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Some consider the EMove Cruiser to be one of the most comprehensive electric scooters, and it’s simple to see why. It boasts excellent acceleration and speed, a staggeringly long range, exceptional build quality and suspension, and an amazing pricing.
Black, white, and orange are the three colours available for the well-rounded commuter device. But wait, there’s more! Its one-of-a-kind accessories are meticulously carved onto the scooter’s frame, giving it an attractive design and appearance that turns heads wherever you go.

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EMove Cruiser Summary:

Are you concerned about how long your battery will last? The EMove Cruiser is equipped with a strong 52V 30AH Li-ion battery that can go up to 50 miles (80 km) on a single charge. The majority of electric scooters only go roughly two-thirds of that distance! Its 600W (1,600W peak) motor is particularly impressive, capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h).

The scooter’s 10-inch pneumatic auto-grade tyres are a fantastic complement to the build, allowing for smooth riding even on uneven terrains. The robust stem of the high-speed cruiser feels comfortable and safe even at high speeds.

When it comes to safety and handling, the EMove Cruiser offers all of the features you’d expect from a high-end scooter. The smart LCD control panel is first on the list, and it shows your riding mode, battery life, speed, and odometer. Then there’s the twin Xtech semi-hydraulic disc brakes on each wheels, which let you to stop on a dime when necessary. Its 22.5-inch-wide handlebars provide an ergonomic grip and riding position for more pleasant rides. This scooter comes with an optional seat arrangement for increased comfort and stability for scooter fans who intend on going lengthy travels.

We must also highlight that the EMove Cruiser has an IP67 water resistant rating. There aren’t many scooters on the market that can handle rainy weather as well as this one. Even so, to avoid unnecessary mishaps, we wouldn’t advocate riding it in harsh weather.

This high-speed commuter device is exceptionally sturdy and suited for novices and pros alike due to its weight (54 lbs / 24 kg) and the handy position of its controls. It also comes with all of the essential features you’d expect from a long-range electric scooter. What’s even better? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have one of these cars!


Performance Overview:

The EMove Cruiser electric scooter is powered by a 600W motor with a 1600W peak output, as previously stated. Although this may not appear to be a lot of power, you’ll be astonished at how smooth it is on inclines up to 10 degrees. Accelerating to peak speed is a breeze, and it only takes a few seconds to get the scooter moving!

The pneumatic auto-grade tyres, which securely grip the road and make it easy to handle slopes and uneven terrains with ease, help to support this massive power. The dual suspension absorbs stress and impacts from uneven roadways, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Speed & Acceleration:

The 1600W peak motor on the EMove Cruiser is what allows this electric scooter to achieve speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h) without displaying any indications of strain.

However, its controller has been fine-tuned to provide enough range rather than a thrilling acceleration. Even on a level and smooth surface, expect decent but not overwhelming acceleration. Despite this, the EMove Cruiser accelerates quickly and maintains peak speed on a variety of terrains better than most other e-scooter brands we’ve tried.

Battery & Range:

The monster LG battery is the crown gem of the EMove Cruiser electric scooter. Most scooters in this price range include a 52v 30AH battery that is up to three times more powerful and lasts longer. While having a high-voltage lithium-ion battery is advantageous, having the support of a reputable manufacturer (LG) that manufactures its goods in ISO-certified facilities is much more so.

The Cruiser has one of the longest ranges we’ve seen, travelling a remarkable 50 miles when completely charged (81 km). This makes it an excellent choice for long-distance commuters or short-distance commuters who just want to charge their device once every few days, if not weeks!

Motor Configuration:

In terms of motor power, the EMove Cruiser has a 600W motor with a 1600W peak output. This is capable of handling up to 350 pounds (158 kg), which is the equal of two average-sized individuals!

A sturdy 50V 30AH battery powers the muscular motor, which sits securely at the back tyre. The scooter’s manufacturer claims a range of 62 miles (100 kilometres), although real-world data shows that the motor seldom goes over 50 miles (81 km). Even still, it’s a remarkable achievement that many scooters can only aspire to.

