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The Hiboy Titan also prioritises rider safety and comfort. First and foremost, this electric scooter is equipped with dual-disc brakes and electronic braking to provide adequate stopping force, even while travelling at peak speeds. Second, its 10-inch tyres work in tandem with the dual suspension to provide stability and comfort, even in bad weather. Finally, it has a large, non-slip deck that allows scooter users to move their feet freely when travelling on various terrains.

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Hiboy Titan Summary

One of the greatest electric scooters available is the Hiboy Titan, which excels in terms of appeal, functionality, and design. This vehicle enables users to easily climb modest slopes and attain a heart-pounding speed of 25 mph thanks to its 800W brushless motor. Along with the engine, the Titan also has a sizable 48V 12AH lithium-ion battery that can power the vehicle for around 28 kilometres on a single charge.

Due to its cutting-edge safety measures, the Hiboy Titan also prioritises the comfort and safety of its riders. First off, even while travelling at high speed, this electric scooter has ample stopping power thanks to its dual-disc brakes and electrical braking system. Second, even while riding on bad roads, stability and comfort are improved by the dual suspension and 10-inch tyres. Finally, it has a large, non-slip surface that guarantees unfettered foot mobility for scooter riders as they cruise across various terrains.

The Hiboy Titan also has sophisticated and well designed controls for simple riding. Riders can monitor the mode, battery level, speed, and distance on the dazzling LED display. You’ll also like the scooter’s strong, aluminium alloy frame. Finally, this electric scooter can collapse into a smaller size that can fit in a vehicle trunk and other tight locations thanks to its simple but ingenious folding mechanism.


Performance Overview

When looking for an electric scooter, performance is the main factor for every enthusiast. Hiboy believes that performance involves more than just having adequate power and speed. This straightforward commuting scooter also has a remarkable amount of stopping power. It’s easy to stop the scooter quickly because to its dual-disc brakes and electronic brakes.

While you’re zooming about the city, the 10-inch anti-slip, anti-skid tyres give you a feeling of steadiness. When you include in the dual suspension, it becomes clear why many refer to this electric scooter as a “urban beast.” The Titan is more stable and strong because to its enlarged deck and flawlessly welded and beautifully built body.

Finally, the T-easy bar’s placement of the scooter’s controls makes it a smooth ride for all adults.

Speed & Acceleration

The Titan is your best option if you want the exhilaration that comes with travelling quickly. It is one of the quickest electric scooters you will find on the market, with a peak speed in its class of 25 mph. However, in order to prevent needless accidents, we advise driving no faster than 18 mph in urban areas.

Fortunately, the Titan accelerates easily when you press the accelerator, and depending on your location, you may choose between three riding modes. When travelling on city streets, utilise the slower settings; when cruising through the suburbs, use the turbo mode.

Top Speed

Even though the Hiboy Titan is not widely advertised, it outperforms the majority of popular electric scooters. Thanks to its strong 800W engine, the powerful scooter travels up to 25 mph, which is an adrenaline-pumping pace. Its 48V 12.5AH lithium-ion battery can run the motor and provide a range of 28 kilometers on a single charge.

Hill Climbing

Off-road riding is not intended for the Hiboy Titan. The 800W engine’s power, however, enables it to give outstanding hill climbing performance. This electric scooter can easily handle mountainous terrain with 20-degree inclines while carrying an average-weight adult (for example, 180 pounds), all while maintaining a remarkable pace. However, a number of factors, like the battery level and riding style, will affect how well it can climb hills.

Battery & Range

The Hiboy Titan has one of the greatest ranges of any electric scooter in its class, at 28 miles. Of course, the 48V 12.5AH lithium-ion battery is what makes this feasible. For extended weekend trips, the Titan’s battery and range make it a great option. Make careful to connect it in to the charger when you get home since the battery takes 6–8 hours to fully recharge.

Motor Configuration

The Titan e-scooter has several strong, notable features in addition to its battery. Additionally, it has an 800W brushless motor for smooth riding on any metropolitan surface. The scooter can easily navigate tough terrain with an inclination of 20 degrees thanks to the motor’s peak speed of 25 mph. Additionally, it’s whisper-quiet and won’t make any disturbing noises when you’re cruising around the city.

Construction & Quality

The Hiboy Titan is built really well. Aluminum alloy that has been strengthened serves as the scooter’s body. The huge deck and handles are cushioned with a lumpy rubber surface for enhanced grip, and all components are expertly welded together. The 10-inch pneumatic tyres are composed of sturdy rubber, much like the frame.


