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MiniMotors is a prominent scooter manufacturer with over two decades of experience in developing economical, ecologically friendly, and creative modes of transportation. MiniMotors USA has been producing high-quality portable electric vehicles that meet global standards for quality, performance, and safety since 1999. The Dualtron, Speedway, and Futecher scooters, which are the company’s major products, have revolutionised commuting for millions of commuters throughout the world.

The Dualtron 3 scooter is the third iteration of the Dualtron model and is priced at an estimated £2094.75/ $2969.00. The Dualtron family takes pleasure in being the first to market with affordable, dependable, high-performance scooters, and the Dualtron 3 is no exception. This hybrid scooter effortlessly transitions from the city to the countryside, not to mention the other way around.

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Dualtron 3 Summary:

MiniMotors has constantly pushed the boundaries of technology to offer some of the most creative and cheap electric scooters available. They have consistently manufactured high-quality scooters and scooter parts, establishing themselves as one of the most dependable manufacturers. MiniMotors has established itself as a market leader in the development of cutting-edge electric scooters, focusing on quality, safety, and performance.

The MiniMotors Midas touch may be found on the Dualtron 3 electric scooter. It was created using cutting-edge technology, with an emphasis on aesthetics, performance, and utility, resulting in an unparalleled user experience. The scooter comes in the normal Dualtron electric scooters black colour, however more colour options would have been nice. However, given the scooter’s revolutionary features, the tradeoff is little.

The scooter is made with high-quality materials to ensure that it will last a long time. The frame is made of aviation-grade 6082-T6 aluminium alloy, one of the most robust metals with qualities that allow it to survive harsh environments. SCM440 steel is used for the shaft, which adds to the scooter’s overall longevity. The e scooter’s high quality construction is backed up by powerful dual motors that let it accelerate quickly. It’s one of the quickest scooters on the market, with top speeds of 40 miles per hour (65 kilometres per hour). The scooter also effortlessly accommodates users weighing up to 265 lbs (120 kg). Due to the tremendous torque created by the strong dual motors, the Dualtron 3 scooter has amazing hill-climbing capacity, allowing it to overcome steep inclines of up to 47 percent or 25 degrees without breaking a sweat. However, the scooter’s ability to climb hills is dependent on the rider’s weight and the battery level. The Dualtron is an electric scooter that is extremely quick. As a result, it need a dependable and durable braking system. It has one of the most advanced braking systems on the market and can stop the scooter in an instant. Front and rear hydraulic brakes with regenerative capability, as well as an anti-lock braking system that can be switched on and off, make up the braking system.

The Dualtron electric scooter’s adjustable dual suspension and wide 10-inch tubeless tyres provide an extraordinarily smooth ride. It guarantees a smooth and pleasant ride regardless of the kind of route. The lighting system on the Dualtron scooter is excellent, but low positioned. The LED headlight illuminates the riding road well, while the tail light improves visibility in low light. For aesthetics, blue LED lights are added on the deck’s bottom, and an LED strip runs around the T var and stem. A remote can control and customise all of these lights.

Continue reading for a detailed look at the Dualtron 3- a powerful scooter with interesting features.


Performance Overview:

The Dualtron 3 is a high-performance luxury scooter powered by twin in-hub brushless motors that produce 3600W of peak power. The Dualtron 3’s torque and gradeability set it apart from other scooters, particularly the Dualtron Spider, which has a similar top speed.

When compared to other scooters, the Dualtron 3 has a relatively flat and steady power curve when riding uphill. This means the rider will not have to use as much effort to get it up to speed, and it will slow down less when travelling uphill. The scooter’s engines can power through inclines of up to 25 degrees, which is significantly more than the ordinary scooter—a huge benefit for thrill enthusiasts! With a top speed of 40 mph (65 km/h) and quick acceleration, the Dualtron 3 is a speed demon. It accelerates rapidly and smoothly, going from 0 to 20 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds. The Dualtron 3 also includes a strong hybrid braking system, which is a thoughtful addition given the scooter’s ‘need for speed’ characteristics.

Speed & Acceleration:

Anyone seeking for an e-scooter that can tackle urban terrain and minor off-road challenges will love the Dualtron 3. It’s one of the quickest electric scooters around, with a top speed of 40 mph (65 km/h). It also provides riders with eco/turbo settings and single/dual motor choices. The maximum speed in Eco mode is 15 mph (24 km/h), whereas the maximum speed in Turbo mode is 40 mph (65 km/h).

The scooter’s incredible acceleration will undoubtedly impress speed fans. It has a top speed of 20 mph in under 2.9 seconds. The user may effortlessly push the scooter to its maximum with a trigger control throttle. On the EYE LCD dashboard, the user may also enable cruise control for long-distance journeys.

Battery & Range:

A superior quality 60V, 28Ah lithium battery powers the Dualtron. The battery has a capacity of 1658 Wh, which means it can last for 75 kilometres on a single charge in ideal conditions. The mileage is determined by a variety of parameters, including topography, rider weight, and battery level.

