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The Inokim Light 2 is a robust ultra-portable electric scooter that is built to resist daily use and damage in the city. The Light 2 incorporates a premium design with plenty of specs, making it a reliable and long-lasting commuter scooter. Designed and built by the legendary Nimrod Sapir, who has been in the scooter-making business since 2009, the Light 2 incorporates a premium design with plenty of specs, making it a reliable and long-lasting commuter scooter.
In terms of safety, quality, design, portability, and craftsmanship, the Light 2 is unrivalled. It’s no wonder that the scooter has gained a devoted following among high-end scooter fans as one of the best high-end, lightweight commuter-scooters.

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Inokim Light 2 Summary

An updated version of the once most popular Inokim Light electric scooter is the Inokim Light 2. It has a sleek appearance, remarkable build quality, and many contemporary amenities, such as an easy locking slot, thumb throttle, display, and cruise control. The scooter’s eye-catching colors attract attention, and the premium building materials utilized in its construction ensure its endurance.

With a 350W rear wheel motor and a peak speed of 21.7 mph (35 km/h), the Light 2 performs well in urban settings and has the best grip and hill climbing capabilities. The 36V, 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion battery has a respectable range of about 18.6-28 mph (30-45 km), and it charges completely in under 5 hours, which is still rather remarkable.

The Light 2 has high-end safety features including twin drum brakes, a roomy deck, high-quality construction materials, a lock on the folding mechanism, and enough illumination for nighttime riding because it cares deeply about the safety of its riders. Additionally, both inexperienced and expert riders will ride with the utmost safety thanks to the steady and smooth acceleration as well as the low center of gravity.

With a completely folding frame, fordable handlebars, and a lightweight design that weights just 13.7Kg, the Inokim Light 2 lives up to its ultra-portable moniker. With this scooter, you can easily fold it up and climb a flight of stairs to go to your apartment or place of business, looking as stylish as you wish. It’s also quite convenient to carry with one hand because to the stem design. Additionally height-adjustable is the scooter stem, enabling users to choose their preferred riding posture.

Overall, the Light 2 is a superb all-around scooter made by a high-end scooter manufacturer. Its build quality, workmanship, safety, and mobility are unparalleled, and it performs well in urban settings. It allows riders to fold it down and transport it, making it ideal for speed enthusiasts and urban riding. The Light 2 does not have crucial characteristics such a suspension system or a waterproof certificate, despite its high price.


Performance Overview

The Inokim Light 2 is a scooter that is designed for performance, as we’ve mentioned before and will say again. The scooter has a 350 W continuous motor, which the manufacturer claims can reach a peak speed of 21.7 mph (35 km/h). A 165-pound rider tested the scooter in the real world on a mostly level route, although the scooter’s top speed was just 20.7 mph (33.3 km/h). The scooter accelerates slowly, taking 5.7 seconds to get from 0 to 15 mph (0 to 24 km/h), which is a bit longer than other scooters in its class.

Additionally, the Inokim Light 2 features a powerful battery that gave it a real-world range of 25.7 kilometers (16 miles), which is the greatest in its class for ultra portable scooters. The scooter’s incredible braking ability is another attribute that makes it top in class. Dual mechanical brakes on the scooter can stop it completely from a speed of 15 mph in 11.9 feet (3.6 meters), which is good for any category of scooter.

The scooter is not particularly intended for mountainous terrain; in a test on a 10% gradient with a 165-pound rider, the scooter climbed 200 feet (61 meters) in 19 seconds but only managed a peak speed of 7.2 mph. Although the performance of the scooter might be greater compared to other scooters in its price range, the hill climb is also based on the battery’s level of charge. In conclusion, the Light 2 offers an exceptional combination between speed, range, safety, and portability, performing well in urban settings.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Inokim Light 2 has a 350W gear less rear motor and a peak speed of 21.7 mph (35 km/h), according to the manufacturer. The Light 2 is quicker than the majority of other electric scooters in its class at this speed. With a peak speed that is far faster than the typical speed of a single engine scooter, you can be sure to quickly navigate the city, a college campus, or simply your neighborhood.

The Light 2 has a respectable peak speed in addition to a powerful, smooth acceleration. The scooter has a 5.7-second 0 to 24 km/h acceleration time and a 13.9-second 0 to 32 km/h acceleration time. Due to the kick-to-start system, the Light 2 scooter accelerates smoothly as opposed to the majority of other scooters, which have jerky acceleration that may easily throw you off. Due to the absence of a zero-start, you must move the scooter at a certain speed before the engine engages. As a result, the scooter’s acceleration is safe, and energy is saved for an even longer range.

The Inokim electric scooters are not very good at climbing hills, but that’s not really a problem in cities since there aren’t many steep climbs there. The Light 2 nevertheless manages to climb hills with a 10% grade ability and a 7.2 mph (11.6 km/h) average speed.

