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With its outstanding, sturdy scooters, Bird grabbed the rental scooter business by the scruff of the neck. While many companies must choose between durability and comfort, Bird’s Bird One electric scooter combines the two. The One is a fleet type that is both robust and solid. It’s also smart, as the rider can operate it using their iOS or Android devices. The One also comes with important anti-theft capabilities including GPS monitoring and an immobilization option. The scooter is available in three stunning colors: Dove White, Jet Black, and Electric Rose.

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Bird One Summary:

Bird grabbed the rental scooter business by the scruff of the neck. While many firms must choose between durability and comfort, Bird’s Bird One electric scooter combines the two. The One is a fleet type that is both robust and sturdy. It’s also smart, since the rider can operate it using their iOS or Android devices. The One also comes with important anti-theft capabilities including GPS monitoring and an immobilisation option. The scooter is available in three stunning colours: Dove White, Jet Black, and Electric Rose.

The lack of a folding mechanism is one of the reasons behind Bird One’s robustness and endurance. A folding mechanism, while convenient for transportation, presents structural flaws such as stem wobbling, delicate folding components, and greater wear and tear from the moving parts. Despite this, the Bird’s structure is not big and weighs only 38.6 pounds (not the lightest, but suffices). The stem of Bird One is held in place by four huge bolts. The scooter’s frame is built of steel-reinforced aluminium, which helps it to be lighter and more durable. The material is water-resistant and corrosion-proof, with an IP rating of 34. For further protection, the motor, battery, and the Bird’s brain have been strengthened to an IP67 grade.

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A 300 W brushless front hub motor propels the One to a peak speed of 18 mph. At an ideal load of 220 lbs, it accelerates easily and has no trouble climbing slopes of up to 15%. It has a 36V 12800 mAh battery that can take up to 12 hours to completely charge. The One also has a regenerative front motor brake and a rear drum brake for smooth stopping. The Bird One is equipped with 9-inch semi-solid pneumatic tyres that provide a relatively smooth ride without the risk of flats. It does not, however, have a suspension system, which has a substantial impact on the ride quality.

The handlebars include rubber handgrips for a tighter grip and control, and are ergonomically built for comfort. A bell sits next to the left-hand grip, a thumb push accelerator sits on the right, and a streamlined centre box, save for the front-facing LED light and two LED indications for charging status, lacks much performance rationale. As you go south, the scooter’s battery is housed on the deck, which also has a rear fender connected. On the back fender, you’ll notice a red blinking LED light that’s fantastic for night visibility. A kickstand is also attached to the side of the deck.

Bird One pairs with the Bird App thanks to the One’s built-in GPS location technology, sophisticated GSM, and Bluetooth connection. You can track your scooter, check your speed and battery level, and manage various parts of your journey using the app. Regular firmware upgrades for your device are also available through Over-the-Air app updates.

Performance Overview:

You must first use the app to charge your Bird One before starting your flight. The scooter’s 300 W motor allows it to attain a peak speed of 18 mph, which is more than sufficient in many nations, particularly in Europe, where countries like the United Kingdom limit the speed to 15.5 mph. The scooter lacks speed settings, and users are flying blind on this scooter due to the lack of a display. With this inconvenient situation, the dual braking system comes in help to ensure that braking is unaffected regardless of speed or riding conditions.

Under ideal rider weight, track conditions, and weather, the scooter can climb slopes at a gradient of roughly 15%. On a single charge, it can travel up to 25 kilometres, according to the maker.

Speed & Acceleration:

The scooter’s peak speed is 18 mph, and it accelerates quickly and smoothly, offering a comfortable ride. Riders in real-world tests have complained about not being able to attain the manufacturer’s advertised peak speed because it is measured under ideal conditions. The speed of a scooter is affected by factors such as the rider’s weight, road conditions, and battery level. The scooter only has one riding mode, which would dissuade newcomers (if the price wasn’t enough).

Battery & Range:

The Bird One is equipped with a 36V, 12800 mAh lithium-ion battery that may provide up to 25 miles of riding time on a single charge. The deck houses the battery and the power source. While the scooter lacks a display on the handlebar, the Bird app shows the battery level. When the water falls dangerously low, the app alerts you.

Motor Configuration:

A 36V, 300 W motor is used in the One’s motor arrangement. The thumb-operated throttle on the handlebar is used to adjust acceleration. The motor is housed inside the front wheel, and the front fender protects it from dirt and spills.

Construction & Quality:

The Bird One is constructed to withstand the rigours of the rental market because it was created for Bird’s ride-sharing service. The Bird’s design concept is to create a scooter that can survive all types of riders, including wild riders, falls, exposure to the elements, experimentation on peppy tracks, and cautious riders. As a result, the Bird is relatively simple. It passes the ridesharing test and is one of the most thoroughly tested electric scooters on the market.

It has a slim body that is deceivingly strong. The chassis of the One is made of steel-reinforced aluminium and features a long-lasting fixed neck, giving it a longer lifespan. The One is an upgrade over the Bird Zero, and the maker promises a 12-month lifespan, which is two months longer than the Zero.

