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The Hiboy S2R has a classic sleek form that looks a lot like the traditional scooters without an electric motor that were popular a few years ago. The deck and handlebars are extremely small, which helps with storage: when folded, the electric scooter measures 45.7 inches (L) x 16.9 inches (W) x 20.5 inches (H) (H).
This electric scooter is great for riders due to its simple and rapid folding mechanism and low weight (approximately 30 lbs). The Hiboy S2R Electric Scooter is one of the lightest we’ve ever tested; it’s ideal for commuters who need to fold and carry the gadget on the bus or train, as well as those who need to transport the e-scooter.

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Hiboy S2R Summary

Hiboy improved the S2 model and unveiled the new Hiboy S2R after offering users a number of superb electric scooters. Although the S2’s appearance and motor have been carried over to this new model, it has many more features and capabilities. The removable battery under the deck and the eye-catching red accents on the wheel, which give the scooter a sporty appearance, are two of the most prominent ones.

The 8.5-inch solid rubber tires of the S2R are also self-healing and puncture-proof. On smooth city roads, the tires provide better and more pleasant rides than those of their predecessor.

Regarding the mobility of the S2R, the electric scooter only weighs 30.8 pounds and uses a simple folding mechanism that enables collapsing and latching in a matter of seconds. It may be put in the boot of any automobile or carried with one hand.

You’ll also like the improved battery function, which enables you to replace the battery with a second one to increase the range to up to 34 miles with only a single turn of the key. The 350W brushless motor may be driven to a peak speed of 19 mph using the torque provided by the 36V 7.5Ah battery.

With this much power, the S2R should have snappy braking ability. With the rear disk brake and an electrical regenerative front brake, it certainly does not let you down.

The LED display, which shows the speed, mode, and battery level of your scooter, is located inside the ergonomic T-bar. The S2 App may also be used to lock the vehicle, turn on cruise control, update the software, and manage speed.

The S2R is the only bike you need if you’re looking for a vehicle intended for adventurous urban commuting and riding picturesque city routes.


Performance Overview

One of the most important factors that riders take into account when choosing an electric scooter is performance. You can tell that the Hiboy S2R is a performance-oriented little car by looking at it.

First off, its 36V 7.5Ah battery and 350W brushless motor work in unison to provide riders a 17-mile range and a peak speed of up to 19 mph. But even that isn’t the finest part! Because its battery is retractable, you may carry an additional battery pack and increase the range by an additional 17 miles.

Second, the Hiboy S2R has a robust, all-aluminum alloy frame that precisely secures all attachments while also enhancing stability and comfort when riding. We must not forget to point out that this scooter has a fairly typical-sized deck, giving you plenty of room for your feet while also enabling you to adapt as you travel through town. After dusk, the scooter’s powerful headlight aids in illuminating your route, and the red taillight alerts other drivers to your slowing down.

This scooter is safe to ride because to the dual braking system, and the rear disk brake is especially useful for smooth, progressive, and pleasant stopping. Finally, when traveling around town, your hands will be securely secured thanks to the ergonomic rubber cushioned handlebars. You can monitor the speed, mode, and battery level on an LED display as well.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Hiboy S2R has a 350W brushless motor that can go at a top speed of 19 mph when fuelled by a 36V 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery. Although some people might not think this is quick enough, most cities throughout the world consider this to be acceptable. The S2R’s smooth acceleration when you press the throttle is one of its better features. As a result, cyclists of various skill levels, including novices and teens, may use it for commuting. Additionally, it has cruise control so you may unwind and travel at a regular speed.

The Hiboy S2R electric scooter is a beast for city commuting and also has outstanding hill-climbing ability. With a 350W motor, it can easily handle terrain with a 15% incline. When riding over uneven terrain, however, be prepared for the knocks and shocks to jar your head, tremble your knees, and tremor your hands due to the scooter’s lack of suspension on both wheels.

Controls & Display

The S2R has well-designed controls, despite the lack of shock absorbers making handling more difficult. It has sturdy handlebars with rubber grips that are ribbed for added traction, to start. The rear disk brake is on the right handlebar, while the electronic brake is on the left handlebar. The attractive LED display, which lets you monitor the scooter’s battery level, speed, cruise control, riding mode, and other important settings, is located in the middle of the T-bar.



Motor Configuration

The 350W brushless motor used by the S2R produces exceptional power output, making it a powerful performer for an electric scooter. You may travel at high speeds of up to 19 mph and ascend slopes with a 15% grade using this vehicle.

Construction & Build Quality

The Hiboy S2R has an aluminum-alloy frame, which is common among the best electric scooters on the market. All metal parts are expertly welded together, then painted in black and red to give them a sporty appearance. The brake cables and disks are composed of high-quality materials, as are all the other components.


