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The NEX Electric Scooter (Hiboy) is one of the greatest electric scooters for the money, with a 13-mile range and a peak speed of 13 mph. Teenagers, students, and urban commuters who want to beat the morning rush will love the scooter. The NEX distinguishes out with superb build quality and above-average performance, combining the typical folding kick scooter style with a strong motor. It’s a step down in aesthetics from the S2 Lite, which has a bit more flare thanks to its 4-tier lighting system, and is more suited for the more laid-back adolescent. When compared to the S2 light, it does provide a few more kilometres on a single charge. It’s a fantastically low-cost scooter that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Hiboy NEX Summary

Manufacturers of high-end and entry-level scooters include HiBoy. The NEX scooter is ideal for urban riders because of its totally foldable, lightweight design that weighs just 25 lbs. (11.3 kg), which makes transporting and storing it a breeze. It is simple to fold up and stow in small areas like the vehicle trunk or right next to you on a bus or train. Because the frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, it is stable and durable. Additionally, NEX’s sophisticated cordless design has a beautiful look.

Riders can easily monitor their speed, battery life, and other information on the handlebars thanks to an intuitive LED display that is prominently situated. The well-designed handlebars have textured rubber grips that improve riding pleasure and control. For optimal riding stability, the surface is roomy and textured with rubber matting. The scooter can support passengers weighing up to 180 lbs. (81 kg), which is a very typical maximum weight and will still transport most teens and adults. To guarantee best performance, it is usually advisable to make sure that your scooter’s maximum weight capacity is larger than you need. The Apollo Air is a fantastic substitute since it can carry a greater payload of 218 lbs (99 kgs).

The Hiboy NEX has a 250W motor that, in terms of performance, gives it a peak speed of around 13 mph (20.9 km/h) and 15% gradeability, according to the manufacturer. With two speed settings and cruise control built into the scooter, users have total control over it depending on their riding preferences and level of expertise. With a range of up to 13 miles, the 180Wh 36V 5Ah Lithium-Ion battery is very powerful (20.9). The battery may be completely charged in 4-6 hours.

On urban flat terrain, the scooter provides a rather pleasant riding experience. Due to the absence of shocks and the narrow, rigid tyres that provide little dampening, it performs dreadfully off-road and on rougher terrain. The NEX has a dual braking system with an anti-lock electronic brake and a rear fender foot brake for road safety and practicality. A rather outstanding lighting range is also provided by the headlamp, assuring safety when riding at night. Overall, the Hiboy is an excellent scooter for the money since it offers uncompromised safety, a stunning, beautiful look, respectable performance (range and peak speed), and high gradeability. The scooter has become quite popular among teens and adults who want to shorten their commutes or who simply want to have fun riding around their neighborhoods. This is not surprising. However, you may want to think about another scooter given its limited off-road capability and moderate acceleration.


Performance Overviev

For its pricing range, the Hiboy NEX delivers respectable performance. A 250W brushless motor with a rear location is included. The scooter’s engine provides quick starts and reliable rides, and it can reach a peak speed of 13 mph. The scooter can handle challenging climbs of up to 15% thanks to its robust engine. A powerful lithium-Ion battery gives the scooter a distance of up to 13 kilometres on a single charge. Additionally, the scooter’s superb construction allows it to support riders weighing up to 180 lbs. comfortably (81Kg).

Despite its low-rated engine, lack of suspension, and tiny solid tyres, the Hiboy NEX performs surprisingly well overall. However, the scooter performs better than average for its class.

Top Speed & Acceleration

Given that it was created with youngsters and inexperienced riders in mind, the Hiboy NEX electric scooter can safely reach a peak speed of 13 mph. The scooter’s incorporation of two speed modes—Beginner and Advanced modes—allows riders to easily adjust their speeds. You may reach the maximum speed of 13 mph or cap the peak speed at 9 mph (Beginner Mode) with only one push of the integrated power button (Advanced Mode).

The Segway ES2, Swagger 7, and Reid E4 are more costly and well-known than the NEX, which has a peak speed of 13 mph. The NEX’s acceleration is, however, very sluggish and even jerky due to the smaller motor.

According to the manufacturer, the Hiboy NEX can easily climb inclination of up to 15 degrees. It goes without saying that a 250 W motor will perform appallingly in terms of gradeability, therefore riders should use care when attempting difficult hill climbs. Please keep in mind that hill climbing is highly influenced by a number of factors, including the battery’s level of charge and the rider’s weight. It is important to note that the NEX has been cited as having one of the slowest climbing speeds by reviews.

Controls & Display

Riders have total control over the scooter thanks to the ergonomically designed Hiboy NEX controls and display. You’ll discover thumb paddles for an electronic brake and an accelerator on each side of the handlebars. The power button, which is situated on the display, includes a one-button operation for the scooter. Depending on how often it is pushed, the power button may do a variety of tasks, i.e.

