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The Inokim Oxo, which was released in 2019, is really amazing and has one of the fastest speeds among conventional electric scooters on the market today. It’s not for the faint of heart, and if speed is what you’re after, the Inokim Oxo electric scooter has you covered. In terms of improvement, the Inokim Oxo gets an A+ and is a significant upgrade over his younger brother, the Inokim Ox, which was limited to the power of a single motor in several ways. You’ll soar at higher speeds thanks to the dual brushless hub motor, and you’ll glide over terrain – both on and off-road – with ease thanks to the improved suspension. It is necessary to make a special note and to offer credit where credit is due.

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Inokim Oxo Summary

The Inokim Oxo, which was introduced in 2019, is really outstanding and has one of the fastest speeds among other conventional electric scooters available right now. It is definitely not for the timid, but if speed is what you’re after, the Inokim Oxo electric scooter has you covered. The Inokim Oxo is a significant advance over his smaller brother, the Inokim Ox, which was in some ways constrained by the power of a single engine, and gets an A+ for improvement. Due to the twin brushless hub motor, you can go at faster speeds, and the excellent suspension lets you easily navigate both on- and off-road terrain. The incredible braking power of the Inokim Oxo deserves special note and praise. The braking mechanism on this electric scooter is exceptional for an escooter that can go at such high speeds since it has brakes on both the front and back sides that operate in unison to execute a sudden stop safely while maintaining a stylish appearance.


Performance Overview

This escooter is of amazing quality. In addition to having a tough, don’t mess with me appearance, this scooter has more than one motor, unlike many of the scooters on the market. This scooter includes a front 1000 Watt engine and a second, similarly strong motor on the back wheel, which together provide a maximum range of up to 68 miles (109 km) on a single charge. One of the few scooters that can operate well on both on- and off-road surfaces, it is one of the few with dual road performance characteristics. To put it simply, the Inokim Oxo would unquestionably pass with flying colours if put to the test in terms of performance!

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Inokim Oxo is famed for its sensational speed, therefore it should come as no surprise that it has an incredible top speed of up to 40 mph (64 km/h). The Inokim Oxo’s motor is started by using a kick function. You can feel the increased power coming on when the Inokim Oxo explodes into full-on speed mode when you press the square thumb throttle. The fact that this scooter has a 1000W motor on both the front and back wheels, giving it twice as much power and allowing it to attain those unbelievable peak speeds, is one of the most remarkable features about it (which is a big improvement on the previous model – the Inokim Ox).

Battery Life & Range

The 60V battery of the Inokim Oxo electric scooter has 1536 Watts, which increases battery life and range. Up to 68 miles of range on a single charge is a remarkable distance and riding duration in and of itself. Then, one may anticipate a reliable charge time of around 13 hours for such a powerful battery, ready in time for a rip-roaring trip – yes, please!

Motor Configuration

With a combined massive 2600W motor output, the Inokim Oxo electric scooter features one of the most potent motors available. With twice as much power and 2600W of unmatched torque, this scooter provides users with the unmatched capabilities of this amazing vehicle while travelling at a peak speed of 40 mph (64 km/h). The brushless hub motors also provide for a quieter ride, giving you more time to experience the powerful escooter’s characteristically silent burst of speed.

Construction & Build Quality

Just by glancing at the Inokim Oxo, one can tell that it is really well constructed. This scooter is built to last, using materials of the highest quality, including aluminium alloy used in aircraft. Whether you want to use this escooter on or off-road, riding it is an absolute joy thanks to its 10 inch pneumatic tyres and adjustable suspension arms on each wheel. This scooter’s folding mechanism is unique in that it locks firmly in position for when the exciting speed starts when the thumb throttle is pressed. To improve its ability to be gripped in less-than-ideal circumstances, the plastic deck’s quality may need some improvement.


With the Oxo electric scooter’s adjustable suspension, you have complete control over how pleasant the ride is. If you want to truly enjoy riding at those high speeds, set the suspension lower if you want to go through (smoother) city streets. You intend to ride in an off-road environment. That’s okay, you can just lift it higher to meet your off-road demands. One of the innovative features that the Inokim brand is renowned for is its changeable suspension system. You can be sure that the Inokim Oxo will avoid the unpleasant road bumps that you are certain to experience, making for an overall comfortable ride.

Ride Quality

The Inokim Oxo has one of those scooters with minimal competition in terms of riding quality. Its 10 inch pneumatic tyres and adjustable suspension arms combine flawlessly to provide a very smooth ride. What makes this bike so memorable are its speed and range. The surge of adrenaline and thrill that this speed machine is renowned for will certainly occur as you squeeze the thumb throttle and gradually gain velocity. You will feel confident and safe enough to start this scooter in its amazing speed mode thanks to the grippable handlebars and sturdy frame.


