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The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is unquestionably a big boy electric scooter. If you’re looking for a basic electric scooter to assist you get to work on congested city streets, this is probably not the scooter for you, and there are undoubtedly better electric scooters out there.

Keep reading if you’re seeking for power and speed, because the Dualtron Thunder has plenty of both. To put it another way, this electric scooter feels like a supercharged high-performance scooter. Every time you believe the Thunder has reached its maximum speed, it catches you off guard and continues to accelerate to a new maximum speed.

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Dualtron Thunder Summary:

As an electric scooter, the Dualtron Thunder offers everything most riders require. It’s quick, little, and effective. The scooter itself is from a well-known brand, which means you’ll have assured assistance in the future. There’s been a lot more R&D and product testing, and because it’s from a well-known brand, you won’t be left without components.

Simply glancing at the frame, components, and the perfect alignment of everything gives the Dualtron Thunder a comforting sensation while stepping on and riding.

Keep in mind that reaching 50 mph (80 km/h) on an electric scooter is quite risky, so be sure the surface you’re standing on is safe and won’t come apart at fast speeds.

On level ground, we were able to attain 55 mph (88 km/h) with the Dualtron Thunder, which is faster than the advertised peak speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) (According to Strava).

The quoted range is typically inflated; most electric scooter vendors and review sites report mileage ranging from 60 to 90 miles (96 to 144 kilometres), which is just not feasible. We’ve put it to the test. With the most of the terrain being flat, we were able to accomplish roughly 49 miles (78 km) utilising single motor mode, eco, and driving very cautiously (only a handful of small gradients).

The battery range will be reduced to 20-30 miles (32–48 km) of real-world use if you drive more aggressively and hit more gradients.

The Thunder has ample battery and motor power for most lengthy journeys, plus it can accommodate a plug-and-play range extender pack due to a dedicated GX16 connector (not a charging port).


Performance Overview:

So, how do we put it? The Dualtron Thunder is a beast; anything with a power output of 5kw or more is a powerful scooter that should be respected. Not just because to the amazing torque, but also due to the peak speeds. If you exit at 50 mph (80 km/h), you’re likely to get catastrophic injuries.

Now for the good news about the Dualtron Thunders’ performance.

It’s lightning fast, with amazing torque and acceleration. When you speed over 30 mph (48 km/h), the thunder has a torque peak from 0-10 mph before softly curving off. On level terrain, thunder will reach speeds of 50 mph (80 km/h) in less than 10-15 seconds (depending on rider weight).

You’ll start with some wheel spin, which is a lot of fun if you don’t do it on loose gravel.

Speed & Acceleration:

When it comes to an electric scooter, this is where things start to get serious. As we’ve already stated in this Dualtron Thunder review, this is a high-end, high-performance car that you won’t see very frequently on the road.

The Dualtron Thunder’s top speed is borderline insane. It has a top speed of 50 miles per hour (80 kilometres per hour), which puts it on par with certain motorised scooters and low-end motorbikes.

However, if you purchase it in the United States, you will be limited to a maximum speed of around 15 mph (25 km/h) due to a speed-limiting wire installed on the Dualtron Thunder scooter. In the United States, specific insurance regulations must be met, which is why the Dualtron Thunder’s speed must be limited by the authorised distributors (MiniMotors USA).

However, if you purchase the scooter outside of the United States, you will be allowed to ride it at ultra-high speeds. And, of course, if you’re going to test its speed, make sure you’re following all safety procedures. This entails donning protective gear and biking in a sparsely populated region.

If you purchase the Dualtron Thunder in the United Kingdom, Europe, or Asia, it will be unrestricted (no speed limiting).

Battery & Range:

The scooter comes with a large and strong battery (LG MJ1) with a capacity of 2100 watt hours, as we’ve already mentioned in our Dualtron Thunder review. The Dualtron Thunder claims to have a range of 75 miles (120 kilometres), however our studies have indicated that 40 miles (65-70 kilometres) is a more reasonable estimate of its range.

The Dualtron Thunder obtained roughly 60-70 percent of the advertised range in most of our testing, which implies that under less-than-ideal conditions, you can probably anticipate a real-world range of 50-55 miles (80-90km) for the Dualtron Thunder, which is still a very impressive range for any electric scooter.

The climbing range for travelling up slopes is 25 degrees, which is around a 47 percent climbing grade, as stated in the specifications. Obviously, if the cyclist is heavier, the climbing grade will be lower. The handbook that comes with the Thunder states that the scooter is not designed to climb severe slopes, yet it clearly has the power to handle moderate climbs.

