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Hiboy is a well-known maker of personal mobility vehicles such as electric scooters, e-bikes, and skateboards. Their attention to detail and excellent construction quality are famous, and the latest versions are frequently regarded collector’s items. Their scooters are known for their great performance, impeccable craftsmanship, attractive design, and smooth ride. The scooters are designed for a variety of applications, including urban and off-road riding. Hiboy is a brand that stands for quality, dependability, and elegance. Everyone who owns one of their scooters will agree that the S2 Lite has these features in spades.
The S2 Lite isn’t your typical scooter; it’s a more affordable alternative to the Hiboy S2 model—a lighter version, if you will. Within its pricing range, it provides good performance.

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Hiboy S2 Lite Summary

Hiboy is a well-known producer of personal mobility devices with a focus on electric scooters, e-bikes, and skateboards. The most recent versions are often regarded as collector’s items because to their famous excellent build quality and attention to detail. Their extensive selection of scooters is well known for its high performance, impeccable quality, stunning design, and smooth ride. The scooters are designed for a variety of tasks, including off-road travel and urban travel. The term Hiboy is synonymous with excellence, dependability, and fashion. Everyone who owns one of their scooters will agree that the S2 Lite has these features in excess.

It is the ideal substitute for the more costly Hiboy S2 model—a lighter version, if you will—the S2 Lite is not your typical scooter. It has been created with urban commuters in mind and delivers good performance within its pricing range. Only the Hiboy App, 350w motor, and suspension are missing from the S2 light. The S2 light is a more appealing alternative for commuters than the Hiboy S2 since it is smaller and sleeker-looking, but it is just as powerful and has a tonne of fantastic functions.

With its ergonomic design, the Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter is simple to operate for both children and adults. One of the lightest electric scooters available is the Hiboy S2 lite, which weighs 21 lbs (9.5 kgs). The scooter’s small size and simple folding design make it ideal for city inhabitants who use public transportation. Even though it is more reasonably priced, it has the same strong aluminum frame and exquisite workmanship as its expensive competitors. Three color options are offered: matte black, baby pink, and stone white. A spectacular 4 layer lighting system for aesthetics and illumination in low light makes up for the scooter’s shoddy construction. A front light integrated into the handlebar, a front ambient stem light, a rear red spotlight, and ambient LED lights beneath the deck make up the lighting system.

A more powerful 250-watt electric engine provides the Hiboy S2 Lite’s amazing little electric scooter a lot of power and a peak speed of 13 mph (20.9 km/h). Additionally, it can climb inclines of 15 degrees and support a maximum weight of 81 kg (180 lbs) without tiring. The dual braking system on this scooter, which consists of a front E-brake and a rear foot brake, was installed by Hiboy since the company is constantly concerned with safety. The scooter will nearly instantly come to a stop if both brakes are used simultaneously.

The Hiboy provides lots of stability in tight bends and a lively ride on city streets thanks to its full 6.5-inch grip of rubber tyres on each end. The Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooter is well constructed all around. It boasts a strong engine, a roomy deck, and a sturdy, long-lasting structure that can support people of all sizes. The Hiboy S2 Lite is a fantastic choice for anybody searching for a straightforward and reasonably priced electric scooter. The S2 Lite enables moving about fast, affordably, and easily, whether you’re commuting to work or wanting to enjoy 30-minute rides around the neighbourhood.

Continue reading for a detailed analysis of the unique qualities of the Hiboy S2, the most streamlined and transportable electric scooter.


Performance Overview

An electric scooter with the highest level of performance and dependability is the Hiboy S2 Lite. It is ideal for those who want to improve their mobility or become green. With a 250W motor that offers easy, smooth acceleration, it is well-designed. The engine of the Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter has a peak speed of 13 mph (20.9 km/h) and can climb hills of up to 15 degrees.

Through the digital LED display, the scooter’s 2-speed modes let users to choose their favorite riding style based on their degree of experience. The scooter also has a reliable dual braking system that consists of a front electronic brake and a rear footbrake. When both brakes are used at once, the stopping force is perfect.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Hiboy S2 Lite has a respectable top speed of 20.9 km/h (13 mp/h). Additionally, it has two speed settings—Comfort and Sport—that are activated by double-tapping the dashboard button. The Sport mode offers top speeds of 13 mph (20.92 km/h) and is appropriate for experienced riders, while the Comfort option is best for novices and has a maximum speed limit of 9 mph (14.48 km/h).

