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Electric scooters have grown in popularity around the world in recent years due to their portability and effectiveness in allowing people to travel around freely while conducting errands.

With the rise in popularity of e-scooters, technology and functionality have improved as well. To increase the popularity of their scooters, manufacturers go above and beyond to improve performance, riding quality, battery range, and other characteristics.

The Dualtron X pushes the limits of what a regular e-scooter can do. It’s one of the largest and most powerful electric scooters with off-road capabilities currently on the market. Here’s our in-depth look at the game.

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Dualtron X Summary

The Dualtron X looks unlike any other ordinary electric scooter on the market. The scooter is noticeable due to its size and build quality.

There are thick wires and suspension parts that are clearly visible on its massive, chunky frame. It’s huge, sturdy, robust, and weighty. Because to its collapsible shape, it is not intended to be carried about easily.

The Dualtron X improves upon its predecessor, the Dualtron Thunder, with new capabilities. Minimotors revamped the e-suspension, scooter’s motor, tires, and chassis to set it apart from other Dualtron models. The scooter has motorcycle-like acceleration, braking power, and suspension for a smooth and relaxing ride.

The scooter is quite steady, and it has excellent feedback and control while turning. It goes well beyond the capabilities of standard electric scooters because to its remarkable harmony of speed, control, and braking power.

The Dualtron X scooter’s large tires, coil-over-shock suspension, and steering damper combine to provide an unparalleled riding experience. Even at high speeds, the ride is so smooth and steady that it’s almost like gliding.

The X has several features, such as an extra pair of USB ports on the stem and a kiddy bar installed in front of the cockpit for attaching lights. The scooter may be transformed from a stand-up model into something like an electric scooter motorbike with the addition of the seat.


Performance Overview

The Dualtron X scooter is equipped with two powerful BLDH motors with a combined maximum rating of 6720W, resulting in exceptional torque, gradeability, and top speed.

When it comes to speed, the X is in a league of its own. The scooter’s high levels of power make it ideal for off-road use, since it allows it to easily navigate rough terrain and overcome obstacles.

The engine on the X, unlike those on other e-scooters, has an air conditioning system to keep it from overheating and harming the electrical components because of the tremendous power it generates. It doesn’t matter what kind of terrain or conditions it’s in, the Dualtron X is ready for the task.

Speed & Acceleration

One of the quickest scooters available is the Dualtron X.

Powered by a large 3kWh battery pack, the motor’s 6.7kW output results in breathtaking acceleration.

The X has a peak speed of around 88.50 Km/h (55 MPH) and can reach such speeds in 2.2 seconds from a stop, 3.0 seconds from 32 km/h, and 4.0 seconds from 40 km/h. Since it moves so quickly, you may anticipate shorter travel times.

Top Speed

While Minimotors advertises a peak speed of 88.50 Km/h (55 MPH) for the X, several riders have claimed to have reached speeds of over 100 Km/h (65 MPH).

The maximum speed of the scooter ranges from around 55 to about 65 miles per hour.

There are a number of variables that might impact the maximum speed, including the rider’s weight, the wind’s velocity, the scooter’s condition, the remaining battery power, and the terrain. To sum up, the X is one of the quickest scooters on the market right now. The Dualtron X is the best option for speed freaks.

Hill Climbing

Depending on the rider’s weight and the battery’s charge level, the Dualtron X can handle inclines of up to 70 percent (or 35 degrees).

Battery & Range

The amazing power output of the Dualtron X is due in large part to its massive battery, which can hold 2, 940Wh.

The scooter has a separate battery pack, rated at 180 watt-hours, housed in the stem, which is used to power the lights and other accessories while the main battery is reserved for running the engine.

The 7.5-hour charging period for the battery is quite lengthy. If you’re looking for a scooter with similar characteristics, though, you won’t find one with a shorter charge time. If you don’t have a quick charger, though, filling the scooter’s battery might take up to 20 hours.

In perfect circumstances, the scooter can go 93 miles at 18 miles per hour. The X’s range changes depending on how quickly you accelerate. If you really floor it, you could get 50-60 miles of range.

