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Inmotion has long been a pioneer in the field of urban mobility, and its latest offering, the L9 Electric Scooter, demonstrates why it deserves to be at the top. The L9’s exquisite form is only the beginning of what this scooter can achieve, with an emphasis on being current while yet giving outstanding quality. With its high-capacity lithium battery that gives an incredible 59 miles of range and Inmotion’s trademark style, the L9 scooter enables for smooth travel (95km). The scooter also has a pushing assist feature in case you run out of juice.

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Inmotion L9 Summary

Inmotion has long been a pioneer in the field of urban mobility, and its most recent product, the L9 Electric Scooter, makes a strong case for why it should continue to hold that position. The L9’s sophisticated style is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this scooter can do, with an emphasis on staying current while still offering unmatched quality. The L9 scooter was created with Inmotion’s recognizable appearance and offers smooth transportation thanks to its high-capacity lithium battery, which has an excellent range of 59 miles (95km). And the scooter has a pushing help feature in case your battery runs out. The smooth thumb throttle control of the Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter makes acceleration and braking simple. Additionally, the scooter has a single, strong front 500-watt motor that can propel riders weighing up to 308 lbs. up 30% inclines (140 kgs). Additionally, it has a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h), allowing you to effortlessly cross city streets. This scooter’s dependable braking system, which combines a disc brake and a regenerative brake to provide unmatched rider control, is another standout feature.

We can’t fail to highlight the dual suspension system when discussing best-in-class. It allows the scooter to glide over uneven sidewalks or rough roads with ease, making riding even with irregularities on the riding track a delight. This provides unmatched riding comfort on city streets and easy off-road routes, especially when combined with the 10-inch pneumatic tyres. The L9 is certain to give you the ride of a lifetime, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a brand-new beginner. Because of the sturdy and long-lasting construction of the frame, which is built of high-grade aluminum, and the roomy deck, you may cruise without worrying about falling over. It is the ideal commuter companion because of its quick and simple folding construction, which also makes it easy to store. Holding on to the handlebars is simple because to the flexible, soft rubber grips that conform to your hands. It also has a sleek design and a polished black or grey finish that makes the rider look professional.

Additionally, the scooter has a distinctive three-tier lighting system that is intended to improve visibility at night. The scooter is actually safe to ride because the bell is loud enough to warn other drivers of your presence.

Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity enables you to effortlessly track your scooter’s performance, health, and other metrics by connecting your smartphone to it via the Inmotion App.

The rear fender is noticeably huge and will shield riders from the weather and splashes of muddy water. As an alternative, the various water ratings on the scooter parts guarantee that the scooter is shielded from water damage caused by riding in wet conditions or across small puddles. Overall, this scooter is built to deliver a superior riding experience.

Continue reading for a thorough examination of the L9 electric scooter, a feature-rich budget scooter.


Performance Overview

The front 500w brushless hub motor of the Inmotion L9 electric scooter has been modified to produce more power, better torque, and higher battery economy. The motor’s peak power output of 1000 watts is more than enough to propel a rider weighing no more than 308 pounds while cruising at the manufacturer’s stated top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h) (140kg). The top speed, however, is influenced by the rider’s weight, the terrain, the weather, and the battery level. According to independent tests conducted in the real world, the scooter can go at the stated top speed on flat ground with a rider of average weight when in sport mode. The three riding modes on the scooter are Eco, Standard, and Sport. Whether they want to save a few minutes off their commute or are just taking a leisurely drive, riders can select the option that best matches their needs. The fastest setting is Eco mode, which has a maximal speed of 10 mph (16 km/h), followed by Standard mode at 15 mph (24 km/h), and Sport mode at 18.6 mph (30 km/h).

The scooter has amazing hill-climbing capabilities and can up slopes of 30% without pausing while keeping a constant pace. A cruise control feature is also included with the self-balancing scooter and may be used with the Inmotion App or by maintaining a consistent speed for 5 seconds. Additionally, the dual braking mechanism on this electric scooter gives you complete control over your ride at all times and has a braking distance of less than 14 feet/roughly 4 metres.

Speed & Acceleration

For quick commutes, the Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter is the best option. With a top speed of 18.6 mph, you can easily navigate traffic and get where you’re going comfortable and prepared to take on the day. The fastest electric scooter is not the L9. Even so, if ease of mobility is your first priority, it is a great choice for people who live in cities where ordinary scooters have speed limits. The “special high-speed edition” of the L9, however, which is a version offered by Inmotion, has a top speed of 24.8 mph (40 km/h).

The scooter has a responsive and slick thumb-activated throttle that, in any circumstance, instantly sends power to the front tyre. Whether you’re beginning from a stop or speeding in the middle of the journey, the motor has no issue following your orders and driving you forward. Users can quickly modify their pace thanks to the smooth and predictable acceleration curve of the scooter. By pushing the single button on the digital display twice, you may switch between Eco, Standard, and Sport driving modes. However, your battery will discharge more quickly the faster you drive. To save battery, you can select between speed modes.

