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The Bronco 11 Xtreme is a high-powered, no-nonsense scooter built for speed, agility, and durability. From afar, you’d think it was a Dualtron Thunder because it looks so similar. The Bronco 11 Xtreme appears to be a resurrection of the Dualtron Thunder, with upgrades like a much larger double clamp, wider handlebars, upgraded motors, and better adjustable suspension.
The Bronco isn’t cheap, and it’s from a new company, or at the very least, one that isn’t well-known.
All scooter companies have to start somewhere, and Bronco has done so with the 11 Xtreme, but are you willing to pay £3500 on a scooter made by a new company? if you are concerned,

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Bronco 11 Xtreme Summary:

The Bronco 11 Xtreme is a high-powered, no-nonsense scooter built for speed, agility, and durability. From afar, it resembles a Dualtron Thunder. The Bronco 11 Xtreme looks to be a resurrection of the Dualtron Thunder, with upgrades including a much larger double clamp, wider handlebars, upgraded engines, and better adjustable suspension.

The Bronco isn’t cheap, and it’s from a new company, or at the very least, one that isn’t well-known.

All scooter companies have to start somewhere, and Bronco has done so with the 11 Xtreme, but are you willing to pay £3500 on a scooter made by a new company? Should you be concerned, and how about parts? Assurance or dependability?

All of these topics were covered in our review.


Performance Overview:

Let’s not waste any words here, the performance of the 11 Xtreme is unfathomable, literally. We liken the acceleration to something you’d expect from a well tuned motorbike, except when you are standing on a small deck clutching a set of handlebars, the experience is totally different.

What sets the Bronco 11 Xtreme apart is just the sheer torque and acceleration delivered by 2 BLDC hub motors with a combined peak output of 8400w, and yes, that’s NOT a typo, we mean 8400w!

These wattages are generally well out of scope from most day to day scooters, even the upper performance tier for most people is around the 5400-5600w range, so imagine an 8400w scooter, it’s hard to put into words, the difference is significant.

The 11 Xtreme will accelerate to 30 mph in as little as 4 seconds and 60 in 9 seconds and whilst that might not sound quick, just bear in mind you are STANDING on a deck a little larger than a skateboard on 11″ wheels – the speed factor is magnified significantly.

Top Speed & Acceleration:

The top speed of the Bronco 11 Xtreme is, like most scooters, dependent on so many variables. The claimed top speed is 70mph but as we know manufacturers always like to be fairly optimistic. However, on a cold day with 90% charge we were able to reach 62mph top speed according to Strava over GPS.

However, on a warmer day (17c) after the battery had run a few cycles from new we were able to hit 68.2mph on Strava on flat ground, making 70mph a figure close to reach, but, we doubt you’d get anymore than 68mph on a flat. Any slight downward gradient would allow riders to hit 70mph.

Top speed will be hampered by cold conditions, larger riders, battery drain status, and other factors.

We reached a high speed of 61mph with a bigger rider (93kg).

The Bronco 11 Xtreme accelerates in the same way, depending on the rider and the circumstances.

We were successful in hitting (with a 64kg rider on a warm day)

4.89 seconds from 0 to 30 mph

9.87 seconds from 0 to 60 mph

The Bronco 11 Xtreme will easily outrun other high-end scooters such as the Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron Ultra 2, ZERO 11X, Vsett 10+, and Kaabo Wolf Warrior / Wolf Warrior King.

 Battery Life & Range:

A LG MJ1 35AH battery with high-performance 18650 cells powers the Bronco 11 Xtreme. You’d assume that because the battery is comparable in size and structure to the Thunder, it would fit, but the Bronco’s battery just isn’t large enough.

Why? Running the Bronco at maximum power for 18 miles will totally empty the batteries to BMS cutoff voltage, and if the temperature is cooler and the battery is somewhat cycled, this will fall even lower.

While most scooters will exceed their claimed range even when ridden conservatively, the Bronco falls short of the claimed range. In single motor, eco mode, we were only able to get 40 miles, which is a bit disappointing considering the battery capacity. To put it in perspective, we were able to get over 60 miles from the Dualtron Thunder with the same battery capacity.

The Bronco’s overall range average makes it appropriate for racing and some commuting, but it won’t be able to keep up with you on longer journeys. A commute of 10-15 miles each way would be the upper limit before the BMS cut-out before returning home.