One of its greatest (and most renowned for) attributes is how well these electric scooters stop. This electric scooter’s stopping power is enhanced with hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, as well as conveniently accessible (and adjustable) brake levers. When you’re travelling at this scooter’s peak speed, you need a braking system that will equal its force of motion. You may also modify the twin hydraulic brakes to make them as sharp or blunt as you want. To stop this scooter entirely, just depress the front brake lever and rear brake lever on the handlebar (ideally sequentially if you are travelling at peak speeds).


The Inokim Oxo’s portability is impacted by the fact that it is not the lightest electric scooter. However, the frame can be folded very easily thanks to its straightforward folding mechanism, and it also locks firmly in place so that it can be relocated to the desired location.



The side of the deck and the back of the Inokim Oxo scooter both have LED illumination installed in strategic locations. Since these LED lights are strategically placed and very effective, you can see much more clearly when night falls. The Inokim Oxo’s front LED lights and the integrated vehicle LED lights located above the back tyre, which turn on automatically when it becomes dark, are two of its most fantastic (and once again, futuristic) features. If you really want to get sophisticated, you may experiment with the settings that cause the lights to turn on in order to decide what counts as “dark enough.” We do, however, suggest adding a lamp to the handlebars for better forward view at night for enhanced visibility.


The Inokim Oxo’s tyres know how to shine off in urban settings while still being as impressive off-road. The Inokim Oxo has been created to prioritise the rider’s safety. However, the Inokim Oxo’s tread tyres are a substantial 10 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches wide (you can swap to 3 inch wide tyres), giving it more grip on rocky terrain. Who wouldn’t want a ride that is as bump-free as possible, especially when travelling longer distances, if pneumatic tyres have the ability to reduce the severity of the impact that uneven terrain can throw at you? Additionally, pneumatic tyres are by far the best tyres you can get your hands on when it comes to their suspension capabilities.



You have enough room on the deck of the Inokim Oxo to set your foot firmly on its surface. To guarantee that you don’t slide off easily, some deck tape could be used placed on the deck’s surface. Additionally, it includes a kickstand function that makes it easy to support this hefty scooter while not in use and prevents its unique appearance from being harmed.

Controls & Display

This scooter’s LCD display is so bright you’ll need sunglasses to see it (well, maybe not quite, but it’s still really fantastic how bright it is), and it works so well at plainly displaying the escooter’s statistics. It draws attention to the following significant data: current and maximum speeds, cruise control, journey length (including the total mileage covered so far), and remaining battery life. With the Inokim Oxo, braking is simple—just depress the brake levers to apply the brakes. Alternately, you may just hit the acceleration button to boost those speeds. Additionally, the LCD panel is next to the power button for convenient on/off functioning.


Water Resistance

With the exception of its splash-proof rear mudguard, the Inokim Oxo has no IP certification.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Inokim Oxo electric scooter is a top-notch model that doesn’t skimp on quality and was built to last. If you buy it through Pure Electric, it also backs up its image as a high-end scooter with an incredible 12-month guarantee. From the date of purchase, this guarantee covers the battery and electrical parts.


The Inokim Oxo is a delight to maintain since there are so few maintenance concerns with it—pretty much none at all—and because it’s quite simple to keep this scooter in working order. On this electric scooter, the single-sided swingarms are well positioned to provide simple access for changing a flat tyre. Overall, the Inokim Oxo is one of those electric scooters that tries to relieve your stress about not having to bother about maintaining it.

Known Issues

For motorcyclists trying to swiftly increase speed levels, the inability to crank up the speed in increments presents a hurdle. Additionally, gripping tape should be put on the plastic deck to lessen the chance that you may lose your footing on a slippery surface.

Accessories & Upgrades

There are many accessories you can add to this e-scooter to improve its appearance, usability, and safety. Some examples include a bright, detachable headlight that you can attach to the handlebars for better visibility, a convenient phone holder that you can attach to the handlebar, a sturdy e-scooter helmet, 3 inch wide off-road tyres for off-road riding, an Inokim pouch to hold all of your belongings while riding, brake pads, For more information on the upgrades and add-ons available for the Inokim Oxo electric scooter, see the Fluid Free Ride website.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

At £2,199 or $3,119, the Inokim Oxo is one of the most costly Inokim scooters. However, you get a scooter that is top-notch in terms of toughness, style, and peak performance for the money you spend. The Inokim Oxo is a worthwhile investment that will provide many hours of scooter-worthy riding enjoyment for years to come since it is guaranteed to meet and surpass your expectations on so many ways.

Specification: INOKIM OXO REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

40 mph


52 Miles

Charge Time

13.5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

68.4 miles


It has double the suspension power with an adjustable arm suspension on the front and rear wheel.

Braking System

Dual hydraulic disc brakes on both the rear and front wheel


25.4 cm Pneumatic + Pneumatic


1536 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

75 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


Automatic LED lighting that is activated when it gets dark

Product Material

Made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy

Water Resistance

Extra features

hard plastic deck, two clamps

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