The instructions also advises against accelerating when riding downhill, which is a wise precaution given how fast the Dualtron Thunder can travel at peak speed.

Motor Configuration:

The Dualtron Thunder’s motor has a peak power of 5400 watts, as stated in the specifications. Each motor has a nominal output of 2400 watts. The distinction between the two is simple: peak power is the maximum amount of power a motor can produce, which means you won’t be able to ride an electric scooter at peak power for very long. The nominal power is the maximum continuous power with which you may ride the Dualtron Thunder for as long as you choose.

Its motor system is made up of two brushless DC electric twin hub motors, which is intriguing and vital to mention. What does this entail in terms of power and performance for you? Brushless motors are preferred over brushed motors by people seeking for extremely high-performance motors because brushless motors produce less noise and more torque. Brushless motors are also more dependable and have a longer lifespan than brushed motors.

Dualtron’s hub motors are labelled with the tagline MINIMOTORS, which is a great touch.

Because the thunders BLDC hub motors are not waterproof, it’s critical not to get them wet, as any water intrusion would result in internal rust and corrosion.

You’ll be able to select between single and dual mode on the thunder’s handle bars.

Construction & Quality:

All indications in this Dualtron Thunder review point to it being a heavy-duty machine, as we’ve previously noted multiple times. The scooter’s deck is roughly 30 cm wide, which makes it quite easy to keep steady even as you increase the pace of the scooter. It can also carry up to 150 kg of weight (330 lbs).

The Dualtron Thunder was meant to last, and it was designed with stability as a top priority. No matter how tall you are or what sort of riding posture you choose, the entire construction is quite strong, and the deck is spacious enough for you to find your best and most secure position when riding.

The Thunder’s build quality is excellent; we haven’t found any flaws or concerns right out of the box. The only thing the thunders are notable for is their flimsy stem clamps. The single standard stem clamp is too thin, causing serious stem wobbling. Some riders have experienced cracked clamps or clamps that have entirely failed.

DUAL clamps, available from Dualtron and aftermarket manufacturers, are larger, stronger, and completely solve this problem.

Dualtron took this into account on newer scooters, which is why all recent Dualtrons now have stronger, larger clamps.


We’ve previously established that the Dualtron Thunder is a quick and powerful vehicle, so it’s only natural that Dualtron included a high-performance braking system. The Dualtron Thunder will provide you with a high-performance braking system, which we are glad to announce.

Initially, there was some scepticism regarding the brakes because they are made by Nutt, a tiny Chinese brand that appears to be quite generic and inconspicuous. These twin 160 mm hydraulically operated disc brakes, on the other hand, are serious and among the finest we’ve ever tested.

It takes very little effort to obtain a good level of braking force, just like most of the best brakes. That implies you’ll be able to come to a complete stop on a dime (or at least extremely rapidly while travelling at high speeds). The vented brake callipers are massive, and we don’t think we’ve ever seen anything bigger than these 160 mm discs.

They provide excellent performance as well as consistent and solid braking, which is essential when dealing with high-performance scooters in order to maintain stability and safety.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind with the brakes. Despite the fact that the brakes are labelled as ABS, these are electronic brakes, not true anti-lock brakes. As a result, you may experience some shaking and vibrations during braking, which may be unusual at first but should be simple to adjust to.

You may also disable the ABS if you wish to change the braking intensity manually on the instrumental panel.

The Dualtron Thunder has regenerative braking, which won’t add much to your range but will extend the life of your brake discs and pads because the scooter will utilise engine resistance to slow you down.


Suspension & Comfort:

The Thunder’s suspension arrangement has a solid rubber cartridge system. Soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard, and hard cartridges are among the many available. The cartridge is attached to the rear swingarm assembly and is located between the upper and lower parts of the front swingarm.

Dualtron’s cartridge design is unique in that it employs a cross bar to press against internal rubber bars. The cross bar’s travel is determined by the cartridge’s hardness and compactness.

Even larger riders won’t experience much suspension travel because the default thunder suspension setting is very firm.

The suspension isn’t particularly forgiving, which makes riding on uneven ground more unpredictable, but it does give the car a more solid, nimble feel on the road.

The rear cartridge should be set to medium-hard, and the front cartridge should be set to hard / moderately hard for most thunder owners.

The firmer the suspension setting, the heavier the rider; lighter riders on mild suspension settings might create speed wobble if the scooter is permitted greater suspension travel at high speeds.

To simplify the process of picking a cartridge and swapping it over easier, we’ve included a tutorial on how to change the suspension on a dualtron thunder.

Ride Quality:

If you’re used to riding super-strong electric scooters, jumping on the Dualtron Thunder to see just how powerful it is will be a piece of cake.