If you intend to use the S2R on bumpy roads, be sure to have your knees and hands ready for uncontrollable vibration. This vehicle is not the most pleasant to go on pothole-filled and uneven terrains since it lacks shock absorbers.

Ride Quality

On well-kept roads, the S2R offers fantastic rides. Unfortunately, the experience is less than pleasant when you switch to bumpy, pothole-filled roads. This is due to the lack of shock absorbers on either wheel of this scooter. The S2R makes up for the suspension’s absence, though, with a well-matted deck and robust grips. You may bike with confidence in the rain or on soggy roads thanks to the IP54 water resistance certification.


For an electric scooter this speedy, braking is an essential component, and the good news is that Hiboy paid close attention to it with its SR2 model. The scooter has a dual braking system that includes a front electronic regenerative brake and a set of disk brakes up front. Both sets are quite sensitive, and when used, they quickly bring the electric scooter to a stop.



As we previously stated, the 3-step folding mechanism of the Hiboy S2R makes it the ideal travel companion for metropolitan journeys. Simply release the lever that raises the stem, lower the stem, and rest the handlebars against the back tire to make them latch onto the rear fender. Once it is hooked, the scooter is easily lifted and transported with one arm, or it may be put in the trunk of any vehicle.

Water Resistance

The S2R is distinct from other electric scooters with a water-resistance certification, which are frequently expensive. With an IP54 certification, this electric scooter allows you to ride in light rain or while the ground is still wet. However, unless absolutely necessary, we advise against cycling in the rain and caution against splashing through puddles of water.


The Hiboy S2R’s lighting system creates more than enough light to assist you go home safely when the sun goes down, despite the fact that its lights may not be the brightest available. Its headlight can cast light up to 5-7 meters, and the red taillight, which activates in response to handbrake pressure, serves to warn other drivers on the road.


On 8.5-inch solid tyres with a honeycomb design, the Hiboy S2R frame is supported. This guarantees that you’ll never have flat tires or punctures. On well-kept city streets and pavements, the wheels offer rather smooth and comfortable rides, but because they lack shock absorbers, the ride quality degrades when you encounter difficult terrain.


The S2R electric scooter’s rather conventional deck, which is covered with a grippy rubber mat for a secure ride, will also be appreciated by riders. For pleasant riding, you’ll still need to put your stronger foot in front and bring the other leg to sit parallel to it. The battery cells are also located underneath the deck, however the key lock needed to disconnect the battery is located on the side.

Battery Life & Range 

The revolutionary battery technology of the Hiboy S2R e-scooter is one of its best features. And no, it isn’t more potent than the one in use by the last model; rather, it has been redesigned and modernized using new technology. A 36V 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery that powers the scooter has a range of up to 17 kilometers. Riders may purchase an additional battery to increase the range to 34 miles because the battery is replaceable.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Hiboy S2R electric scooter will provide excellent city rides thanks to its sturdy aluminum alloy chassis, well-padded grips, and sturdy tyres. You’ll be happy to learn that Hiboy offers a 12-month guarantee for any product flaws. Only customers who place their orders directly through the Hiboy official website, nevertheless, are covered by the guarantee. Although the firm states that customer service employees reply to questions within 24 hours, some customers say they have had to wait up to a week, and some have never received a response.


There are still a few things you need to do to maximize the S2R’s efficiency and longevity even if using solid tyres eliminates some maintenance procedures like monitoring and filling the tyre with air. Use the S2 App to balance the brake power first. Additionally, always check that all screws are fastened before leaving. Lastly, keep dust and debris off the bike.

Known Issues

Performance of the Hiboy NEX3 is adequate except from the jarring ride on uneven ground. The majority of customers have expressed satisfaction with Hiboy’s goods, which have shown to be reliable and well made.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

This electric scooter offers more than enough features and functionalities for novices. The Hiboy S2R electric scooter has a peak speed of 19 mph, a great range of 17 miles, and the option to buy an additional battery pack to increase the range to 34 miles. Additionally, it has a sporty style, a straightforward folding construction, and is reasonably priced.

Overall, buying the Hiboy S2R is a wise choice if you’re seeking for a contemporary urban electric scooter to use only for city commutes.

Specification: HIBOY S2R REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

19 mph


17 Miles

Charge Time

6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

19 miles


Braking System

Disc brake + electronic regenerative brake


8.5 Solid Rubber


36V 7.5 AH battery, Lithium ion

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

30.8 lbs

Max Load

200 lbs


Front light + tail light

Product Material

Aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Cruise Control, Extended Battery Pack, LED Display, LED Lights, Mobile App

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  1. Bennett

    The Max is a superbly constructed, sturdy bike. It has strong acceleration and is a lot of fun. Additionally, customer service is outstanding.

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  2. Silas

    This scooter is incredible!

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  3. Nicholas

    This is a great scooter that is simple, secure, and enjoyable to use every day.

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