The cruise control setting on this scooter is a pleasant surprise. It can be instantly engaged simply depressing the throttle for 5 seconds. The cruise control feature will be activated after a beep. The use of cruise control makes for a pleasurable driving experience and allows for the efficient use of battery power, increasing economy.

The scooter accelerates quickly and smoothly. The throttle’s ergonomic shape allows for smooth acceleration and on-demand power delivery. To provide simple operation, it is similarly thumb triggered and situated on the left side of the handlebars.

Although the scooter can’t go off-road, it has a perfect capacity to climb steep inclines. According to practical testing, the scooter can easily handle slopes of 15 degrees.

Controls & Display

With the S2 distinctive digital LED display set in the middle, the S2 Lite’s handlebar is aesthetically pleasing and well-kept. The throttle and electronic brake are both thumb-activated controls on each side of the vehicle. The mechanical bell switch is on the right, and a single button on the display may do a number of different tasks, including turning on and off the lights and cycling between different speed settings. Beginners will like the thumb-activated controls, which guarantee that all hands are on the deck as you ride. The speed, riding mode, cruise control, and battery level are all clearly visible on the dashboard thanks to the blue light that illuminates the LED display.


Battery Life & Range 

180 WH, 5Ah lithium-ion batteries are used to power the S2 Lite electric scooter. 10.6 miles (17 km) is the impressive range that the elegant deck’s battery offers on a single charge. However, factors like as weather, rider weight, and topography affect the single charge distance. The battery needs between 5 and 6 hours to completely charge. It is simple and hassle-free to charge the device thanks to the charging port’s location at the top of the handlebar.

Motor Configuration

The scooter’s front hub motor is a single 250W unit. To protect it from possible harm, the motor is housed in a hub encasing.

Construction & Build Quality

The Hiboy S2 light electric scooter has a streamlined design with its characteristic incorporated digital LED display and a simple handlebar, exactly like its elder sister, the S2. The front stem lighting and the under deck illumination improve the scooter’s appearance. Internal wiring runs through the stem for the wires. The S2 Lite scooter is notable for being built using aluminium geometric design frames, which make it portable, lightweight, and strong. The scooter folds down to a size that won’t take up a lot of space in your vehicle or house and is the perfect size for simple transit and storage.

The stem is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminium. Additionally, it has a roomy, attractive deck that is spacious enough to comfortably fit people with feet of all sizes while maintaining stability when riding. The under deck ambient lighting is a decorative addition to the scooter’s appearance as well as a safety element for nighttime riding. The deck is covered on high-quality rubber with a textured grip that makes riding safer by preventing feet from slipping. Rubberized grips, which are more comfortable and long-lasting than foam grips, are covered on the handlebars.


Unfortunately, since the S2 light is designed for smooth urban roads, it lacks a suspension system. Additionally, the scooter has solid rubber tyres, which means that it typically provides little shock absorption.

Ride Quality

The Hiboy S2 Lite scooter is a high-performance child scooter ideal for urban exploration, much like the S2 for adults. It is created to strike the ideal mix between comfort and movement. The S2 lite has an all-composite lightweight frame, a 250 front hub motor, and easily rolling 6.5-inch solid wheels to provide excellent riding performance. Unfortunately, the scooter cannot be used for off-road excursions due to its solid wheels and lack of suspension, which restricts it to surfaces in cities.

The large, fashionable deck more than makes up for the scooter’s limited off-road capability. The deck has textured grip rubber installed allowing the rider’s feet to have more stability and grip. A quiet neighborhood ride is guaranteed by the front in-hub motor. A four-tier lighting system on the scooter makes riding in low light safe and effective. The mechanical bell, which is loud enough to alert other drivers, is another safety precaution Hiboy didn’t ignore. Furthermore, the handlebars of the scooter include texturized grips to make sure your hands are comfy for a better riding experience.


The dual braking system on this scooter consists of a front E-brake and a mechanical footbrake on the back. Stepping on the rear fender applies the rear fender while the electronic brake is thumb-activated. Since the electronic brake doesn’t have enough stopping force, it is unreliable and shouldn’t be utilised by itself.

