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The Dualtron Eagle Pro is the newest model from Dualtron Electric Scooters, and it’s a worthy successor to the Dualtron 2. This scooter is filled with the extras that our consumers requested, including entirely redesigned 3,300 watt BLDC hub motors, folding handlebars, and a rear variable suspension cartridge. The Eagle Pro is a limited-edition model that will be available for a limited time only.

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Dualtron Eagle Pro Summary

One of the newest models in the Dualtron scooter line is the Eagle Pro. The Eagle Pro’s shape, colors, and curves make it clear that it is an electric scooter made by MiniMotors. The Eagle Pro has an aluminium alloy frame that is svelte and well-designed. Since the structure is rather strong, maximum safety is guaranteed even at high speeds. The steel shaft’s well-protected deck and steel construction provide optimal riding stability and sturdiness.

The Eagle Pro has twin hub front and back 1800W motors, which together provide 3300 W of power. The motors provide excellent grad ability of up to 25 degrees and quick and smooth acceleration with a peak speed of 40 mph. The robust and incredibly long-lasting 60V 22.4AH LG battery provides an excellent

Having a long range and a fast peak speed, riding comfort is essential. As a result, the Eagle Pro assures comfortable rides thanks to its best-in-class dual adjustable rubber suspension system, which provides enough damping both in the front and the rear. The 10-inch pneumatic tires and adjustable shock absorbs ensure comfortable travel on on-road surfaces.

A superb braking mechanism on the Dualtron Eagle Pro ensures optimal safety even at high speeds. The front and rear disk brakes work in tandem with the factory-installed ABS to deliver accurate, quiet stopping without tire locking.

When it comes to controls and displays, the Eagle Pro has an immersive EYE LCD Display that provides you total command over your scooter. You can monitor and regulate the battery voltage, set the cruise control, and change the power or acceleration thanks to the display. Additionally, the scooter offers you the choice of using the ground-breaking slow start feature, which enables you to start the scooter securely and accelerate to full speed without being thrown off.

The dual LED headlight, back taillight, and brake lights of the Eagle Pro make it safe to drive at night or in poor light. The Eagle Pro is not the lightest scooter at 66 pounds. It’s a touch too hefty to raise and carry for an extended period of time, much alone carry upstairs. The scooter makes an effort to still be portable by having a folding handlebar, stem, and locking clasp that fastens the stem to the deck.

With a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds, the scooter is suitable for a variety of users, including tall and heavy users. In conclusion, the Dualtron Eagle Pro has a remarkable peak speed, range, performance, and durability and is beautifully constructed.


Performance Overview

The Dualtron Eagle Pro has two 1800W motors that work together to deliver 3300W of power. Under ideal riding circumstances, the scooter is touted to reach a peak speed of almost 40 mph when both motors are active. The measured speed on level ground with an optimum weight rider, however, comes up just short at 37.7 mph. The scooter accelerates rather well, going from 0 mph to 15 mph in 2.8 seconds and from 0 mph to 30 mph in 9.2 seconds. Although this is a little slower than some of its competitors in the same class, by performance scooter standards, it is still more than enough.

The bike can easily climb inclination slopes of 25% or 47% thanks to its powerful motor. The Eagle Pro performs admirably in a hill climb test, climbing a 200-foot, 10-percent slope in 9.2 seconds while accelerating. Notably, the claimed range is slightly shorter than the measured range, with a rider of optimum weight only managing 33 miles on a level track.

Above all else, the scooter is secure. The scooter need efficient braking due to its rapid speeds and quick acceleration. With a proven stopping distance of 11.8 ft (3.6 M), starting at 15 mph and coming to a complete stop, the twin disc brakes provide precision stopping.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Dualtron Eagle Pro is among the quickest electric scooters on the market right now, giving models like the Zero 11X, Zero 10X, and Dualtron X true competition with a peak speed of up to 40 mph (75 km/h) in good circumstances. Although the Eagle Pro is not the quickest among strong dual-motor scooters, its high speeds will keep you enthralled and keep you moving along with most of the traffic.

Speaking of acceleration, the Dualtron Eagle ensures a safe start from 0 mph with its excellent acceleration and slow start feature. The scooter accelerates quickly from 0 to 24.8 mph in 5.4 seconds, 0 to 29.8 mph in 7.1 seconds, and 1 to 19.8 mph in under 3.9 seconds. The acceleration is really safe and smooth. Additionally, you may benefit from the slow start feature, which enables you to run at full speed without losing your balance. To experience the scooter’s acceleration and max speed, watch this YouTube video.

Hill Climbing

Depending on the battery charge, rider weight, and terrain, among other factors, the Dualtron Eagle Pro is a capable hill climber with an amazing 25 degrees or 47 percent grade-ability. Because of this, the scooter can climb any steep road anywhere in the world.

Battery Life & Range 

A premium 60V 22.4AH 1344 WH, LG 3500 battery is used in the Dualtron Eagle Pro, giving it an outstanding range of up to 50 miles. As always, a number of variables, like the scooter’s riding mode, the rider’s weight, the terrain, inclination, and others, affect the range. In actual life, you should anticipate a more constrained range.