Controls & Display

The Inokim Light 2’s controls are rather basic, making it simple to operate. On each side of the handlebar in the cockpit are brake levers. The speed control throttle with a thumb throttle LCD display is located on the right handlebar. Riders may see important scooter statistics on the LCD display, such as battery life, travel speed, cruise control, speed mode, and distance covered. Since the LCD is configured to store settings, you won’t need to change the scooter’s mode each time you turn it on and off.

You won’t get tired when riding the scooter since you won’t have to keep the accelerator down for very long thanks to the thumb throttle and the cruise control option.


Battery Life & Range 

Depending on the rider’s weight, pace, and terrain, the Inokim Light 2’s 36V 10.4AH lithium-ion battery provides a respectable range of 18.6-28 miles (30-45 km). The range of the Light 2 is rather impressive and is far more than that of other scooters in its class.

With a total charge period of 4 to 5 hours, the 375 wh battery charges more quickly than typical and adds 5.33 miles to its range per hour. This is not the ideal charge time, particularly considering that it is the same amount of time needed to completely charge monsters like the Rion RE90, which has a battery with a greater capacity (96.6 V, 45 AH).

For effective charging, the Light 2 needs a conventional battery charger with input: 100-240V/output: 42V 2A. The LCD display included into the handlebars allows users to monitor the state of their battery charge.

The scooter’s battery has a lifespan of 500 to 1000 charge cycles or more. To put this in perspective, if the battery is maintained and cared for correctly, you should anticipate it to survive for more than three years.

Motor Configuration

The rear wheel of the Inokim Light 2 is equipped with a 350W gear less motor. The motor’s maximum power output of 600W and maximum torque output of 15N.M. enable commuters to easily climb smooth inclines and enjoy seamless acceleration. Each of the three speed settings offers a different speed and level of power, and the rider may choose between them.

Riders may accelerate to their maximum speed in mode 3 whereas in mode 2 the peak speed is reduced to 70%. Mode 1 restricts the speed to less than 6.2 mph (10 km/h), making it ideal for inexperienced riders and locations with speed limits. For both seasoned riders and newcomers, the 350W motor is exactly right.

Construction & Build Quality

The word “Inokim” conjures images of unsurpassed perfection for scooter enthusiasts. Their scooters are often on the more expensive side, but their costs are always well justified by their flawless construction. The award-winning design of the Light 2 is a superb accomplishment by Inokim.

The scooter is made of premium Aluminum 6061 T6, which is strong, lightweight, and resistant to regular wear. The fact that there is rarely any exposed welding on the structure stuns Light 2 riders. The scooter nearly has the appearance of having been bent from a solid aluminium block. The fenders are superior to the plastic fenders available on standard e scooters because they are perfectly positioned and pay close attention to even the smallest details.

The Inokim Light 2 has an extended stem with an innovative blade design in place of the customary tubular stem. The stem shape helps to prevent bending and eliminates the dreaded steering column wobble seen in the majority of eScooters. To provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance, the wires are internally routed.

The excellent construction of the Light 2 is all Inokim’s fault. Few portable and light-weight scooters, therefore, can match the quality of this one.


Unfortunately, the Light 2 lacks a suspension system, which reduces the overall comfort of the ride. Given the expensive price, this isn’t very enjoyable. The fact that this scooter has two air-filled tyres sets it apart from others in the same price range. They compensate for the absence of dampening on bumpier roads by absorbing part of the vibrations.

Ride Quality

The two substantial pneumatic tyres that provide sound absorption and smooth rides enable the Inokim scooter to deliver an averagely pleasant ride despite the absence of suspension. Additionally, the spacious deck of the scooter provides users plenty of freedom to spread their legs comfortably and enjoy the trip painlessly. Additionally, the deck has a very low clearance for optimal stability and minimal swaying even at high speeds. A comfortable stance while cruising is further supported by the grip tape run.

The ergonomically shaped handlebars include strong foam grips that guarantee the rider’s hands are securely kept in place. However, it goes without saying that the Light 2 lacks off- road potential owing to the absence of suspension. For a smooth and pleasant ride, it is thus advisable to adhere to asphalt roads, flat surfaces, and sidewalks.


The Light 2 has levers that are logically positioned on the handlebars for simple operation to control the front and rear drum brakes. One of the rare electric scooters with twin drum brakes is the scooter in question. In whatever speed setting, the brakes provide great stopping capability.

While the majority of people see drum brakes as outdated technology and often opt for disc brakes with ABS assistance, drum brakes are still quite effective and need very little maintenance. Furthermore, drum brakes are strong and will last you a long time, in contrast to disc brakes, which lose stopping effectiveness in rainy weather or when combined with bumps and pebbles. Disk brakes also increase the cost of your scooter since they are more costly.

Drum brakes allow the Light 2 to stop from a speed of 15 mph (24 km/h) in an impressively short 3.6 meters. As a result, it has some of the most effective and precise braking capabilities of all ultra portable eScooters.


