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The CITYRIDER scooter is the perfect city rider, as its name indicates. This scooter is a great tool for short-distance travels, weighing only 28 pounds and carrying a load of up to 220 pounds. Furthermore, while not in use, it is easy to transport.
This scooter is stylish and has a solid frame. Furthermore, the physical proportions of this electric scooter make it suitable for both adults and children to ride. When taking public transportation, you won’t have to worry because this scooter folds up small enough to fit under the bus seat.
The battery will allow you to scoot for up to 10 kilometres on a single charge. The 300W motor propels the CITYRIDER electric scooter to a top speed of 18 mph, which is within most people’s capabilities.

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FluidFreeRide Cityrider Summary:

The CITYRIDER scooter is the perfect city rider, as its name indicates. This scooter is a great tool for short-distance travels, weighing only 28 pounds and carrying a load of up to 220 pounds. Furthermore, while not in use, it is easy to transport.

This scooter is stylish and has a solid frame. Furthermore, the physical proportions of this electric scooter make it suitable for both adults and children to ride. When taking public transportation, you won’t have to worry because this scooter folds up small enough to fit under the bus seat.

The battery will allow you to scoot for up to 10 kilometres on a single charge. The 300W motor propels the CITYRIDER electric scooter to a top speed of 18 mph, which is within most people’s capabilities.


The rear drum brakes feature higher stopping force, allowing you to come to a complete stop with no hiccups. When you press down on the brake pedals, the CITYRIDER wheels lock up instantaneously.

The CITYRIDER electric scooter’s front and rear LED lights increase your visibility to other road users. While changing lanes or exiting the road, this scooter also features turn signals to show your direction. The turn signals on the scooter are set to switch off after ten seconds as a convenience feature.

The honeycomb tyres work as shock absorbers and protect you against flat tyres. The CITYRIDER scooter is unquestionably the ideal mode of transportation for city inhabitants.

Performance Overview:

A 35V 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery powers the CITYRIDER, which has a range of 7 to 10 kilometres. While the scooter’s acceleration isn’t exactly great, the 300W brushless motor propels it to 18mph in a reasonable amount of time. That pace is not sluggish by electric scooter standards, and you may need some practise before you can ride it comfortably.

Due to the lack of shocks on this scooter, the ride may be choppy on uneven roads. Shock absorption is limited on the solid honeycomb wheels. On smooth city roads, riding a CITYRIDER scooter is both comfortable and enjoyable. The CITYRIDER scooter has superb speed control and allows for smooth cornering.

Speed & Acceleration:

The CITYRIDER scooter has a peak speed of 18mph (30kmph) when fully charged. Although not quick enough for sports aficionados, this speed is more than adequate for the ordinary rider. Because the scooter is aimed largely at city inhabitants, its top speed is inside many city restrictions.

The drum brake system will stop the wheels promptly, even at high speed, without compromising the rider’s stability. Riders should be advised, however, that they should only cruise at maximum speed when the road is clear of motor vehicles. The Gotrax Xr Ultra features the same speed specs as the Gotrax Xr, but without the added on-board electronics.

In comparison to scooters in its price range, the CITYRIDER accelerates very quickly. The motor will accelerate you to top speed in seconds on flat roads. On steep terrain, though, you may need to give it some manual kick boosts to compensate for the lower acceleration. Slower acceleration can also be caused by a low battery charge.

The cruise control enhances acceleration and how this scooter manages speed when it is turned on.

Battery & Range:

Because the CITYRIDER scooter is lightweight, the battery range is extended. The battery offers a range of 7-10 miles with a total weight of 220 pounds. In comparison to other scooters in the same price category, such as the Turboant X7 Pro, which has a range of 30 miles per charge, the CITYRIDER scooter has a lesser range. The CITYRIDER’s tiny and compact design accounts for this discrepancy.

Motor Configuration:

The CITYRIDER electric scooter is powered by a 36V motor with a maximum power output of 300W. It not only propels an e-scooter to its peak speed of 18 mph, but it also consumes less energy, allowing it to travel further on a single charge.

Construction & Quality:

The design of the CITYRIDER scooter is beautiful and inviting. Steel tubes make up the frame, which makes it strong and long-lasting. Crakes and rattles are virtually non-existent when riding at maximum load.

The hardwood floorboard adds to the e-visual scooter’s appeal. Despite the jutting widgets and exposed cables, the scooter remains sleek and attractive to the eye.

