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If you’re searching for a powerful electric scooter with a lot of performance in a small package, the Dualtron X2 is a good option.
The Dualtron X2 is an improved version of the legendary Dualtron X, a pioneer in the transition of scooters from toys to serious machinery. This large-wheeled scooter provides users with a sense of security while still offering some real speed.

The motor and suspension have been modified by the manufacturer to provide more power and better handling. While the Dualtron X2 isn’t cheap, it provides a great ride that makes it a practical, stable, and safer option for everyday riding.
In today’s review, we look at the technical aspects of the new Dualtron and provide a full description of every feature.

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Dualtron X2 Summary:

There’s no getting around the reality that this is a monster scooter. Not only does size important, but so does performance. Thankfully, the X2 does as well.

MiniMotors, the makers of the Dualtron X2, have spent a lot of work making sure the 66kg scooter rides nicely. The 13″ tyres, sturdy deck, and steering damper (an optional feature) all contribute to excellent handling. The ride is steady, giving you (the rider) peace of mind. With only a tap on the clever ABS brakes, you’ll have excellent stopping power, which you’ll need as this scooter flies.

When combined with the 4150W motors, the enormous 72V 42Ah main battery gives amazing performance. Average mileage can vary, but anticipate to go between 60 and 90 miles on a single charge. The BLDC twin hub motor accelerates smoothly and gradually up to a peak speed of 68 miles per hour.
Always remember to put on your safety equipment!

The scooter’s LED lights all around it give superb visibility. This makes you more visible to other motorists and pedestrians. The menu panel display is basic but effective, keeping you in charge without overwhelming you with information, which is a bonus.

Is that all good news? We’re not going to pretend that weight isn’t a consideration. Because folding and unfolding the electric scooter requires some effort, it is probably best suited to people who can handle the weight. It’s also not inexpensive, with beginning pricing of £5,599 (with an extra seat and steering damper on top).

The payoff is a scooter that works well in all weather situations and provides a firm and steady ride at high speeds. You’ve been forewarned!


Top Speed:

We’re not going to disagree with MiniMotors when they say the Dualtron X2 can reach a top speed of 68mph. The weight of the rider, the weather and road conditions, and the state of the battery all influence top speeds. Even with these constraints in mind, the X2 is capable of some remarkable speeds.

In our tests, we were only able to get 62mph with a 70kg rider on a level road grade. So, while it’s not quite the famed peak speed, it’s close.

There are few scooters that can compete with the X2 when it comes to speed. In fact, at peak speed, you’d be able to match automobiles on the highway (but don’t ride on the highway for obvious reasons).

Speed & Acceleration:

The Dualtron X2 is a quick electric scooter (but not quite as quick as it should be for its power class). The power delivery is gradual, with smooth acceleration, as expected. The huge tyres give necessary traction to keep you on the road.

While the highest speed (60mph) is impressive, the acceleration isn’t as impressive when compared other scooters with similar motor power outputs, such as the Nami Burn-E, Bronco 11 Xtreme, and Weped FF. This is due to the fact that the X2 is a large, hefty cruiser rather than a quick racing scooter.

If you’ve ridden the X2, you’ll notice a difference between it and the Dualtron X, thanks to the updated 4150W motors. The wind will not be enough to wipe the smile from your face if you’ve never rode a scooter like this before.

With all that power at your fingertips, you’ll need to ride carefully and, of course, you’ll need to wear safety gear (like you should on all electric scooters).

The Dualtron X2 electric scooter is a tank. There is no other way to describe it. It comes with a best-in-class 72V 42Ah main battery that drives two 4150W motors from the manufacturer. They provide an incredible 8300W of total power when used together.

Because of the new 4150W motors, you’ll notice a difference between the X2 and the Dualtron X if you’ve ridden it. If you’ve never ridden a scooter before, the wind will not be enough to erase the smile off your face.

With that much power at your disposal, you’ll need to ride carefully and, of course, wear safety equipment (like you should on all electric scooters).