Suspension & Comfort

Full suspension is another feature of the Hiboy Titan on both wheels. This indicates that it is prepared to withstand shocks when travelling through various terrains. So, even if you’re driving down some of your neighborhood’s bumpier roads, the Titan will still provide you a smooth, pleasant ride.

Ride Quality

The ride quality of the Titan e-scooter is excellent, particularly while travelling through cities. This electric scooter also has a broad deck, complete suspension on both wheels, 10-inch pneumatic tyres, and strong brakes in addition to its strong and solid structure.

It also has strong motor and battery capabilities, convenient controls, and an IP53 water-resistance certification.

The Hiboy Titan will be your closest friend if you often arrive at your house after sundown. It has a powerful headlight that can light up any terrain at night. Additionally, it includes a strong taillight that flashes when the brakes are used, alerting other drivers on the road.


With a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds and a weight limit of up to 50.7 pounds, the Hiboy Titan needs extraordinary braking force to come to a stop. The good news is that it has fast electronic braking and dual-disk brakes. The dual-disc brakes on the electric scooter may be used to stop the vehicle, or the disc and regenerative brakes can be used together for more controlled stops.


The Hiboy Titan features a simple folding mechanism that enables it to collapse into a smaller product that can fit in any vehicle boot, while being a little too hefty to transport over long distances. It also has a stem that collapses and folds onto the deck. However, transporting this electric scooter might be difficult overall since the handlebars don’t connect into the back fender.



The Hiboy Titan has a sturdy and large deck since it is intended for adults. This electric scooter provides users with adequate foot room for a pleasant ride with a 48 cm by 20 cm deck. With such a large deck, you can navigate tiny bumps and potholes without fearing that your stability and comfort would be compromised.

Controls & Display

The Titan features several controls on the T-bar, however they are all placed in an accessible location. There are brake levers on each side of the handlebar of this electric scooter since it has both front and back brakes. On the left handlebar are the on/off and mode buttons. Under the handlebars are the controls for the headlights and horn. Riders can monitor the range, charge level, speed, and riding mode thanks to the LCD display’s centre placement and well lighted display.

Water Resistance

The Hiboy Titan is water-resistant to the extent of IP53. This indicates that its accessories and parts are completely enclosed and won’t be harmed if you ride through light rains or just after a rainfall. You should only ride in the rain if you have no other alternative, and please don’t get the electric scooter wet while you’re doing so.


The Hiboy Titan is very reliable because to its strong engine and battery, unique design, extra-large deck, higher braking power, reliable 10-inch pneumatic tyres, and IP53 water-resistance certification.


The 10-inch pneumatic tyres of the Hiboy Titan are another element that enhances its performance and stability. These wide, thick tyres have deeper grooves with anti-skid and anti-slip qualities, providing reliable riding on any urban surfaces. These tyres are tough and often resistant to the stones and twigs that you may run into on your rides, even if they aren’t completely puncture-proof.


Warranty & Customer Support

The Hiboy electric scooter has a 30-day return policy, however if the item is returned after 48 hours, there is a 10% cancellation charge. On the website, there is no mention of any guarantee.

The majority of individuals complain that customer service is slow, and the earliest you can expect a response is one or two days later.

Known Issues

Although the Hiboy Titan has performed well generally, some riders have complained about a few problems. The automated braking’s stiffness is the first, which some users claim has led to falls. Second, it’s difficult to transfer this electric scooter from one area to another since the handles don’t lock in place when folded. According to some riders, the tyres are not reliable and often fall flat after a few months. Last but not least, there’s the issue with the brakes making a screaming noise while travelling at high speed.


You must do a few maintenance procedures if you want to maintain your Hiboy Titan effective and long-lasting. To begin with, make sure the electric scooter is clear of dirt and debris. Additionally, you must check the tyre pressure and look for any punctures. Before leaving, check to make sure that all of the screws are securely fastened. Finally, make frequent brake adjustments to prevent slipping and falling—especially after a rainstorm.

Hiboy Titan: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The Hiboy Titan is a great option for riders who enjoy speed and exceptional workmanship since it has a respectable peak speed of 25 mph, a generous range of 28 miles, and a wealth of top-notch features and functions. This electric scooter not only has a strong engine and battery, amazing brakes and suspension, and strong, high-performance tyres, but it also has a great price. The Hiboy Titan is a steal when compared to other scooters with comparable features and functionalities; as a result, it provides outstanding value for every pound you spend on it.


Suitable For




Max Speed

25 mph


28 miles

Charge Time

6-8 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

30 miles


Front and rear adjustable spring suspension

Braking System

Disc brake and electric braking system


10-inch anti-skid, pneumatic tyres


48V 12.5AH

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

50.7 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


Front light and taillight

Product Material

Aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Folding, screen display

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