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The Booster Plus S+ is a straightforward scooter with no apologies. In reality, E-Twow has managed to cram a lot of performance into a little container.
The S+’s 500w motor allows it to reach a top speed of 19mph. The range of an electric scooter is a respectable 22 kilometres. All of this in a scooter that just weights 11 kilogrammes. It’s a remarkable achievement.
Okay, so the 36V 8.6Ah battery pack isn’t particularly large, which means you won’t be able to ride very far or very quickly, but that’s not the point of this electric scooter.

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E-Twow Booster S2 Summary

The Booster Plus S+ admits that it is a simple scooter but doesn’t apologise for it. In actuality, E-Twow has crammed a lot of capability into a little container.

The S+’s 500w motor allows it to reach a top speed of 19 mph. The 22-mile range of an electric scooter is also respectable. All of this is contained in an 11kg scooter. It’s a remarkable accomplishment.

The 36V 8.6Ah battery pack is very modest, so you won’t be able to travel very far or very quickly, but that isn’t the main focus of this electric scooter.

A quick charger is included with the scooter. Your battery will go from empty to full in less than 3 hours. You can understand why we enjoy this scooter more and more when you compare it to the 10 hours required for a high-performance scooter.

The S+ has responsive and rapid handling thanks to its thin shape and light weight. When weaving in and out of traffic, this device truly does respond quickly. The assisted brakes ensure that you will stop. Upgraded tyres also keep you firmly planted on the pavement, which is always a plus.

The scooter is easy to transport after folding. Although the three-point folding mechanism is reliable, it might be a little difficult to use at first.

The Booster Plus S+ is the scooter in E-fifth-generation Twow’s S2 lineup with the finest specifications. Check out the somewhat less expensive Booster V or Booster Plus if you’re on a tight budget.

The S+ is an excellent mid-range scooter option if you’re looking to spend some money.


Power & Performance

The 500w motor of the S+ helps you move forward on the straight and narrow without being slow. Additionally, it can climb steep slopes up to 25 degrees, though we won’t speculate as to how long.

The 36V 8.6Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack is made of dependable Samsung cells and should provide performance that lasts for a very long time. The extremely quick 2-hour charging time makes it perfect for commuting.

The front and rear coil spring suspensions are effective, and the airless tyres are sturdy and reliable. It’s actually one of the most comfortable scooters in this price range, if not all of them.


Smooth acceleration is provided by the powerful motor, which makes us grin at every curve. Even though the highest speed isn’t much to be excited about, getting there will be enjoyable.

In actuality, the S+ makes a great beginner scooter. Although the acceleration is quick, it isn’t harsh or progressive enough to be controlled.

Top Speed

On the S+, you can travel at a top speed of 22 mph, which feels swift enough in traffic. Although it won’t win many prizes, the Xiamoi or Ninebot is 7 mph faster than the typical commuter scooter.


Despite its small weight, it still has a 22-mile Eco mode range.

Of course, it will be less in real-world circumstances and at real-world speeds, but like every other feature of this scooter, it’s just about adequate.

Fortunately, charging takes between two to three hours, so you won’t have to wait long if the battery does run out.

Motor Configuration

A front-hub DC brushless motor is standard on all S2 models made by E-Twow. The motor has been used before and is reliable. We encountered no problems when running our tests.

Additionally, the wiring is sleek and appears much cleaner than on earlier versions.

The E-Twow S+ comes with a super fast charger and an enhanced and improved charging port as a result of listening to rider comments. Because the charging port is more intelligent and secure, you are less likely to sustain costly harm. Additionally, it is waterproof because power and water don’t mix, as we all know.


The S+ is your standard long-lasting scooter. It seemed solid and stable when first opened the package. Aluminum alloy, which is strong and has great corrosion resistance, is used to construct the frame.

The finish was adequate, and there are several different colours from which to chose.

The S+’s compact deck and tube stem make it very portable. Such weight savings are fantastic for smaller riders, but we believe the S+ can feel a touch too fragile for larger riders, especially at faster speeds.

Although the scooter can support up to 125 kg, heavier riders may want to explore elsewhere.



The S+’s powerful front and rear coil spring suspension gives it a remarkably smooth ride. Seriously, even after travelling a good distance while standing, this scooter is incredibly comfy.

Ride Quality

The S+ does a good job of balancing speed, suspension, traction, and suspension when it comes to ride quality.