Nevertheless, the range is still sufficient, so you can commute for a reasonable amount of time or go for a weekend trip with other scooter aficionados without worrying about running out of juice or needing to recharge the battery in between rides.

The battery needs 12 hours to completely charge. However, you may reduce the charging time to 6 hours or a day by using dual-standard chargers.

Motor Configuration

A max 3300W BLDC twin hub motor is installed in the front and back of the Eagle Pro. Riders have the choice of using a single motor or twin motor, similar to the majority of powerful scooters in the same class, depending on how much power they require. Additionally, you have the option of driving in Turbo or Eco mode, with lesser power for longer range and smoother city riding. Essentially, the scooter’s motors may be modified to fit your unique power needs.

Construction & Build Quality

Electric scooters made by MiniMotors are known for their high-quality construction, which guarantees their quality and endurance. With a sturdy and beefier construction, the Eagle Pro is no different. The frame, deck, handlebars, and stem are solid and exude quality.

The scooter’s frame is made of 6082-T6 aluminium alloy, which reduces weight and provides maximum stability at high speeds. The SCM440 steel shaft adds weight to the scooter, improving stability and granting complete control. The ultra-lightweight carbon fibre and polypropylene plastic handlebars of the scooter include rubber grips at their ends to provide optimal control and comfort when riding.

Compared to the Dualtron 2 and the Spider, the Eagle Pro is built more robustly and can sustain riders up to 120 kg (265lbs). The Eagle Pro may not be the best choice for tall riders, though, since it has the smallest deck to handlebar height in the high-performance scooter class.


The front rubber suspension of the Dualtron Eagle Pro has five steps and is adjustable, exactly as the suspension on the Dualtron Thunder. The scooter is highly adaptable because to its adjustable feature; you may modify it according to your riding preferences, weight, and the types of terrain you frequently travel on. You should take the softest adjustment into consideration if you often bike on uneven terrain. The most difficult choice is ideal for flat, smooth terrain that permits maximum speed.

A system of replacement rubber cartridges, consisting of five different types—soft pack, medium, medium-soft pack, hard pack, and hard pack—is used to modify the suspension. The suspension becomes more stiff and the cartridge harder, respectively.

Ride Quality

With its 10-inch, 2.5-inch inflated tyres, progressive, adjustable front suspension, roomy deck, and ergonomic handlebars, the Eagle Pro offers smooth rides. Like any other Dualtron scooter, the strong stem guarantees that your ride will be incredibly maneuverable. The rubber suspension provides enough dampening to keep the scooter firmly planted on the pavement as opposed to bottoming out.

However, because the suspension contains a rubber component, temperature has an impact on how effective it is; in extremely cold or hot riding circumstances, it may not be particularly effective. Additionally, it was found that the steering bearings were over tightened, which contributed to the steering feeling tense and snaggy.

The Eagle Pro still manages to provide supple, secure, and enjoyable rides despite the little damage.


Rear and front 140mm mechanical disc brakes, as well as electronic regenerative ABS brakes, are included in the Eagle Pro’s braking system. The scooter can be stopped safely and without any compromises thanks to the disc brakes, which provide adequate stopping force and are rather effective on all surfaces and in wet situations. For enhanced safety, the regenerative ABS brake gradually engages and stops the wheels from locking.

The two brake levers neatly located on the handlebar make it simple to apply both brakes. If necessary, the braking power can be increased by using the LCD display’s P-settings. In conclusion, the Eagle Pro’s electric scooter brakes, which offer a braking distance of 3.5 meters, are fairly efficient.


The majority of strong, dual-motor electric scooters are not made to be portable. The Eagle Pro, which weighs 66 lbs. (29.9 kg), is among the heaviest Dualtron scooters; it is heavier than the Spider, which weighs 44 lbs (20Kg). The scooter is a little too heavy at this weight to be lifted and carried for a long distance or transported upstairs comfortably.

The scooter makes an effort to stay portable, though, with the help of three essential features: folding handlebars, a stem that can be folded to save space, and a locking clasp that keeps the stem attached to the deck when folded. The Eagle Pro is one of the most portable, high-performance scooters thanks to these three mobility qualities.

The Eagle Pro falls short of your expectations in terms of portability if you’re looking at a last-mile commute scooter. It can still be transported upstairs or folded up conveniently for storage in a car’s trunk.


Water Resistance

The Eagle Pro is regrettably not water-resistant. Considering there are more affordable, more potent versions with water resistance capabilities, this offers a genuine boost in value for the money at such a price. You should never operate the scooter in wet weather or wash or distribute water on electric gadgets since they might malfunction or catch fire due to its lack of water resistance.


With twin LED headlights, taillights, and brake lights, the Dualtron Eagle Pro offers optimal visibility from both the front and the rear. In addition, the scooter features lovely lighting that projects along each side of the stem. The swag lighting improves visibility and adds visual appeal to the bike. With the included remote, you may choose the colour (20 different shades), brightness, density, colour display mode, and maximum colour intensity to your tastes.

While the Eagle Pro’s lighting system provides enough visibility for drivers and other road users at night, for better front and back visibility, you might wish to attach a second spotlight on the stem and a rear flashing red light.