For more powerful braking, it is advised to utilize it in conjunction with the rear footbrake brake. The fender, however, seems weak, brittle, and prone to shattering. Parents should also inform their children that the electronic brakes become less effective as the battery runs out, forcing you to use the rear foot brake exclusively.


This scooter is very light, weighing just 21 lbs ( 9.5 kg). It is now among the market’s lightest and most portable electric scooters. It also has a simple one-step folding method. The scooter may be easily folded and transported thanks to its push-button folding feature. The scooter’s handlebars cannot be folded; however, they may be removed by rotating them counterclockwise.


Water Resistance

The S2 light is protected against water jets coming from all sides thanks to its IP54 classification. As a result, the scooter may be used during brief downpours. Additionally, it implies that the scooter’s electrical components may only be exposed to shallow water for brief periods of time before they are damaged.


An efficient four-way lighting system with built-in front lighting, stem lighting, rear spotlight, and under deck ambient lighting is available on this Hiboy electric scooter. The front light is set high to provide adequate track illumination in dim light. The stem and under deck ambient lights increase vision in low light conditions while also improving the scooter’s aesthetics. The scooters’ existence is also made known to oncoming vehicles by the back light. However, this scooter lacks brake lights, same as the S2.



The 6.5-inch solid rubber tyres of the S2 light are perfect for navigating city streets. The flat-resistant tyres greatly reduce the difficulty of upkeep and tyre replacement. The user must be aware of potholes and bumps while riding since the tyres don’t provide as much comfort as pneumatic tyres.


For improved safety and comfort, the S2 Lite has a tidy, roomy deck coated in high-quality textured grip rubber. The scooter’s exquisite finish is enhanced by the under deck lighting. Additionally, a strong kickstand is side-embedded for secure parking, and the powerful battery is discreetly hidden under the deck.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

A new kid’s scooter called the Hiboy S2 Lite is intended for usage on city streets. It is collapsible and has a sleek appearance, making it simple to carry. High-quality components were used in its construction, and it has durable engine, battery, and puncture-resistant tyres. If the power runs out, you may use the scooter as a kick scooter.

There is a 12-month comprehensive warranty on the scooter. With a varied guarantee duration for scooter accessories, the warranty covers all manufacturing flaws. The battery has a six-month warranty that covers free repair or replacement of any damaged batteries that arise during that time. A six month guarantee is also offered on additional parts and components. Hiboy has made it fast and simple to submit a warranty claim from anywhere in the world. Additionally, they provide a 30-day return policy to the original purchaser who made their purchase straight from Hiboy or one of its authorised dealers.

Every day, except Sunday, from 8 am to 4 pm (PST), the Hiboy customer care staff will be happy to help with client claims.


Regular service and maintenance are a great way to guarantee that your Hiboy S2 Lite scooter—or any scooter, for that matter—is always operating at its best. It is essential that you save time each week to keep it up. You may do this by according to the owner’s manual’s directions. One of the nicest features of the S2 light is how easy it is to maintain. Verify that the bolts and nuts are tight. Additionally, confirm that the battery is charged using the suggested charger within the time frame provided in the user handbook. It’s best to wipe off your scooter with a moist towel before drying it.

Known Issues

Some consumers have voiced concerns regarding the rear fender’s longevity.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The S2 light is the ideal child scooter for parents searching for a novel method of providing their children with urban transportation. The S2 lite’s lightweight construction and superior performance make it considerably simpler for youngsters to balance and steer than the S2. It brings together cutting-edge technology and excellent workmanship. The Scooter’s stylish design, fantastic lighting setup, maintenance-free tyres, astounding peak speed, and respectable mileage provide the neighbourhood youngsters lots of entertainment.

Specification: HIBOY S2 LITE REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

13 mph


10.6 Miles

Charge Time

5-6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

12.6 miles


Front shock absorber

Braking System

Front electronic brakes, rear mechanical foot brake


6.5 inch solid tires



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

21 lbs

Max Load

180 lbs


and under-deck ambient light, front ambient light, Front light, rear red spotlight

Product Material

Aviation grade Aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Bell, Cruise Control, LED Panel

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  1. Kayden

    My niece loves her electric scooter because it has a bright light and is a terrific purchase.

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  2. Gael

    one of the best tools for business and fun on the weekends when commuting.

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  3. River

    fantastic scooter both acceleration and breaking are quite seamless.

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