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The Hiboy S2 is Hiboy’s official declaration of their goal to take over the mobility industry. It’s a fascinating mix of power, performance, and practicality that’ll undoubtedly transform the mobility landscape. The scooter is well-suited to both the unique demands of the rider and the circumstances of commuting, and both critics and users have praised it. This latest version from the scooter company also includes a new accessories package that includes a variety of features to help promote the use of electric scooters in more places across the world. It’s intended to be a simple-to-use, low-cost, rechargeable scooter that fits into the lives of commuters and mobility enthusiasts.

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The Hiboy S2 is best used as a scooter for weekend relaxed riding. The S2 is a suitable entry-level scooter for both adults and teens because to its 260-lb weight capacity and 350-watt engine, which can go at a peak speed of 18.6 mph.

There is one restriction, though: you must stay on well-maintained roads and sidewalks. Despite the S2’s two rear shock absorbers, the 8.5-inch solid tyres inhibit their dampening effects, which eventually causes knees and wrists to shake.

The Hiboy S2 provides an intriguing balance of reliability, feature completeness, and quality at an affordable price.

Many people automatically draw comparisons between the Hiboy S2 and the Xiaomi M365. That is fairly comprehensible given that it plainly resembles the well-known model in terms of appearance in general.

However, the majority of the similarities are merely superficial, and if you thoroughly examine the Hiboy S2, you will see that there are other aspects that are completely different. And for the most part, those variations are reasonable and serve a purpose consistent with what the scooter is attempting to do as a whole.



The handlebars are a little bit smaller than the typical budget scooter, but they still provide users a comfortable stance to move the scooter about with ease. However, at high speeds, a wider handlebar would offer a better ride.

Rubber grips with texture provide you exceptional control while still being durable. This gives the scooter an extra layer of toughness that sets it different from other low-cost foam substitutes.
The dual braking system is located on each side of the handlebars. The handbrake for the rear disc brake is on the right (the thumb-operated accelerator sits below this). The electronic thumb brake is located on the left. The brakes and thumb paddles are easy to use. On a cheap scooter with a peak speed of less than 20 mph, it’s odd to see two brakes that can be activated separately, but this is because the electronic brake lacks the strength necessary to quickly stop you.

The tastefully designed LED display, reminiscent of the Xiaomi Mi 365, is located in the middle of the handlebars. It records your speed, rider preferences, battery life, and cruise control settings.


With the S2, you get a sleek matte-black finish that not only looks the part but also performs well, just like the rest of the line. The sturdy and resilient scooter is constructed of an aluminium alloy of aviation-grade. The scooter gains a little weight as a result, but the S2 is better able to withstand normal wear and strain without breaking.

The S2, based on my independent analysis of 99 scooters, is still lighter than 80% of all other scooters at 29.5 lbs, placing it in the top 20% of electric scooters for weight.

It is easier to carry than the S2 Pro, its elder sister, which weighs 36.3 lbs.


It boasts gripping rubber matting that offers a solid ride, much like the rest of the S2 line. It’s easy to maintain and offers enough room for a relaxing voyage without requiring you to put your feet in odd places.
The strengthened rear fender on the back of the deck, as I discussed in my evaluation of the S2 Pro, is a controversial design. The majority of entry-level scooters include a foot brake and a rear fender to prevent mud and grit from flipping up.

The bracket keeps you from wearing the rear solid rubber tyre down, but it also forces you to alter your riding technique such that you must now use the hand brakes in place of the foot brake. As a result, the S2’s capacity to halt quickly is significantly diminished. I’ve also previously voiced my worries regarding the metal bracket’s capacity to support a lot of weight. Please don’t take my word for it, but I would imagine that the rear bracket may break under enough strain, causing it to be crushed in place and rub against the tyre. This is by no means a fact, so don’t accept it at face value.


Let’s start by looking at the highlights.

Since solid tyres are impervious to punctures, you won’t have to worry about the additional maintenance expenditures associated with changing inner tyre tubes.
Here are the awful parts.

The 8.5-inch solid tyres struggle to provide the desired cushioning, despite the honeycomb design’s apparent ability to provide protection against road imperfections. As a result, the S2 may only be used on sidewalks and smooth urban roads.

Your wrists and knees will tremble when you push the S2 to its maximum motor power and smash the 18.6 mph top speed, much like the S2 Pro.