The Dualtron X2 is a tank of an electric scooter. There are no other words for it. It comes with a 72V 42Ah main battery that powers two 4150W motors from the manufacturer, making it the finest in class. When used together, they provide an astonishing 8300W of overall power.

Hill Climbing:

Depending on rider weight and level of charge, the Dualtron X2 can climb grades up to 70% or 35 degrees, however this can vary greatly depending on rider weight.

Battery & Range:

The range of the Dualtron X2 is projected to be 80-90 miles. On a single charge, that’s almost enough to carry you from Bristol to London. The X2’s huge 72V 42Ah primary battery is responsible for all of this.

However, when it comes to range, these are the genuine characteristics.

Minimotors claims the Dualtron X2 can travel up to 80 miles, however in our real-world tests, we got the following results:

RIDER 1: 70KG, 100 percent battery, dry day, no wind, 24°C

Eco Mode – maximum range of 66 miles

Fast Mode – maximum range of 38 miles

The high-capacity Li-ion battery can last up to 10 hours, which is plenty of time for even the longest journey. The X2 has two charging ports (extra chargers are supplied separately), so its dual batteries may be charged at the same time. Using two chargers can significantly reduce the predicted 8-hour charging time.

Even with a fast charger, the Dualtron X2 will take 5-6 hours to charge.

We don’t advocate rapid charging the Dualtron X2 because it’s a high-capacity battery with a short lifespan.

Motor Configuration:

Two brushless direct-drive 4150W hub motors are included with the X2. At the wheel, they deliver a total of 8300W. The sealed motors are of exceptional quality, and all new scooters come with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This design, as we’ve seen, provides speedy acceleration, and that’s exactly what they do. It’s a 23% increase in power over the previous model!

When riding, the Dualtron X models don’t have a single motor mode, which is logical. Given that the scooter weighs over 60kg, loading a single motor with the weight of a rider + scooter is not ideal, which is why the X2 only supports continual twin motor mode.

To make up for it, the EY3 has an eco mode that extends the range.

Construction & Quality:

The Dualtron X2 comes with a protective frame that keeps it safe during shipment. It’s a wonderful detail that demonstrates the manufacturer’s care and devotion to the X2.

The frame is made of an aerospace-grade aluminium alloy that is corrosion-free. Everything feels robust, steady, and well-built, providing you, the rider, the assurance you require. When you consider what this scooter is capable of, it’s comprehensible.

The Dualtron X2’s structure is tough, engineered to withstand high loads and rough terrain. The way the swingarms attach to the frame is also well-designed, as there is no weak point. The X2’s box structure is “beefy” in every way. You don’t feel as though you’re standing on anything vulnerable.

The stem and column mount on the Dualtron X2 (which connects the main deck to the front swingarm) is sturdy and strengthened on the bottom with criss-crossing bracing to support the entire front end.

While the lower steering arm and suspension mounts appear to be tiny, they are sturdy and positioned to transmit stress uniformly down to the wheel.

Despite being designed longer for a greater handlebar height, the Dualtron X2 has virtually little stem flex. It’s easy to understand why, given the sheer bulk of the steering column, which does store a battery (which gives it that additional size).

The deck is really sturdy, and there is an underneath vent / plastic cover (be aware of this when putting your Dualtron X2 over any steps – make sure there is enough ground clearance otherwise the plastic undertray may snag).

The X2 shares the same motorbike suspension as the original X, which is wonderful since it looks and feels incredibly solid, and the components and fasteners are clearly of good quality.

As with other Dualtron products, the Dualtron X2’s overall quality is excellent.

Suspension & Comfort:

At the front and back, the scooter has high-performance, 19-step adjustable hydraulic suspension. The adjustable suspension springs allow you to dial in the ideal setting for your rider’s weight and terrain.

It may take some trial and error to get the settings just perfect, but it’s well worth the effort. When you’re out on the road, the properly adjusted suspension absorbs the lumps, bumps, and humps, giving you the smooth ride you’d expect at this price.