The CITYRIDER scooter can survive a long time because to its sturdy deck. The hollow steel frame is lighter than it appears and more durable than it appears.

The general design is straightforward, with only a few elements requiring routine maintenance. Few connecting wires, for example, are visible, and a simple application of electric tape lessens the natural wear and strain on the cables.

The sturdy steel frame does not tremble or rattle even when ridden by a big rider. The rider’s trust in the scooter’s safety is boosted by its sturdiness. While riding down the road, the rubber on the handlebars gives a firm grip.

The controls for the scooter are on the handlebars, making them easy to reach and use while riding. It is possible to read the display both during the day and at night. For more customised settings, the rider can download the CITYRIDER compatible app for Android or iOS platforms.

The lack of front turn signals is a fundamental flaw in this scooter’s construction. There is no simple means for the rider to warn and communicate with impending vehicles.

Suspension & Comfort:

The suspension springs of the CITYRIDER scooter are not mounted. Rough roads will make for an uncomfortable and choppy ride. Air pockets in the honeycomb wheels assist absorb stress, although they’re not much help on uneven roads.

The robust honeycomb wheels provide adequate shock absorption for comfortable rides on paved city roads, as the target market is those who live near or within cities. The lack of a suspension system is a major drawback for this scooter, but it’s understandable given its pricing.

Ride Quality:

Due to the lack of suspension springs, riding this e-scooter on bumpy surfaces is rather difficult and feels akin to riding a kick scooter. On paved roads, on the other hand, the ride is smooth and enjoyable, and the scooter soon reaches its top speed. On inclines, though, the scooter struggles to accelerate.

Cruise control is included with the CITYRIDER electric scooter. This feature aids with the rider’s ability to keep a constant speed. By pressing the brakes or touching the throttle, you may turn off the cruise control.

When riding down a hill, cruise control can be inconvenient since it may abruptly stop or accelerate to meet the cruising pace. When cruise control activates unexpectedly, the rider may become disoriented.


The headlights and taillights are really stunning. The headlight is mounted high on the stem and is bright enough to illuminate the road ahead. Following traffic is warned when the tail lights flicker to suggest braking.

Another added safety element is the turn signals. They are effective during both the day and the night. When the turning lights are switched on, they will flicker for 10 seconds before going off. Unfortunately, the scooter only has rear turn signals, making it difficult to alert oncoming vehicles.

The display on the CITYRIDER electric scooter is bright enough to be used during the day. However, numerous users stated in their evaluations that the display requires a nighttime lowering setting to avoid glare.


The rear wheel of this scooter is equipped with old-school drum brakes. This braking system has an advantage over disc brakes in that water does not alter its grip. When riding in rainy weather, the braking system is not impaired.


The CITYRIDER scooter is extremely light, weighing only 28 pounds. It’s simple to carry over short distances, but if carried for several hours, your arms may go numb.

This scooter is small, with a folded length of 43 inches and a height of 47 inches. The scooter can easily fit beneath the middle bus seat or in the boot of your car when folded.

The CITYRIDER’s folding point decreases its portability slightly. Because the scooter folds at the stem, it has an additional height in its collapsed form that is not present on scooters that fold at the deck.


Hill Climb:

It performs well on regular slopes with an average gradient of 4 to 6 percent, with a maximum grade of 10%. At an average speed of 6.4 kmh, the CityRider barely climbs it up our test hill in 34.3 seconds.


Honeycomb wheels are standard on the CITYRIDER. These wheels are made of solid rubber with air pockets for shock absorption. However, you should keep in mind that they make little difference when travelling on a bumpy road. The lack of a suspension spring system is somewhat compensated by the wheels.

You will never have a flat tyre with these robust rubber wheels. Other than checking for cracks and wiping them down on a regular basis, they don’t require any extra care (using a damp cloth).



The CITYRIDER’s deck is highly elegant. The frame is hollow steel and is connected to a hardwood walking surface. The deck is matte black, which goes well with the design. Despite its small weight, the deck is strong enough to support a hundred kilos without buckling.


The CityRider’s cockpit is simple, with a large, easy-to-read display, non-folding handlebars, and rounded hand grips. The hand grips are reverse-threaded, unlike some other designs, so they won’t loosen accidently when riding.

Power/gear, headlights/taillights, left turn signal, and right turn signal are the only four buttons on either side of the display.