Unlike other scooters that utilise generic Chinese lithium batteries, the LG Dualtron 3 battery was created and built by LG, a respected electric firm with a reputation for high quality. The battery’s enormous capacity is due to its 3500 cells, which accounts for its excellent extended range. While using a normal charger, it takes 16 hours to fully charge the battery; when utilising dual-standard chargers, it takes just 8 hours. The charging time may be lowered to just 4.3 hours with a quick charger. When the brakes are used, the regenerative brakes absorb energy and recharge the battery, extending the range.

Motor Configuration:

Dual 1800 w housed in the front and rear wheel hubs propel the Dualtron 3 scooter. This unit is among the higher-performance electric scooters on the market, with a total power output of 3600W and an instantaneous peak output of 3600W. The scooter’s powerful engines produce enough torque to drive it to top speeds of 40 mph (65 kph) while towing a maximum weight of 265 pounds (120 kg).

Construction & Quality:

The e scooter looks and rides like a dream. With a low and roomy deck, a broad wheelbase, strong 10-inch tyres, strips of blue LED lights beneath the deck and on the stem, and the characteristic MiniMotors EYE LCD Display, it has a sleeker style than other mid-range scooters. It has an aircraft-grade aluminium frame that is lightweight and sturdy. The scooter’s shaft is made of steel, another industrial metal that assures the scooter’s longevity and safety. The side covers are made of Polypropylene, a lightweight yet strong plastic that adds to the safety of the scooter’s components. The scooter is large, and even though it can be folded, it may not fit in some automobile trunks. Because of a play in the folding mechanism, the stem wobbles like most other Dualtron versions, which is compounded by the lengthy steering column. The problem can be solved by upgrading to a stronger latch or purchasing an extra latch. It sports a sturdy retractable kickstand that can maintain its considerable weight while stationary.

Suspension & Comfort:

The MiniMotors Dualtron 3 features a dual-rear and front-15-step adjustable rubber suspension system that is both innovative and effective. The Dualtron’s suspension dampens shock and bumps, making it ideal for both on- and off-road riding. With 5 replacement cartridges, the suspension may be changed in three different ways on the torsion bar. The varying elasticity of the cartridges allows the rider to pick how soft or rough they want their ride to be.

Ride Quality:

Because of the two in-hub motors, the scooter rides like a dream and is smooth and silent, making it an excellent commuter vehicle (if you’re permitted to ride it on public roads, that is). It also has huge 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres that keep the scooter in contact with the ground for a more comfortable ride. While they are not maintenance-free, these tyres are meant to absorb stress and give a more pleasant ride than solid tyres. When riding on uneven terrain, the Dualtron 3 boasts innovative and effective adjustable twin rubber suspensions that reduce vibration and impact. You can adapt the resistance to your weight thanks to the adjustable suspensions.

One of the greatest electric scooters for hill climbing is the Dualtron III. It can easily climb a 47 percent inclination because to its strong motor. Its massive torque also readily pushes the scooter across tough terrain with a maximum load of 265 lbs (120 kg). The scooter’s neck-breaking peak speed necessitates an excellent braking mechanism, which it provides.

The MiniMotors Dualtron 3 features a spacious deck that is ideal for riders of all sizes. The ergonomic handlebars have rubberized hand grips for improved comfort and control when riding. You may reserve a seat for an additional charge, which is useful for longer trips. Overall, the Dualtron has been excellently constructed to last while providing excellent performance.


One of the best-developed lighting schemes is seen on the Dualtron 3. It has two brilliant LED front headlights that are situated low on the vehicle. In poor light, the illumination lights the riding route enough.

It also sports a set of taillights and brake lights, as well as ambient LED deck and stem lights to improve visibility. A specialized remote control may be used to adjust or turn off the lights.


The Dualtron 3 is, without a doubt, a high-performance scooter. To complement its flawless performance, MiniMotors has fitted it with high-performance brakes. It boasts vented 140 mm discs and mechanical, hydraulic brake calipers with a standard anti-lock braking system.

The ABS prevents tyres from locking, while mechanical, hydraulic, and regenerative brakes improve braking power. When used, regenerative braking recharges the battery, extending the scooter’s range. This scooter’s hybrid braking mechanism optimisms braking power for maximum safety at any speed.


What is the mobility of the Dualtron 3 electric scooter? The Dualtron is a high-performance scooter with cutting-edge features that has earned it a prestigious scooting reputation. However, for some, its substantial weight is a deal-breaker. It’s on the hefty side, coming in at a whopping 79.37 pounds (36 kg), which is far too much to lug around.

The scooter does, however, come with a folding mechanism that includes a quick-release clasp that allows the stem to collapse to the deck and a handlebar retention hook on the deck that keeps the folded package in place for easy storage. The folded box may not fit all automobile trunks, so riders who value mobility should take care of the measurements.



