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This electric scooter is equipped with a dual suspension system and powerful disc brakes on each wheel, making it an off-road and on-road rider’s dream.

Whether you’re looking for speed thrills or a quick commute to work, the Dualtron Ultra has you covered.

This beast can reach speeds of up to 50 mph and has a range of up to 74 miles. Is it possible to get any better? To learn more about the Dualtron Ultra electric scooter, keep reading.

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Dualtron Ultra Summary

The Dualtron Ultra is available for anyone interested in scooters or just searching for a speedy and enjoyable way to go around. The design of this scooter is amazing. The rubberized, ergonomic handlebars provide secure grips, and the fitting controls are simple to reach without taking your hands off the handlebars. The deck has enough space for standing or sitting passengers.
You can ride smoothly on and off-road thanks to the dual rubber suspension unit and its wide wheels. This electric scooter is the perfect long-distance travel companion thanks to its impressive range of up to 74 miles and 2072Wh battery

The Dualtron Ultra is propelled by two BLDC motors with a maximum combined output of 5400W. The two motors’ incredible power allows you to easily climb almost any incline you may come across

The Dualtron Ultra’s two disc braking system is responsive and firm. They provide sufficient stopping force to bring this scooter down from its top speed of 50 mph nearly instantly.

It may be argued that this scooter’s weight of 81 lbs is a little high for a scooter. Despite having a superior folding system, the Dualtron ultra is not as portable as comparable electric scooters.

To suit your riding style, this scooter includes a variety of riding modes. Speed modification, cruise control, and the flexibility to select between single and multiple riding modes are a few of these modes.


Performance Overview

The Dualtron Ultra is a strong machine that is propelled by two 2700W hub brushless DC motors and a large battery.

This scooter’s two engines enable it to readily travel on incline surfaces and reach an astonishing top speed of 50 mph. No matter the terrain, the dual suspension provides superb shock absorption.

One or two wheels may be driven by the Dualtron scooter. Of fact, compared to a multi wheel drive, a single drive provides a significantly greater range.

Speed & Acceleration

The Dualtron Ultra scooter has two powerful BLDC motors that enable it to reach a peak speed of 50 mph. This scooter accelerates quickly and steadily. To give tremendous power and torque to traverse the majority of the terrain you may face, the two motors share the load.
The speed and acceleration of this scooter are unaffected by the load or the terrain, even when beginning from a full stop. The scooter has off-road tires already installed. Despite being aggressive and ideal for off-road driving, these tires are loud and jarring on paved roads. For a better riding experience, you might need to buy a set of tires designed for roads (sold separately).

Top Speed

No one can dispute the Dualtron Ultra’s outstanding performance. This electric scooter can go up to 50 mph, which is incredibly fast for such an agile creature, without even breaking a sweat.

Hill Climbing

Depending on rider weight and charge level, the Dualtron Ultra can readily climb grades of up to 70% or 35 degrees, but again, this may vary greatly depending on rider weight.

Battery & Range

An impressive Li-Ion 60V 35 Ah 2072 Wh battery powers the Dualtron Ultra. Given its weight and load restriction, this scooter’s amazing range of 74 miles is provided by its energy-dense battery.
The range may be extended to 90 miles or more when using single-wheel drive and traveling at a steady, moderate pace. That much distance might, in certain situations, be used to travel between places.

The drawback of this large battery is how long it takes to charge. Using the supplied standard charger, it takes more than 17 hours to charge completely. You’ll need to purchase a second regular charger or a fast charger for the fastest charging time if you want to reduce the charging time.

Motor Configuration

The Dualtron Ultra performs well. It has a remarkable top speed of 50 mph, and the two electric motors are responsible for this sort of performance.

The maximum combined output of the motors is 5400 watts.

Construction & Quality

The Dualtron Ultra’s frames, handles, and shaft are made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Performance, strength, and durability are built-in.
Numerous users and user testimonials can witness to the Dualtron Ultra’s toughness. There are videos of owners who have driven thousands of kilometers with hardly any problems.
When you put this scooter through its paces, you’ll have a difficult time finding a harder rival at a comparable price.

Suspension & Comfort

A twin torsion bar and rubber block system are part of the Dualtron Ultra suspension system.

In order to provide the highest shock absorption on the hardest terrain, this system includes a movement allowance of five inches. Wide air-inflated wheels provide the suspension more power while providing a comfortable distance between the ground and the undercarriage of the scooter.