Motor Configuration:

The Bronco’s engines are what really set it apart from other scooters. When compared to lower-level performance scooters, the scooter features two BLDC hub motors rated at a high of 4200w per motor, which is roughly 3x the power output.

We were surprised by how much power the hub motors produced, despite their size being quite comparable to the Dualtron thunder.

Bronco has undoubtedly had motors built with substantial windings in order to attain the power output they have.

The Bronco’s hub motors impressed us since they looked to have a thin silicone gasket/sealant on the motor to prevent water intrusion – something we don’t frequently see because many electric scooters are prone to internal water ingress.

Construction & Build Quality:

The Bronco 11 Xtreme looks to be a development of the Dualtron Thunder in terms of build. 6061-T6 Aviation Aluminium Forging Alloy, carbon fibre, and polypropylene make up the scooter’s frame. The frame is extremely sturdy and has a high-quality powder coat finish.

The suspension arms are sleek, curved, and painted a dark grey/black colour, offering a beautiful architectural impression to the components, particularly the rear suspension, which is genuinely distinctive to this scooter.

The rear suspension is attached to the frame by a single adjustable gas-filled shock absorber that looks excellent and performs admirably.

The front suspension is comparable to those of scooters like the ZERO 11x, which has a twin arm, single shock absorber. The fact that the front suspension damping can be modified by changing the screw, allowing for a gradual or quick return based on rider taste and terrain, was something we really liked about the Bronco.

We discovered many of wonderful, distinctive, subtle features to promote build quality, such as the carbon fibre type undercovers on the steering yoke or the small carbon fibre ring at the top of the steering column, which demonstrate Bronco actually wants to design something unique and eye appealing.

The Bronco has a sleek, simple, yet utilitarian design that is robust, well-built, and made of high-quality materials.

We were startled to see that the attention to detail extended beyond the scooter’s apparent components.

A huge foam gasket holds the deck and provides some water resistance against the outside world when the deck is lifted off the Bronco.

Even the small details, like as the beautiful braided sleeves on hydraulic and power cables, are great additions; they look and feel expensive, cementing our overall impression of the scooter as being of good quality.

Bronco has worked hard to make this a luxury scooter; the handlebar stem clamp, for example, is 3x the size of the ordinary Dualtron Thunder clamp, indicating that they’ve paid attention to weak places on rival scooters.

Overall, the Bronco 11 Xtreme is a sturdy, well-built vehicle.


The suspension on the Bronco 11 Xtreme is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Question: How many electric scooters can you buy that come with a suspension pump?

No. 1, the Bronco Xtreme comes with a pump so you can charge the suspension and fine-tune the settings for the best possible ride.

Set your dampening/suspension to gentle, medium, or hard, or any combination of the three.

The front and rear suspensions are both adjustable.

A highly coloured andodized red screw may be used to modify the front suspension damping to enhance or reduce the return rate when sprung.

The rear suspension dampening may be modified by pressurising the device and setting the dampening using the adjustable lever.

Overall, the suspension functions admirably and is quite simple to adjust to your riding style and weight.

Unlike other scooters, Bronco has reinforced all of the mounts, making them beefier, stronger, and better for loading.


Ride Quality:

For the most part, the Bronco 11 Xtreme has excellent ride quality. The perfect suspension setup and sturdy stem provide a smooth ride. The suspension will absorb the majority of the bumps and potholes on the road (depending on setup) with minimal affect on ride quality.

The suspension proved to be highly competent and offered adequate cushioning, resulting in a smooth and pleasant ride.

We also discovered that stiffening the suspension made the ride ideal for racing and manoeuvrability at greater speeds.

The Bronco 11 Xtreme is a competent and adaptable vehicle. You may putter around on it with soft suspension and glide like a cloud, or you can tighten up the suspension for a more challenging ride off road or for off-roading.

The ride quality is unlikely to be excellent for individuals who are taller, i.e. 6ft and up, due to the restricted deck area and low stem, which will make the ride more difficult and awkward.

Overall, the 11 Xtreme is an excellent all-arounder on and off the road. The ride quality is excellent, and the standard pneumatic tyres absorb a lot of rough road conditions without producing excessive noise (DB).


