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Everyone knows Minimotor’s iconic electric scooter, the Dualtron Ultra, which was the company’s first off-road type electric scooter and was a monster capable of climbing 60-70 percent slopes at astounding speeds. For mountain and woodland treks, this is your best ally.
Our engineers worked tirelessly on the Ultra 2, a new version of the off-road champion that has even better performance, stability, additional features, and numerous enhancements.
The 11-inch off-road tyres on the Dualtron Ultra 2 are identical to those on the first Ultra. The tyres are quite broad, of excellent quality, and ready to tackle any terrain.

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Dualtron Ultra 2 Summary

The Dualtron Ultra 2 is constructed similarly to its predecessors, with a few upgrades made to accommodate its off-road all-terrain capabilities. The front suspension has been upgraded to 5 stages, and the controller has been relocated to the back wheel. The wheels are now an inch higher and feature large spikes that make scooting possible on any surface.

Also, the battery has been upgraded, giving the scooter a greater range than similar models. The battery in this bad boy is a monster, clocking in at 6640W, 72V, 35Ah, and 2520Wh. The greater voltage provides more power and torque, propelling you effortlessly, while the watts and watt-hours reveal a range of up to 140 kilometers until the battery gives out. The Dualtron Ultra 2 has a top speed of 55 mph, and you can reach 30 mph with relative ease in first gear.

This model has excellent illumination, including brake lights, twin LED headlights, dual-LED twilight, LED lights on the handlebar sides, and lighting in the stem. The modernized MiniMotors EYE3 LCD display makes it simple to choose between driving modes, activate the anti-lock brakes, and set the cruise control. Furthermore, a fingerprint scanner may be installed for further security, and the rapid release method is handled by a sliding lock.


Performance Overview

However, the Ultra 2 is not coy about the fact that it comes with a steep price tag to match all that performance. This incredible scooter costs $4,000 (£2,914) and is capable of taming the urban jungle while also allowing you to go over almost any terrain. This electric scooter makes no bones about the fact that it was designed with seasoned riders in mind.

When you consider that the scooter can battle almost anybody, the total can’t be awful. With a gradeability of 35 degrees (or 70%), this high-performance vehicle can easily overcome any obstacle or incline on the road.

Top Speed & Acceleration

For the record, the 6640W, 72V, 35Ah battery that makes this scooter go is connected to a fresh pair of 40A controllers and two brushless motors. Because of this, the scooter can reach 30 miles per hour in first gear and 55 miles per hour at top speed.

Because of its high torque, the Dualtron Ultra 2 can readily tackle inclines of up to 70 percent (35 degrees worth of gradeability). The improved design not only improves the ride’s appearance, but it also makes it easier to control and more comfortable to ride when carrying up to 330 pounds.

Battery Life & Range

The Dualtron Ultra 2’s integrated MJ1 LG Battery Pack is capable of discharging up to 6640W (100 watts) at 72V (35 Ah) at a rate of 35A (ampere-hours). Despite this, you shouldn’t expect the same outcome when switching between the ECO mode and the Turbo mode, which are essentially diametrically opposed.

For instance, the battery is rated for up to 87 miles of range, but realistically only around 30 miles at optimal performance settings. You can get anywhere from 40-60 miles on the economy option, and anywhere between 30-50 miles on the medium performance level.

The battery’s size means that it may take some time to completely charge. A conventional 1.5A charger takes 23 hours to charge, whereas the 6.5A rapid charger just takes 5 hours.

Motor Configuration

The electric scooter has up to 6640 W of power, thanks to the pair of 11-inch brushless motors and the new 40A controllers. There is also extensive technical assistance available to you after the transaction is made and for a full year.

Construction & Build Quality

The Dualtron Ultra 2 is a significant upgrade over its forebears thanks to its refined design, which has rear-mounted controls and a body made from aviation-grade forged aluminum alloy (6082-T6) that can handle up to 330 pounds without bending or flexing.

The standard Dualtron scooter design continues, ensuring a comfortable riding position regardless of the surface. Its aesthetic strongly echoes that of the original Ultra scooter. This scooter is very identical to others except that it has foldable handlebars, a robust aluminum frame, a larger battery, and two 11-inch motors.

As a result of all the enhancements, the scooter now weighs 88 pounds, making it a serious burden to transport.


A rubber cartridge system controls the front and rear suspension of the electric scooter, providing the highest level of riding comfort available.

You can ride confidently and in comfort on any surface, regardless of how bumpy the road may be, thanks to this system’s superior shock absorption. However, due to the scooter’s strength, you may need some practice before you can ride it smoothly over bumps and humps.

Ride Quality

Getting on the Dualtron Ultra 2 to see how much of a beast it is would be a piece of cake if you’re accustomed to riding really strong electric scooters.

The scooter’s height (it’s grown an inch), tyres (they’re spiked and provide excellent traction on asphalt roads), and deck (it’s become bigger) are all things to look forward to as you get used to it (which allows you to move to a more comfortable position for longer rides).

For example, it rides and turns as smoothly as butter, although the increased height and reduced tire traction may take some getting used to.


Since the Ultra 2 electric scooter can reach high speeds, it has a reliable set of brakes to provide a fun and secure riding experience.

