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This electric scooter features ultra-wide tyres and excellent suspension for a pleasant ride even at high speeds. The scooter’s main strength, though, is its two strong hub motors, which have a combined output of 3400W. This provides it incredible torque and a commendable gradeability of 47 percent.
The Compact, like many other electric scooters in the Dualtron family, isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for. Without further ado, let’s get right into the Dualtron Compact review, which will help you determine if this is the correct scooter for you.

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Dualtron Ultra Summary

Even though it seems little, the Dualtron Compact packs a serious punch. The maximum output of the Compact’s twin driving BLDC hub motors is 3,400 watts. The combination of drum brakes and electronic anti-lock braking system (ABS) greatly improves stopping distance, making it ideal for driving in the city, where sudden obstacles are common. As long as you take good care of your electric scooter, there is very little that can go wrong in terms of maintenance.

The Dualtron Compact’s ride quality and suspension are unparalleled at this price point. The robust 8 x 3.5-inch tires not only improve the riding quality, but also eliminate the risk of flats. Depending on the rider’s weight and the circumstances, a 60-volt, 21-amp-hour (Ah) LG cell battery pack may provide a range of up to 49 miles. You can easily travel the distance between your home and work on this scooter, and it’s just as much fun for a ride on the off-road trails.

Very few scooters can compare to the Dualtron Compact whether you are a scooter fan or seeking for one of the greatest commuter scooters available, where you can easily handle any urban challenges. The deck is roomy enough for a pleasant ride, and there’s enough room to move your feet about for the most part.

The scooter’s 70-pound weight may be excessive given its compact appearance. But this just improves the vehicle’s already remarkable stability and ride comfort.

The Dualtron Compact is an excellent choice for anybody searching for an electric scooter, whether you are an experienced rider or just starting out. The added peace of mind of a two-year guarantee is priceless.


Performance Overview

One area where the Dualtron Compact really excels is in performance. The scooter has a combined 3400W of power from its two hub motors. You won’t have any trouble going up hills or driving over barriers in the dirt because of the high power output of your vehicle. Combine it with the scooter’s rugged build, and you have a tool that can go just about everywhere.

The Compact can reach speeds of up to 67 km/h (40 mph), making it far quicker than the majority of the typical electric scooters we have tested. Such high speeds, however, need a reliable braking mechanism to prevent or at least mitigate any potential collisions. Thankfully, MiniMotors has installed a pair of trustworthy twin drum brakes with ABS, both of which can be engaged using a lever conveniently placed on each side of the handlebar.

Speed & Acceleration

The MiniMotors Compact is marketed as having an incredible top speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Many users and critics, however, have not been able to go faster than 60km/h, which is still rather fast.

Accelerating is a breeze thanks to the two hub motor, which also produces a lot of torque, so you can expect a lot of fun on your ride.

Top Speed

The Dualtron Compact is one of the quickest electric scooters in its class, capable of reaching 40 miles per hour. Use the slow start feature to prevent getting overpowered if you don’t have much scooter riding expertise.

Keep a sharp eye out for oncoming traffic, especially in the more populated areas of your city. Incredibly smooth and quiet, the Dualtron Compact makes you forget how quickly you’re going.

Hill Climbing

Depending on the rider’s mass and the battery’s charge level, the Dualtron Compact can comfortably tackle inclines of up to 47% (or 25 degrees).

Despite its lightweight appearance, the Compact is more than capable of handling the steeper inclines found on city roads and the gullies found on your favorite off-road course.

Battery & Range

You won’t find a scooter with a longer range for the same price anywhere like as well as the Dualtron Compact. It has a greater range than its nearest rival, the Dualtron Spider, by around 25%, at 80Km (49Miles). The LG Li-ion 60V 21Ah battery and the MAX BLDC dual-motor technology are responsible for this impressive feat.

Keep in mind that you will have to charge the scooter more often if you attempt to wring every last bit of speed out of it when traveling.

The battery takes around 12 hours to fully charge when using the factory charger. Yet, if you use a second charger or invest in a fast charger, you may reduce that time to only three hours.