Even though the layout isn’t unique, the 11 Xtreme boasts braking capabilities that are far superior than other scooters. NUTT hydraulic brakes and 160mm rotors are used on the majority of decent electric scooters. Front and rear hydraulic NUTT callipers with normal 160mm rotors are used on the Bronco. There doesn’t appear to be any electronic or regenerative braking, but the standard brakes are incredible.

The Bronco 11 Xtreme was able to decelerate from 60 mph to 0 mph in just 50 metres, which is impressive.

We couldn’t locate any regenerative braking, however it might be present or added to future BRONCO 11 Xtreme models.


The Bronco 11 Xtreme is surprisingly portable, yet it isn’t the lightest scooter on the market; nonetheless, it is light for the scooter class it belongs to. Some may find it too hefty at 48kg, but it is still transportable. When folded, it’s compact enough to fit in most automobiles, even tiny coupes and three-door hatchbacks.

You can fold the scooter down and clip the locking bracket in so that it can be carried by the stem thanks to the clever folding mechanism and robust metal locking bracket.

The bronco fit neatly into most half-decent-sized family hatchbacks that we tested.

While we struggled with smaller vehicles, the Bronco fit perfectly after the seats were folded down.

Overall, the 11 Xtreme comes close to being portable for everyone. The handy fold down handlebars with a very innovative press button release mechanism that felt reassuringly strong yet simple to operate were another feature we liked about the Bronco that did help mobility. The bars release and fold down once you click a silver button and raise the clamp — it’s a terrific mechanism.



Because the deck design is nearly same, the Bronco resembles the Dualtron Thunder in terms of lighting. The Bronco has four front white LED lights sunken into the deck’s front corners, which act as the scooter’s “headlamps.” The drawback is that the lights are useless at this level because the beam pattern is too narrow. The lights’ brightness output wasn’t as brilliant as we’d hoped, so you wouldn’t feel confident relying on the Bronco’s built-in front lights alone in low light.

A stem-mounted pair of front lights would project light considerably further and have a larger beam pattern, making it easier to see items ahead of you.

The Bronco has four rear LED lights, two of which are white and two of which are designated for brake lights.

There is no other illumination on the Bronco 11 Xtreme. There is no below deck illumination, nor is there any stem lighting like on the Thunder.

Total, the lighting is good for making you more visible but not so much for night riding, so if you do get the Bronco, consider adding a pair of stem-mounted lights to boost the overall beam coverage.


The Bronco’s tyres are conventional PMTs with an 11-inch wide profile. The tyres aren’t tubeless, so there’s an inner tube, which makes them more puncture-prone but also easier to replace. The Bronco’s stock tyres are adequate, but they will rapidly wear out.

Unless you’re pottering around in single motor mode, the Bronco absolutely eats through tyres.

The fact that it may easily spin both wheels on takeoff will likely shorten the overall tyre lifespan by up to 50%.

On dry roads, we noticed that the basic CST tyres worked admirably and gave adequate grip.


The Bronco 11 Xtreme’s deck is designed to seem like a country flag, with its blue, red, and white colour scheme. The deck looks great, and the sprocket in Bronco’s emblem is a nice touch. The deck is practically fully wrapped with grip tape, which is a good thing for something that accelerates so quickly.

The bigger deck grip tape covering is also advantageous since uncovered portions are easier to scratch, especially if you get any stones or gravel in your shoes, you’ll quickly mark the exposed deck, but this isn’t a concern on the Bronco because there is less deck exposed.

The deck is of high quality, and the grip tape is securely attached.

Despite extensive exposure to muck and grit, the grip tape has remained in fine condition after a few weeks of intensive use.

Bronco also has a lighted multicolor LED deck available, which you can view here.

Controls & Display:

The cockpit of the 11 xtreme is basic and has limited controls. A single brushed aluminium button on the left hand side of the handlebars turns on and off the lighting (and a bell if you wish to add it). Your LCD monitor (Bronco motors branded), dual/single mode controls, and eco/turbo button are all located on the right hand handlebar. Of course, there are NUTT hydraulic brake reservoirs on both sides.

The LCD panel is labelled as BRONCO motors, but it has the look and feel of the cheap Chinese LCD screens seen on a variety of scooters. The display’s functioning is similar to that of most other Chinese LCD screens; you receive your speed, mode, voltage, and temperature.

While the display is great, it is not accurate. This sort of LCD screen has a battery indication that SHOULD NOT be utilised, and the speed reporting is usually disabled. We discovered that the Bronco’s LCD speed readout was within 5 mph of GPS speed reporting on average.