The Dualtron UItra 2 has an electrical anti-lock braking system (ABS) in addition to its dual-disc braking system (which uses cables instead of hydraulics) (anti-lock braking system). Dual disc brakes provide the ability to stop quickly, which is very useful in unexpected situations. Along with this, an appropriate heat sink was installed next to the controller to shield it from potentially damaging brake heat.

However, the anti-lock brake system (ABS) helps control the brakes so that they don’t lock up on wet or icy roads, providing even better stopping power than the dual-disc system alone.



The 88 pounds of this monster make it cumbersome to transport. Just picture yourself lugging this around or, even worse, lugging it up several flights of stairs.

The folding handlebars are an improvement, allowing for easier storage while not in use, although they aren’t exactly accessory-friendly. But if you ever need it, you can buy a better clamp and try again.


The Dualtron Ultra 2 can travel at high speeds, making it capable of illuminating whatever terrain it encounters.

This scooter has the standard front and rear LED illumination plus additional rear brake and warning lights. In addition to the LED lights on the handlebar sides, the stem lights make this bike shine brightly in the dark.


In the strangest possible way, the 11-inch high-grip, all-terrain, off-road tyres are required for purchase of this scooter. Additional “on-road and slick” tyres may be purchased and fitted for this model if desired.

These tires have good traction, but they are quite noisy when driven on newly built or freshly paved roads. But if you want to drive it off-road, it still performs well, with grip and traction that match the motor’s strong torque.

Furthermore, the off-road tires and rubber suspension combine to provide for a ride that is not only safe and enjoyable, but also wonderfully comfortable.


The deck of the Dualtron Ultra 2 is broader than its predecessors and has just enough grip to keep you from sliding off.

It makes your feet feel like they’re floating, and despite the fact that it seems to be a little higher, it’s not all that intimidating. The deck’s grip ensures you won’t slide about, even at fast speeds. The only drawback is that you can’t put in a seat, so you’ll have to hold on with your legs every time.

Controls & Display

The MiniMotors ETE3 LCD display, with its many useful features, is a joy to have affixed to the handlebars.

The electronic brakes, quick-release sliding lock mechanism, and fingerprint starter may all be operated from the EYE3 display. The Dualtron Ultra 2 also has two different speed settings, Economy and Turbo, to accommodate riders with different preferences.

The ECO setting allows for more relaxed highway driving, while the turbo setting unlocks the vehicle’s full potential with maximum torque and velocity.


Water Resistance

The controller’s underside is the only IP Water Resistant-rated part of the device’s chassis. It’s OK to use as long as you keep it away from large amounts of water that might damage the engine and batteries.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Ultra 2 is constructed in a similar fashion to the Ultra 1, but with the essential modifications that make it more potent. It’s robust and unyielding, much like its ancestor.

MiniMotors succeeded in creating a scooter that can resist even the roughest terrain, since nothing on it comes free or readily breaks. It’s clear that they spared no effort to build this a rugged electric scooter that can handle whatever surface the user desires.

This electric scooter comes with a full year’s worth of coverage, plus another 6 months on the battery. However, before you decide, it’s best to double-check with the store where you got it, since some of them may include a 2-year guarantee. It’s impossible to find fault with MiniMotors’ after-sale technical help, and the Dualtron Ultra 2 is the live evidence that they deserve their reputation as industry leaders.


Taking an electric scooter on rougher surfaces like dirt or mud may need additional upkeep. Aside from the occasional thorough cleaning, all you need to do is keep the battery fully charged, the tire pressure at the correct level, and the tread depth of the tires at an appropriate level.

Known Issues

Few complaints about the Ultra 2’s functionality have been reported online. People only appear to want the seat installation holes back after they’ve switched from mechanical to hydraulic brakes.

Is this E-Scooter value  money and is it worth buying?

The MiniMotors Dualtron Ultra 2 is a top-notch electric scooter that can be ridden on any surface with complete peace of mind.

Although it’s presently being offered for 2,900 pounds—making it one of the more costly alternatives in the Dualtron lineup—still it’s an excellent (and cheaper) option compared to other off-road high-speed electric scooters on the market. It’s a significant improvement over the original Ultra, but we’d still want to see it on road tires without having to pay a premium.

It’s also important to think about installing hydraulic brakes and drilling holes for the seat post.

It’s a scooter that lives up to its billing and is ideal for those who want to go farther than the road allows.




Suitable For




Max Speed

55 miles


50 mph

Charge Time

5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

87 miles


Front Rubber Suspension, Rear Adjustable (5 Stages)Tubeless pneumatic Rubber Suspension

Braking System

Front and rear dual disc brakes with electric ABS


Tubeless pneumatic 11-inch by ultra-wide off-road



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

88 lbs

Max Load

330 Lbs


Brake Light, Dual LED headlight, dual-LED twilight, handlebar sides LED lights, Stem lighting

Product Material

Frame: Aviation aluminium forged alloy (6082-Τ6). Shaft: SCM440 steel

Water Resistance

but the controller (EYE3) is fully waterproof., No IP rating

Extra features

Knobby tires are perfect for off-roading

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