Motor Configuration

When it comes to its compactness, the Dualtron Compact packs a serious punch. The Compact has two powerful hub motors that can provide up to 3400 watts of combined power.

Controls for the Driving Mode and Motor System are conveniently located. Both Eco and Turbo modes are available for use, so you may choose between them as needed. Eco is great for long trips or relaxed commuting, while Turbo is best for passing through traffic. It’s also possible to tailor whether the motors power the rear wheels alone or both.

Construction & Quality

MiniMotors is recognized for producing high-quality electric scooters, and the Compact vehicle is no exception. The frame, shaft, standing deck, wheels, and brakes are all substantial in appearance, as are the other components.

The majority of the weight of the scooter comes from the sturdy 6082-T6 aluminum alloy frame. The shaft is constructed from SCM440 steel, which is also capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

Handlebars of the Compact are wrapped in ultra-light carbon fiber and polypropylene plastic. However, behind them lies a strong metal capable of bearing up to 120 kg in weight (265lbs).

Suspension & Comfort

Dualtron Compact’s ultra-wide wheels can take a hammering, but a strong suspension system is still required for a comfortable ride. The scooter’s front and rear rubber suspensions are adjustable for a smooth ride regardless of the surface. The suspension has three settings that allow you to fine-tune it to your body weight and riding conditions.

The Compact provides further scope for personalization by offering a selection of five interchangeable suspension cartridges.

  • Soft (green) (green)
  • Medium-soft (blue) (blue)
  • Medium (tan) (tan)
  • Medium-hard (red) (red)
  • Hard (black) (black)

The cartridge’s hardness determines how much give and comfort you’ll get throughout your session.


The Dualtron Compact was designed by MiniMotors with portability in mind, although it’s evident that this wasn’t their major concern. The scooter has a collapsible stem and handlebars, for one thing. The device’s stem may be locked in place and used as a handle thanks to a convenient locking mechanism.

The scooter’s folded dimensions are 106 by 24.3 by 48 inches (cm), making it easy to transport.

The Dualtron Compact is let down by its clunky, dated frame. Not only is it bulky, but at 31 kilograms (70 pounds), it’s not exactly light. Consider the Dualtron Spider or one of the other lightweight Dualtron electric scooters if you need a scooter for short trips around town.


Ride Quality

The Dualtron Compact has ultra-wide 3.5-inch, 8-inch-tall solid rubber tyres, providing a broad footprint and, in turn, increased stability. Never having to replace a flat is a huge relief while using these wheels.

However, they do not have great shock absorption and might be unpleasant to ride on uneven surfaces.

Thankfully, MiniMotors fitted the Dualtron Compact with a top-notch shock absorption technology, so you can enjoy a smooth ride without any jarring interferences. The sensation of riding the electric scooter is one of unimaginable steadiness, balance, and smoothness, even at top speed.


The effectiveness of the brakes is another vital feature that needs serious inspection. Drum brakes are standard on this scooter, and there are two of them total, one for each wheel. That they are sealed off from dust and other contaminants makes them that much more trustworthy. Also, because each wheel has its own set, you can rest certain that they will continue to function properly even if one of the tires becomes wet or muddy.

To further standardize your stops, the EY3 control panel has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) on/off switch. When the brake levers are completely depressed, the scooter’s tires won’t lock up thanks to this safety feature.


The Dualtron Compact’s LEDs work in tandem to illuminate the road ahead and bring you to a stop. An outstanding effect may be achieved at night by activating the remote-controlled mood lighting and LED strip on its stem. The lights of the Compact may be adjusted using the included remote control.


The Dualtron Compact’s solid rubber tyres measure 8 inches in diameter and need no maintenance over the course of a lifetime.

These tires have won me over since I never have to replace a flat. You’re right, they do have certain drawbacks, such a lack of personalization options. The Compact, on the other hand, has great road handling qualities because to its tyres.

Take them off-road and you can drive with a lot more calm, especially if you often traverse tough terrain. If you fling your scooter down any track, you will feel totally in charge of the situation.

The Dualtron Compact has fantastic tires.