Overall, the lack of an EY3-style display is unfortunate, but for the most part, the Bronco is about POWER and SPEED, so although a higher-quality panel would have been good, it isn’t a deal breaker.


Water Resistance:

The Bronco 11 Xtreme is an unique one since we couldn’t locate an IP rating (most scooters don’t have any water resistance or just have limited IP54 water resistance) – which is strange given it appears to be water resistant. We discovered a silicone barrier on the motors, which would theoretically protect them from light water exposure (but not submersion).

The deck appears to be water resistant, and the FOAM pad between the deck and the base appears to compress when the deck bolts are tightened, which should significantly reduce the potential of water to enter the battery compartment / controller chamber.

In mild rain, we’d feel comfortable utilising the 11 Xtreme.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support:

So, here’s the fascinating part: isn’t it a MASSIVE RISK to invest £3500+ ($4200 USD) on a scooter built by what appears to be a new business?

Yes, without a doubt.

But, after spending some time researching the Bronco 11 Xtreme and the people behind it, I believe it’s safe to say Bronco Motors isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

There are also other positive indicators that reinforce their company’s ideals and commitment to providing a superior scooter.

They’ve put their scooters through extensive testing, improved the pressing process, and even assembled their own Gemini 100A Pure Sinewave controllers.

Before packing and distributing their scooters, they even LOCTITE the nuts and bolts, which is something that a lot of scooter manufacturers overlook.

Bronco Motors appears to be trying to get into the electric scooter industry.


Why do so many evaluations ignore the relevance of controllers? They are EXTREMELY crucial since they grow heated, channel energy between motor phases, and affect the scooter’s performance. Good controllers will correctly manage voltage, current, and heat dissipation.

Many scooters employ unbranded or low-cost controllers, which is why they frequently fail or misbheave. We’ve encountered a couple problems with the ZERO 11X controllers overheating and cutting power.

However, the BRONCO Xtreme’s controllers are unique in that they are high-quality and use Infineon power MOSFETS for increased dependability. Peak currents of 170-200 amps are possible with the phase wires.


The Bronco 11 xtreme requires little care; keep it clean, remove any remaining dirt and mud, and make sure the nuts and bolts are snug (although the LOCTITE they apply will likely render this maintenance requirement null until you decide to undo anything).

Maintain the battery by avoiding excessive discharge and charging the Bronco’s LG battery at a reduced rate. Avoid exposing the scooter to extremes of cold or heat by storing it anywhere between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius.

If storing for a lengthy period of time, keep the Bronco 11 xtreme at 80 percent battery charge.

Known Issues:

Because the scooter isn’t well-known, no problems have been observed in the wild. The troubles we’ve experienced are known issues.

1. A failure in the Furlee DC to DC droppers might cause the output to drop below 12 volts, causing the light circuit to cease operating. This is a simple and affordable remedy that involves simply replacing the furlee dropper with a new one or using a dropper with the same rating (30-90v DC to step down 12v max 3 amps).

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Yes, without a doubt. The Bronco 11 Xtreme is the electric scooter to choose if you want an ultimate beast. Along with the Currus, Weped FF, and RION models, it ranks among the greatest performance scooters. It can easily spin BOTH wheels from 0 to 30 kilometres per hour.

It’s worth buying not just because it’s a stylish scooter with excellent ergonomics, but also because it’s one-of-a-kind, coming from a brand new kid on the block who wants to make a name for himself by focusing on QUALITY.

It’s quick, nimble, and enjoyable to ride, with enough torque to climb ridiculous hills all day.




Suitable For



200W, 4

Max Speed

70 MPH


80 miles

Charge Time

4 hrs

Single-Charge Mileage

40 miles


DNM 205mm AOY-36RC air shock on the rear &125mm 2000lb [adjustable] front coil suspension.

Braking System

Hydraulic Brakes


Ultra-wide 11×4″ CS Tires: premium high performance tube tires


2, 520Wh

Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight

106 lbs

Max Load

330 Lbs


2 white and 2 reserved for brake lights, 4 rear LED lights

Product Material

6061-T6 grade aviation aluminium alloy for the frame

Water Resistance


Extra features

2x brake lights)., Quad-LED red backlights (2x taillights

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    It’s beneficial to use local transportation and a brief commute. Just

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    like we had anticipated. Child adores it.

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