The SW IV scooter’s suspension mechanism is comparable to this one. The SW IV’s twin adjustable air shock-absorption system at the back and front offer the same efficiency as the Dualtron Ultra.

Ride Quality

The Dualtron Ultra boasts a number of features that make for a fantastic riding experience. First, it has both off-road and on-road tire choices. Each pair guarantees the greatest ride possible, whether you’re driving or not. The large wheels help this scooter be more stable and maneuverable.
The dual suspension system also provides outstanding shock absorption. With this electric scooter, you may enjoy your trips with few bumps, particularly when you use it off-road. The Ultra has quick and reliable acceleration, as well as strong brakes for speed control and sudden stopping.
This scooter is for long-distance travel, to sum up. Nobody wants to keep the gas pedal down for 74 miles. Simply said, it is tedious. You may set a fixed cruising speed on this scooter using the cruise control feature. The cruise control not only increases battery life but also improves the quality and enjoyment of the trip.

For an additional $150, you may purchase a seat to further improve your riding comfort.


There is a Dual hydraulic 140 mm disc braking system in the Dualtron Ultra.

This disk braking system is supported by electric brakes, which provide sufficient braking to offset the strong motors. The front and rear brakes are controlled by the brake levers on the handlebars. The hand-operated levers let you seamlessly adjust the braking power due to how sensitive the disc brakes are.

The lack of ABS technology on this scooter, however, makes the braking mechanism less efficient than on other versions.



Brake lights, front and rear LED lights, and other features are standard on the Dualtron Ultra. The handle-bars offer a handy location for the light controls. Both the headlights and the taillights shine brilliantly.

With the Ultra, riding in the dark is not an issue since the headlights effectively illuminate the road in front of you. The scooter is visible to traffic behind you thanks to the taillights.

Turn signal lights are unfortunately not included with the Dualtron Ultra, but they may be bought as an add-on item.


The Dualtron Ultra’s tires are 113.9 inches in diameter. For a reason, they are broad and large. First, this scooter has to have outstanding stability and control because to its power and speed. The scooter’s stability, balance, and comfort all benefit from the broad wheels.

They also raise the deck above the ground. Due to the additional area, the suspension may move without the bottom side contacting the ground.

As implied by the name, the Dualtron Ultra has knobby off-road tires that are better suited for off-road situations. Unfortunately, the off-road wheels provide a terrible on-road ride. They may need to be exchanged with the special on-road tires, which can be bought separately.


The deck maintains stability while properly supporting the rider’s weight.

The wide-ranging deck of the Daulton Ultra is roomy enough to accommodate all foot sizes and is well balanced on the wheels.

The scooter has a sturdy retractable kickstand that supports it while it is still.


All Dualtron series scooters are equipped with the Dualtron EYE LCD, a multipurpose display. You may use it to examine the mileage, speed, battery voltage, and time. Additionally, it displays an error notice if a crucial Dualtron Ultra component fails.
You may change the scooter’s riding settings and modes via the LCD. The usage of codes to indicate various settings and modes is a significant drawback of this display. You may need to commit the names of the functions to memory or carry the user guide with you in order to quickly pick the appropriate mode.

Build Quality

The Dualtron Ultra feels hardy. 120 kg may be safely transported on the deck at a peak speed of 50 mph. The very durable aluminum alloy ensures the rider’s strength and safety while traveling across the most difficult terrain.
The dual suspension technology enables an almost completely smooth ride. The broad tires are also ideal for this scooter since they provide stability while enhancing the power of the engines. Compared to its less expensive predecessors, this scooter is stronger and performs better.


One dependable electric scooter is the Dualtron Ultra. This scooter is well-built and has a sophisticated appearance. You may be confident in the scooter’s longevity thanks to its polypropylene-covered aluminum alloy deck.
The components of this scooter have a one-year guarantee, unlike the parts of many scooters, which have a six-month warranty on some parts. The manufacturer’s trust in the product is further shown by this warranty.
Many users of the Ultra are gushing over all the positive aspects of this bike. There are numerous favorable evaluations, with the majority of riders praising its dependability even after traveling countless kilometers.

Water Resistance

Although the Dualtron Ultra has an IP54 classification for water and dust protection, the manufacturer advises against riding in very wet weather. Although the scooter’s battery compartment is waterproof, if you often ride around puddles and other standing water, water may still get inside.
Every time you ride in the rain or other damp conditions, dry the scooter with a clean towel to lessen the chance of water damage.


