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The MiniMotors Dualtron Spider is the newest electric scooter model from the well-known MiniMotors brand. The Dualtron is built with a lightweight frame and a high-performance motor. It also comes with all of the bells and whistles that make riding exciting and safe.
The Spider’s design and functionality are more practical and gentler than those of its siblings, the Dualtron 3 and Thunder. It’s also lightweight and portable, making it the ideal scooter for regular city commuters.
This review will dig into the Dualtron Spider’s various features and how they compare to other electric scooters on the market.

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A high-performance electric scooter with enough power to get you into big trouble, the Dualtron Spider is fascinating to ride. It is strong, muscular, and totally awesome. However, because of its size and weight, it is just tame enough to be a useful commuter.

When folded, the Spider is a modest size and weighs 21 kg. It should be simple to carry it up stairs, onto a train, or into an elevator. Its mobility and usefulness can be considerably improved with a few adjustments.

For a compact yet potent electric scooter, the Dualtron Spider represents the ultimate of performance. It is a fantastic commuting scooter that strikes the perfect combination of durability, speed, range, and weight. Last but not least, the Spider is a more useful and subdued member of the powerful Dualtron family of electric scooters.


Performance Overview

One of the best scooters for learning how to ride is the Dualtron Spider. It is designed for beginners because it is user-friendly and drives smoothly.

The Dualtron Spider’s makers have also made an attempt to lighten it up in order to comply with the regulatory laws of various nations. Its excellent handling is enhanced by the 10-inch pneumatic tyres, wide deck, and aluminum alloy frame. On most flat terrain, the rider feels confident thanks to the ride’s stability. Without needing to rely on its haphazard ABS, the disc brakes provide superb stopping power.

The 3,000-watt dual hub motor and the 60 volt, 17.5 Ah battery together produce a quiet performance. You can often travel 37 miles on a single charge. The acceleration is as you would anticipate from a smaller scooter. According to MiniMotors, it has a top speed of 37 miles per hour.

During nighttime rides, the RGB lights, handlebar lights, headlights, and taillights give adequate visibility. However, some of the stock lights should be replaced because they pale in comparison to their MiniMotor brethren’s lighting. The speedometer and other data displays on the simple EYE control panel are rather uncomplicated.

Should you then think about purchasing this scooter? The Dualtron Spider is more complex than what the spec sheet could possibly convey. Although the manufacturer made it lighter, which required them to remove some components in order to achieve a catchweight of under 44 pounds, it still represents outstanding value for $2,774 (£2,000).

The Dualtron Spider’s sleeper off-road scooter status is what’s surprising about it. It has strong climbing capabilities and can climb terrain with a gradeability of 25 degrees, as well as cross ditches and other roadblocks.

Power and Performance

The Spider is an excellent climber and can ascend slopes of up to 25 degrees, which are typical of off-road scooters.

The two hub motor offers a thrilling performance and superb response. With an estimated top speed of 37 mph, its battery life is between two and three hours.

Fortunately, the scooter’s other components were designed to enhance its adaptable performance. It was given a well-balanced deck and the ideal stalk length by MiniMotors to offer superb stability on any type of road. With little problem, this scooter can support a person weighing up to 100 kg.

With almost no wobble or stem slops, it steers quite precisely and steadily. The scooter also functions effectively while negotiating corners with steep turns. The Dualtron Spider can also endure harsh and muddy conditions on short routes. This electric scooter has an ECO mode that lowers its speed to conserve battery life, similar to other electric scooters.


The T6 tempered aluminum alloy used in its frame is renowned for being sturdy and corrosion-proof. Your feet are in a cosy and secure position thanks to the deck’s traditional Dualtron comprehensive layout.

You can choose between the kick and throttle start methods through the dashboard. Additionally, it offers a cruise mode, a choice of three speed levels, and the auto power-off feature.

It also has carbon fibre handlebars that you may replace with aluminum alloy if you want them to be more durable. The foam grips, sadly, are of poor quality. The handlebar position may also need to be adjusted because it is a little on the low side.