The height (it’s now an inch taller), the tyres (which have huge spikes and grip well on asphalted roads), and the broader deck are all things to look forward to while adjusting to the scooter (which allows you to move to a more comfortable position for longer rides).

For example, it rides and swerves buttery smooth when necessary, although the height and wheel traction take some getting used to.


The Dualtron Thunder’s illumination is adequate, but nothing to write home about. Low-mounted front and rear button LED lights, swag stem lighting, and bottom deck LED lights all come standard on the Dualtron Thunder.

The LED lights on the Dualtron Thunder may be controlled through remote control, which is the nicest feature. The lights’ biggest flaw is that the forward-facing LEDs are somewhat dim. If you plan on riding about town at night at high speeds, it’s a good idea to invest in extra LED lighting for your Thunder to improve nighttime visibility.


The Thunder, as previously stated, comes with foldable handlebars. Given that it’s a huge scooter that weighs roughly 43 kg, the scooter’s folding technology performs admirably (95 lbs).

When folded, the Thunder is 24.6 cm x 31.8 cm x 54.30 cm in size. Despite being relatively simple to fold, it is nonetheless difficult to transport because to its enormous weight and bulk.

It’s recommended to get assistance if you need to hoist the Thunder into a truck or vehicle, or if you need to carry the Thunder up a flight of stairs.

When we say it’s light and nimble, we mean it’s light for the sort of scooter it is; there are other unbranded / generic Chinese scooters with the same power output but an extra 10-20kg (22–44 pounds) in weight.

The Thunder is a lightweight scooter for its class (Factoring the large battery pack, suspension, wider deck etc.)



If you enjoy riding electric scooters quickly, you’ll need excellent tyres. The Dualtron Thunder, of course, comes with heavy-duty tyres that are up to the task. The Thunder sports front and rear rubber cartridge suspension, as well as front and rear 27.9 cm pneumatic tyres.

The wheel features a 10cm contact patch with the road, which makes the contact surface extra wide and helps you have a more balanced ride no matter how fast you’re riding your Thunder.

The tyres are CST vacuum tyres as standard.

Due to the tubeless design of the Dualtron Thunders wheels, the tyres utilised have larger walls, making them less puncture-prone. The Thunder’s standard tyres are of exceptional quality and quite grippy on dry roads. Standard tyres are unsuitable for off-road use because they spin over dirt, grass, and loose ground.

Because the hub motor and rim must be separated, removing and replacing the tyres is complicated.

The tyre valves must be purchased at the same time as the tyre (valves for tubeless tyres).

Pumping up the Thunders tyres is also a hassle since the valve is so near to the hub motor that there isn’t much room to screw on the Schrader valves.



With a width of 12 inches and a length of almost 20 inches, the Thunders deck is suited for most riders, large or tiny. The basic deck is a black cast aluminium plate with the Dualtron logo and motto half-covered in grip tape. The deck is approximately 2mm thick, with a rubber gasket beneath to assist prevent water infiltration (but it is not waterproof).

The deck is precisely the correct size for finding a comfortable riding posture, but the lack of a rear footrest dampens the thunder.

Many people will mistakenly utilise the rear mudguard as a place to put their back foot, which is a poor idea because the rear mudguard is only held on by two screws (and hence isn’t very sturdy).

The Thunder’s decks may be replaced with carbon decks, LED decks, and a variety of aftermarket alternatives.

Controls & Display:

The MiniMotors EY3 LCD display is a joy to have on the handlebars since it is multipurpose and intelligent enough to make riding a delight!

When analysing the scooter’s cockpit, let’s start with the handlebars. The aluminium handlebars have comfortable grips. They may also be folded for storage. The handlebars’ folding mechanism is a clamp and spring system; simply use the fast release clamp and pull the sliding mechanism apart against the springs to release the left and right handlebars and allow them to fold down.

The cockpit is separated into hemispheres for the most part. A typical EYE display and an accelerator are located on the right hemisphere, which you operate with your index finger. A brake lever and an emergency button are located on the left hemisphere of the cockpit. This button controls the scooter’s front illumination. Another button on the left side of the cockpit allows you to choose between single and dual motor mode.

The instrument panel has a lot of options. Start mode, cruise mode, electronic brake choices, ABS capabilities, wireless phone charging, and even a fingerprint reader are all available options (which is optional).

If you’re travelling on a route that doesn’t need a lot of manoeuvring, the cruise mode option is ideal for keeping a constant pace on extended journeys. We strongly advise that you read the instruction booklet that comes with the Thunder completely to ensure that you are aware of all of the choices accessible on the instrument panel.