Build Quality & Durability

While the frame stands up well to regular usage, the scooter’s low lying deck and little ground clearance make it vulnerable to damage from pebbles and bumps. You should be cautious while riding and avoid going over any obstacles that might harm the battery since it is kept in the deck.

However, the Hiboy S2’s incorporation of an IP54 water-resistance designation is one area where it outperforms its asking price. It is thus shielded from light rain. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t advise riding in the weather since the tyres get slick.

Weight & Load

With a weight of 29.5 lbs, the S2 is in the top 20% of all electric scooters and is not simply one of the lightest models in the Hiboy line.

But what’s more astounding is how much weight it can support. The S2 is one of the few inexpensive scooters that can accommodate bigger users, with a maximum load of 260 lbs (most budget models support 220 lbs).

The greater load capacity also improves the scooter’s acceleration capabilities. Spoiler alert: It’s fast off the mark. This is covered later in the review.

Folding & Portability

The S2 can be folded from a standing position in just 3 simple movements.

The folding lever at the stem’s base must first be loosened. The stem is then collapsed parallel to the deck. Hooking the handlebars’ backs onto the rear fender’s latch is the third and last step. The handlebar is safe and simple to raise after it has been snapped into position.

Although the handlebars are not foldable, their slim shape makes for a small package that makes storing a breeze.



The majority of the Hiboy line’s products are easy to assemble.

It just takes 5 to 10 minutes.

The handlebar console just has to be screwed onto the stem and attached. The necessary tools are offered.

Ride Quality

Unfortunately, the Hiboy S2 suffers from the same terrible ride quality as the S2 Pro.

8.5-inch solid tyres negate the dampening advantages of the rear shock absorbers, thereby lowering ride quality. Don’t get me wrong, you can ride comfortably on smooth ground, but you are then limited to riding just in such places. Another drawback is that the ride quality progressively degrades as speed increases.

Choose the Turboant X7 Pro or GoTrax XR Elite if you’re looking for a similarly priced scooter that will provide a pleasant ride.


Speed & Acceleration

One of the quickest budget scooters, the S2 has a 350W engine and can reach a peak speed of 18.6 mph, matching its improved sibling, the S2 Pro.

The S2 could be perfect for you if you want a scooter for zipping about your neighborhood. I had highlighted before in the review how the larger load capacity (260 lbs) contributes to a steeper acceleration curve. The scooter’s engine, although being the same size as the other scooters’, can more efficiently move users because it can support a larger weight than other inexpensive scooters (220 lbs). To put this into context, the S2 can accelerate from 0 to 15 mph in 6.2 seconds, as opposed to 7.6 seconds for the GoTrax XR Elite.


The S2 has a maximum 17-mile range when the battery is fully charged. However, depending on how you ride, this may not be the case. When calculating the realistic range you can anticipate, you should take into consideration load, speed, and terrain.

In reality, the typical cyclist may anticipate 8–10 kilometers. You may ride in the “Comfort” option, which will limit the peak speed at 13 mph and lengthen battery life, if you want to extend this a little bit further.

Hill Climbing

The S2 can handle the majority of gentle slopes thanks to its 15% incline gradeability. But keep in mind that the scooter will go slowly up hills if you are closer to the top end of the 260 lb weight restriction. The same is true as the incline’s steepness rises.


With two rear springs, you might assume that the S2 has the pedigree to provide a buttery-smooth ride, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The solid tyres are to blame for this. They lack any padding.
If you have the money, I suggest going for the Horizon 10.4, which has hydraulics in the back and a spring up front. The least expensive scooter with a decent suspension system is this one. Alternately, if you’re on a tight budget, get the Turboant X7 Pro. Although the X7 Pro lacks suspension, its large air-filled tyres provide a pleasant ride across a variety of urban terrain.


The S2’s dual-braking system is visible on the handlebars, with the rear disc handbrake on the right and the electronic thumb brake on the left. Similar to the S2 Pro, they provide effective and secure braking when used in tandem.

Since the electronic thumb brake lacks the ability to rapidly slow you down, you cannot depend only on it.

Charge Time

When compared to models like the Turboant X7 Pro, which equals the 6 hours but provides 13 more miles, the 6 hour charge period is somewhat lengthy (30 in total).

The S2 deviates from the norm by placing the charging port at the top of the handlebar stem, where it is typically located on scooters (i.e. wherever the battery is kept). In addition to providing additional protection from water and grime, this does make charging it a little bit simpler than having to search around the deck for the port.

