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This is a commuter’s paradise, catering to those who rack up significant weekly mileage. The scooter’s 10Ah battery provides a 20-mile range, while the larger 13Ah battery boosts the speed to 25mph. The battery life is adequate, and charging time is under 5 hours.
The remainder of the package is reassuringly well-equipped, with hydraulic suspension and a comfortable ride for the 8″ rear and slightly larger 8.5″ front wheels. The LED lights are convenient for those early mornings and late nights, but if this is a regular occurrence, we recommend upgrading. It’s also worth noting that it’s not the most portable scooter, with the folded-down weight feeling particularly heavy on the arms.
We couldn’t get too enthusiastic about the Horizon. It isn’t a joke.

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FluidFreeRide Horizon Summary

This area caters only to those who travel to work and is ideal for people who log a lot of weekly miles. The smaller 10Ah battery provides a range of 20 miles, while the bigger 13Ah pack increases that to 25 mph. The battery lasts quite a while, and the charge time of less than 5 hours is fair.

The remainder of the package is reassuringly well-equipped as well, with hydraulic suspension providing a comfortable ride for both the 8-inch rear wheels and the somewhat larger 8.5-inch front wheels. There’s no denying that the LED lights are a boon in the mornings and at night, but if this is going to be a frequent occurrence, you should probably upgrade. Be aware that the folded weight of the scooter makes it feel heavy in the arms, so it’s not the most portable scooter either.

The Horizon didn’t really do anything to pique our interest. It doesn’t break new ground in scooter design, but it accomplishes what it sets out to do and does it cheaply. The performance of an electric scooter is light-years ahead of that of a similar model sold in a department store, yet it only costs a few hundred pounds extra.


Performance Overview

The Freeride Horizon is powered by a 48V 500W brush-less hub motor, which is fairly typical fare. According to the manufacturer, it can provide up to 800W of power.

In our testing, the motor functioned well, but it slowed down a little when we asked it to accelerate from a stop. It can run on either a 10Ah or 13Ah battery, which is the size of the power source. The bigger battery will offer you an additional 5 miles of range, but at the expense of your pocketbook and your maximum speed due to its added weight.

Below, we’ll go into the specifics, but suffice it to say that we find it to be effective. It’s not meant to match the top speed of an E-Twow GT2020, but that’s not what people buy it for either.

It is a fantastic option for commuters looking for a high-powered electric scooter that won’t draw too much attention to itself.

Top Speed & Acceleration

Starting off, the Horizon has a slow first reaction time. Sometimes it takes time to find the sweet spot when power delivery is smooth and effective. We discovered that the scooter is at its best between 10 and 23 miles per hour, with 10 being its sweet spot.

Such gradual quickening won’t be noticed by most drivers, but it may be useful if you’re planning on racing the traffic at the stoplights.

In about 8 seconds, the scooter will reach its peak speed, making it neither slow nor lightning fast. In general, it performs well.

Too many slow lockup meals are to blame for our top speed of 23 mph on the flat, which we never managed to reach. Although hardly ground-breaking, it’s adequate for keeping up with cars, bicycles, and other scooters.

As a point of reference, the Unagi Model One E500, a popular commuter scooter, can reach speeds around 10 mph faster than the typical rental scooter. Instead of a computer dictating the maximum speed, the motor itself acts as a limiter.


Manufacturers are hoping that by improving the Fluid FreeRide Horizon’s enhanced front spring stem and dual rear hydraulic suspension, they have addressed some of the issues that plagued earlier versions.

In any case, we can attest to the fact that you will have a nice and relaxing trip. The suspension seems to be durable, and compression and return are fast. It’s encouraging that there were no unwelcome knocks or jarring sounds.


Battery Life & Range 

Continuing the parallels, the basic Horizon will provide you with five extra miles of driving pleasure than the E500. If you obtain the bigger battery, you can go up to 25 miles farther.

Our testing indicated a range of around 20 kilometers. If we were to spend our own money, we’d get the bigger battery. It’s heavy and costs more, but the extra effort is well worth it.

Motor Configuration

The motor is at the back hub, which is atypical for electric scooters used for daily commuting. Accelerating and decelerating are less of a strain on the rider when the hub motor is located at the rear of the deck.

The motor itself is rated at 500W, and Fluid FreeRide claims that it can produce up to 800W of peak power. A 624 watt-hour battery means it won’t ever provide the same level of power as the WideWheel (its larger brother in the FreeRide clan), but it still holds its own versus other commuting options.

No one ever complained to us.

Construction & Build Quality

The FluidFreeRide Horizon’s heft indicates that it is a well constructed scooter. The bigger 13Ah model, for example, is over 5 kg heavier than a Xiamoi M365. This has both positive and negative consequences. As a counterargument, it’s stronger, steadier, and maybe even safer.