The Inokim Light 2 is in a class by itself when it comes to portability. The Light 2 is very light, weighing just 30 lbs. or 13.7 kg, and can be carried without effort over a short distance or up a few steps.

Its inventive folding system, which includes a retractable stem, folding handlebars, and a cut-out for inserting a U-lock through, furthers its seamless transportation. In contrast to other scooters, which only fold around the bottom of the stem, this makes it particularly compact when folded.

The Light 2 may be folded to a small size that is 94 centimeters long by 25 centimeters broad. The package may fit in confined locations like the trunk of your vehicle or next to you on a commuter bus or train. It may also be contained in a stylish carry bag attachment, making it your trusted travel companion for optimizing your last-mile journey.


Water Resistance

The Light 2 is regrettably not water-resistant. Considering the high price point, this is a great deal. In light of this, you should refrain from using the scooter in damp or rainy weather and from cleaning it in water.


Both front and rear lights are included with the Inokim Light 2. A really clever feature that will certainly wow you is the integration of an environmental sensor into the lights, which turns them on automatically at night or in low light circumstances.

The lights have a beautiful contemporary flair and are of exceptional quality, offering maximum brightness. Sadly, the front light’s usefulness is limited by the fact that it is set quite low. You should install an additional headlight higher on the stem for improved visibility. Additionally, the scooter is equipped with reflectors to improve visibility when riding at night.


The Light 2 has two 8.5″ x 2″ pneumatic tyres on it. These air-filled tyres are flexible, provide exceptional grip in all driving situations, and absorb shock for a comfortable and secure ride. They need a lot of maintenance to operate at their best, however, and are vulnerable to the possibility of punctures.



With 5.7 centimeters of ground clearance, the Light 2’s roomy drop deck lowers most of the scooter’s and battery’s weight below the wheel axles. By providing the scooter a low centre of gravity, this improves stability. The drawback of this is that you can find yourself scraping rather often on the curbs and bumps.

The lowered deck provides 18.3″ x 7″ (46.4 cm × 17.8 cm) of standing room, which is more than enough to keep your legs in place comfortably. Additionally, it has a rough grip tape covering to help riders firmly plant their feet and maintain stability and safety even at high speeds.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

When it comes to the rider’s everyday commuting needs, the Light 2 is trustworthy. It provides the precise performance required and is built for everyday usage in urban settings. You may use it to shorten your last-mile commute, conduct errands, and have fun riding it around your neighborhood. It is very adaptable and dependable. The Light 2 is a really dependable travel buddy no matter what you chose to use it for. If you want to ride more comfortably, you may easily install a seat to the scooter.

Riders may be assured of the quality of their purchases according to Inokim’s one-year warranty policy. Additionally, the business offers first-rate customer service along with benefits like free delivery and a complete refund for returns made within 15 days.


The Inokim scooters need less maintenance since they are designed for riding in cities. Drum brakes from Light 2 need less maintenance in contrast to mechanical and hydraulic brakes, which periodically need adjusting. The pneumatic (air-filled) tyres of the scooter are prone to punctures, however this happens seldom in level urban terrain. Even yet, because of the split rim construction, they are simpler and less expensive to repair when damaged than solid tyres.

The Light 2 needs routine cleaning to remove dust and general maintenance procedures like charging the battery to capacity before storing the scooter at room temperature. It also needs to be charged using the recommended charger to avoid undercharging or overcharging, which can shorten its lifespan or even cause it to blow. Make sure you adhere to the maintenance instructions the manufacturer provides in the user manual.

Known Issues

The Light 2 virtually ever has any known problems; everything seems to function flawlessly. The majority of Light 2 users have, however, voiced complaints about defective controls. Even so, if you get it from a respectable vendor, you shouldn’t have any worries about this. Additionally, the scooter has a one-year guarantee, and you may get assistance if the controls stop working.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Definitely! The Light 2 isn’t cheap, but its superior build quality, respectable performance, incredible range and peak speed, quick charge time, elegant award-winning design, rigorous safety standards, and exceptional mobility make up for the price. Of course, some customers would contend—and they might be correct—that the absence of a suspension, the virtually mediocre display, and the lack of waterproofing are throw-in values.

The Light 2 prides itself on being a high-end smaller, lighter, safe, and ultra-portable eScooter for all of your regular commutes despite these drawbacks. This makes the scooter a worthwhile purchase if you’re looking for a flexible and dependable scooter for your urban commuting.

Specification: INOKIM LIGHT 2 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed



28 miles

Charge Time

4-5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

18.6 miles


Braking System

Auto motor cut off, Maintenance-free front and rear drum brakes


8.5 Pneumatic (Air-Filled)


375 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

30 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


Front and rear LED lighting

Product Material

Aluminum 6061 T6 (structure material)

Water Resistance

Extra features

Cruise Control, LCD display

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