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The Glion Balto x1 has a small, light design that can simply be folded and stowed in a small space. The e-scooter has a 500-watt hub-mounted motor and a 10.5 amp-hour battery, which gives it a top speed of roughly 17 miles per hour and enough strength to climb steep hills. The battery is detachable, making it simple for riders to recharge or replace it if they are travelling long distances. Users can utilise the battery as a power source for cellphones, laptops, and other portable electrical devices by installing an inverter (available separately for $75).
When you’re not riding, the scooter’s two small travelling wheels and lightweight, compact design make it easy to transport.

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The Glion Balto x1 has a small, lightweight form that is simple to fold and store in a small space. The e-scooter has a hub-mounted 500-watt motor with a 10.5 amp-hour battery that allows it to reach a peak speed of around 17 miles per hour and has enough power to climb hills. Because the battery is removable, long-distance travelers may easily recharge it or replace it. To utilize the battery as a power source for cellphones, laptops, and other portable electronic devices, users can attach an inverted (available separately for $ 75).

When not in use, the scooter’s two tiny transport wheels and lightweight, compact construction make it easy to carry about. The Balto is supported when not in use by a tiny rack to which the moving wheels are attached. Additionally, if you’re not moving around on a scooter, it may be utilised to store things.

You may travel around on the Glion Balto scooter either while standing up or while seated. For greater riding comfort, a seat is attached simply and is located behind the footrest of the scooter. You can also remove the seat and convert it into a stand-up scooter if you want to travel while standing. Wide and roomy platform for improved riding comfort.

The e-scooter incorporates excellent safety measures that ensure users’ safety. The scooter has brake lights, sidelights, and headlights as some of its safety features.

The Balto x1 is essentially a remarkable e-scooter with flexible versatility and improved performance. It is safe, light, and simple to fold. It is adaptable in that you may ride it either sitting down or standing up, depending on your desire. With an initial price of $699 in the United States, this is a reasonably decent deal for such a versatile scooter (exclusive of shipping).


Performance Overview

A strong Samsung 36V 10.5 Ah battery that powers the Glion Balto can propel the scooter up to 20 kilometers. The battery may be readily replaced when it runs out of power and charges in 5 hours. Make sure to get an extra battery ($199) so you can switch it out when your power runs low. When connected to an inverted, which is available separately, the batteries may be used to charge your portable electrical gadgets. No other e-scooter or e-bike has the ability to convert into a strong 500-watt portable power station as the Balto does with the inverted.

The new Balto x1 performs particularly well on roads with modest elevation, in terms of performance. The scooter differs from its predecessors thanks to significant performance enhancements. The scooter can go at a top speed of 17 mph because to the electric motor’s power output. The dual suspension improves stability and provides a comfortable ride. With the additional brake lever and rear disc brake, the braking system has undergone a thorough redesign for improved stopping. Thanks to the updated and enhanced battery, the Balto x1 performance ensures a comfortable riding experience, shorter distances, and longer-lasting charge.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The new Balto is not a speed demon, with a peak speed of only 17 mph (27 km/h) and a driving range of around 20 miles on a single charge. If you enjoy speed, there are better scooter alternatives. The highest speed of Balto is higher than that of its predecessor, which was 15 mph. Overall, the highest speed of 17 mph is adequate for casual cyclists conducting errands.

The Balto has a peak 750W geared brush less hub motor battery, which gives it a rather average acceleration. However, Balto has improved acceleration compared to its predecessor, ensuring shorter travels. The scooter’s peak speed of 26 mph (43 km/h) makes it rather modest when compared to other scooter manufacturers, including the Mercane Widewheel Pro scooter.

Controls & Display

This electric scooter doesn’t truly have the largest LED display. However, it succeeds in providing as much information as is necessary for a brief trip. As sparse as the information may be, it would be simple to check the scooter’s battery life, your speed, and the Bluetooth pairing status. In fact, if the scooter is off, you wouldn’t be able to notice the cockpit at first sight because it is just slightly larger than the scooter’s neck.

To focus on what the app does, it might be thought of as a more in-depth version of the dashboard. Real-time speedometer, map navigation, cruise control, and light control are all available. It’s not really all that beneficial, especially considering how expensive your scooter journeys are.


Battery Life & Range

With an estimated range of 20 miles per charge, the Glion Balto x1 stands out from rivals like the Xiaomi 1s, which has a shorter range. You may expect to go farther on a single charge thanks to the high range. The range, however, might alter based on the terrain or whether you’re utilising the battery to recharge your portable electronics.

Motor Configuration

The motor on this e-scooter is unusual, providing 300W of power and a top speed of 18 mph. The scooter doesn’t have a climbing range that is mentioned, but we would imagine that it can easily power through most slopes.

Construction & Build Quality

The Glion Balto x1 boasts a sturdy, long-lasting construction thanks to its high-quality aviation aluminium frame. The design has a folding stem and broad (24′′) fold-down handlebars that latch onto the rear fender.