The frame is made of solid aluminum alloy and is satisfyingly weighty. The welds on the fork in particular seem to be sturdy. There is no rattle or squeak while opening or shutting it, and the bolts are sturdy.

The paint job seems durable enough to withstand normal daily use, which is great for a scooter.

All things considered, the Horizon is a pretty sturdy and well-made device. Performance-wise and financially, it competes quite well with similar offerings. The generator and power source are both high-grade components. The remainder of the parts are solid and substantial in weight (pun intended).

The Horizon scooter is superior to the sum of its parts, and it is a great travel companion—so long as you don’t have to carry it up too many flights of stairs when you reach to your destination.

The Horizon is a reliable enough vehicle that we could see ourselves driving it every day. We won’t compare a scooter of this price with more costly ones since it’s not fair. When put side-by-side with the best-selling M365, this one’s performance is a clear winner for just £100 extra. On the negative, the polish and the promotion may not be quite as polished.


We’ve spoken about how hefty it is, but when folded up, you can really feel it. Although its weight of 19 kilograms (kg) doesn’t seem like much when traveling along the road, carrying it up a flight of stairs may be exhausting work.

The folding mechanism is effective, and both the stem and the handlebars are properly aligned and fold-able right out of the box.

The trade-off is that it isn’t ultra portable, but the build quality and longevity are superior. You may spend your money whatever you choose.


Ride Quality

The FreeRide is a rugged scooter that can go you far without tiring.

This is a city scooter through and through, and we’ve said it before, but if you take it off-road, you’ll feel every bump. If you stick to the easy going, you won’t have any issues.

Drive comes from behind thanks to a hub motor in the rear, so you may stand a bit farther back on the deck. This was quite relaxing and pleasant for us.

Any drawbacks? The handlebars were a little loose, and we had to tighten a few screws every now and then, but this was to be expected.


Regenerative braking and a drum brake in the back are standard on the Fluid Freeride Horizon. The brakes, which are operated by a single lever, are effective enough to stop the scooter in less than 8 meters. Consistent with expectations, but lacking in wow factor.

The lever can be activated with little effort, and they maintain silence while doing so. They’re great for everyday riding since they’re hidden away in the back hub and need almost any maintenance.

In rainy or damp conditions, the brakes might become a safety issue. If you brake too hard, the back end can lock up. You should be OK as long as there is sufficient grip, but if it becomes wet, you should use caution.

Water Resistance

The Horizon electric scooter is not designed to be used in the rain due to its lack of waterproofing. Even though you’re probably safe if you splash across a puddle or two, doing so may void your warranty. We have already mentioned the solid rear tyre’s questionable wet traction, so you may want to consider an other mode of transportation to go to work.


The front and back LED lights are adequate, but they don’t provide much in the way of security. In fact, they are the package’s weakest point, and we recommend upgrading them before you go out at night. There are lights on the front and back of the deck, as well as button lights on the sides. In terms of protection, they provide little style and none at all.


You get a solid, airless 20cm tyre in the rear and a pneumatic 20.3cm tyre up front. Okay, let’s begin at the front. Excellent traction, grip, and performance in all conditions. The solid back tire is, alas, inferior. When wet, the already evident loss of grip becomes intolerable. You won’t have to worry too much, but you should be cautious while using the brakes.



The deck’s 46 x 15 centimeter dimensions are quite accommodating. It is neither incredibly large nor insignificant. Due to the placement of the engine towards the rear, you will be standing toward the back of the deck. This commuter scooter has a great ground clearance of over 10 centimeters. We do not advocate riding in the rain or across puddles, but if you must, the height of the vehicle will give sufficient protection from splashes.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Throughout our evaluations, we had zero problems. As far as I can tell from reading the evaluations of other users, there are no major concerns that should be taken into account. Care for the scooter’s essentials, such as cleaning and charging the battery, like you would any other vehicle. Otherwise, the Horizon is a solid investment that will provide delight for a long time.


This scooter can go about with little help from you. Maintaining the correct air pressure in the front tyre and keeping an eye out for signs of wear and tear are both essential. There is nothing unusual about having to adjust the stem screws after a lengthy ride.

Known Issues

We have been unable to identify any major problems with the Horizon. A few other reviews, however, have raised concerns with the front wheel charging connector. To make the plug work, you’ll need to tilt the front wheel. You may do a lot of damage to the plug if you turned the wheel while it was still in. If we run across any new issues, we’ll make sure to update the review and post them here first.


In addition to the contents in the box, you may also purchase a draw handle and wheels to use as a trolley. In addition, we recommend splurging on some high-quality aftermarket lighting.


Suitable For




Max Speed

25 mph


20 miles

Charge Time

6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage



Front and rear suspension

Braking System

Rear drum brake and regenerative brake


8.5” front air tyres, 8” rear solid


499 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

40 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


3 front and 2 rear LED lights

Product Material

Durable aluminium frame

Water Resistance

Extra features

Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights

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