attained by other high-end scooters (the Mercane Widewheel Pro takes 4 hours).

Motor Configuration

The INOKIM Quick 4 Super’s engine setup is well-considered. with a strong 600W rear motor that provides excellent torque from the scooter’s back. If you’re accustomed to a front wheel motor, you may need to deliberately change your weight distribution when you first start riding the scooter since this adds to its great hill climbing abilities and overall mobility.

Construction & Build Quality

Where do I begin?

The INOKIMQuick 4 Super has a distinctive design. Our critics were split by its remarkable appearance. Some adore it and laud the modifications made to a classic frame and attention to detail.

Others just found it to be unattractive. However, this does not take away from the creativity used in the construction. Even some who weren’t fans of the electric scooter’s appearance said the design was a big success since it had been so meticulously thought out to optimize the functionality of the device.

The cockpit of the INOKIM Quick 4 Super is particularly noteworthy. including sophisticated power control built-in LED display buttons, a strong thumb throttle, lighting, and performance choices, and textured hand grips on the handlebars. The additional rubber coating on each handlebar and the brake levers prevents friction from irritating your hands, and everything has been fitted precisely for ease of use even when you’re zooming down the road.

The LED display on the INOKIM Quick 4 Super is a really remarkable feature. It tracks a broad variety of metrics while you bike and is big and crystal clear in any light. There isn’t a separate app to keep your data.


With good cause, the INOKIM Quick 4 Super’s suspension system is well-known. In order to maintain stability, dual suspension has been incorporated. When combined with the 10′′ air-filled tyres, it produces a very smooth ride. It even maintains this light, pleasant riding experience on grass or uneven asphalt, giving you a feeling of overall safety.

Due to its great horsepower, the INOKIM Quick 4 Super is theoretically capable of off-roading if desired. This increases the electric scooter’s adaptability, which is fantastic when you consider the investment cost, but the frame won’t actually withstand much of it and the wheels are a touch too agile to handle muddy and rough terrain.

Ride Quality

As we previously said, the INOKIM Quick 4 Super has superb overall ride quality. This model undoubtedly fits into the categories of speed and comfort. INOKIM designs goods with a clear understanding of the selling points they wish to reach.

If you swerve over a quick bump on an otherwise smooth road, the comfort is most apparent. Some electric scooters will be knocked out of alignment, and the impact will be felt through the frame. This is not the case with the INOKIM Quick 4, which is quite comforting for a rider and carefully navigates over cracks and crevices while effectively absorbing shock.

We were sorry to find that the short deck does have a more negative influence on the ride’s quality than we had anticipated. When you ride, your legs and knees may be affected as you adjust your posture to fit the deck. It’s a big pity given the range provided that we felt uncomfortable after riding for extended lengths of time.


The INOKIM Quick 4 Super sports quick twin drum brakes and a respectable stopping distance of around 3.6 meters. It adds to the scooter’s overall safety and is a specific strength of the design.

Levers on the handlebars are used to control the brakes from the cockpit. The brakes have excellent modulation and excellent handling, so even when stopping quickly, you shouldn’t skid. The external brake cables have been clamped to the stem in order to prevent snares or obstructions when folding.

Unfortunately, the annoying short deck does have a minor effect on the experience. We discovered that we needed to gently tilt our weight rearward in order to stop properly and securely without becoming unbalanced. This requires some getting used to, may be unpleasant, and requires you to brake much more carefully than you would ordinarily with an electric scooter.



A major consideration in the design of the Inokim Quick 4 Super was portability. You can simply take it thanks to its lockable, telescoping stem, folding handlebars, and carry handle connected to the rear fender. All of these upgrades combine to create an electric scooter that folds up quickly and conveniently at 109 by 25 by 56 cm.

The scooter isn’t inherently light despite all this attention to portability. It weighs 46 lbs, which may be too heavy for some people to lift up multiple flights of stairs or carry for an extended amount of time on their shoulders.


Water Resistance

The INOKIM Quick 4 has no listed water resistance certification, therefore rainy conditions will eventually harm the scooter.

This often limits the electric scooter’s adaptability, so take this into account before investing.


A taillight positioned on the back fender and two button deck lights are standard features of the INOKIM Quick 4 Super. Despite being quite ineffective, there are three lights. Due to the light sensor in the LED display, they will switch on automatically when it becomes dark, and you may adjust the brightness from the display.

If you decide to ride your electric scooter at night, we advise adding extra lights to ensure you have the best visibility possible.


The INOKIM Quick 4 Super’s superior 10 inch air-filled tyres perform well. They serve to absorb any impact and keep the scooter agile while riding since they are mounted on split rims and have additional width.

Our favourite feature was the grip, which maintains traction on both smooth highways and more difficult terrain.

The fundamental difference between air-filled (pneumatic) and airless (solid tyres) tyres relates to wheel maintenance. Solid tyres won’t rupture, which is a benefit for many because changing the tyres on an electric scooter may be challenging or expensive. However, we discover that solid pneumatic often outperform their air-filled counterparts in terms of performance. Because of their improved grip, turns are simple to manage, keeping you light on your feet.


What a loss. A very significant flaw in an otherwise fantastic electric scooter design is the deck. It is 21.6 cm broad but only 39.4 cm long. Although this provides room for riders who weigh more than 220 pounds, it seems like a mistake.

In addition to limiting possible riders based on shoe size, it also takes away from some of the INOKIM Quick 4 Super’s stronger characteristics. In order to adjust your weight distribution and adopt the necessary posture, you must concentrate on your braking and handling in a manner that inexperienced riders can find scary. Additionally, the stem leans inward toward the deck, leaving you even less room.

Two grip stripes run the length of the deck to assist you keep your hold. This, however, falls short when compared directly to electric scooters with complete grip pads and rubberized decks.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Aside from the aforementioned problems, we thought the INOKIM Quick 4 Super was quite dependable in the majority of other areas. In our performance testing, the speed, power, and range were constant, and the cockpit display was prompt to highlight any changes in command so that you would not be left stranded.


The frame and other components of the INOKIM Quick 4 Super are covered by a 12-month guarantee. This information is highly useful since scooters with air-filled wheels and extra suspension by their very nature need regular maintenance. The good news is that INOKIM will cover you if you discover a flaw or significant problem in the first year. Having said that, you should be aware that there may be extra shipping charges, particularly to the UK.

Known Issues

Some stories of telescope stems failing during riding have surfaced.


The INOKIM website offers a huge selection of accessories for purchase. Even stylish travel bags are available for purchase. A kickstand, a bell, rubber grips on the handlebars and brake levers, as well as a pump and multi-tool for maintenance, are all standard features of the INOKIM Quick 4 Super. Remember to watch out for extra delivery charges when purchasing from the UK.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The range, speed, and portability that the Inokim Quick 4 provides are all excellent, and we simply cannot criticise this scooter based on these features! Although its speed is slower, other aspects more than make up for this. The quicker you go on an electric scooter, the more shaky it seems, making you feel less steady.

As this appears to be a frequent problem that all users are encountering and is often the biggest drawback of the scooter, the tiny deck size might also give you the impression that you could fall off when braking.

The bike’s overall appearance, the range it provides, and some of its amenities, however, more than make up for the smaller deck’s drawbacks.

Specification: INOKIM QUICK 4 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

25 mph


34 miles

Charge Time

7 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

43 miles


Rear dual shock absorbers

Braking System

Front & Rear Drum brakes


25.4 cm Pneumatic (Inner Tube)


832 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

47.3 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


Front & Rear built-in lights

Product Material

High-grade aluminium

Water Resistance

Extra features

foldable, Portability

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