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MiniMotors is a forerunner in the electric scooter industry. They were the first to release an electric scooter with a dual-motor and are responsible for a number of other breakthroughs.

With good reason, the Dualtron series is one of their most popular. For a long time, the Dualtron name has been synonymous with quality. These electric scooters are noted for their quality construction, durability, and performance.

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DUALTRON Mini Motors is a forerunner in the electric scooter industry. They were the first to release an electric scooter with a dual-motor and are responsible for a number of other breakthroughs.

Dualtron is one of their most popular series, and for good reason. For a long time, the Dualtron brand has been linked with excellence. These electric scooters are noted for their quality construction, durability, and performance. One of the most popular scooters in this series is the Dualtron Mini electric scooter. The Mini is named from the fact that it is smaller and more portable than the other Dualtron scooters. It is, in fact, the only electric scooter in the series without a twin motor.

But don’t be fooled by the name or the lack of twin motors; the Mini Motors Dualtron Mini is a genuine electric scooter that is quick, steady, and strong. In this MiniMotors Dualtron Mini Review, we’ll look at what makes this electric scooter so popular.


We were quite pleased with the Dualtron Mini in general. It’s undoubtedly one of the best in this price range that we’ve tried. The Dualtron Mini is difficult to match if you want a flexible electric scooter that can be used for ordinary commuting but also has the capacity to travel very fast and tackle severe terrain. There aren’t many options for the money that are as flexible and well-built as the Dualtron Mini. No matter what sort of riding you’re doing, it’s quick, stable, and safe. Another benefit of the MiniMotors Dualtron Mini that is often overlooked is how simple it is to change the tyres when necessary. Some electric scooters have complicated systems that need taking them to a specialist to get their tyres replaced, but the Dualtron Mini is simple enough for anybody to do.

Performance Overview:

A 1,450W hub motor propels the DUALTRON MINI to a peak speed of 32 miles per hour. In most locations, riding an electric scooter at this speed on city roads is illegal. The majority of them have a 15mph speed limit for such gadgets! However, such power isn’t wasted: it’s what allows an electric scooter to easily climb slopes. When they get to a minor hill, less powerful electric scooters clearly slow down. Instead, with the DUALTRON MINI, you can go anyplace you’d go with your regular mode of transportation (car, bike, or motorcycle).

When you don’t require the full strength of the DUALTRON MINI, you may save a lot of energy and extend the device’s mile-range significantly. You may limit the speed of your electric scooter for your convenience by using the various settings, all of which are customizable through the LCD power.

A Cruise Mode is offered, which maintains the pace constant so you don’t have to worry about draining the battery or speeding too quickly.

Speed & Acceleration:

The highest speed of this electric scooter is around 27mph (45 km/h), as stated in the specifications at the start of this Dualtron Mini review. If you’re utilising it to travel about, that’s plenty fast no matter where you reside. There are high-performance electric scooters that can travel twice as fast as the Dualtron Mini, but they are also twice as bulky and twice as pricey.

You can probably get it up to 40-45 km/h on flat ground, but the extra power is normally used for climbing difficult terrain. Another fantastic feature of this scooter is the cruise control mode, which allows you to maintain a constant speed when commuting while conserving battery life.

Hill Climbing:

In terms of performance, the manufacturer claims a 20-degree incline rate. The Mini, on the other hand, just does not have the power to climb hills this steep. In actuality, it can climb hills up to 12 degrees, but anything more than that causes the Mini to slow down and become sluggish.

The Mini lacks the low-end torque required to propel the scooter up steep inclines. You can’t complain, though, because this scooter just has one motor.

Battery & Range:

The Dualtron Mini’s battery has a range of roughly 55 kilometres, as we said while discussing the battery. However, it’s worth repeating that how you utilise your Dualtron Mini will have a significant influence. The range will be substantially greater if you only use it to commute around town and keep it on cruise control. You should expect the range to reduce dramatically if you often use it off-road and climb hills.

Motor Configuration:

Before we get into the power and speed of the Dualtron Mini electric scooter, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is first and foremost a commuter electric scooter. It boasts a 1,450 watt engine that is ideal for city streets but also performs admirably on a range of road surfaces. The MiniMotors Dualtron Mini’s motor is powerful enough to propel it to speeds of close to 45 km/h, but as everyone who travels on city streets knows, you’ll never be able to go that fast.