What are your thoughts on the Dualtron 3 scooter deck? The Dualtron III has a large, wide Dualtron-branded deck with adequate room for riders of various foot sizes. When riding, the deck provides comfort, stability, and improved balance. Two strips of grip tape run the length of it, providing extra foot support when cruising. The scooter’s weight is focused on the deck, resulting in a low centre of gravity and improved handling.

Controls & Display:

The Dualtron 3 has foldable handlebars with brake levers on both ends, control buttons on the left side, and the EYE LCD on the right. The sleek design of the scooter’s cockpit is completed by the index-controlled throttle on the right side of the handlebars. The index-controlled throttle allows you to accelerate while maintaining control of the handlebar.

In low light and direct sunshine, the trademark Dualtron EYE LCD is apparent. It displays vital riding information such as battery condition, current speed, distance, and regenerative braking activation to the rider. The display contains buttons for accessing various settings as well as a specific cruise control button.

Water Resistance:

Due to the lack of a water resistance rating on the Dualtron 3, caution should be exercised when riding in the rain or through puddles of water or snow.

The warranty on this electric scooter will be cancelled if you ignore the manufacturer’s cautions regarding getting water into the electrical internals.


The Dualtron 3 scooter is equipped with huge 10-inch tubeless tyres that should be inflated to a pressure of 40 PSI. They are more comfortable, durable, and give superior traction than solid tyres, just like pneumatic air-filled tyres. Tubeless tyres have several advantages over air-filled tyres, including the fact that they are safer because they do not leak air or cause blowouts like their air-filled counterparts. In the event of a puncture, they are also considerably easier to repair with a repair kit.



The Dualtron 3 is a fantastic scooter with superb craftsmanship. Its chassis is made of high-quality materials, ensuring the scooter’s longevity and dependability. It also boasts strong dual 1800w engines that offer adequate torque to propel the scooter across hills and rugged terrain. It also comes with 10-inch pneumatic tubeless tyres for a smooth ride and the highest traction imaginable. The huge tyres, paired with the adjustable dual rubber suspension, reduce shocks and bumps, improving the scooter’s ride quality even in the most difficult terrain. The deck is equipped with a high-quality, long-lasting 60V, 28 Ah lithium battery that provides a remarkable riding range, allowing riders to reach their goal on a single charge. They chose a hybrid brake system for safety, which assures the scooter’s stopping is unaffected. When you add in the excellent illumination, you can be certain that this scooter will commute as safely at night as it does during the day.


Minimotors’ customer service is extremely prompt and personalized. They may be reached by phone, social media platforms such as Instagram, the website, and email. The Dualtron 3 comes with a 6-month manufacturer warranty that begins on the date of purchase. On the flip side, the consumer is responsible for labour, shipping, and handling during installation and replacement.

Known Issues:

  • When stopping or driving at low speeds, the stem wobbles.


To maintain it in top shape, the Dualtron 3, like other electric scooters, requires routine maintenance. But don’t be alarmed! It’s simple to keep up with. Charge it on a regular basis and keep it clean and dry to keep it functioning well. Only use a manufacturer-issued charger to charge the battery within the stated charging time. Ensure that the tyres are properly inflated, in good condition, and that the brakes are checked on a regular basis.

Finally, we recommend keeping your scooter in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated environment at all times.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Dualtron 3 is a marvel of engineering. It can quickly transport you to the park and then off-road! Like most other scooters on the market today, the dual-purpose scooter has an amazing hill-climbing capacity for difficult outdoor experiences.

This scooter boasts dual adjustable rubber suspension that you can change on the fly to take your riding to the next level. The 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres provide a sleek and smooth ride while easily tackling off-road terrain. A balanced hybrid hydraulic braking system also allows for high speeds without sacrificing safety. When you consider the longer riding range between charges, this amazing electric scooter is well worth the high price tag.

The cherry on top is that the exquisite look is sure to make other drivers envious—doesn’t that make riding even more enjoyable?

Specification: DUALTRON 3 REVIEW



Suitable For



1600 W

Max Speed

64 kmh


81 km

Charge Time

16 hours when using standard charger, 8 hours when using dual-standard chargers, and 4.3 hours with the quick charger

Single-Charge Mileage

75 miles ( may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)


5-Step, dual rubber suspension with adjustable angle of up to 45 degrees

Braking System

Dual Hydraulic brake calipers with ABS standard and 140 mm disks


25.4 cm Pneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)


1658 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

79.36 lbs

Max Load

264 lbs


and ground lights, brake lights, Dual LED headlights, Handlebar LED lights, taillights

Product Material

Frame and handle are aviation grade 6082-16 aluminium alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel and plastic side covers

Water Resistance

Extra features


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  1. Jake

    This scooter had the biggest deck advertised, so I decided to buy it.

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  2. Ralph

    I love this scooter so much! Even though they didn’t have the model I wanted in black and white, this one was still better than I had anticipated.

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  3. Rowan

    adore it I use it for my daily commute of around 4 miles because it’s so adorable! comes with a carry strap and folds up conveniently.

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