  • By pressing the button only once, you may choose between the beginner and advanced modes.
  • To switch on/off the front and back lights, double-tap.
  • Three taps convert the metric system, for example, from km/h to mph and back.
  • Switching between the zero-start and kick start capabilities just requires five touches.
  • You may activate or deactivate the cruise control parameters with seven touches.

The Hiboy NEX has an easy LED display that provides the key scooter data, such as current speed, riding mode, battery charge level, and the indication for the lights being on or off. Even in full sunshine, the oblong-shaped LED display is rather bright and simple to see.

Battery Life & Range 

The 180Wh 36V 5Ah Lithium-Ion battery for the Hiboy NEX electric scooter is mounted underneath the deck. Depending on factors including riding pace, terrain, rider weight, slope, and more, the battery has an average range of roughly 13 miles (20.9).

The 13-mile range is theoretical, and under ideal circumstances you should surely anticipate a lesser practical range of about 10 miles. You might think about riding in Beginner mode, which reduces performance but saves power, if you want a longer range. Compared to other inexpensive, entry-level scooters, like the Gotrax Apex (24 km) and Apollo Air (24 km) (24 km).

In accordance with the majority of scooters in its price range, the Hiboy NEX’s battery requires 4-6 hours to completely recharge. The battery in your scooter should last for around 2-4 years, or 500–1000 charge cycles or more. Use just the charger the manufacturer recommends and charge the battery for the prescribed amount of time to increase battery life.

Motor Configuration

A 250W engine mounted on the back wheel powers the Hiboy NEX. It has two riding modes, Beginner and Advanced, and is quite quiet. This gives riders a lot of choice over their chosen power and peak speed.


Construction & Build Quality

HiBoy has a reputation for producing scooters of the highest build quality. The NEX, with its chic cordless design and top-notch construction, is a monument to this history. The scooter is one of the most fashionable ones on the market right now, and it has a polished look. But if you want more colour choices, you could like the Hiboy S2 Lite, which is available in baby pink, matte black, and stone white.

The scooter is lightweight and very sturdy thanks to the aluminum alloy frame, which is entirely collapsible and can withstand daily usage and abuse. Maximum safety and longevity are ensured since the scooter cannot be readily bent, dented, or twisted. However, the attachable headlamp protrudes from the stem, making it breakable in the event that the scooter tips over.

The stem and deck are made of steel and can accommodate riders weighing up to 180 lbs. comfortably (81 kgs). The anti-slip deck has plenty of area for standing and a kickstand for simple parking. In general, the build quality is exceptional with a high-end polished finish. This scooter will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.


Unfortunately, the Hiboy NEX does not have any suspension. This scooter has very little off-road capabilities due to the absence of a suspension and the tiny solid tyres. Therefore, smooth paved roads, pavements, or designated bike lanes are the ideal places to use the scooter.


Ride Quality

The NEX’s ride quality is not what you’d call superb, like most entry-level scooters. To provide optimal control and comfort, the roomy gripping deck and the ergonomic handlebars with textured rubber grips at both ends are useful. The scooter’s tiny solid tyres and lack of a suspension, however, detract from the riding experience overall.

The scooter doesn’t have the necessary padding to smooth out bumps and cracks. You should only use this scooter on smooth metropolitan terrain to guarantee comfort. In conclusion, you shouldn’t anticipate a really pleasant riding experience from scooters that cost less than £200.


The NEX has a dual braking system with an anti-lock electronic brake and a foot brake on the rear fender. The scooter can be slowed down using the foot brakes, and it can be totally stopped with the e-brake. The scooter’s incredible sensitive brakes ensure your safety at all times.

The NEX’s braking system does not have a mechanical brake, which is important to know. This implies that the scooter can only be stopped using the electronic brake and the rear foot brake. For the optimum stopping performance, combine the electronic thumb brake with the foot brake. Also keep in mind that as the battery ages, the electronic brake may become less effective. In order to increase braking force, it is thus preferable to utilize it in conjunction with the rear foot brake, particularly in an emergency.


Due to its two-second folding mechanism and 25 lb. weight, the Hiboy NEX is remarkably portable (11.3Kg). Simply open the clasp at the stem’s bottom, move the stem toward the deck, and lock it by pushing it into the back fender to fold the scooter. The stem will be safely locked to the fender by the hook on the rear of the handlebars, making transporting easier. Once folded, the scooter may fit in a tiny place, such as the trunk of a vehicle or right next to you on public transportation.