Motor Configuration

The Dualtron X is powered by two 6,720 W maximum brushless DC electric motors. The 60V 49Ah battery pack of the X provides power to the motors, which may draw up to 2,940Wh from its LG cells.

Even in very hot conditions, a cooling system becomes useful.

Construction & Quality

The Dualtron X’s rough build makes it seem more powerful and menacing than its forerunner, the Thunder.

It has the appearance of a war tank from a distance, being both broad and thick. You can’t miss the massive tires, beefy chassis, and state-of-the-art hydraulic suspension. Built like a tank, with an abundance of solid metal components.

The main battery is located under a broad and thick deck. The backup battery is housed in the T-bar, adding visual mass.

The scooter’s overall appearance is very boxy, and the sharp corners don’t do much to improve its aerodynamics. The scooter’s exposed rivets give it a tough, workmanlike appearance. The workmanship is excellent, and the matte gray finish is a nice touch.

Suspension & Comfort

The Dualtron X’s hydraulic piston-like shock absorbers are adjustable over 19 stages, and are encased in sturdy coil springs for maximum damping.

It’s little wonder the X has such a high standard of comfort in its ride because of its suspension.

In choppy water or through uneven terrain, the suspension reacts quickly and smoothly. Plus, a red knob sits above each coil, allowing you to fine-tune the suspension’s firmness manually. The shock absorption may be fine-tuned with the push of a red button.

This allows for a smooth transition between a configuration optimized for off-roading and one that is more suitable for road racing, with a wide range of possible settings in between.

Ride Quality

You won’t find a better ride than on the Dualtron X. It has the largest, heaviest wheels and the best shock absorbers of any scooter, making it the most pleasant to ride. The X gives the rider the impression that they are surfing or gliding over the road. To top it all off, it’s a breeze to maneuver and provides a serene ride even at high speeds.

In order to maintain control and keep the scooter pointed in the right direction as speed increases, the steering damper is a useful accessory. Facilitates tight steering and improved handling. This, in addition to the scooter’s ultra-wide tires, ensures that the vehicle is steady and won’t skid when speeding.


For a vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 62 miles per hour, the Dualtron X required a reliable braking system. The X’s huge front and rear Nutt-branded fully-hydraulic disc brakes allow for efficient, precise stopping. Hydraulic brakes are very effective and need almost any upkeep. They work very well regardless of the environment, particularly on damp floors.

Rotor diameter is at 160 millimeters, and they are air-cooled for optimal efficiency. The X has an anti-lock brake system for safer and more effective stopping in all conditions (ABS). The anti-lock braking system keeps the scooter from sliding when the rider applies the brakes. A sensor ring mounted on the disc brake of the X can detect when a wheel is locking up and automatically apply more braking pressure.

With its outstanding braking system, the Dualtron X is reassuringly secure even while traveling at hair-raising speeds. If you ever need to quit, you can.


When it comes to tires, the Dualtron X is in a league of its own. It has huge tubeless pneumatic tyres that are 33 inches in diameter and 13 inches wide. Increased balance and stability are provided by the broad tires. They help the scooter maintain its grip on the ground even when pushed to its limits. The scooter’s tyres also improve the ride, making bumps and other impediments less of an issue.

Large tires provide the Dualtron X off-road capability, let it perform very well, and improve rider comfort. The tyres are tubeless, so they need no upkeep and may be be detached and reattached if worn out.



It’s important to note that the Dualtron X is not a foldable scooter. Although its frame and handlebars are collapsible, the X’s enormous weight makes it almost difficult to transport it in a vehicle, on a bus, or a train.

The scooter’s height decreases from 48.8 inches (unfolded) to 30.70 inches when the frame is folded and the handlebar is compressed (folded). It doesn’t make the scooter any more transportable, either. Even when folded, the scooter probably won’t fit under your desk or in the vehicle trunk.

There are other scooter types than the X that are more convenient to carry about.