Construction & Quality:

This electric scooter was built to the highest standards. Its frame is built of high-quality aluminium alloy that is both strong and light. The handlebars are a fair size and are easy to grip. An innovative LCD cockpit sits in the middle of the handlebar, allowing you to see your battery charge level, speed, riding mode, and distance all at once.

While self-driving scooters have yet to be seen, the cruise control feature lets you to enjoy those leisurely journeys without having to do anything with your hands. The thumb throttle and brake levers are in their proper positions for simpler navigation, which we like. The lighting system is another striking element on this scooter that you won’t be able to overlook. The deck features two-button lights, two red signal lights in the back, and two extra strong lights in the front for nighttime visibility.

Finally, while the EMove Cruiser isn’t the lightest electric scooter on the market, it does have a fantastic design and build quality that makes it more portable. A central pin rotates and locks the folding handlebars and telescoping stem in a pin-style folding mechanism. The finished product will fit in the trunk of any automobile or a closet in your house.

Ride Quality:

Even on difficult roads, the EMove Cruiser provides a near-perfect ride. Its front and rear dual suspension, large deck, and durable pneumatic automobile grade tyres improve stability and provide one of the greatest rides you’ll find on an electric scooter.

The Cruiser’s weight, in addition to the suspension, gives extra heaviness to absorb vibrations and punishing impacts from even the toughest roads. Because of the ergonomic position and size of the handlebars, you can ride the e scooter for extended periods of time without becoming exhausted.

With such great features and a smooth ride, it’s easy to see why YouTube sensation Eric Decker picked the Cruiser over the Kaabo Mantis Pro in the second episode of Scooter Hunters!


The greatest built-in lighting kit is one of the EMove Cruiser’s claims to fame. This is something that riders frequently state in their video evaluations and blog postings. When riding the EMove Cruiser at night, you don’t have to be concerned about the darkness.

The Cruiser has four deck button lights, two on each side of the deck in the front (white lights) and two in the back (red lights) (red lights). Turn signals are also provided by the rear lights. When the turn signal lights are activated, they are accompanied by auditory beeping. This useful function ensures that you don’t forget to turn off your turn signal.

The front-mounted headlight is really brilliant and well-designed, but we believe it might have been placed a little higher. It’s not a big deal, though, because the front deck button lights improve vision at night.

Finally, the rear light on the EMove Cruiser responds to braking by blinking brighter when you press the brakes.


Thanks to its high-quality semi-hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels and electronic braking on the rear wheel, bringing the EMove Cruiser to a halt is rather simple. Together, they provide some of the most effective stopping power possible on an electric scooter.

The twin Xtech 140 mm hydraulic brakes are simple to use, although they do require some adjustment before you can go on the road. There are additionally rear cable brakes to aid provide even more braking force in an emergency.

The EMove Cruiser can come to a halt from a speed of 15 mph (24 km/h) in just 3.4 meters. That’s rather remarkable!


The EMove Cruiser isn’t the lightest e-scooter on the market right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not portable. Not at all.

You can truly condense this e-scooter for simple travel up and down stairs thanks to the sturdy stem folding mechanism, telescoping stem, and folding handlebars.

This scooter has a unique pin-style folding mechanism that allows you to fold it up into a compact package that can fit within the boot of almost any car. When folded and erect, it requires a single pin to secure the stem.



The Cruiser’s high-quality tyres are another excellent attribute that distinguishes it as a top-tier electric scooter. The pneumatic auto-grade tyres not only provide a strong grip, but also aid in the balance of this 54-pound (24 kg) scooter on the road. Even better is the assured lifetime; you won’t have to worry about potholes or sharp items puncturing your tyres.

Tubeless tyres of the Cruiser seal to the rim of the scooter wheel (exactly as on a car) and give excellent control and handling. These tyres are often thicker, tougher, and less prone to flats. If you do suffer a flat tyre, you may easily fix it using a can of liquid puncture repair.