According to actual acceleration tests, the scooter accelerates from 0 to 15 mph in around 4 seconds and from there to top speed in about 6 seconds. This is impressive given that inexpensive scooters like the Ninebot Max, Hiboy S2, and Gotrax accelerate from 0 to 15 mph in, respectively, 5.5, 6 and 8 seconds.

Hill Climbing

The L9’s motor is capable of carrying riders up to 30% inclines, making it perfect for city riding but not for steep inclines. Smaller hills can be handled by the motor, but it also depends on the weather, rider weight, the terrain, and the battery level. Due to its high torque capability, the L9 performs better on hills than the scooter’s High-Speed version. Additionally, because to the enormous power required by the motors when climbing steep inclines, the clever battery management system will control overheating.

Battery & Range

With a massive 675Wh capacity and a 54V (63V max) Lithium-ion battery, the Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter features one of the most effective batteries for a scooter in its class. According to Inmotion, the potent battery offers an amazing 59 miles (95 km) of range on a single charge. However, this tested range is predicated on the aforementioned ideal circumstances;

  • a top speed of 18.1 km/h (11.16 mph)
  • 165 lb rider weight (75kg)
  • a 25 °C ambient temperature
  • a level area
  • With a fully charged battery, start the test.

However, in a real-world test on difficult, steep urban terrain, a rider weighing 165 lbs (75 kg) was able to get 31.1 miles of range in Sports mode. Due to its huge capacity, the battery requires more time to fully charge; using a single charger requires 7.2 hours; using two chargers reduces this time to 3.6 hours. The battery life can be monitored on the display or through an app. On the other hand, unlike the majority of high-performance scooters, the scooter does not have a quick charging option.

The scooter boasts a sophisticated battery protection system with temperature control that guards against battery damage. In addition, the scooter has a pushing assist feature that makes it easier to maneuver than walking next to it. Additionally, in the (unlikely) case that your battery runs out, this feature comes to your rescue.

Motor Configuration

The steady power delivery of the L9 Electric Scooter is provided by a front-driven brushless motor with a 500-watt output (1000 W peak). The hub motor is shielded from the weather by a durable shell. Better performance is provided by the Brushless motor, which is quicker and more efficient than the conventional model. This electric scooter’s amazing strength allows it to carry users weighing up to 308 lbs (140kg).

Construction & Quality

The L9 electric scooter is a retro ride with a dash of contemporary style. It is a reliable piece of equipment that also serves as a stylish fashion statement for urban commuters. It is designed to give smooth rides and quick speeds. The scooter is a product that is both well built and beautifully designed. Aluminum alloy is used throughout the entire frame because it is both aesthetically beautiful and, more importantly, strong and durable. Aluminum guarantees that it can withstand anything, including rust, bad weather, and severe handling.

The scooter’s high-quality handlebars distinguish itself from the standard handlebars found on other scooters. These have an attractive appearance and were created with an excellent understanding of ergonomics and comfort. They have extremely wide rubberized grips for added comfort and grip. The scooter also has a roomy deck that can fit bigger feet together, and it has a sizable fender on the back tyre to shield passengers from splashing. On the back fender, there is a registration space as well. The stem, which is likewise made of aluminums alloy, is much taller than the stems on the other scooters. The kickstand for the scooter is a reliable, retractable option that won’t squeak or bend when your scooter is loaded.

A few aspects about the build quality deserve attention. When riding over obstacles, the underdeck’s plastic case does not give one much confidence. Additionally, the scooter has a length of exposed wiring that is large enough for riders to simply clip to the stem. The bell is also not constructed with the same quality as the rest of the scooter and appears to be an aftermarket accessory.


Suspension & Comfort

Dual front and rear suspension on the L9 electric scooter ensures a smooth ride across urban terrain. While the rear has dual spring suspensions that are effectively hidden beneath the deck, the front has fork suspensions similar to those found on bicycles. The shocks are constructed using high-quality materials and are the best available for commuter scooters. The Inmotion L9 scooter offers unrivalled riding quality in its class when combined with pneumatic tyres.

Ride Quality

The L9 electric scooter by Inmotion is a timeless example of form following function. It is ideal for an urban commute thanks to its sleek looks and high-performance features. Thanks to its softly buoyant dual front and rear shock suspension, which lessens the impact of any bumps or potholes, the scooter rides like a dream. Additionally, it sports substantial 10-inch pneumatic tyres that provide superb suspension for the best possible cushioning and shock absorption.

