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The Hiboy NEX3 is everything a scooter should be: trustworthy, safe, and sturdy. It’s the ideal city commuter. The 350W brushless motor is powerful enough to propel the scooter to a peak speed of 16 miles per hour. For first-time scooter riders, the motor is set to gradually develop velocity, making it very simple to master. If you live in a region with uneven terrain, you’ll be relieved to learn that the Hiboy NEX3 is capable of tackling grades of up to 15%.
The Hiboy NEX3 features a lithium-ion battery pack with a maximum power of 36V and a lengthy battery life, much like other electric scooters on the market. It should be able to provide a good 16-mile range on a single charge in perfect conditions.

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Hiboy NEX3 Summary

The Hiboy NEX3 is the perfect example of what a scooter ought to be: robust, trustworthy, and secure. It is the ideal urban commuting vehicle. The scooter’s 350W brushless engine has enough power to propel it to a peak speed of 16 mph. Since the engine is set up to build velocity gradually, learning to ride a scooter is not too difficult for beginners. The Hiboy NEX3 has enough power to climb grades of up to 15%, which is good news if you live in a region with uneven terrain.

The Hiboy NEX3 includes a lithium-ion battery pack with a maximum power of 36V and a lengthy battery life, similar to the majority of electric scooters now on the market. It should provide a respectable 16-mile range on a single charge under ideal circumstances. The majority of users claim that it normally has a range of 13 kilometers on a full charge.

Since aluminum alloy is the industry standard for scooter construction, it is not unexpected that the Hiboy NEX3 electric scooter is made mostly of this material. This just implies that you should anticipate durability and lifespan from this product.

The expanded deck serves as a visual cue that comfort comes first. Both feet may fit comfortably in the area.

The Hiboy NEX3 was also built with safety in mind. To make yourself more visible to other drivers at night, there is a powerful LED brake light at the rear. A front LED light that is unusually bright lights the scooter’s route while also increasing your visibility. Additionally, the Hiboy NEX3 has two braking systems: a rear disc brake and an electronic brake up front. When necessary, this effectively stops the scooter.

Two 8.5-inch flat-free tyres support the deck of the scooter. The plus is that these wheels are tough and need less upkeep. The wheels are very uncomfortable, especially on rough terrain, which is a drawback.


Performance Overview

When it comes to performance, the Hiboy NEX3 competes well. Just enough power is produced by the 350W engine to allow the scooter to cruise at steady rates (16 mph). The Hiboy NEX3 is still a powerful force even at low heights. However, it is best to stick to flat ground if you want to get every mile out of this scooter.

The Hiboy NEX3 can go up to 16 kilometers on a single charge under optimal circumstances. Otherwise, you may anticipate a single charge to get you between 9 and 12 miles per hour. The Hiboy NEX3 will build up its battery to 100% over six hours, similar to other electric scooters in its class.

The NEX3 is quite jiggly when used on uneven ground due to the absence of a suspension system and solid rubber tyres. It does, however, provide a broad and extended deck for more standing space and stability, which somewhat offsets this disadvantage. Additionally, a powerful LED light installed on the front of the semi-circular stem makes it use even at night.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Hiboy NEX3 electric scooter’s maximum speed, according to the manufacturer’s website, is 16 mph. However, some riders have impressively recorded downhill speeds of up to 18 mph when riding on smooth roads. Aside from this, the NEX3 has a smooth, three-speed acceleration that is ideal for teaching novice riders how to ride.

The best electric scooter for climbing hills is not this one. With its 350W motor, it can certainly handle 15% inclination slopes with ease. This is accomplished, but, at the expense of the battery’s range. It may also seem like a lifetime to climb inclines steeper than 15% because of its lack of a suspension system and poor acceleration.

The Hiboy NEX3 is primarily intended for metropolitan areas. It comes to life in flat terrain with gentler slopes.

Controls & Display

An LED display is mounted in the center of the Hiboy NEX3’s handlebars. The user may get data on the battery level, speed, and lighting on it. The handlebars feel high-end. They are covered in thick rubber to provide grip, comfort, and durability. Independent brake levers, one for the electronic brake and the other for the rear disc brake, are located on each side of the handlebars. There is a comfortable thumb-operated throttle to your right. On the left side of the handlebar, there is a little bell as a last touch.

Battery Life & Range 

A 36V lithium-ion battery hidden under the deck of the Hiboy NEX3 powers the scooter for 16 kilometers on a single charge. Depending on the riding style and terrain, the Hiboy NEX3 may not really go the distance it is capable of. The majority of users report travelling 13 mph on a single battery. Overall, it’s one of the few scooters in this price range that will provide you with reasonable lifespan for your money.

Motor Configuration

Embedded in its front tyre is a 350W brushless motor, which is an amazing feat of engineering. This clever design produces a very silent ride. Even at peak speed, the Hiboy NEX3’s only audible sound is the ground being traversed by its wheels.


Construction & Build Quality

Because the NEX3’s frame is built of aluminium alloy, it is both very strong and light. But there’s more! It’s an amazing sight, too. It looks good because of the matte black finish and red graphics on the deck and wheels.