Water Resistance

The Hiboy NEX is, regrettably, not IP-rated. To be on the safe side, you should steer clear of getting the scooter wet, particularly the electric parts. Riding it in the rain is much worse. The majority of inexpensive entry-level scooters, meanwhile, are not water-resistant, so if this feature is important to you, you may want to raise your budget.


LED headlight and rear fender light are two lights on the Hiboy NEX electric scooter. For the best visibility at night or in dim light, the integrated LED spotlight is positioned in the middle of the stem. To alert other drivers to your presence or braking activity, the rear lights also function as brake lights.

The integrated headlight on later models is mounted high on the stem.


The 8.5′′ honeycomb (solid) rubber tyres that come with the Hiboy Max provide enough grip on common urban surfaces. The solid tyres, however, provide very little cushioning and are somewhat rigid. Due to the fact that you will be subjected to bumps and debris hits, the ride quality will be compromised. When using such tyres, the Max should only be driven on spotless city streets or even pavement.

The honeycomb design’s holes were intended to boost the tyres’ ability to absorb stress, yet they perform appallingly in this regard. On the plus side, the scooter’s tyres don’t need to be maintained since they don’t be punctured, which is a significant advantage over other inexpensive scooters. On the other hand, the 8.5″ don’t provide enough ground clearance.


The NEX comes with a roomy deck coated in textured rubber matting, much like the majority of Hiboy scooters. When riding at faster speeds or in rainy circumstances, the rubber matting provides enough stability for the rider.

The NEX is a little bit shorter and wider than the typical adult scooter, which makes sense given that it was created for teens. It nevertheless provides enough space for users to stand comfortably with their rear foot parallel to the front; there is no uncomfortable riding when standing on the scooter.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

For adolescents and inexperienced adult riders, the Hiboy NEX is extremely dependable. If drivers stay on paved, smooth highways, the ride quality is smooth and pleasant. The scooter is quite well built, and if you follow the maintenance schedule, it will last you for a very long time. Additionally, the scooter has two riding modes to accommodate a variety of users’ demands. Should the power run out, users have the option of using it as a kick scooter.

The NEX has a 30-day return policy with a full refund and a 12-month guarantee, same like all other HiBoy scooters. Although the warranty only covers manufacturer defects, replacement components are easily accessible on Hiboy’s website and via authorized Hiboy dealers should you have any issues. Customer care at HiBoy is really helpful, and they will respond to your inquiry the same business day.


Thanks to its beautiful cordless design, exceptional build quality, and strong rubber tyres that are impervious to punctures, the Hiboy NEX requires no maintenance. However, you must do certain regular maintenance procedures as detailed in the user handbook for the scooter to operate at its best, including:

  • Regularly clean the scooter.
  • Avoid using caustic detergents or other chemicals to clean the scooter.
  • Before keeping the scooter for an extended period, charge it.
  • Only use the charger that is advised to charge your scooter.

Known Issues

The NEX has significant shortcomings, despite its respectable performance.

  • The cruise control system is the main problem. After 8 seconds, the cruise control system activates automatically, and the user is unable to deactivate it using the mechanical brake. It can only be stopped by using the electrical brake, which must first be used before the hand brake. This has received a lot of difficult user reports. You should disable the cruise control through the App until you are comfortable with the dual braking system to prevent this pointless complexity.
  • The fact that the taillight only turns on when the electronic brake is applied is another problem. It is quite unsafe to utilise the disc brake exclusively since doing so won’t alert other drivers that you’re stopping.
  • The scooter’s suspension is grating, loud, and ineffective.
  • The strong locking clasp that enables the stem to fold is quite difficult to engage.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The NEX is a good purchase for kids and adults who want to simplify their commute. The NEX delivers excellent value for money at a price under £200 and outperforms other comparable scooters made for youngsters. The NEX has a faster peak speed and a longer range when compared to models like the Segway Ninebot E10 and E12, which are highly popular among teenagers. The cruise control, LED display, and two riding modes are all wonderful improvements. Even better, the NEX is certainly a head-turner because to its beautiful cordless design and high-end polished finish.

Specification: HIBOY NEX REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

13 mph


13 Miles

Charge Time

4-6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

16 miles


Braking System

Electronic, Foot Brake


8.5 pneumatic air-filled tires


180 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

25 lbs

Max Load

180 lbs


LED headlight, Rear Brake Light

Product Material

6061-T6 Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy (Frame), Steel (Shaft and Deck) PC-ABS (Fenders and Covers)

Water Resistance

Extra features

Cruise Control, LED Lights

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  1. Legend

    Excellent scooter for the money. The description fits well.

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  2. Myles

    This was a Christmas present that we bought. fantastic stuff Very well built, sturdy structure, and simple to assemble.

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  3. Harrison

    I finally bought the scooter I had been wanting for so long. I’m overjoyed that I did.

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