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The market for commuter electric scooters is more crowded and competitive than ever, with some excellent value options. The Booster V ranks towards the top, with impressive paper specs and real-world performance.
E-twow has used high-quality components, such as a 36V Samsung battery that may last hundreds of cycles.
You’ll reach high speeds of nearly 40km/h with the 500w front hub motor (max output of 800W). Sure, you’re not tearing it up like you would on a super-scooter, but you can’t complain at this price (around £800 retail).

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E-Twow Booster V Summary

Should there be another another kind of scooter used for commuting? If it can match the quality of the Booster V, then sure.

There are a lot of amazing discounts to be had in the commuter electric scooter industry, which is becoming more competitive. The Booster V ranks at the top because to its impressive theoretical and practical performance.

Some of the high-quality parts utilized by E-twow include a 36V Samsung battery that can withstand hundreds of charging cycles without showing signs of wear.

Top speeds of nearly 40 km/h are possible thanks to the combination of the 800W rear hub motor and the 500W front hub motor. Compared to a super-scooter, you’re not exactly ripping up the pavement, but at less than £800, you can’t really complain.

The responsiveness, swiftness, and impressiveness of the handling are all notable. That’s mostly because the deck, wheels, and handlebars are all so compact.

The craftsmanship of this scooter is its defining feature. Thousands of miles of use may be expected from this sturdy item. Once folded, its 11 kilogram weight becomes much more manageable. With airless tyres, maintenance is also minimal.

Is it, therefore, the best travel companion money can buy? Just barely.

Weak tyres, cheap suspension, and weak brakes are the scooter’s Achilles’ heel. When riding in traffic or on busy routes, the lengthy stopping distances are a major drawback.

Comfort is sacrificed for the sake of mobility.

Overall, we have no qualms about adding this scooter to our collection and putting on a lot of kilometers. Keep your eyes on the road and your foot off the brake.


Performance Overview

Intense force may be applied to the Booster V. It’s surprisingly quick for such a little and lightweight device. E-twow has a maximum speed of 40 kilometres per hour. We weren’t quite able to reach that speed, but we came quite close (38 km/h, to be exact).

This scooter can outpace even the world’s best-selling Xiaomi M365 in terms of speed.

The 500W motor’s maximum output of 800W compares well to similar options. The front-hub motor provides swift acceleration (more on that below), as opposed to the usual rear-hub motor that pushes the rider forward.

We were worried that this lightweight scooter wouldn’t be able to handle the inclines, but it did surprisingly well. Even though the going was slow going up the 7% grade, at least we didn’t have to get off and walk.

The 20-kilometer range was enough for the trip to and from work.

The Booster V may not seem like much on paper, but its extended range is its main selling feature. Some riders have clocked hundreds of kilometers on this type of E-S twow’s model scooter and its predecessors.

The Booster V ought to be towards the top of your list if you want respectable power and long-term performance.

Top Speed & Acceleration

Although E-Twow advertises speeds of up to 40 km/h, we only managed to achieve speeds somewhat below that in practice. (Yes, it’s true that our combined weight plus the weight of our backpacks brings us dangerously near to the permitted maximum of 125 kilograms.) It shouldn’t be too difficult for lighter cyclists heading downhill to reach speeds of 40km/h.

When I twisted the throttle, there was a decent surge of acceleration, and we reached 20 miles per hour in little over 10 seconds.

The pace is neither lightning nor glacial.

Battery Life & Range 

The short time required to recharge the battery is a major selling factor of the E-S twow’s battery line. Fast charging the Samsung battery pack takes just three to four hours (included).

A maximum range of 20 kilometers is typical for scooters in the middle price range. It worked out well for our daily drive and allowed us with enough breathing room for any necessary store runs. Samsung’s 378-watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack is the driving force behind the S series.

Motor Configuration

As with other scooters in the S series, the 500W motor is housed in the front hub. The motor has an 800W maximum output, which was more than enough in my testing. The Booster V is more than sufficient, and its small weight meant it had no trouble climbing the hills.

Construction & Build Quality

E-S Twow’s scooters have improved steadily over the years, and this fifth iteration is no exception. We’ve already highlighted our concerns with the scooter’s tyres, brakes, and suspension, but if you can get over them, you’ll have a durable scooter.

The parts on this scooter are all top notch, and the scooter itself is beautifully made. Wiring is discrete and out of sight.