The advantage of having such a powerful motor on a little electric scooter is that it allows you to easily climb mountainous road conditions. The Dualtron Mini has a 20-degree hill grade and a 37-percent climbing grade, making it one of the finest compact electric scooters for travelling over difficult terrain.

Another benefit of the strong motor is that if you’re not riding too quickly or climbing too many hills, your range will automatically expand, allowing you to ride your Mini for considerably longer lengths of time between charges.

Construction & Quality:

Despite the fact that it is a smaller electric scooter, the Dualtron series is recognised for having a large and chunky look. Even though it’s smaller, this one has that trademark Dualtron design. It’s crucial to have a robust and broad deck since you can achieve some really good speeds on it, which it does. Because it is a tiny electric scooter, the deck is a bit shorter than typical scooter decks, but it is broad enough for you to easily ride with both feet on the deck.

It can handle riders weighing up to 100 kg. The handlebars are also quite well-made and durable. The bars’ modest curve adds to their stability and comfort. The rubberized, ergonomic handgrips on the handlebars make it simple to manoeuvre the scooter without your hands slipping, especially while travelling over difficult terrain.

It’s made of a combination of aviation-grade aluminium alloy and steel, which is the product material you want if you want something that’s both light and robust. The vehicle is around 22 kilogrammes in weight.


The handlebars, which are quite strong and resemble those seen on a mountain bike, have previously been mentioned. The index finger accelerator, the brake lever (on the left side), and the EYE throttle LCD instrument display are all mounted on the handlebars. Even if you’ve never had an electric scooter before, the fact that the accelerator and LCD display are on the right side and the brake is on the left makes it simple and straightforward to use. The fact that you have to pull the accelerator with your finger makes it a little more difficult to fine-tune, especially if you’re travelling quickly or on a rough road. If you ever need to relax your finger or find it difficult to have your finger on the accelerator all the time, you may utilise the cruise control option.

Suspension & Comfort:

Dualtron enjoys customising their scooters’ suspension systems. The majority of their scooters come with 5 different types of rubber cartridges that you can replace in and out (from soft to hard). The Mini, on the other hand, goes in a different path with a triple spring system that looks a lot like the Apollo Phantom’s.

As previously said, the Dualtron Mini has a superb ride quality thanks to its efficient suspension arrangement. The Mini feels safe, steady, and pleasant even at fast speeds.

It compares favourably to the EMOVE Cruiser and SPLACH Twin, two of our suggested choices, but it falls short of the Apollo Ghost, which has greater travel and is better suited to tough terrain.

Ride Quality:

It’s a breeze to ride the Dualtron Mini. The steering column feels rock solid thanks to the 23.8-inch broad handlebars and robust folding mechanism. As a consequence, it’s quick, responsive, and gives you a sense of security.

The only concern is the deck’s size. It would be ideal if it were somewhat larger, but for the most part, it will suffice. In addition, the kickplate helps you to ride with a more aggressive posture. The Mini may not blow you away with its quick acceleration rate or blazing peak speed as a single motor scooter, but it will provide a ride that makes weekend cruising or weaving in and out of city traffic during your commute a breeze. It has a good power-to-weight ratio, and its design stability, along with its shock-absorbing characteristics, give it a pleasurable ride.


The lights on this e scooter are pretty impressive, even if they are more for show than for use. Nonetheless, they’re extremely cool. While you switch on the LED strips that run up the deck and stem of the scooter, you get a pretty cool multi-colored show that may really make you stand out when cruising the streets late at night.

Of all, it’s not all about how awesome you appear. When riding at night, this multi-colored display keeps you visible and safe.

These elegant LED lights on the deck and stem, however, are clearly not the only lights on the Dualtron Mini. The scooter also has a dual LED headlight, lights on the steering pole and side panels, and a brake light to keep you visible and safe in the city, especially at night and while surrounded by other vehicles like automobiles and motorbikes.

It also has an LED remote with which you can control all of the lighting.

Color Changing Lights with Remote Control:

The Dualtron Mini comes with a remote control that allows you to change the colour of the lights on the stem and deck of your scooter. Dualtron logo illuminates in the colour of your choice at night, giving the scooter a spaceship-like look. There are 20 distinct colours to choose from, as well as various different brightness, pattern, and frequency options.