The suspension springs and sub-frame must withstand a lot on the road, so it’s good to see the manufacturer has put a lot of effort into them. It’s a good indicator for your scooter’s long-term performance and dependability.

Overall, the Dualtron X2 provides a very smooth and pleasant ride, certainly one of the most comfortable scooters we’ve ever experienced. The suspension travel smooths out the ride, but it’s less athletic. While you may stiffen the suspension for a sportier ride, the Dualtron X2 is not a sporty scooter, so don’t anticipate an agile ride while taking it off the road or paved terrain.

The X2 is a cruiser and nothing more – the suspension has a lot of travel, which, paired with the X2’s extra wide tyres, means the X2 will eat up bad road conditions, bumps, and small potholes (although stay away from the larger ones).

Ride Quality:

So, how does all of this muscle translate into a smooth ride? That’s quite good. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.

The Dualtron X2 is difficult to fault when riding. The strong motor and huge battery guarantee that you never run out of thrust, and the heavyweight frame, large wheels, and steering damper make this scooter a joy to ride.

As you begin to speed while standing on the scooter, the 66kg weight will begin to dissipate. Because the scooter is manoeuvrable and comfortable, putting in miles on a commute is never a bother.

However, at a stop, you can definitely feel the weight. Smaller riders may find it difficult to start and stop because to its sheer size. It’s also a pain to roll up and store.


Being seen is critical to staying safe, therefore MiniMotors has equipped the X2 with some really strong lights. The twin LED headlights allow you a great view of the road ahead. A little panel on the handlebars allows the rider to alter the direction of the lights. With the use of a simple menu, you can obtain a great view of what’s in front of you.

Strong LED brake lights in the back guarantee that other road users and pedestrians know when you’re coming to a halt.

It doesn’t stop there, though. LEDs are installed on the stem tube, deck, under the deck, and on the rims of the X2. These lights not only look amazing, but they also give 360-degree visibility day and night.



With a top speed of over 70 miles per hour, the X2’s touch-sensitive braking system provides the assurance you’ll need. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Front and rear hydraulic brakes are installed on the scooter to provide optimum stopping capability.

While cycling in the rain is never a good idea, hydraulic brakes may give 100 percent stopping force. The sophisticated ABS system decreases the likelihood of locking and skidding.

Braking is progressive, meaning that the more force you apply to the brake lever, the more force is delivered to the wheels. While this is fantastic, you must exercise caution while exerting pressure, since even the most sophisticated ABS sensors cannot always protect you.


Although the X2 is a folding scooter, it is difficult to call it portable. The advantages and disadvantages of our rider evaluation are listed below.

The X2 is easy to store within an apartment, home, or garage thanks to its folding mechanism. It’s also easy to transport up and down stairs, hide beneath a desk, and slide into a lift if necessary.

While the folding mechanism is smooth and easy to use, at 66kg, this isn’t something you’ll be taking on the bus or train. Consider how portable you require your scooter before making a purchase.



The ultra-wide 13″ tyres provide outstanding balance and stability, but that’s not all.

The tyres’ size allows them to gobble up the terrain. You’ll have superb grip whether you’re riding on or off the road. Because the tyres are tubeless, they are easier (and less expensive) to replace as they wear out.

Is there something wrong? The tyres (and wheels) are huge at 13″. That means the X2 is better suited to bigger riders who can handle the weight and power. We’re not suggesting that smaller riders can’t utilise the X2, but they should be aware of the risks.

Keep an eye on the air pressure and top it up as necessary to guarantee constant functioning. You’ll discover information about maximum air pressure to make things easier.


Because the Dualtron X2’s deck is nothing short of gigantic, it requires a 3kwh battery. However, the X2 suffers from the same problem as the original X model: “too short a deck.” The deck width is impressive, but the length is inadequate. The demand for a longer deck has been somewhat alleviated by raising the stem (making it easier to ride without crouching), but additional space to place your feet would have been excellent.

Some X2 versions don’t appear to have the rear footrests (which are standard on the original X), but these may be installed to make it simpler to ride with one foot behind the other (For a more aggressive riding stance).