The scooter is highly maneuverable and can accelerate to 24 kph (15 mph) in just 3 seconds. The general feeling is pretty progressive, and the acceleration is seamless. The pneumatic tyres are exceptionally stable and have a good amount of traction.

Top Speed

Maximum speed for the Dualtron Spider is 60 kph (37 mph). However, a number of Spider testers have discovered that it is capable of going far faster, particularly if the factory speed limit is removed.

Its speed may also be affected by the rider’s weight, the state of the road, and the battery charge.


Battery & Range

The Spider has an average range of about 68 kilometres and is powered by a 60 V, 175 amp LG MJ1 cell battery pack. If you employ regenerative braking, reduce your top speed, and accelerate more gradually, you can increase its length.

You can use this scooter as your daily commute vehicle if your office is less than 15 miles from your house. The Lion batteries have a 2.5 hour runtime. The scooter has two charging outlets that allow it to be fully charged in about nine hours.

Motor Configuration

Two 800-watt direct-drive brushless hub motors are included with the Spider. A combined 3,000 watts of power are sent to the wheels by the two engines. These sealed motors are available with a two-year warranty and are also highly durable.

Brake System

Both the front and rear disc brakes of the Spider are operated by cables, thanks to MiniMotors. Additionally, the scooter incorporates regenerative brakes and a dual ABS. The EYE LCD Interface of this function allows you to enable or disable it.

The item vibrates uncomfortably throughout due to its ABS, which is partially fake and may eventually damage the drivetrain. Many Spider owners disable this option because of this.


Urban challenges including uneven terrain, potholes, and small road debris can be overcome thanks to the vehicle’s well-built suspension and modest ground clearance. Additionally, it has a dual rubber cartridge suspension that you can adjust by switching out different cartridges until you find the ride stiffness you like.

However, finding the ideal settings could need some trial and error. Once the calibration is correct, it can run over small rocks and most bumps on the road with ease.

Ride Quality

The Spider has a lot of power and is built well, but how does that translate to quality? In a nutshell, we are more than happy. Pros and drawbacks are listed below.

It’s challenging to uncover issues with the Dualtron Spider during brief travels. There is plenty of torque provided by the strong motor and dependable battery. It is also a delight to drive thanks to its light frame, respectable-sized wheels, and non-wobbly bar.

Any totter or sway will always make you uneasy while standing on the scooter. This scooter has excellent manoeuvrability, especially when turning.


If you wish to take the 20 kilogramme Spider on a train or bus, it can be folded. When folded, it has dimensions of 112 centimetres in length, 23 centimetres in breadth, and 48 centimetres in height. At your house or place of employment, you may conveniently store or stow this small scooter.

This unit’s lack of a locking mechanism is one drawback, as it can occasionally be difficult to carry. However, you may fix this problem with little adjustments.


The EYE LCD dashboard, which includes a number of useful features, is used by the Dualtron Spider. The trip odometer and other essential information are displayed in real-time on the LCD panel, which has a nice appearance.

Additionally, the handlebar has two push buttons for Single/Dual and Eco/Turbo modes. You have the choice of using one or both motors when you press the first pushbutton. The second button, on the other hand, lets you choose how aggressive you want the throttle to be.


Driving a scooter at night requires you to always be visible. The scooter’s LED headlights will make you happy because they will make it easier for you to view the road ahead. You can still see your current speed and other important information because the LED panel has a light.

The scooter’s rear LED brake lights are dull and less visible during nighttime traffic because they are located on the bottom area of the scooter. As a result, you might need to equip blinkers or wear a reflector vest to increase your visibility.

RGB lights from the deck, rims, and stem tube are also strewn all over the body of the Spider. In addition to giving it a technological appearance, this can increase your road visibility. Keep in mind, though, that turning on more lights can also cause your battery to drain considerably more quickly.