The Dualtron Mini comes with a brake mechanism that is both simple to operate and dependable. Most significantly, the brakes are also incredibly simple to maintain. With the Dualtron Mini, you get a drum brake and an electronic brake in one package, ensuring braking power while also making it easy to adjust.

It also has an anti-lock brake system that prevents your tyres from locking up when you brake. The rear drum brake is controlled by a brake lever situated conveniently on the handlebars.

In severe scenarios and when riding the Dualtron Mini in slick or dangerous conditions, the ABS and electronic brake work together to keep you safe. It also has spring suspension, which makes it capable of handling uneven terrain.


The fact that it is tiny and easy to move is one of the key reasons people buy it. The folding system is without a doubt one of the greatest we’ve seen. The method is sturdy, but it also makes it simple to fold the scooter. And, as previously said, the Dualtron Mini is just 22 kg, making it quite easy to pick up and carry into your car or into your home.



The pneumatic tyres of the Dualtron Mini electric scooter. The tyre has a diameter of 235 cm and is ideal for this size and kind of electric scooter. However, these tyres will need to be maintained, and you should check the tyre pressure on a regular basis. And if the tyre runs flat, you’ll have to replace it because these tyres aren’t repairable. The tyres, on the other hand, are simple to replace, and you’ll probably be able to do it yourself rather than taking it to a shop. The rubber suspensions and front and rear spring suspension, however, are what actually give the comfort and stability. Riding the Dualtron Mini is comfortable and stable even at greater speeds because to the combination of high-quality suspension and top-of-the-line tyres.


To give optimum grip, the deck contains a sandpaper-textured layer. It also has plenty of foot room for optimal comfort and control, especially on somewhat bumpy surfaces. The deck is a good size for back-to-back footing and is appropriate to the rest of the scooter. The deck isn’t broad enough to allow you to stand with your feet side by side.

Controls & Display:

The LCD display is outstanding, and it can be viewed clearly in both bright and dim light. With a single peek at the display, you’ll be able to see your speed, range, and battery %. The Dualtron Mini electric scooter also features three riding modes, which is a unique feature. A speed limit has been set for each of these settings. If you truly want to save your battery life, you should ride in Option 1 (the slowest mode) as often as possible.


The warranty for the Dualtron Mini varies depending on where you buy it, but it normally lasts two years for the body and six months for the battery. It’s vital to understand that in most circumstances, water damage isn’t covered by the guarantee.

When we contacted the customer care staff and asked multiple questions about various aspects, they were fast to answer and gave us with fantastic direction and information.

Similar Scooters to Consider:

While we feel the Dualtron Mini is the best electric scooter for the money at this price point, there are a few more similar electric scooters in the same price range that you might want to consider. If you’re seeking for electric scooters with performance and build quality comparable to the Dualtron Mini at a similar price, we recommend the Apollo Explore, INOKIM Ox Super, and EVOLV Tour XL Plus.

The Speedway Leger is a great option if you don’t want to spend as much money and want something with similar characteristics but at a lower price. MiniMotors makes it as well, and it provides you the Dualtron experience at a reduced price.

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

There’s a lot to like about the Mini. It has the aesthetics, as well as the performance, to be a superb small city runner. However, despite all of its advantages, rival scooters in its price range give it a run for its money. This is due to the Mini’s pricing being comparable to dual-motor scooters with bigger motors and batteries.

Specification: DUALTRON MINI Review



Suitable For



1450 w

Max Speed



34 miles

Charge Time

10 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

34 miles


Front and rear spring & rubber suspension

Braking System

Electric Braking & ABS, Rear Drum Brake


9″ pneumatic tires



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

48 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


Front LED Lighting

Product Material

6082-T6, Covers: Polypropylene, Frame & Handle: Aviation aluminium forging alloy, Shaft: SCM440

Water Resistance

Extra features

double front headlights

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    My daughter enjoys it

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  2. Tommy

    Excellent scooter for my adolescent kid! No problems! really quickly I’m thinking about getting a second one for myself.

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  3. Finley

    This scooter is great. This is the best ride if you want something enjoyable to ride.

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