The Dualtron X, like other scooters, has an excellent lighting system that makes it possible to go at night without risk. The LED lights are powered by a separate battery pack included in the package. The scooter has a number of flashy lights, such as an illuminated emblem on the side of the deck, in addition to the center, super-bright LED light.

The scooter’s direction lights are conveniently controlled by a tiny panel located on the left side of the handlebar. Both the back and front deck are equipped with directional lighting.

This set of lights will make you more noticeable to other drivers while also improving your visibility on the road.


The Dualtron X’s roomy deck is designed to keep you comfortable as you ride.

The deck’s dimensions of 22 inches in length and 13 inches in breadth ensure that it can accommodate a wide range of foot widths and thicknesses with ease. Those with a keen sense of aesthetics will like the way the light catches the gripping ‘X’ pattern on the deck.

The deck has a dark grey retractable kickstand for easy parking.

Controls & Accessories

The riding experience is improved by the Dualtron X’s performance and a suite of user-friendly controls and accessories.

A clear and bright display indicating the current charge of the scooter’s two batteries is integrated into the control panel. Different controls, such as the fingerprint recognition ignition system and the automated ignition, are built into the handlebars.

The turn and danger signals are mounted on the grips of the handlebars, just next to where your left hand rests. On the Eye LCD, you can keep tabs on your speed and total driving time, and the throttle can be controlled with a single finger.

There is a hook in front of the battery specifically for hanging a pouch with extras. The scooter’s design has a multi-bar for attaching different extras like a mobile phone mount and a cup holder to the already crowded handlebars.

Considering the low quality of the X’s default grips, it might be wise to invest in a new set.

Build Quality

Longevity is ensured with the Dualtron X. Its aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame and grips are built to resist the roughest of terrains. The tank-like, aggressively sturdy construction can resist high speeds and take a beating from the hardest of blows.

The shaft is a steel composite, and the mudguards are polypropylene plastic, both of which are very durable and strong. Superior materials and craftsmanship make the X a long-lasting and reliable device.

Moreover, the electric scooter comes with a generous 2-year guarantee.



The Dualtron X is a terrific performer on any surface and is known for its rock-solid dependability.

In contrast to other electric scooters, the X can easily climb slopes as steep as 70%. It boasts a higher maximum speed, longer range, and more acceleration and torque than anything else on the market, and its safety ratings are over the roof.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a mild-mannered electric scooter, but rather one of the most radical models now on the market. It’s ideal for scooter fans who want something more robust with which to indulge their enthusiasm.

Warranty & Customer Support

The Dultron X comes with a phenomenal 2-year guarantee that covers any and all defects. This company also has amazing customer service and support.


The Dualtron X, like other electric scooters, requires nothing in the way of upkeep.

Regular cleaning, frequent charging, and service as needed are all good preventative measures to adopt.

Dualtron X: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The answer is an emphatic yes if you’re on the hunt for the electric scooter equivalent of a monster truck.

Overall, the Dualtron X is a specialized scooter designed for a certain kind of consumer and a particular kind of use. This extreme scooter was designed by Minimotors for their most devoted scooter fans.

It’s one of the wildest scooters on the market right now. Scooter enthusiasts who want to spend their money on the largest, baddest, most extreme scooter possible will appreciate that it goes above and above in almost every category.

This isn’t just a scooter for getting around town. It’s a scooter that can handle the rugged terrain of the most advanced routes with ease.

Specification: DUALTRON X REVIEW



Suitable For




Max Speed

55 MPH


93 miles

Charge Time

7 hrs+ (3.4A), up to 20 hours with a standard charger

Single-Charge Mileage

93 miles


Front & Rear adjustable hydraulic suspension (19 positions)

Braking System

Front and rear 160mm regenerative hydraulic disk brakes + ABS


12 Inch Ultra-Wide Tubeless Tires


60V 49Ah

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

145 lbs

Max Load



Brake Light, Dual LED Headlight and Tail light, Stem lighting, Turn signals

Product Material

6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers

Water Resistance

Extra features

Powerful brakes

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