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What more could you want than something that is lightweight, cosy, and affordable? The only commuter scooter to do so is the EMOVE Touring, which chooses to triple the shock-absorbing capacity of all those that came before it by including a dual-pronged set of coil springs that flank the front wheel for maximum cushioning. This makes it the only commuter scooter to forgo the standard single spring suspension. The Touring’s exceptionally smooth ride, along with the two rear springs, led us to name it the best-in-class suspension (an impressive distinction given that our database contains 46 commuter-style scooters). The Touring establishes itself as one of the finest because to its ultra-portable frame and several folding mechanisms, including a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars.

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Emove Touring Summary

EMOVE Touring. Its enormous 624 watt-hour LG battery provides plenty of range at its top speed of 34.6 kilometers per hour.

Its fantastic ride quality is a result of its vast deck space, great suspension, and some more recent innovations like seat mounting holes and plug-and-play cabling.

It also folds up into a small package, weighs only 18 kg, and has excellent safety features for commuting in traffic.

The Touring has a number of positive qualities. This scooter, in our opinion, is perfect for urban riders who have lengthier journeys that involve hilly and uneven terrain.

The enormous deck is ideal for lengthy rides and difficult terrain. It has 12.8 centimetres of ground clearance to keep you free of water and road debris.

The ability to switch from a trigger throttle to a thumb or twist throttle makes commuting considerably more pleasant and customizable.

The Touring’s narrow 20.3-centimeter tyres and single wheel brake system are the only significant features we dislike.

EMOVE Touring Review9

Emove Touring Performance Overview:

With a robust peak speed of up to 24 mph and a competitive acceleration rate to match, the 500W motor of the EMOVE Touring gives it both. But when we include the parameters of price and weight, how do its velocity credentials compare to its closest competitors?

Speed & Acceleration:

The Touring’s 500-watt motor gave it a 3.9-second 0 to 24 km/h acceleration time. The Apollo City and Zero 9, two premium commuters with a reputation for speed, are also defeated by this scooter in addition to all scooters in the mid-range commuter class. You’ll be able to manoeuvre quickly and, if required, merge into or out of traffic.

This is substantially faster than an average shared scooter, which max out between 24 and 29 km/h and takes 6 to 7 seconds to reach 24 km/h. Although the motor has some power, it isn’t extremely noisy.

Hill Climbing:

The Touring has sufficient torque to climb steep slopes while yet travelling quickly. With an average speed of 17.9 km/h, the e-scooter finished our hill climb test in 12.4 seconds, making it the best in its class.

The test consists of a 60-meter hill with a 10-percent grade and a 74-kilogram rider; this is relatively steep, and unless you live in San Francisco or a nearby city, you probably won’t find many hills steeper than this in your neighborhood.

Battery & Range:

A 624 watt-hour LG lithium-ion battery powering the Touring has been tested to travel 30.1 kilometres.

With a 74 kg rider in the quickest mode, we test every scooter on the identical urban test loop (least energy conserving). The test circuit’s hills, frequent pauses, and uneven terrain all contribute to the battery’s quicker depletion.

Motor Configuration:

When I put the Emove Touring up against typical, entry-level electric scooters, it absolutely destroys them. On level terrain, I reached a speed of 43 km/h (26.7 mph), exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended speed. And when compared to less expensive electric scooters, the 750 W peak motor’s output is a night and day difference. The ability to climb a mild hill vs needing to push it up in a walk of shame depends on it.

Emove Touring Construction & Quality:

The Touring can support riders weighing up to 140 kg and has exceptional construction quality.

Being an electric scooter that is descended from the MiniMotors Speedway Mini 4 Pro helps the Touring’s construction quality. The Mini 4 Pro, a scooter that has been improved over several generations, has been transformed into the Touring.

The Touring had good quality right out of the box. The only pre-ride modification we made was to quickly tighten the rear drum brake.

All of the folding mechanisms are strong, and they even have a rubber rod to reduce stem play. The folding handlebars in particular were quite sturdy; they also had adjustment screws you can use to tighten them if they become slack quickly. This may need to be adjusted once when setting up the scooter, but it shouldn’t be necessary very often.

The only flaws in the construction are fit-and-finish difficulties, which plague all scooters made by hand on smaller production lines (i.e., pretty much every scooter that isn’t a Xiaomi or Segway). Examples of the kinds of problems that arise include pre-ride adjustments and screws that need tightening.

Suspension & Comfort:

One of the Touring’s outstanding features is the suspension. The front stem suspension, the front dual spring suspension, and the rear dual suspension make up the Touring’s triple suspension system.

The Touring’s capacity to handle up to 308 pounds, which is outstanding for its price, should make it simpler for larger riders to get around. For bigger riders, it is safe to assume that the Emove Touring can compete with more expensive electric scooters. It is quite improbable that any rider will bottom out while riding with a high deck clearance of 5 inches.

Ride Quality:

The Touring has an outstanding ride quality that is both comfortable for extended journeys and compact enough to be agile. The scooter, which even outperforms several far more costly scooters, has unquestionably the best riding quality in its price range.

Spring suspension in the front and back is what gives it its comfortable ride. A single spring is placed on top of a pair of springs in the front suspension, which is very effective. Each set of springs has a distinct spring rate, enabling it to be both rigid and supple enough to respond rapidly and avoid bottoming out.

The large deck is another noteworthy aspect. Compared to scooters with such modest folded dimensions, the deck is large, allowing you to stand comfortably in a variety of positions. This significantly improves the quality of the ride and makes it especially comfortable for extended excursions.