One of the scooter’s best features is the size of the deck, which gives users plenty of room to feel safe and comfortable when riding. The textured anti-slip rubber coating gives a firm grip for those sharp turns and rapid stops, further enhancing rider safety. You won’t be bothered by the scooter’s quiet motor while you cruise through the neighborhood or the city. It will still be noticeable at night because to its sleek, fashionable 3-tier lighting system. Additionally, it features a somewhat loud built-in bell to warn other drivers.

One of the tallest electric scooters on the market right now is the Inmotion L9. It is wonderful for taller riders but may not be comfortable for shorter ones because it is 43.2 inches from the ground. Overall, this scooter has been designed to provide users with unmatched comfort.


The L9 has an unusual lighting setup for a cheap scooter. This electric scooter boasts a powerful 3-tier lighting system to assure the rider’s visibility and safety both during the day and at night, unlike rival models which are equipped with subpar illumination. A dual 1.25W front headlight, a deck RGB LED strip that can be customised and serves as turn signals, and an LED brake light integrated into the rear fender make up the lighting system. To ensure that the rider’s path is well lit at night, the front headlight is set high. Additionally, when you lean to take a turn, the side RGB LED lights switch on automatically. The drawback of this function is that the lights continue to turn on even when the riders swerve, which can confuse other drivers. Additionally, the scooter has reflectors all over it for increased safety when riding in dim light.


One of the most dependable braking systems you can discover on a personal mobility scooter is the one on the L9. It is strong. In order to ensure that the motor stops instantly when you apply the brakes, the braking system includes both a rear disc brake and front regenerative braking. When the rider applies pressure to the left-mounted brake lever, the conventional disc brake slows or stops the wheel.

On the other hand, the scooter can be slowed down gradually by the rider just disengaging the throttle. The Inmotion App should allow riders to modify this weak braking system for a more reliable braking feel. This dual-braking configuration ensures that you may stop quickly and easily at any time, improving your riding control. Additionally, the regenerative brakes extend the life of your battery.


With a weight of 52.9 lbs (24 kg), the L9 from Inmotion is one of the heaviest budget-priced scooters available. In contrast, the Glion Dolly and Hiboy S2 weigh a lot less: the former weighs 29.5 lbs. and the latter, 28 lbs (13.4 kgs). The scooter is also substantial in size, measuring a hefty 130.7 x 52 x 56 cm even when folded (LxWxH). It requires some patience to fit it in the trunk of the car because the handlebars don’t fold.

The scooter does, however, have a simple two-step folding process that entails holding the safety button on the stem, releasing the latch, and folding the stem as it firmly latches to hook on the deck’s back.



Tubeless pneumatic tyres measuring 10″ by 1.9″ are mounted on the front and back of the L9 electric scooter. Compared to solid tyres that are unable to withstand shocks and bumps, these tyres provide the smoothest ride imaginable. They will be less prone to pop while driving because they are easier to maintain and more resistant to flats than other kind of pneumatic tyres. Air-filled tyres provide extra cushioning, yet despite this, they are still quite prone to punctures. The deeply grooved tyre pattern on the scooters offers exceptional traction on all types of tracks and in all kinds of weather.


The broad, wide deck of the L9 is generously roomy. The 19.1 by 7.3-inch overall dimensions of the deck gives riders plenty of area to put their feet comfortably front and rear while riding. You have enough of space on the broad deck to maintain stability and balance as you move through the neighbourhood. An anti-slip rubber deck material that is gripping and has the Inmotion emblem printed on it covers the deck surface to provide a secure grip. You can ride over speed bumps and paving cracks thanks to the high-profile design without harming the underdeck.


Controls & Display

The Inmotion L9 electric scooter is a stylish, contemporary model with wide, ergonomic handlebars and a distinctive, sizable integrated LED display that turns heads. The handlebars are simple, with the bell on the right, the thumb-activated throttle on the left, and the brake lever for the rear disc brake. Like the handlebars, the futuristic LED display is positioned in the middle of the handlebars and features just one button for turning on the scooter, the headlight, and changing the riding modes. Simply hold down the button for three seconds to turn the scooter on and off. When the device is turned on, a brief press turns the lights on and off, and a double-press of the button on the display switches the ride modes. The rider may see all the information they require at a look on the LED handlebar display. You can monitor your speed, battery life, gear selection, turn signals, push assist mode, and error display on this simple-to-read screen without having to take your eyes off the road. The display also shows whether your phone is Bluetooth-connected to the scooter.

Water Resistance

The L9 Electric Scooter differs from other scooters in that each of its component sections has a distinct grade for water resistance. The controller is certified IPX6, the battery is rated IPX7 for water resistance, and the body has an IP classification of IP55. The L9’s battery has an IPX7 classification, which means it can endure immersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre, protecting it from rain, snow, and other types of precipitation.

The controller is protected from high-pressure water splashes from any angle thanks to its IPX6 classification. The scooter’s body has an IP55 classification, which indicates it is dust-resistant but not completely dust-tight. Additionally, it is totally shielded against solid objects and water jets launched by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any direction.