The only difference from the original model is the side illumination, which is now RGB rather than the original “white LED” array that glows the Dualtron logo.

A longer deck would have been nice on the X2, but it isn’t a deal breaker for many.

Controls & Display:

In comparison to the original Dualtron X, the Dualtron X2 has upgraded switchgear. The switch gear on the Dualtron X2 is a lot better than the original buttons on the first X. The light and indicator switch gear on the left hand has been replaced by a device that is more ergonomic than the previous version (which was a bit of a nightmare when trying to use and cancel the indicators).

The indicator button on the original Dualtron X was inadequate, difficult to cancel, and most riders mistakenly indicated the other way while trying to cancel indication.

The Dualtron X2 and the Dualtron Storm have the same switch gear.

The indicators, headlight, and horn all have the same tasks.

The Dualtron X2 switchgear is a significant upgrade.

The display, on the other hand, still uses the EY3 control panel, which, although acceptable, is a little disheartening to see on a new scooter. Many newer electric scooters, like the Nami Burn-E, have a lovely LCD visual display that is far more attractive than the EY3 panel’s green and black display.

Dualtron has to step up their game and create a new speedometer/odometer/control panel that is more visually pleasing.

Water Resistance:

The X2 has an IP54 classification, which implies moisture should be avoided.
Use caution when riding the scooter in damp weather, as with other electric scooters. Water penetration into the battery pack and motors might cause them to fail. Furthermore, you’ll discover that your guarantee does not cover water damage.

We didn’t test the X2 in the rain, and we don’t advocate using it while it’s raining.


During our testing, we found no problems with the X2. We found no current concerns reported by reviewers or frequent users. We’re convinced that this scooter is made to a high quality and will be dependable in the long run because MiniMotors is an established manufacturer with a strong reputation.

The X2 comes with a two-year guarantee for further peace of mind.

We looked through customer reviews and comments and found that the scooter has no known faults. The average customer rating is high, with many riders pleased that they purchased the Dualtron X2!

If we find any problems, we’ll update the review and let you know so you can learn about them first.



The Dultron X2 comes with a 2-year guarantee on any defects. This brand also provides excellent customer service and support.


The X2s motor and battery are both sealed parts, which eliminates the need for routine maintenance. You’ll have to keep the battery charged (naturally).

You should maintain it clean and clear of mud, filth, dust, and debris, as with other electric scooters, to avoid damaging the critical components.

While not exactly maintenance, tyre pressures must be checked on a regular basis. We also recommend updating your suspension settings on a regular basis to maintain the greatest and most comfortable ride possible. This was simple and uncomplicated for us.

Dualtron X2: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

Yes, the X2 is absolutely worth considering if you’re seeking for a scooter that commands attention on the road while still providing great comfort and range. There aren’t many scooters in this power class that can match the X2’s size and range. The X2 is also not for people on a tight budget.

Because the X2 is so pricey, costing the same as a family car, you must consider if spending £5000 is actually worth it.

Yes, get the X2 if money is no problem and you’re seeking for a long-range scooter.

Other scooter models that are less than half the price, like as the VSETT 11, ZERO 11X, and Bronco 11 Xtreme, can provide the same similar speed and power at a lesser cost.

Specification: DUALTRON X2 REVIEW



Suitable For



300 W, 8

Max Speed

68 mph (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)


93 miles

Charge Time

8H (standard charger)

Single-Charge Mileage

90 Miles (depending on road conditions and the weight of the rider)


19-step adjustable hydraulic suspension at the front and back., High-performance

Braking System

Hydraulic brakes with ABS


Massive 13″ tubeless tyres


024Wh, 3

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

145.5 lbs

Max Load

330 Lbs


Dual LED Headlight and Tail & brake light, Personalised stem & deck lighting

Product Material

and plastic covers, Frame and Handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel

Water Resistance


Extra features

dual hub motor

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    This scooter is great. About a month ago, I started utilising. It is compact.

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    This one, I gave it to him. It provides plenty of room for his foot and is pleasant and stylish.

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    Excellent product.

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