The Dualtron Compact’s big deck, despite the board’s seeming little stature, makes it a great choice for anyone seeking both comfort and stability.

Additionally, a durable nonslip substance covers the surface.

There is a retractable kickstand on the Compact that allows you to leave your electric scooter upright anywhere you choose. Instead of constantly folding and unfolding it, this is much more practical.


The Compact’s dashboard is another eye-catching element that immediately grabs your attention when you see it for the first time. The ‘EY3’ dashboard, which is used, is rapidly becoming the industry standard for scooter controllers. MiniMotors even has a whole page on their main website devoted to bragging about this cutting-edge innovation.

This dashboard has sophisticated capabilities, such as presenting information other than speed, distance traveled, and battery life.

  • It’s possible to set an automatic shutoff timer for anything between five and thirty minutes.
  • Modify the speed in three distinct increments.
  • Options for getting things going include a kickstart or a full throttle start.
  • Effectiveness of the brakes
  • Maintaining a Constant Speed While Traveling
  • Intensity of LCD display

The option to switch between kilometers per hour and miles per hour.

However, the sluggish beginning was the one dashboard element that stuck out to us. This is a fantastic enhancement for newcomers who aren’t ready to go full bore straight away. No more being knocked off your feet while trying to manually change the speed with your throttle.

Incorporating a fingerprint scanner as a security measure is now a viable alternative. Though it won’t discourage would-be thieves, this feature is a welcome addition that will keep kids safe from the e-dangerous scooter’s moving parts.

Water Resistance

In light of the Dualtron Compact’s lack of a water resistance certification, the company advises against using it in heavy rain.

Any time you have to ride in the rain or other damp conditions, wipe off the scooter with a dry towel to lessen the chances of water damage.

Warranty & Customer Support

The Dualtron Compact is covered by a comprehensive 2-year warranty. Similarly superior to the quality of the product itself is the quality of the brand’s customer care and support.


It’s undeniable that the Dualtron Compact packs a lot of punch for its small size. To keep it in pristine shape and operating at peak efficiency, however, regular maintenance is required. The bright side is that servicing the scooter is a piece of cake. If the wheels lock up while braking, they may be easily removed and replaced.

One important thing to remember if you ride your scooter in the rain is to dry it right away. If you aren’t going to use the scooter for a while, make sure the battery is completely charged and kept at room temperature.

Finally, MiniMotors advises charging the scooter’s battery using the manufacturer-supplied charger to prevent accidental explosion.

Known Issues

Owners of the Compact have voiced concern about a slight problem with the mudguards.

Though they have a contemporary appearance, we believe MiniMotors intended them for e scooters with smaller wheels than the considerably broader ones seen on the Compact. Wider aftermarket guards may need to be installed on your car if you want to increase its protective capabilities.

Dualtron Compact: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

Definitely! The Dualtron Compact’s layout falls short of expectations. This is everything but portable and lightweight. After taking it out of the box, the first thing you’ll notice is how similar it is to the Dualtron Spider, but with more heft and a larger frame. The 3.5-inch-wide tires are what really set this vehicle apart, giving it a stylish appearance while also increasing its stability on the road.

At night, the scooter’s mood lighting and flashy LED stem stripes really set the atmosphere. In addition, they make it seem more relaxed and casual, making it a good choice for the office and off-hours.

The Compact is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable scooter that’s also capable of handling off-road conditions.




Suitable For




Max Speed

40 mph


49 Miles

Charge Time

12 hours with standard charger, 3 hours with the quick charger, 6 hours with 2 standard chargers

Single-Charge Mileage

49 miles


Dual 15-step adjustable rubber suspension, replaceable cartridges

Braking System

Front and Rear Drum Brakes plus Electric Brake with ABS


8″ x 3.5″ wide solid tyres


1, 800Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

70.5 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


Standard front and rear LED headlights and tail lights, with built-in brake lights

Product Material

Frame and handle: Aviation 6082-T6 forged aluminium Shaft: SCM440 Steel Covers: Polypropylene

Water Resistance

Extra features

Fast Charging

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