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In its class of electric scooters, the E-TwowGT 2020 offers the most power, the longest range, and the highest top speed. It’s light enough for riders of all sizes, weighing only 12kg, and the three-point folding technology allows the scooter to be folded in seconds.

It’s a portable powerhouse that costs less than £1000 new and has us scratching our heads for flaws. Even when tackling the hills, the robust 700W motor delivers. It may not be as powerful as some high-end dual-motor electric scooters, but they’re nearly twice as hefty and pricey.

This scooter doesn’t have a particularly appealing appearance. It’s rather plain and generic-looking, so if you’re looking for a scooter that stands out, this isn’t it. If you push the throttle all the way down, you’ll be able to pass other motorcyclists.

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Let’s begin with the nice stuff. In its class of electric scooters, the E-Twow GT 2020 offers the greatest power, the longest range, and the highest peak speed. It’s light enough for riders of all sizes, weighing only 12kg, and the three-point folding mechanism allows the scooter to be folded in seconds.

It’s a portable powerhouse that costs less than £1000 new and has us scratching our heads for flaws. Even when tackling the hills, the robust 700W motor delivers. It may not be as powerful as some high-end dual-motor electric scooters, but they’re nearly twice as hefty and pricey.

This scooter doesn’t have a particularly appealing appearance. It’s rather plain and generic-looking, so if you’re looking for a scooter that stands out, this isn’t it. When you turn the throttle all the way down, other riders and road users will know you’re on a premium ride.

Samsung’s 35E cells are used to make the battery pack. It has the longest range in its class, with a capacity of 504Wh. On a full charge, you may expect to get about 20 kilometers.

The look, features, and airless tyres all point to this electric scooter being designed mainly for city riders. With strong swing arms  , a sturdy frame, and high-quality components, it’s all reassuringly well crafted.

We like its serious specifications and no-nonsense appearance. Is it the ideal ultra-portable device.


Performance Overview:

The 700W front hub motor will always give performance on an e scooter this light, but the Twow GT electric scooter provides more than we expected right out of the box. When compared to other ultra-portables, it’s easy to understand why, with the E-Twow GT electric delivering an additional 200W. The battery capacity is also amazing.

The E Twowo GT electric scooter may appear little, sweet, and innocent, but its power-to-weight ratio allows it to soar. With a maximum weight of 125kg, it’s also appropriate for larger rides.

The scooter establishes new acceleration and high speed records (more on that later). Thankfully, the improved mechanical brakes make controlling the beast a breeze.

Using the included 3A mains adaptor, charging takes less than 5 hours, allowing you to go from zero to hero in less than a working day. To minimise overheating, the device incorporates an Advanced Battery Management system.

It’s all quite stunning.

Speed & Acceleration:

The acceleration feels like you’re being forced down a flight of steps, and it catches you off guard. The motor is smooth and quick, reaching a top speed of 20 mph in less than 9 seconds. That’s enough to stop traffic and other scooters in their tracks.

There is nothing comparable in this price range. Sure, we might compare that to scooters costing three times as much, but is that really fair?

The scooter’s acceleration contributes to its status as a commuting classic. It’s not only about impressing other road users when you have that kind of speed. It also allows you to deal with potentially harmful circumstances and stay out of trouble.

During our experiments, we were able to almost tip the speedometer to 24 mph. It adheres to the manufacturer’s specifications and displays how quick it is.

In real-world situations, you’re unlikely to want to maintain these energy-sapping speeds for long, but knowing they’re there is useful. At this pricing range, the scooter consumes 7.7Wh/Km, which is adequate.

It stands up to rival ultra-portables from companies like Xiaomi and Ninebot. They’d best get out of your way since it’s 10mph faster than the usual rental scooter.

Battery & Range:

The perennial trade-off between speed and range still persists, although the Samsung pack’s 504Wh capacity should get you approximately 20 kilometres on a single charge. So you won’t be able to embark on all-day adventures with it, but as a commuter or pleasure scooter, it’s ideal. From a fully charged battery, we were able to travel about 20 kilometres.

In addition, you’ll receive a high-quality Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) unit made from Samsung’s tried-and-true 3.5Ah (35E) cells. With a battery that can last up to 500 recharging cycles, you can be sure you’ll have years of trouble-free pleasure.

Motor Configuration:

The DC Brushless motor is a common front-hub variant that provides a powerful acceleration burst. It’s a sleek machine that can handle riders weighing up to 125kg and slopes up to 25 degrees.

It’s about 50% more powerful than others in the same price range at 700W. This results in better performance and faster speeds.

Construction & Quality:

The scooter is reassuringly weighty and well-built when you take it up. The frame is made of a common aluminium alloy. It comes in three different metallic paint treatments (white, grey and black).

Previous versions had issues with weak swingarms, so it’s excellent to see that these issues have been rectified here. As previously stated, the design is quite basic, but the build quality is unquestionable.

Can you tell yet that we enjoy it? It may appear to be a typical scoot, but it isn’t. When you go onboard, you’ll see that the build quality is superior to that of a conventional Xiamoi or Ninebot commuter, for example.

When you’re on board, it’s not only about speed and low weight; it’s also about agility and precision. The aluminium utilised is strong and long-lasting, with a good quality metallic paint finish that still looks good after outdoor activities.