The CityRider’s cockpit is fairly tidy, with a perfectly positioned thumb throttle and a single brake lever above the left handlebar.

Bluetooth App Control:

The CITYRIDER electric scooter is one of a kind in that it has Bluetooth capability. This function works in tandem with the CITYRIDER companion app, which is available for both Android and iOS. The app’s most remarkable feature is its ability to customise quickly. Riders who wish to set top speeds or cruise control speeds may like this function. It also offers a parental control option for parents who want to buy the scooter for their children. You may monitor power levels as well as change measurement units, such as miles per hour to kilometres per hour, using the app.


Water Resistance:

This e-scooter does not have a waterproof cover. While riding it in the rain is reasonably safe, soaking it in water damages its electrical components. For the safety of the electric components, the physical design protects most of the connecting cables and widgets from weather extremes.

If the scooter becomes wet while riding, wipe it dry to minimise water damage to the electric circuit components.


The structure is exceptionally sturdy, with additional safety and comfort elements. This scooter features a powerful battery with a reasonable range for its budget, in addition to being lightweight.

While the built-in battery isn’t the largest on the market, it suffices for this scooter’s needs. The battery is small and lightweight, and it charges rapidly. Furthermore, the scooter’s illumination allows you to ride securely even at night as long as the battery is charged.

This scooter is suitable for most riders, regardless of their age. The highest speed is child-safe, and parents may manage it via the app. While driving a private automobile or taking public transportation, this e-scooter is easy to travel.


If the scooter has problems within 180 days as a result of a manufacturing defect (e.g., a faulty battery), they will give you with the parts or repairs you need at any of their locations. Even if the problem is not covered by warranty, FluidFreeRide’s support team will work with you to find a solution. As a result, it appears that they genuinely care about assisting their customers in resolving any concerns.

Known Issues:

There are relatively few reported concerns with the CITYRIDER scooter that might jeopardize its dependability. Within this pricing range, the built-in features are more than you can ask for in an electric scooter. The following are some of the recognized concerns with this scooter:

  • It is devoid of a suspension system, resulting in choppy rides on uneven surfaces.
  • When the turn signal is disabled after ten seconds, the tail light turns off. This flaw makes the scooter less visible to other vehicles at night, jeopardising the rider’s safety. To turn the taillight back on, you must manually disable and enable the lights.
  • The cruise control feature occasionally activates abruptly, endangering the rider’s safety, especially while travelling downhill or around a tight turn.
  • When accelerating from a full stop, the battery level metre gives erroneous readings. Rather than charge levels, it displays a load gauge. To get the capacity to estimate the real readings, you may need to use the scooter regularly.


The FluidFreeRide CITYRIDER scooter is simple to keep in good working order. Perform the following inspections after each ride to guarantee a safe ride:

  • Look for cracks and other physical deterioration on the wheels.
  • Make that the brakes are in good operating order.
  • Loose screws and bolts should be tightened.
  • Examine any exposed wires for signs of wear and strain.

When washing the scooter, keep the following in mind:

  • Turn off the electricity.
  • Remove debris from the scooter using a dry towel.
  • Wipe the scooter with a moist towel rather than pouring or spraying water straight on it.
  • Never use corrosive substances or alcohol-based cleaning solutions on the scooter.

Before putting the scooter away, be sure to:

  • Charge it completely.
  • If you are storing the scooter for longer than a month, you should discharge and recharge it after some time.
  • Use a dustproof cover to protect the scooter.
    Avoid keeping the scooter in areas where the temperature fluctuates a much.
  • Check the scooter on a regular basis to ensure that the components are protected from harm while it is being stored.

Wear protective gear when riding the CITYRIDER scooter to avoid serious injury in the event of an accident.


Suitable For




Max Speed

18 MPH


15 miles

Charge Time

1.5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

7-10 miles


inner suspension tires

Braking System

rear drum & rear step on the brake


21.6 cm Solid + Solid


360 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight


Max Load

220 lbs


front and rear LED

Product Material

Alloy Frame

Water Resistance

Extra features

Battery life up to 10 miles when fully charged


4.3 out of 5
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  1. Justin

    easy to install, lightweight, and neatly folds,

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  2. Scott

    When completely charged, the battery has a substantial amount of energy stored in it. It looks nice and is extremely quiet.

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  3. Brandon

    it after a few minutes of working out the various buttons. She carries it about with her now.

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