As we’ve already mentioned, this area is a hub for city commuters, so you’ll experience lumps and bumps if you venture off the beaten path, but on it, it’s a market leader for mid-range scooters.

During our testing, we covered some serious distance, yet we didn’t feel exhausted.

Short and straight handlebars are simple to grasp and hold onto. All the information you should need, including speed, battery condition, and miles, is provided via the full-color LCD. It is simple to read both in bright light and in the dark.


The S+ has a dual braking system that consists of a mechanical rear brake and a regenerative front brake.

The front of your vehicle should provide the majority, if not the entirety, of your stopping force, with the stomp brake serving as an emergency backup or a preventative measure.

The front regen brake utilises Kers technology to capture braking energy. Regenerative brakes haven’t always been our favourite to use, but they are an upgrade over earlier designs.

Overall, there isn’t much to be unhappy about.


The E-twow weighs only 11 kg, but how portable is it? Very is the response.

It might take some getting used to the three-point locking mechanism, but once you do, it’s simple. The scooter’s compact deck, stem, and bars fold down into a tidy package, making it obvious that it is designed with commuters in mind.

This scooter specialises in portability and can easily fit inside a cabinet, under a desk, or a seat.

Another checkmark for this competent commuter.



The brake lights at the back and the front LED lights are bright but not dazzling. Although they are enough for getting by, we would suggest an upgrade as an early investment.


For scooters in this price range, the 8″ airless tyres are standard. We like the additional wear on the tyres, and while riding, we had no slips, mishaps, or falls.

Although we don’t advise riding in the rain or the wet, these tyres are more resistant to it than the slicks seen on other scooters.

The fact that airless tyres require no maintenance is one of its key advantages. Just keep in mind to check frequently to make sure they’re still in good shape.


The deck’s narrowness makes swift handling possible. In fact, you can really throw this scooter over obstacles because to its narrow deck, which is a lot of fun.

The deck may be thin, but you can feel that it is thicker than prior S versions. There are side reflectors on the side that improve visibility (a bit).

Even bigger riders ought to be able to find a cosy spot for logging those cosy commuter kilometers here.

Build Quality

Being an established brand, E-Twow, you would anticipate the S= to be solidly constructed. Fortunately, you’d be accurate.

The scooter is a high-quality machine right out of the box. Nothing feels cheap, not even the nuts or the batteries. Everything appears and feels solidly constructed.

If we must be severe, some riders would complain that the scooter seems a touch too light.

Overall, we believe the S+ will provide you years of trouble-free scootering. If you really push it, there is some flex in the handlebars, the scooter can bottom out at times, and the rear mechanical brake is a compromise.



We had no difficulties when doing our review. Additionally, we were unable to locate any unfavourable testimonials or product recalls that you should be concerned about.

High-end components like the Samsung battery pack indicate that E-twow isn’t interested in skimping on quality.

You will receive two years of coverage if you purchase your S+ from one of our suggested retailers.

Known Issues

As said above, we are not aware of any problems, but keep checking back because we’ll update the review if we do.

Water Resistance

Don’t ride the E-twow in the rain since it isn’t water resistant. The solid tyres will find it difficult to maintain traction in wet weather and may lock up. The LED lights are also ineffective in rain or fog.


The S+ is almost maintenance-free because to its sealed batteries, airless tyres, and engine, among other high-quality parts.

The folding mechanism might need to be cleaned and greased sometimes, but other than that, everything should be good.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

As far as we can tell, the E-Twow S2 is a good investment because it’s sturdy, economical, and provides everything you could possibly need from an electric scooter.

Your choice of scooter should be aided by the fact that there don’t seem to be many negative reviews or problems with these models. You need something that will endure and provide safety for a very long time.

Specification: E-TWOW S2 BOOSTER

Suitable For




Max Speed



22 miles

Charge Time

2 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

22 miles


Coil-spring, Suspension Front/Rear

Braking System

Electro-magnetic KERS, Kick-brake


Airless tyres


313.2 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight


Max Load



Front LED lights and rear brake lights

Product Material

Alloy Frame

Water Resistance

Extra features

Fast Charging

3 reviews for E-TWOW S2 BOOSTER

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Ethan

    It rides well and is quiet and silent thanks to the 10-inch tyres.

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  2. Owen

    I am incredibly happy that I bought this scooter.

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  3. Samuel

    I use this scooter for inner-city travel, which is a wonderful application for it. I take it to the bus stop from my residence.

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