The scooter is not only small but also fairly sturdy. Alloy reinforcements are used throughout the frame, particularly in the stem, fork, handlebars, and locking mechanism, to increase durability. The structure outperforms comparable e-scooters in the same price range for riders weighing up to 255 lbs/115 kg. With such a sturdy construction, you won’t experience any stiffness or unwelcome wobbles even when riding at fast speeds.

Ride Quality

Due to its excellent dual suspension, 12-inch pneumatic tyres with a honeycomb inside that were designed by the military, and comfy seat, the Glion Balto x1 delivers an exceptional riding quality. No matter if you’re riding while standing up or sitting down, the riding quality will certainly wow you.

The scooter is simple to use as well. Gently kick the scooter into freewheeling motion, then slowly depress the throttle to begin accelerating. The scooter’s excellent suspension and wide, air-filled pneumatic tyres, which easily absorb shock from the road surface and increase comfort and stability, make riding a breeze.


Balto’s electronic anti-lock brakes, which are hidden inside the back hub motor, make stopping relatively effortless, even at high acceleration. Additional precision braking is provided via a foot-activated rear fender brake.

It can reach an outstanding braking distance since the brakes are simple to use, even at high acceleration, and they respond swiftly to pressure. You’d be hard-pressed to consider Balto x1 if you’re a rider who greatly appreciates rapid stopping abilities in an e-scooter (and who doesn’t?).


Thanks to its lightweight construction and foldable handlebars and stem, the Balto is incredibly portable. The scooter’s baggage rack may be used as a stand, and it can be folded up into a space less than one square foot. Due to a pair of tiny wheels, the 38-pound scooter may be towed while folded. The Balto’s elegantly tiny folded dimensions of 95 x 30 x 20 cm make it smaller than other scooters on the market. In addition, the scooter has a locking mechanism that you may use to secure it safely while not in use.


Water Resistance

The Balto x1 electric scooter has an IP rating of 54, making it more water-resistant than its predecessor, the Dolly electric scooter. As contrary to other non-water resistant e-scooters, you may use it in mild rain. But in rainy weather, go with caution because of the slick terrain. When deciding whether to bike in rainy or snowy conditions, exercise caution.


You may be certain to enjoy a night ride thanks to Balto’s new lighting system. The bright lights, which range from powerful headlights to extremely brilliant sidelights and brake lights, make you visible and secure at all times.

With Balto’s new lighting system, you can be sure to enjoy a night ride. From high-powered headlights to ultra-bright sidelights and brake lights, the bright lights keep you visible and safe at all hours.


Premium military-developed 12-inch pneumatic tyres with a honeycomb inside are standard equipment on the Glion Balto x1. The tyre’s outstanding riding experience is a result of the larger surface area that effectively absorbs road stress. It stabilizes the entire riding experience when used with the dual suspension. As a result of the scooter’s never-flat airless rubber tyres, you’ll never have a puncture. In essence, the tyres excel at giving you a smooth, gliding sensation by protecting you from the stress of potholes and uneven road conditions.



The Glion Balto x1 electric scooter offers a new, roomy platform that is 17.5′′ x 9′′ in size. This platform allows for smooth foot mobility when riding, whether you are seated or standing. The sizable deck can accommodate people of all shapes, sizes, and heights.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

When you buy one of these electric scooters, you get a great guarantee. The scooter’s usual wear and tear will not be covered, but if there are any mechanical issues, they will either fix them or provide you a new scooter. They provide a section on their website with all the contact information and instructions if you need to report a fault if you bought the scooter straight from Glion.


Maintaining the Balto x1 is not difficult (if at all). The scooter requires extremely minimal maintenance because there are no chains or gears. Your Balto might benefit from routine maintenance procedures including charging it frequently, checking bolts, cleaning, inspecting the tyres, and lubricating moving components frequently.

Known Issues

According to what we know about this electric scooter, there aren’t many recognized problems with it.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Even though the price of this Glion model is more than that of some other electric scooters, it does have a lot of extras. It folds up neatly and is thus simple to transport, making it the ideal commuting scooter. If you need a scooter with storage or if you’ve had a hard day on your feet and want to rest down till you get home, the seat and basket it comes with are perfect! However, if you decide not to utilize them, you may delete them.

Specification: GLION BALTO X1 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

17 mph


20 miles

Charge Time

5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

20 miles


45-Step adjustable new rubber suspension.

Braking System

New rear disc brake


12" Pneumatic Tires


36V 10.5 Amp

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

38 lbs

Max Load

255 lbs


New Lighting System and RearView Mirror

Product Material

Steel frame with 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy(powder-coated) SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers

Water Resistance


Extra features

Dual Purpose Cargo/Vertical Self Standing

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  1. Julian

    To get to work, I bought this scooter. I’m pretty happy with it overall. The scooter is really well constructed.

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  2. Hudson

    Excellent business and attentive customer service

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  3. Grayson

    Excellent scooter.

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