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Experienced riders in the UK will be familiar with the Halfords Carrera series. Carrera has been producing immensely successful bike constructions for over 25 years, with their Vengeance model proudly retaining the title of ‘the UK’s Favourite Mountain Bike.’ In fact, this writer is the proud owner of one!
The company has already dabbled in e-bikes, so it was only a matter of time until they entered the e-scooter market. This is an encouraging development for e scooter enthusiasts in the UK, since it demonstrates a growing popular interest, which may (fingers crossed) assist to loosen the country’s stringent road usage restrictions.
Because they’re up against the well-reviewed third-party scooters that Halfords currently sells in shops, they need to stand out.

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The scooter includes a 350W motor, 8.5″ pneumatic tyres, a 36V 7.8Ah battery, and a maximum range of 18.6 miles. Additionally, it is weather-resistant according to IPX5.

Prior to getting into the meat of this review, it’s critical to understand that in the UK, electric scooters are considered Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs), making them illegal to ride anywhere other than on private property with the landowner’s consent.


Performance Overview

The Carrera Impel Is-1 is a quick yet reliable electric scooter that is a value at only £399. The Halfords Carrera brand was always going to offer significant competition for competing e-scooters in the market using the riding data gathered from producing high-quality mountain bikes for over 25 years.

The 350w motor at the Carrera Impel Is-1’s core allows for a swift riding experience and features four speed settings to accommodate a variety of road conditions. At full power, you may quickly reach a top speed of 15.5 mph.

Additionally, the Carrera Impel Is-1 has a useful walking mode that is a useful addition. Your scooter maintains speed with the typical walking step by merely depressing the “minus” button on the handlebar, enabling you to follow a friend if necessary.

It can be a little startling if you’re slowing down from full power, but it’s still a unique feature that will interest a lot of passersby.

Speed & Acceleration

A real strong element of the Impel Is-1 electric scooter is its acceleration. The motor’s very reasonable amount of power allows for considerably faster acceleration than you may anticipate for an e-scooter at this price.

Although this may worry some riders who are more anxious, you can rest assured that the ascent to the highest speed of 15.5 mph is still fairly realistic, offering you a delightful experience without the jolt that you may have previously felt.

The acceleration makes for a respectable capacity to climb hills, but on steeper slopes or, strangely, in strong winds, you may anticipate a big slowdown.

Top Speed

The Carrera Impel Is-1, with its outstanding top speed of 15.5 mph, is fierce competition for other e-scooters.

This is a true statement, and choosing the maximum performance option will allow you to sustain it for a very long time, according to average performance speed testing. Even while you might be tempted to do this often because it is unquestionably FUN, it will severely drain your battery.

Battery & Range

The Carrera e scooter has an excellent 18.6 mile range in real-world use. Due of this, the model narrowly defeats two of the fiercest rivals (the Xiaomi Mi 1s and the Pure Air electric scooters).

With all the adjustments that can be made to the e-performance, scooter’s you can find that you

reduce the range, especially if you frequently use the highest power setting or tackle a very mountainous terrain.

Short journeys can truly benefit from the range and battery charge, which can last for several days before requiring another full charge. This is a great bonus if you expect to travel only modest distances for work during the week, but it limits your options if you wanted to travel far distances or off-road. However, we discovered that it only took about 4 hours to charge completely, so your time off the road won’t be excessive.

Brake System

Halford’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things bike is clearly reflected in the braking system used on the Carrera Impel Is-1.

With separate controls on the handlebars, it has a dual braking system connected to both the front and rear wheels. Cycling enthusiasts will naturally understand the similarities to a bike’s brakes, and they won’t need to make any additional brake adjustments as a result.

The substantial cable disc brakes allow you to effortlessly manage your braking distance and function well even in bad conditions.

Ride Quality

The Carrera impel Is-1 is quite easy to drive. The scooter only needs a light kick to begin coasting, and an instinctive stroke of the throttle increases the speed. At about 3 mph, the electric motor begins to operate, and soon you are travelling at speeds of up to 15.5 mph.