The corners of the deck of the Touring are equipped with front and rear button LED lights. Additionally, it has a low-mounted headlamp, which houses the electronic horn’s speaker.

A handlebar-mounted lamp and a blinking red light on your helmet or backpack are likely still necessary if you want to ride at night in order to see the road more clearly.


The Touring stopped from a speed of 24 kilometres per hour in just 4.9 metres in our ESG-certified braking test. The braking distance was 6 m when we tested it while seated as well. We define great braking distances as less than 6 m.

A redundant drum and regenerative brake are used in the Touring’s braking system. The fact that the rear wheel does all of the braking and the front wheel does none means that the braking performance is reduced.

We would rather see separate braking mechanisms on each wheel.

Moreover, the back tyre is sturdy (not pneumatic or air-filled). These tyres are frequently tougher and don’t offer as much traction, especially when it’s rainy.

EMOVE Touring Review6

Emove Touring Portability:

The Touring’s small folded size and light weight make it incredibly portable.

With an 18 kg weight, it is manageable to hoist into a car trunk or carry one-highhandedly up stairs.

The Touring also features several folding mechanisms, including:

  • stem that folds
  • adjustable handlebars
  • flexible stem

These enable it to fold down to a very small 112 centimeters (length) by 18 centimeters (width), and 36 centimeters (height) (height).

In order to significantly eliminate stem wobbling and give the handlebars a stronger, more secure feel, the new for 2020 EMOVE Touring sports an updated folding mechanism that makes use of an adjustable rubber bumper.

EMOVE Touring Review2


The Touring has a front pneumatic (air-filled) tyre that measures 20.3 centimetres and a rear solid (airless) tyre that measures 20.3 centimetres.

For a scooter that otherwise performs well on a variety of urban surfaces, these tyres are on the smaller size. You need to be more cautious when driving on smaller tyres because potholes and other obstructions could cause your tyre to suddenly halt.

EMOVE Touring Review5

By enabling the tyre to more readily roll over bumps, the suspension does assist to alleviate this issue, but we still prefer to see at least 22-centimeter tyres on scooters that are capable of travelling faster than 26 km/h.


Given that it folds down to just 112 by 18 centimetres, the EMOVE Touring’s deck offers a standing area of 58.0 by 18.5 centimetres, which is a remarkable amount of usable space. Unhindered access to the back of the deck gives you a few extra inches to hang your feet over.

Your shoes will stay securely on the deck thanks to grip tape that resembles sandpaper.

Due to the deck’s 12.8-centimeter ground clearance, you may drop off curbs and manoeuvre around the majority of obstructions. The height from the deck to the handlebar can be adjusted from 73.2 to 102.4 centimetres.

Emove Touring Controls & Display:

Since riding is so easy, even total beginners can pick it up in just three minutes. The controls itself are also fairly straightforward: brake lever for stopping, index throttle for acceleration. I’m done now.

EMOVE Touring Review4

Water Resistance:

The EMOVE Touring is able to endure water spray from any angle thanks to its IP54 water-resistance rating. A considerable improvement over the more basic IPX4 certification, an IP54 rating provides decent mid-range weather protection.

A word of caution, though: while riding in the rain is never advised, water resistance ratings provide you an additional layer of protection against it. In addition to posing a safety risk, you face the risk of harming your scooter and nullifying its guarantee.


Both novice and experienced riders may find it to be wonderful. The EMove Touring will enchant commuters who want a dependable, high-quality scooter as well as casual riders who simply want a scooter that’s fun to ride.


All of the items offered by VoroMotors come with a 12-month warranty. Within 30 days of receiving your item, if there is a problem, they will ship and replace all necessary parts at no cost to you. If a claim is submitted more than 30 days after receiving the order, the purchaser will only be responsible for shipping costs. As always, if you make any unauthorized modifications to your scooter, the guarantee is null and void.

Emove Touring Known Issues:

Within 30 days of receiving your item, if there is a problem, they will send and replace all necessary components at no cost to you. If a claim is submitted more than 30 days after receiving the goods, the purchaser will only be responsible for shipping costs. As always, if you make any illegal changes to your scooter, the guarantee is null and void.


The EMove Touring is a really high-quality product, therefore there’s a good probability that it won’t have any problems for a very long time. At Voromotors, you may locate every spare part you would want.

I recommend creating a short, easy-to-follow cleaning and maintenance schedule. Your maintenance check list may be as straightforward as:

  • If any screws appear to be loose, tighten them.
  • check the pressure in the front tyre
  • ensure sure the brakes are in working order.
  • if needed, lubricate the joints

Who Should Buy the EMOVE Touring?

This scooter receives an overall rating of 8 out of 10. For the features it offers at the pricing, it is a good investment. It is an excellent electric scooter all-around because it can support higher weights, has a respectable range and speed, a triple suspension system, and a superior build.

Although this scooter has a few small shortcomings, such as having only one rear drum brake, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Regardless of whether you are a novice or expert rider, this scooter is fantastic for commuters. It has a range of 25 miles, so it can also be a good alternative for people who live close to a city. Overall, the EMOVE Touring 2020 is a fantastic scooter for its price range.

Specification: Emove Touring Review



Suitable For




Max Speed

25 mph


25 miles

Charge Time

4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

25 miles


Front and rear spring suspension

Braking System

rear drum brakes


8-inch pneumatic front, 8-inch air-less rear


624 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

39 lbs

Max Load

330 Lbs


front head + front side + rear brake

Product Material

aluminum alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

App Connectivity, Cruise Control

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Emove Touring Review


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