Twow appears to have heeded the harsh criticism it has gotten from users and stepped up its game. Would we be content to ride this every day? Yep.

Suspension & Comfort:

Although the scooter appears to be simple, the front and rear shock absorbers perform a good job of absorbing the road’s bumps and limps.

We accept that this is a high-quality electric scooter designed for city use. If you attempt to go off-road, you risk injuring yourself as well as the scooter.

Ride Quality:

Although the GT’s solid tyres and modest shock absorbers predict a rocky ride, you’ll be pleasantly pleased. To extend the life of their scooters, E-Two advises riders to avoid potholes and bumpy roads. On a variety of road conditions, we found the ride to be pretty smooth.

Every scooter is a compromise, and this one is built specifically for city use. If you take it off-road, you’ll quickly see the restrictions, but why bother?

You’ll notice the difference right immediately if you’re upgrading from an entry-level scooter. Small details, such as the rubber on the deck that clings to your feet, may make a big difference.

The full-color display in the cockpit offers you complete control over the most important features. You may check the percentage of the battery, the speed, the total or trip mileage, and the temperature. It’s not the biggest out there at 30 x 26mm, but it’ll suffice.


Built-in LED headlights and brake lights are fine, but if you plan on commuting, we recommend investing in some aftermarket lights as well. You’ll also receive front and rear side reflectors, but they’ll be useless if a car gets close enough to see you.


Previous E-Two scooters only featured one brake, which was a major oversight when combined with the engine. Thankfully, these issues have been remedied, and the brakes have been thoroughly strengthened.

KERS is a regenerative braking system that uses F1 technology to recover up to 60% of the power generated. KERS systems haven’t always had the best stopping force, but when you grasp the brake lever, it’s plenty.

You’ll want to feel secure with your brakes given the power, and you can. If the lever brake isn’t slowing you down quickly enough, go the DIY method and stomp on the back wheel like it’s 2015 and you’re riding kick scooters.


You’d expect the GT, being a low-weight ultra-portable, to fold up and down in seconds, and it does. On our test, the three-point folding mechanism is smooth, and all of the spring-loaded mechanisms worked well. The height-adjustable handlebars are solid and secure, and they glide into position swiftly.

With a comforting click, everything is secured. When folded, the 12kg scooter is light enough to travel almost wherever you wish to go. To make it narrower, the handlebars fold in. It’s small enough to slip under your arm on the bus, under your desk at work, or into a closet at home.



The robust 8-inch tyres were grippy enough on the road and, when combined with the shock-absorbing suspension, provided a smooth ride. Sold tyres are quite common among urban commuters since they are low-maintenance and inexpensive to replace. The durability of the tyres will be determined over time, but we had no issues throughout our testing.

Expect a bumpy ride off-road and little traction when it’s wet.


The deck size is reasonable (about 51cm x 14cm) and allows you to find a comfortable posture. The strong front brake eliminates the need to hover your foot over the back, which is a good thing. The thick rubber provides a pleasant and gripping surface. We had no serious issues throughout our range test.

Clearance is enough with 7.6 cm, and little 8-inch wheels won’t provide much more. It’ll suffice for most road conditions, but be cautious while approaching and exiting kerbs.

Controls & Display:

This electric scooter’s LED display isn’t the most impressive. Despite this, it manages to give all of the information required for a speedy and painless journey. You’d be able to readily monitor the scooter’s remaining battery life, current speed, and Bluetooth pairing status, as sparse as the data may be. If the scooter is switched off, you won’t be able to notice the cockpit at first sight because it’s around the size of the scooter’s neck.

To get a better idea of what the app accomplishes, think of it as a more thorough version of the dashboard. A real-time speedometer, map navigation, cruise control, and light control are all included. It’s not very practical, especially because your scooter journeys are so short.


Water Resistance:

Because the scooter has little water resistance, you should avoid riding it in the rain. You risk destroying critical components and invalidate your warranty if you do so. Do yourself a favour and take the bus since the semi-slick tyres won’t provide you much traction on damp roads and nearly none if they’re wet.


The GT is a brand-new scooter, and we haven’t received any unfavourable feedback yet. Because all of the important components (battery, engine, and brakes) are from reputable manufacturers, we believe you can rely on its long-term dependability. It’s also low-maintenance, which is a good benefit.

Known Issues:

The builder has installed a second drum brake, which is encouraging given that previous versions were noted for having weak brakes. It’s a wonderful addition to a car of this calibre.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to be concerned about.


The GT is almost maintenance-free thanks to its airless tyres and regenerative brakes. That’s great news for those of us who would rather ride our scooters than fix them.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

We would highly suggest this electric scooter, especially to those who like something a little faster, since the E-Twow GT’s top speed is incredible. Finally, the scooter’s motor power, performance, and portability make it an excellent choice for a short commute.

Specification: E-TWOW GT 2020 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

25 mph


23 miles

Charge Time

3 – 4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

18 MPH


Dual suspension with front spring stem and rear spring swingarm

Braking System

Front regenerative brake and rear stomp brake


8-inch solid rubber tires



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

30 lbs

Max Load

220 lb


red taillight, White headlight

Product Material

Alloy Frame

Water Resistance


Extra features


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