The Dualtron Ultra is 81 pounds heavy. The weight is too much for a portable scooter. However, since they have huge batteries and powerful engines, high-performance scooters are often heavier.
Additionally, the weight makes the scooter more stable and improves the wheels’ traction on the ground.
The method for folding and unfolding this scooter is simple. The stem may be quickly collapsed for storage. Use both hands to raise the scooter so that the weight is distributed evenly.


Warranty & Customer Support

A year long guarantee covers any defects with the Dultron Ultra. This business offers perfect support and client service.


High-end electric scooters include the Dualtron Ultra. The pieces that need routine maintenance are thoughtfully designed to make maintenance simple. For instance, when a few fasteners on the wheels are undone, the tire assembly falls off easily. Your Dualtron Ultra will have a long service life if you follow the maintenance procedures listed below:

Driving before and after:

  • Check the condition of the braking system by making sure the levers work properly, replacing worn-out brake pads, and looking for any signs of a brake cable that could be broken. Tighten any slipping brake components. Please keep in mind that using a scooter with a damaged braking system is never a good idea.
  • To stop chirping sounds and increase braking grip, wipe the brake discs with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Maintain the correct pressure for the tires. Make that the front and rear tires are in excellent shape.
  • Adjust the handles and folding components’ tightness.
  • Inspect the suspension unit for worn-out components and replace them, such as the rubber.
  • Look for any error warnings on the display.
  • For routine maintenance procedures like tire changes and brake adjustments, refer to the user manual.
  • Visit repair facilities often to have the electric components inspected by experts.

Safety guidelines for scooters:

  • Check the throttle to see whether it is working correctly.
  • Folding components should be examined for wear damage and repaired or replaced as necessary.
  • Make sure the QR lever and slider are well fastened for a sturdy stem. Consider fixing it if there is a space between the slider and the headset nut.
  • Upkeep for the Li-Ion battery:
  • Use only authentic chargers.
  • Extreme temperatures shouldn’t be used to operate or store the scooter.
  • Before keeping for a long time, charge the device to between 70 and 80 percent.
  • Stop using or charging right away if anything is overheated.

Known Issues

Performance with the Dualtron Ultra has been validated. Only the Dualtron X, Thunder, and Ultra 2 equal its performance and power on and off-road among the Dualtron scooters. The Dualtron Ultra has the following documented issues:

  • It is disappointing that the Dualtron Ultra cannot be stopped quickly and repeatedly by the twin disc braking system. Regular cyclists at high speeds have seen rapid brake wear. Additionally, to guarantee the effectiveness of the braking system, regular inspections must be performed.
  • The intricacy of the LCD display makes intuitive setup challenging.
  • There is nothing to prevent someone from stealing this scooter unless you use a physical lock to secure it. contrary to
  • The Ultra does not have an internal security feature despite having a fingerprint lock.
  • Stem wobble: The folding mechanism of Dualtron scooters has a flaw that causes this problem. Due to where the folding mechanism is located on the stem, the handlebars are little slack. Once used to it, though, riders no longer find it objectionable.

Dualtron Ultra: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The quick response is unquestionably yes!

Install road tires on the Ultra if you need a robust and dependable electric scooter for your everyday commute, and you’ll be shocked at how comfortably you can travel great distances on it.

You can’t go wrong with this electric scooter for an adrenaline rush. The majority of off-road terrains you throw at it won’t phase it. rocky pathways, gulleys, dips, and inclines They will be subjugated by the Dualtron Ultra. Since the ride is so pleasant, you can concentrate more on having fun while the scooter’s safety features and degree of support have got your back.


Suitable For




Max Speed

50 mph


75 miles

Charge Time

17+ hours when using 2A charger, 8+ hours on two 2A chargers, and 5+ hours on a 6.5A rapid charger

Single-Charge Mileage

74 miles


Double torsion bar with a rubber block system

Braking System

Recuperative dual hydraulic disc (140 mm) brake system


11 x 3.9 inches (off-road pneumatic, inflated to 50 psi)



Scooter Weight

81 lbs

Max Load

260 lbs


LED headlights and taillights(dual)

Product Material

and polypropylene(covers), Aviation grade aluminum alloy 6082-T6(frame and handle), SCM440(shafts)

Water Resistance


Extra features

Bright, powerful LED lighting


4.7 out of 5
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  1. Harley

    fantastic scooter Both adults and children like using it! Fantastic!

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  2. Harvey

    Just be aware of the limited ground clearance; otherwise, the ride is quite smooth and silent.

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  3. Jayden

    It moves along really quickly, the break is simple to use, and I adore how large the floorboard—or whatever it’s called—is.

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