Every electric scooter rider appreciates a spacious, stable standing platform, and the EMove Cruiser designers are well aware of this. There aren’t many electric scooters on the market with a deck space of 58.5 cm x 19.5 cm like this one.

Additionally, the increased sense of security provided by the bigger deck area is beneficial while travelling at night.

In addition to its size, the deck is thick and built of reinforced aluminium alloy for unsurpassed strength and durability. There are firm plastic bumpers on each end of the deck that operate as a protective barrier. These lessen the risk of injuring your legs or damage walls or other objects you may come into contact with.

Controls & Display:

The cockpit, which extends to the handlebars, houses all of the controls. The LCD is located next to the right handlebar and displays information about the e scooter’s necessities such as speed, battery charge, and modes.

A USB connector on the back of the display is intended for firmware upgrades and low-voltage smartphone charging.

The brake lever and a button console that controls the headlight, electronic horn, and turn signals are located on the left handlebar. On the right handlebar is another brake lever, as well as the key-start ignition.

The Cruiser truly shines in this area. Because no two keys are alike (much like a car key), you can be confident that only you will be turning on your electric vehicle.

Water Resistance:

The Cruiser is one of the few electric scooters with an official waterproof certification on the market.

It has an IP67 certification for the entirety of its body, including the battery housing and lighting system. All of the important controls and attachments are tightly sealed to prevent water damage, which means the fun can continue even if it rains!


The EMove Cruiser is a scooter you can count on every day. It was designed with rock-solid dependability in mind. This electric scooter was designed with great care and attention to detail, with an emphasis on longevity, safety, and performance.


A one-year warranty is included with the EMove Cruiser. This brand’s customer service and assistance are likewise of very high quality.

Known Issues:

The EMove Cruiser electric scooter does not seem to generate a lot of consumer complaints. However, some customers have experienced issues with the key ignition and loose screws.

The most prevalent problem with the Cruiser is a problematic starting system. Some consumers have complained that the starter would not come on unless the key is turned many times.

As previously stated, the Cruiser’s stem folding mechanism and deck have numerous screw heads. It’s critical to inspect and tighten them on a regular basis, as they may become loose after numerous strenuous rides.


What are we to say? This electric scooter is built to durable and will last you a long time. Thousands of pleased motorcyclists all across the world can’t be incorrect.

A few points to keep in mind: the main stem has a few folding joints that may require minor repair from time to time. Aside from this necessity for maintenance, the scooter comes with various screws that must be tightened before use.

Keep your scooter clean, just like any other high-performance product, and examine the tyres thoroughly before each ride.

EMove Cruiser: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

For long-range commuter electric scooters, the EMove Cruiser is the gold standard.

You’ll be hard pushed to find another scooter with as many rider-friendly features as this one. With incredible performance characteristics like driving range and brakes, there are also many more amenities built in that are often only accessible as aftermarket upgrades or more expensive upgraded versions on other scooter manufacturers.

Semi-hydraulic brakes, a fantastic front and rear suspension system, foldable handlebars, and clever direction indicator signs are all included out of the box.

We, along with thousands of other satisfied riders throughout the world, heartily recommend this scooter.

Voro Motors’ EMove Cruiser is a rock-solid, practical, smartly designed, and built-to-last vehicle! Year after year, the same thing happens.


Suitable For




Max Speed

33 mph


62 mi

Charge Time

9 to 12 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

50 miles


Hydraulic dual front suspension and rear air suspension

Braking System

Semi-hydraulic disc brakes


10-inch pneumatic tubeless auto grade tires



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

52 lbs

Max Load

352 lbs


Front headlight and rear light. Deck lights (front & rear). Turn & brake signal lights

Product Material

Lightweight aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Plug-and-play cabling


5.0 out of 5
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    I bought this scooter to make moving around on a project easier.

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    I adore how big this scooter is!

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  3. Felix

    It is simple to adjust to any necessary height, and a kickstand is included! Has a brake light and is very powerful. I wholeheartedly advise purchasing this scooter!

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