Large inflated tyres on the Spider measure 25.4 centimetres (10 inches) by 5 centimetres (2 inches) and provide greater personalization options. They are more prone to flats since they are much softer than solid rubber tyres.

The tyres are fairly gripping on both on- and off-road surfaces, despite being smaller than bulkier scooters. To be safe, you should take caution and stay away from highly rocky roads and ditches.

Maintaining proper tyre pressure can help guarantee a consistently comfortable ride. You can check the user handbook or the sidewall of the tyre for information on the required air pressure.


Build Quality, Durability & Support

The Thunder and the MiniMotors Dualtron Spider both have excellent build quality. Among the three scooter models offered by MiniMotors, it is the most cheapest. However, a few features were diminished in order to save cost and increase weight.

Instead of having a fully contained design, the control arm has a sanctified style. While this was happening, numerous non-essential pieces, such the fenders, were changed out for equivalent plastic parts. Because of these redesigns, the producer may offer the product for less money while also reducing its weight to comply with legal requirements in numerous regions, including Singapore.

We find no dependability issues with the Spider during our test. No abnormality was discovered in this department by current owners or other evaluators. Definitely living up to their reputation as one of the greatest scooter producers in the world, MiniMotors.

You can always rely on its two-year warranty if something malfunctions or fails.


You won’t need to maintain the Spider because its battery and motor are sealed units. To keep it functioning, though, it would be beneficial if you continually charged the battery.

Similar to the majority of electric scooters, its internal and external components need to be cleaned of dust, filth, mud, and other contaminants. To make sure you are always safe when you take it for a spin, you should also periodically check the tyre pressure.


The deck of the Dualtron Spider is extremely spacious and can comfortably fit your feet. Larger riders won’t have any trouble fitting on its deck either. Its surface also has exceptional grip, which significantly lessens the risk of slipping even when travelling at high speed.

The Spider’s deck layout dispels the myth that larger decks are inherently less responsive and have lower handling quality.


Water Resistance

The body and parts of the Spider are not water-resistant. While you can spend a short period in the rain, it shouldn’t be wet for too long. Due to their susceptibility to water infiltration and potential damage, you should take additional care not to expose the battery pack and engine to the rain.

Known Issues

We looked online for various Spider-related problems that existing owners are now experiencing. The poor ABS feature and the dimly lighted rear lights are a couple of the persistent issues.

We’ll be pleased to update this review and inform our readers of any other difficulties we notice.

MiniMotors Dualtron Spider Scooter Review: Conclusion

With the MiniMotors Spider, an electric scooter with great performance, you can travel anywhere in the city with ease. It’s excellent for weekend thrashing or daily commuting.

The Spider provides the most value for your money when compared to the other MiniMotors scooter models. You must, however, also put up with other design shortcomings, like flimsy lights and plastic parts. Overall, you should carefully consider the Spider and include it on your must-have list if you want a scooter that can get you from home to work and back.




Suitable For



000 W, 3

Max Speed

37 miles


37 mile

Charge Time

2.6 hours with the quick charger, 4.3 hours with 2 standard chargers, 8.7 hours with standard charger

Single-Charge Mileage

37 miles


Dual Rubber Cartridge Suspension

Braking System

Front Disc, Rear Disc


10-inch by 2-inch Pneumatic Tube


050 Wh, 1

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

44.1 lbs

Max Load

254 lbs


Embedded ambience lighting, multi-color handlebar with remote, tail and brake light

Product Material

T6 tempered aluminium alloy frame

Water Resistance

Extra features

dual rubber cartridge suspension


4.7 out of 5
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  1. Alexander

    I’ve been enjoying it so far, and as the weather hopefully improves, I’ll start taking it on increasingly longer rides. I believe it will stand up well, and because I completed my research, I’m hoping that this scooter will last a very long time.

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  2. Jackson

    This electric scooter was a pleasant surprise because it has excellent power, a long battery life, and excellent handling when commuting.

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  3. Mateo

    I’m quite happy with this scooter.

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