The push-button throttle is simple to use and has just enough resistance to prevent accidental slipping to full power. Certainly designed with easy riding in mind, the Carrera impetuous Is-1 scooter. The pneumatic tyres’ air-filled air precisely adsorbs the road’s surface, enhancing comfort and producing a stable ride.

Its excellent maneuverability makes turning into tight areas and moving through them quickly.


Halfords created the Carrera Impel Is-1 to be the ideal travel companion for every day use. With the simplicity of the quick folding mechanics that stay in place so you can carry your scooter by the bars, they are aiming to win over commuters. While it is undeniably true that these features have been carefully considered, the scooter is not lightweight and its weight may be a little too much for some users.



Between the two brake levers on the ergonomic grip handlebars is a bright, central LED display. Basic information like battery life, mode, and current speed are provided on the display, where you can also manage your security information.

You might be disappointed that the Carrera Impel Is-1 doesn’t offer the same service as other manufacturers, some of which offer apps to track more sophisticated metrics while you scoot. Despite the display’s limitations, it performs flawlessly within those bounds.


The Carrera e scooter has a powerful rear light that doubles as a brake light, as well as a sizable “always on” headlight flanked by two reflectors.

If you plan to use the roads at night, you might want to invest in a more powerful headlamp,

although both the front and rear lights guarantee a respectable level of vision in the darkness of about 4m.


Build Quality & Durability

The Carrera Impel Is-1’s structure is very similar to those of rival electric scooters. With wide fold-down handlebars that latch into the back fender and a folding stem, Halfords has created an aesthetically beautiful design. The use of blue and grey design elements is a great touch, but overall, its appearance doesn’t really make it stand out.

Halford’s distinctive integrated lock, which consists of a wire that loops from the handlebars into a combination barrel lock, will delight many spectators. Even while Halfords admits that this lock isn’t as strong as a typical bike lock, it’s still a useful feature that should prevent your scooter from being stolen while you’re out shopping.


The Impel Is-1 electric scooter has split rims that are quite thin (8.5″) and light (which helps maintain the zippy pace), but the thing that makes them stand out is that they have pneumatic air-filled tyres.

In comparison to the more popular “solid” tyres, air-filled tyres have a little more give, which helps to cushion you against road imperfections and preserve stability on varied terrain.



The Carrera Impel Is-1 electric scooter boasts a larger, more gripping standing deck than most other e-scooters, measuring 17 cm wide by 44 cm long. The handlebar stem, which is longer than the standard scooter stem, has also been modified by Halfords.

This is good news since it implies that even if you are tall, you should still be able to adjust to riding the Impel Is-1 comfortably. Please be mindful of the maximum rider weight, though (100kg).

Water Resistance

E-scooters and rain are typically not a good combination; most individuals will choose public transportation rather than risk having their scooter wet. The Carrera e scooter is an exception, though. You can be sure that the Impel Is-1 electric will hold up to the elements – within reason — because to its IPX5 splash and puddle-proof rating.

We discovered that the scooter continued to function well in mild rain and remained stable under the wheel. When riding, always use your best judgement and continue with caution in damp conditions.

Warranty & Customer Support

Carrera products are made to last, and the impulse is no exception. The frame is covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, while the rest of the scooter is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

Please bring your scooter into any Halfords store with evidence of purchase if you find that you require repairs or have questions regarding your new Carrera Impel. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team.

Halfords is the go-to source for all of your servicing needs and has genuine Carrera spare parts for servicing your vehicle.


Suitable For




Max Speed



13 Miles

Charge Time

3.5-4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

18.6 miles


Braking System

Front & rear disc brakes


8.5” air-filled pneumatic tyres, Shock-absorbing



Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight

37 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


LED head, Tail and Brake Lights

Product Material

Forged aluminium

Water Resistance


Extra features

and battery level, multi-functional LED display. Featuring speed, power mode


5.0 out of 5
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  1. Janet

    This scooter is quick and enjoyable. Being a big girl, I can even ride it quickly.

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  2. Patrick

    Fun scooter for leisurely cruising around the neighbourhood.

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  3. Raymond

    really smooth, suspension is nice, battery, everything you want from an electric scooter

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