Water Resistance:

Unfortunately, there is no water resistance rating for thunder. To be honest, considering the Thunder’s capacity to spin the wheels and rapidly lose traction, it’s not a scooter you’d want to ride in the rain.

If you ride your motorcycle in heavy rain and clip puddles, water will quickly find its way into the hubs and maybe through the deck.

Water intrusion is dangerous for any scooter, causing dead shorts, BMS failure, electrical component failure, corrosion, and other issues.

If it starts to rain while you’re out riding or commuting on your Dualtron Thunder, consider stopping and turning it off. Internal harm can be avoided by turning it off and allowing it to dry out.


Your local dealer will choose the length and terms of the warranty that comes with the Dualtron Thunder. The typical warranty, on the other hand, is usually six months.

We called their customer service team multiple times to see how prompt they were, and we were quite pleased with the assistance and attention we received.

The Thunder’s dependability is unquestionable; we’ve had ours for three years (as of 2021) and have logged over 7,000 miles (11,200 km) with no issues other than normal wear and tear (Tyres and brake pads).


Dualtron Thunder owners boast of 5,000, 10,000, and even 15,000 (24,000 km) miles of usage with very minimum maintenance in several Facebook groups and Reddit posts.

It’s a rock-solid, dependable scooter that won’t let you down; you can count on the batteries, controllers, frame, and all other components to perform flawlessly day after day.

Short charging, over discharging, a lot of off-road activity, jumps, and exposure to wet / ice conditions can obviously limit the life of your thunder, but for the most part, the thunder will be 100 percent reliable.

Known Issues:

The Dualtron Thunder has only a few documented issues:

  • STEM Clamps Have Issues
  • Some owners have churned motor hub bolts since they are coated in Loctite yet the bolts themselves are quite soft.
  • Because rear mudguard bolts might loosen with time, they should be removed and coated with loctite.
  • LED lights have been reported to quit functioning by certain owners.


It’s simple to maintain your Thunder. Simply keep your tyre pressures at the proper level (low inflation increases resistance, putting extra strain on the motors). Check all nuts and bolts for tightness, examine your tyres and frame for signs of damage on a regular basis, and make sure you charge and discharge the battery properly (do not do short runs and keep the battery topped up, make sure you run complete charge and discharge cycles).

The thunder doesn’t take much upkeep.

As the scooter matures and accumulates a lot of miles, you may need to replace the motors and batteries.

Lithium batteries have a limited number of cycles before their performance degrades considerably.

If you have the default Dualtron Thunder stem clamp, make sure you inspect it or replace it.

Is this E-Scooter value  money and is it worth buying?

The most essential thing to keep in mind about the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is that it is designed for experienced riders who have been riding electric scooters for a long time and are quite comfortable with them.

The Thunder is not an electric scooter for beginners. More experienced riders will be able to fully utilize all of the capabilities available on the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter. And, with features like ABS brakes and adjustable suspension, it would be a pity not to exploit the Thunder to its maximum extent if you’re going to spend so much money on it.

If you’re not used to travelling at high speeds and normally ride your electric scooter through congested areas that don’t allow for fast riding, the Thunder isn’t for you. If you’re going to buy a Dualtron Thunder scooter, be sure you live somewhere where you’ll be able to ride it at high speeds, because it’d be a shame if a machine this well-built and quick wasn’t put to its full potential.

The Dualtron Thunder is an electric scooter that is undoubtedly a beast, and the pricing reflects it. The range is above average in terms of speed, features, and customization, and the build quality is excellent.

The Dualtron Thunder is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a fast and powerful electric scooter as a first step toward upgrading to a motorbike. It is without a doubt one of the most powerful electric scooters on the market.

To be clear, the Dualtron Thunder is not the scooter to buy for everyday commuting or errands around town. The Thunder is a road-monster capable of burning a lot of rubber, therefore it’s designed to be driven on the open road at high speeds.





Suitable For



50+ mph


75 miles

Charge Time

10H (2 standard chargers), 20H (standard charger), 4.8H (fast charger)

Single-Charge Mileage

50 miles


45-Step adjustable new rubber suspension.

Braking System

Hydraulic NUTT brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks


pneumatic tubeless


100Wh, 2

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

95 lbs

Max Load

330 Lbs


and Taillight, Brake Light, Dual LED headlight, Stem lighting, Underdeck lighting

Product Material

6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

Water Resistance


Extra features

Fast Charging


5.0 out of 5
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    We gave this to our granddaughter for Christmas, and it quickly rose to the top of her list of presents.

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    Overall, a wise decision.

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