The 10″ pneumatic (inflatable) tyres of the Dualtron Eagle Pro provide additional dampening for comfortable riding. The 2.5″ thick tyres offer an exceptional blend of stability and quickness. As a result, you can be confident that the average urban terrain will have enough traction and outstanding handling.

The Eagle Pro tyres provide hassle-free maintenance because pneumatic tyres are prone to punctures and need regular repair. The split-rim wheel design makes it simpler to change inner tubes when you have flats or when the tyres are worn out without having to completely disassemble your electric scooter.



With dimensions of 50.2 centimeters long by 24.1 centimeters broad and 14.6 centimeters of ground clearance, the Eagle Pro’s deck is rather roomy. The deck of the Eagle Pro is all-black with a logo in the middle, same like the other electric scooters in the Dualtron line. Three grip tape strips run the length of the deck, and a clasp at the back of the stem holds the grip tape in place once the scooter is folded, making travel simple. The deck has adequate space for your feet to relax comfortably, and the anti-slip surface offers stable support.

Controls & Display

The Eagle Pro’s cockpit is loaded with controls and boasts a beautiful LCD display. Every feature of the scooter may be modified or managed from the unified, all-black cockpit. Two control buttons are located on the left side of the handlebar: the motor system selection button, which engages or disengages the second motor, and the driving mode selection button, which toggles between the Eco and Turbo modes. The throttle is easily located on the right handlebar, while the electronic brake levers are located on each side of the handlebar.

The Eagle Pro has a distinctive EYE LCD Display from Dualtron for the display. The user-friendly display keeps you updated on the scooter’s speed, battery balance, speed step, voltage, cumulative mileage, current mileage, and driving time, among other factors. Additionally, you may use it to regulate or modify a number of scooter characteristics, including the speed mode, P-setting, slow start function, cruise control on/off, ABD brake function on/off, and braking power adjustment.

Additionally, the scooter’s display incorporates a self-diagnosis feature that shows various fault information, such as system, accelerator, motor, and controller errors. Riders have complete control over the scooter, even at high speeds, thanks to the conveniently located control and crisp, precise, and informative display.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Eagle Pro lives up to the reliable reputation of Dualtron scooters. Without neglecting amazing features like cruise control, decent fold ability, and superb construction & build quality, which guarantees durability, the scooter provides the necessary power, range, grade ability, and overall performance.

A 2 year body warranty and a 6 month battery warranty are included with the Eagle Pro. Normal wear and tear and any harm brought on by liquids or water are not covered by the guarantee. Customers may reach Minimotors’ customer service team through phone, email, website, social media platforms like Instagram, and other channels.



The Dualtron Eagle Pro requires periodic maintenance to be in top shape and perform at its best, just like any other electric scooter. The scooter is simple to maintain and doesn’t call for any technical knowledge. Thanks to the split rim tyre design, you can quickly change a worn-out tyre or repair a puncture.

The following routine maintenance procedures should be carried out on the scooter:

  • Verify when to replace consumable parts such the hinge bolt, battery, steering tube, handle stem, and locking slide, among others.
  • Examine and replace any components that may have been harmed by the outside environment.
  • In order to prevent the brake pads from becoming loose over time, regularly tighten them.
  • Use only the chargers that are advised to charge the scooter.

Known Issues

A few Eagle Pro owners have voiced their concerns about the scooter’s lack of rearfoot support. Riders are forced to support their foot or the back fender as a result, applying extreme pressure on it. The stem squeaking when the brakes are used or when the stem is put under strain is another problem. Additionally, it was discovered that the steering bearings were overtightened, decreasing the steering’s flexibility.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Dualtron Eagle Pro is one of the most cost-effective electric scooters and provides exceptional value for money. The scooter is also quite versatile, with enough power for uphill climbs and range for daily trips of 20 kilometres (40 miles total range). It rides gently as well thanks to its adjustable front suspension, substantial pneumatic tyres, and wide deck. The Eagle Pro provides outstanding value for the money when you consider all of its features, including cruise control, ABS brakes, an Eye LCD display, folding handlebars, and tremendous customization options. However, the lack of desirable characteristics like water resistance at that price might prompt someone to reconsider their choice.

Specification: DUALTRON EAGLE PRO Review



Suitable For



3, 600 watt

Max Speed

40 mph


50 miles

Charge Time

12 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

50 miles


15-step rear adjustable rubber suspension

Braking System

Front and Rear Regenerative Disc Brake with ABS Standard


10 inches, 2.5inch wide inflatable tyres


1, 344Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

66 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


Brake Light, Dual LED Headlight and Taillight

Product Material

Aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminium alloy (frame and handle), Plastic (Covers), SCM440 steel (shaft)

Water Resistance

Extra features

BLDC dual hub motors

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  1. Thomas

    Excellent pricing and excellent quality. Excellent entry-level scooter with some cutting-edge features. I adore the scooter’s quickness and braking capabilities.

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  2. Freddie

    This scooter comes highly recommended.

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  3. Alfie

    This scooter is excellent in every way. The force and smoothness on most surfaces are wonderful.

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