However, even if everything else seems well-planned, the front LED light alone qualifies this scooter as one of the ugliest electric scooters ever created. It seems like a last-minute addition. When the scooter’s inventor attached the cone-shaped LED light to the stem, he or she must have laughed.

However, Hiboy NEX3 makes up for it with eye-catching patterns on its deck and wheels. The rubber deck feels luxurious, looks fantastic, and functions well.


One would anticipate that the Hiboy NEX3 would have a mid-range suspension system at a price of £325. Sadly, no, it doesn’t. The NEX3’s powers are severely constrained by its absence of a suspension system. This is not what you want if you want an all-terrain electric scooter.

Ride Quality

The NEX3 offers a smooth ride for city dwellers surrounded by flat, level terrain. Although there may be a few twitches here and there, the trip is generally tolerable.

However, its absence of a suspension system and its solid rubber tyres result in a battery life that is lowered and a ride over difficult terrain that is quite bumpy.


Two braking systems are included with the Hiboy NEX3: an electronic ABS and a rear disc brake. At its top speed, the scooter is slowed down by the ABS, and its full stop is achieved by the disc brake. It effectively brakes in an emergency because both braking systems are working together.


The Hiboy NEX3 is the lightest electric scooter available at 29.7 pounds. It takes innovation to create a scooter that is as light without sacrificing its overall performance since battery packs are heavy.

Even over long distances, carrying the NEX3 by hand is simple and doesn’t put any strain on the hand holding it. The design is simple to fold as well.

However, a few design shortcomings reduce its portability. Over time, the manual clasp that keeps the stem attached to the base when folded may get jammed. Additionally, some riders claim that holding the handlebar puts excessive strain on your hands due to its semi-circular shape.


Water Resistance

There is no official IP water-resistance certification for the Hiboy NEX3. It is fair to conclude that this product is not water resistant because of this. You should only use your scooter when it’s dry to ensure your safety and to keep your warranty valid.


LED headlight and rear fender light are two lights on the Hiboy NEX electric scooter. For the best visibility at night or in dim light, the integrated LED spotlight is positioned in the middle of the stem. To alert other drivers to your presence or braking activity, the rear lights also function as brake lights.

The integrated headlight on later models is mounted high on the stem.


The 8.5′′ honeycomb (solid) rubber tyres that come with the Hiboy Max provide enough grip on common urban surfaces. The solid tyres, however, provide very little cushioning and are somewhat rigid. Due to the fact that you will be subjected to bumps and debris hits, the ride quality will be compromised. When using such tyres, the Max should only be driven on spotless city streets or even pavement.

The honeycomb design’s holes were intended to boost the tyres’ ability to absorb stress, yet they perform appallingly in this regard. On the plus side, the scooter’s tyres don’t need to be maintained since they don’t be punctured, which is a significant advantage over other inexpensive scooters. On the other hand, the 8.5″ don’t provide enough ground clearance.


The NEX comes with a roomy deck coated in textured rubber matting, much like the majority of Hiboy scooters. When riding at faster speeds or in rainy circumstances, the rubber matting provides enough stability for the rider.

The NEX is a little bit shorter and wider than the typical adult scooter, which makes sense given that it was created for teens. It nevertheless provides enough space for users to stand comfortably with their rear foot parallel to the front; there is no uncomfortable riding when standing on the scooter.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

One of the most efficient and timely customer support teams we’ve ever seen is found at Hiboy. They provide timely and satisfactory answers to questions. If you have any problems with your purchase, you can be confident that they will support you at all times.

The Hiboy NEX3 is also constructed to last. To begin with, it has a battery that is designed to last for at least three years under typical use, which is rather astounding. Because of its improved construction and flat-free tyres, the scooter will last even longer.

The Hiboy NEX3 also has a one-year components guarantee that covers any scooter flaws. Additionally, buyers have a 30-day return period as long as the scooter is unopened from the time of purchase.


The Hiboy NEX3 is subject to the fundamental guidelines for maintaining a mobility device. For instance, store the scooter in a dry location away from direct heat or very low temperatures to ensure your battery lasts a long time. Additionally, always check that all of the brakes are operating properly and that bolted joints are securely fastened before embarking on a trip.

Known Issues

Performance of the Hiboy NEX3 is adequate except from the jarring ride on uneven ground. The majority of customers have expressed satisfaction with Hiboy’s goods, which have shown to be reliable and well made.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Despite some individuals considering the Hiboy NEX3 to be a little on the pricey side, it gives outstanding value for your money. However, compared other scooters on the market that are similarly priced, it is lacking several essential functions.

Do you want to purchase it? The answer to this question is wholly arbitrary. Despite lacking a few essential features, if you want a scooter that will last for a long time, go for it. There are, however, better alternatives on the market if you want a mini-car that is more comprehensive and has greater power and range.

Specification: HIBOY NEX3 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

16 mph


13 Miles

Charge Time

6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

16 miles


Braking System

ABS electronic brake and disc brake


8.5″ solid rubber tires


36V 7.5 AH battery, Lithium ion

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

29.7 lbs

Max Load

200 lbs


Brake light and powerful front LED light

Product Material

Light aluminium alloy

Water Resistance

Extra features

compact foldable design

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