We put the Booster V’s front and rear coil spring suspension through its paces, and it did a good job of absorbing bumps and making the ride more comfortable. As we’ll see, the suspension isn’t solely to blame for the poor ride quality.

It was serviceable overall, albeit clearly intended for use on city streets. We don’t advise using it off-road for any significant distance.

Ride Quality

At this point, the Booster V may begin to fail you. While it has decent suspension, extended trips might be a bit of a squeeze on the tiny wheels and airless tyres. Because the tyres have such little traction in the wet, driving there is risky.

The Booster V’s responsiveness is mostly attributable to its narrow handlebars, small deck, and low weight. Our tossing and re-tossing of this item was a great time.

Don’t automatically assume the Booster V is for you if you’re on the heavier side. This scooter may be difficult to mount because to its 13cm handlebars and its narrow deck.


Regrettably, the Booster V’s brakes aren’t up to par with the rest of the device. There is a regent brake up front that provides average stopping power. A foot-operated mechanical brake is located in the rear.

Most scooters can be stopped with only a pull on the front brake, but we had to use both brakes on the Booster V. In spite of this, stopping performance was poor.

This scooter has a lot going for it, but the brakes may need some work. For Series 6, I really hope they fix this.


If you need a lightweight and compact scooter, go no further than the Booster V. Its 11-kilogram weight and narrow handlebars and deck make it a space-saver when folded.

A sturdy nylon handle makes it simple to transport up and down flights of stairs, and its compact size allows it to be stored away in a closet or under a bed. If you’re running late for a train or bus, the foot-operated folding mechanism is simple to use and takes just a few seconds to collapse (like we always are).

The scooter’s mobility and power set it apart (if you can live with the budget brakes).


Water Resistance

You shouldn’t ride the Booster V in the rain since it isn’t water resistant. Your battery guarantee is just 6 months long, so if you abuse it, your whole warranty might be null and void. While a few drops of water on the road probably won’t slow you down too much, you should probably avoid driving through any large puddle.


The headlight and taillight LEDs are adequate but unremarkable. Put on an additional pair of lights to increase your visibility when riding after dark. This may be less of a challenge than it seems, given how thin the actual handlebars are. If you’re nervous, you should probably wear a high-visibility jacket and a helmet light.


As is typical of commuter scooters, the polyurethane tyres don’t need air. They need little upkeep, which is excellent, but they have a rough ride and poor traction in wet conditions.

It has been established that the Booster V’s brakes is less than stellar, thus it is recommended that you be cautious when riding it until you get familiar with its capabilities.

This scooter is built for city streets, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but it’s still smart to be careful.


The Booster V deck is very slim (about 42cm x 15cm), making it highly portable at the expense of some comfort. We found it to be stable enough, and the ground clearance was enough (7.6cm), but we wouldn’t want to take it off the road or over most kerbs.

The reflective strips on each side increased our visibility, and the surface’s traction made us feel safe and secure as we rode.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

S scooters have been used for thousands of kilometers, and we expect the same durability from the Booster V.

Little should be feared at this time. Even the airless tyres with puncture protection should survive for a few years before they need to be changed.

One other advantage is that spares are not hard to track down.


The Booster V is a low-maintenance vehicle with few potential failure points and few required adjustments. The scooter requires nothing in the way of maintenance other than the occasional wash and inspection of the tyres for wear and tear.

Known Issues

We are not aware of any problems with this model’s production. We have already discussed our problems with the brakes, suspension, and tyres, so we won’t go over them again here.

Some previous customers had controller problems, but after having them changed at no cost to them under warranty, the fundamental issues were presumably resolved.

If there are any problems that have been discovered on other rides, you will find out about them first here.


Numerous official E-Twow add-ons, such as phone holders, fingerprint sensor lockers, and trolley bags, are available to the public. For us, the best feature is the shoulder strap. It comes in handy most while transporting the scooter up many flights of stairs.

Specification: E-TWOW BOOSTER V Review

Suitable For




Max Speed

25 mph


21 miles

Charge Time

4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

18 miles


Regenerative brake for front wheel + Emergency brake for rear wheel

Braking System

Regenerative + Foot


8 inches


378 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight


Max Load

220 lbs


Front and rear lights

Product Material

Aluminium 6061 T6 high resistance

Water Resistance

Extra features

Low-weight and ultra-portable

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