LED Panel

The LED dashboard is one of the most eye-catching visual elements. It is simple to read because to its quality appearance and very brilliant display. It’s simple to keep an eye on your speed, battery life, riding mode, and cruise control setting.

LED Lighting.

Headlights, taillights, and sidelights are all part of the S2’s very fashionable three-light design.

The taillight makes people behind you aware of your presence while the LED headlight has a maximum range of up to 15 meters.

You may switch the lights on and off with two presses of the button on the LED dashboard.

In spite of the variety of lights, I still advise spending extra money on a more potent light arrangement for better visibility.



The Hiboy S2 is a really sturdy little guy. The scooter’s breakdown and defect rates are very low, and all you need to do is the barest minimum to ensure smooth operation. Fortunately, it avoids really oiling the machine. Your only responsibility is to check that the brakes are still functioning correctly and that all screws are snugly fastened. Once a month is more than enough to do this.

Cruise Control

Nowadays, most electric scooters come equipped with cruise control as standard, but how it is used that differentiates the excellent from the poor.

For the S2, you must press the button three times under the LED dashboard. When contrasted to inexpensive scooters like those in the GoTrax range, this may be awkward and stands out like a sore thumb. These models’ cruise control automatically engages after an extended period of steady speed.

Mobile App

The S2’s feature set is elevated to that of “luxury” budget scooters by the addition of the mobile app.

In comparison to the LED display, the app provides a more thorough overview of your ride metrics, but it also has some hidden features. The S2’s adjustable acceleration strength makes it perfect for novice riders still getting the hang of riding or, better yet, a well-kept secret for parents who want to customize the scooter for their children. The electronic brake’s reactivity may also be changed.

Digital Lock

The digital lock system is an additional useful feature. By enabling the function via the app, the throttle is disengaged and the front tyre is fixed in place.

However, keep in mind that the scooter only weighs 29.5 lbs, making it feasible to pick it up and go on foot. As a result, I advise buying a physical lock or thinking about the GoTrax G4, which has a cable lock integrated into its frame.


The bell performs its function by alerting pedestrians to danger.

Water-Resistance Rating

Were you aware that just 40% of electric scooters have ratings for water resistance? The S2 is fortunately one of them. The S2 was protected by an IP54 classification, which made it impervious to both rain and dust.

Optional Seat Attachment

Costly seated scooters are common. Take the Zero 8 as an example. $894 is the scooter’s total price when the seat is included. This costs $435 more than the S2’s sitting model. Although the S2 is the least expensive seated electric scooter on the market, it must be acknowledged that despite not being the most pleasant scooter to ride, it offers outstanding value.


Warranty The S2 is included in the 12-month warranty that applies to all Hiboy devices.

The scooter problems are covered under the warranty, but you can only make a claim if you purchased your scooter directly from Hiboy or another approved reseller.

Post-Purchase Assistance

According to Hiboy, they take pleasure in their customer service by “responding to emails within 24 hours.” But despite having reviewed their scooters, as I have indicated in my past Hiboy scooter reviews, I have previously had to wait over a month for a response. You may contact them by sending an email to [email protected]. Don’t forget to provide the serial number for your scooter.

Is the price tag reasonable?

Is the price tag reasonable?
In comparison to its rivals, the S2 performs well for $399 ($459 with a seat). Although the scooter is slick, sturdy, and intelligent, its performance on surfaces other than clean sidewalks and highways is subpar due to the non-pneumatic tyres.

The short of it is that there are scooters that are more pleasant to ride that are equally priced. Alternatives such as the Turboant X7 Pro, which features air-filled tyres, performs better than the S2 in every way, including having a higher peak speed and a wider range.

The ability to install a removable seat is one area where the S2 excels, along with its elder sister, the S2 Pro. Few seated electric scooters exist, but the S2 does it while still maintaining a reasonable pricing. You can’t go wrong with this place if you want a low-cost seated scooter. The Zero 8 is the next-best sitting choice, but it costs $849.

Specification: HIBOY S2 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

18.6 MPH


17 Miles

Charge Time

6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

18 miles


rear dual-spring suspension

Braking System

Front electronic regenerative, rear mechanical disc brake


8.5 Solid Rubber



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

29.5 lbs

Max Load

260 lbs


and Sidelights, Front, rear

Product Material

Aviation grade Aluminium alloy, rubber deck, steel suspension

Water Resistance


Extra features

Bell, Cruise Control, Digital Lock, LED Panel, Mobile App, Optional Seat Attachment

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