Despite the fact that this scooter may be used in all weather, it is better to avoid riding in puddles. To avoid potentially damaging any of the components, it is advised to use the lowest rating. Electronic parts can be harmed by water, which lowers the performance of the motors.


The Inmotion L9 electric scooter is a potent vehicle with both urban and off-road capabilities that aims to reduce traffic congestion in the city. Long commutes or short hikes are made easier by its sleek and robust design, which maximises efficiency and stability while requiring the least amount of effort. This scooter uses a lithium-ion battery, which is more effective than its predecessors, has a longer lifespan, and won’t burn out. It is protected by a sturdy aluminium frame that can withstand the worst daily situations. Additionally, it is water-resistant, making it a good companion all year long. The extended deck, pneumatic tyres, and shocks all assure a comfortable ride. The bell, quick brakes, and three-tiered illumination add to the scooter’s safety.


The 30-day return period for Inmotion. Only products that have not been used or that are still in their original packaging are eligible for returns. The refunds must also be started within 30 days of the original purchase. The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

The scooter has a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase that covers manufacturing and material flaws. Inmotion provides a 90-day limited guarantee on reconditioned scooters, which is effective from the date of purchase, and a 6-month warranty on “Open Box” sales.

Customers can contact the support staff at Inmotion for assistance with any questions. The contact us section of their website directs visitors to the customer service agents.

Known Issues

With a few design errors, the scooter is a well-designed scooter. For illustration:

  • For riders under 5’8″, the stem is one of the tallest on a scooter and does not provide outstanding ride comfort. Unfortunately, as it cannot be adjusted for height, shorter riders will not be able to use it comfortably.
  • Although the scooter has Bluetooth capability, it is not the finest. When attempting to connect their phones, riders have reported having poor connectivity or connectivity failures.
  • Although an automatic indication or a “turn off” function would be nice, automatic turn signals are helpful for indicating direction while riding. This is mostly because the scooter interprets any turn, even swerves, as an intention to change directions, and because turn signals are used.


Regular maintenance is necessary to keep a good scooter in good functioning condition. Anyone may do routine maintenance on an Inmotion L9 Electric scooter by following the instructions in the user handbook. Since almost everything is done with a hex key, you don’t need specialised equipment to maintain it operating properly. Nevertheless, it is advised that you:

  • Check the scooter frequently to make sure everything is in working order, especially the nuts and bolts holding it together.
  • Although it is easy to clean and maintain, you’ll want to do so by adhering to the instructions in the handbook.
  • Regularly lubricate and clean the scooter.
  • Regularly inspect your scooter, especially after each use. The bolts and nuts holding the scooter together can come loose, and if they do, you could have an accident or experience unexpected braking.
  • It’s crucial to charge the scooter within the suggested timeframe and with the suggested charger.
  • The air-filled tyres need to be routinely inspected and inflated to the proper PSI.
  • Periodically checking the brake lever and brake disc to make sure they are in good condition

Inmotion L9: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The L9 from Inmotion is an excellent scooter for today’s commuter. It is the ideal solution for both city driving and extended travels because to its powerful motor and high-capacity battery. It was designed with a sturdy ergonomic frame that can support the weight of large riders. The 10-inch pneumatic fenders and shock-absorbing tyres make sure riders are comfortable even while travelling over uneven ground. Its top speed and superb handling round up an exceptional overall package that will effortlessly provide the ultimate ride.

The scooter is stunning, especially in light of the fact that it heavily incorporates cutting-edge technologies from shared scooter models like the Xiaomi M365 and Bird. To ensure that this scooter stands out from the commuter category and eliminates the need for several after-purchase add-ons, Inmotion improves the build quality. Shorter cyclists would be cautioned that the longer stem may make for an uncomfortable ride. It sounds like a great deal for £733.62 / $999 considering the fantastic range, outstanding riding quality, and uncompromised safety.

Specification: INMOTION L9 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

18.6 MPH


59 Miles

Charge Time

Dual Chargers 3.6 Single charger 7.2hrs

Single-Charge Mileage

58 miles


Front fork and rear spring shocks

Braking System

Electromagnetic regenerative front brake and rear disk brake


10-inch Pneumatic tyres



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

53 lbs

Max Load

308 lbs


customisable deck RGB LED strip lights, Double 1.25W headlight, tail/brake light

Product Material


Water Resistance

IP55 for the body, IPX6 for the controller, IPX7 for the battery

Extra features

portable electric scooter

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  1. Ezekiel

    For having sturdy tyres, the scooter glides fairly smoothly. When you’re in sport mode, it does vibrate a little.

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  2. Josiah

    He was a touch hard on it, though, like most teenage lads are.

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  3. Jaxon

    I’m pleased thus far with the scooter.

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