There are no visible wires on Bird One that may be yanked or broken. For comfort and longevity, it has ergonomically designed handlebars with slightly tapered rubber grips. Furthermore, the handlebars are devoid of delicate controls and a display, which would necessitate extensive maintenance in the case of a mishap. The deck plate is additionally textured to aid rider stability. The tyres are semi-solid to provide a low-maintenance ride with minimal shock absorption.

Suspension & Comfort:

The scooter is not equipped with suspension, thus the 9-inch semi-solid pneumatic tyres are responsible for absorbing road irregularities.

Ride Quality:

The Bird One, like many other e-scooters, is designed for usage in cities and urban settings. Its large wheels allow it to easily go over curbs and other tiny obstacles. The air pockets in the semi-solid tyres provide some shock absorption, but a specialised suspension, which Bird omitted from this scooter, would provide a superior riding experience. The handling is steady enough to check the app with one hand free. The lack of a display panel, which is unpleasant for riders who want to keep track of battery condition and regulate their speeds, is another major stumbling block to happy riding. The bell, front and rear LED lights, and reflectors, on the other hand, make night and low-light riding more easier.


The One has automated LED front and back lights that provide 30-40 lumens. The GPS and the built-in LED headlight are enclosed together. It gives off enough light so you can bike at night. The front and rear tyres of this Bird have reflective light stripes on both sides. The Bird app is used to turn on the lights. When you apply the brakes, the rear flashing light illuminates to warn other drivers.



The Bird One combines the force of an electrical regenerative front motor brake with a rear drum brake to assist riders slow down and come to a full stop. A single hand-operated brake lever is positioned on the left side of the handlebar and controls both. Regenerative brakes convert the energy lost when slowing down into battery power, extending the life of your battery. While drum brakes are less expensive to manufacture, riders should be aware that they need to be serviced on a regular basis to maintain their maximum performance.


The Bird One has a poor portability rating since it lacks a folding mechanism. Unless you have the storage capacity of a pick-up van, it’s unlikely that the scooter will fit in your car. Furthermore, due to its somewhat heavier weight (38.6 lbs), the scooter is not something you want to take for extended distances.


The scooter has semi-solid pneumatic tyres that are 9 inches in diameter. Semi-solid pneumatic tyres combine the shock-absorbing properties of air-filled tyres with the puncture-free properties of solid tyres, giving a comfortable ride without the stress of a flat tyre. The size and tread pattern of the tyres also give good traction, which improves the scooter’s overall riding quality.



The battery and power supply are stored beneath the deck of the One. Placing the battery in the deck enhances convenience and reduces the weight of the scooter, which improves stability. Larger-footed riders may find the deck too tiny to allow parallel standing. The deck’s surface is additionally texturized for a comfortable grip while standing.

Controls & Display:

The Bird One, as previously stated, does not feature a display screen. The Bird app, on the other hand, allows you to handle important parts of the scooter, such as turning it on and off, disabling the tamper alert, turning on the lights, and monitoring the battery level. A brake lever, a thumb-press throttle acceleration, a bell, and the headlight and GPS housing are all located on the left handlebar. The GPS is an important feature of both fleet and rental scooters. It’s a safety and anti-theft technology that links each Bird scooter to the Bird Hunter Network and lets the firm or the owner to follow the scooter’s whereabouts.


Water Resistance:

The One features an IP34 water resistance rating, which means you can take it out in the rain without worrying about water splashes voiding your warranty. For further protection, components that are somewhat more sensitive, such as the motor, brain, and bat, have an IP67 water-resistant classification. However, riding in the rain or snow is not recommended since water damage to the scooter’s inside might be disastrous.


The Bird One is excellent for commuting to work or having fun around the neighborhood, with a range of 25 miles on a single charge. It is important to remember, however, that the range may be limited based on the rider’s weight, speed, and terrain. Furthermore, regenerative braking not only assures safety but also allows for on-the-go battery charging. They offer adequate stopping force when combined with the drum brakes to bring you to a complete halt anytime you need it.

In general, the Bird One is more resistant to wear and tear than comparable scooters. The sturdy, non-foldable structure of the scooter has been tested and confirmed to endure falls and rental abuse. Finally, the IP34 and IP67 water-resistant certifications let you to ride in light showers when they’re inevitable, without fear of splashes or puddles.


The One is covered by a one-year limited guarantee that covers material and workmanship faults caused by regular and ordinary use. The warranty covers repairs and replacements for the following parts:

  • The main body
  • the decklid (metal components)
  • Assembly of the Rear Fork
  • Assembly of front-wheel and hub motors
  • Assembly of the Front Fork and Neck
  • Tube Down
  • Cable Brake
  • Handlebar
  • Port for Charging

For 180 days after purchase or activation on the Bird app, the guarantee covers the repair or replacement of the following parts:

  • Brain
  • Pack of Batteries
  • Module for Power Control
  • Mechanism of the Electric Brake
  • Mechanism for Electronic Throttling
  • Charger for batteries
  • Headlamps
  • Taillight

For 90 days following purchase or activation on the Bird app, it also covers the repair or replacement of wearable parts.

Contact Bird’s technical support team at 1-866-205-2442 or [email protected] if you discover any faults on your Bird One. Bird will want confirmation of purchase from them or an authorised dealer prior to the repair or replacement. They’ll also want the serial number of the scooter and your contact information.

Known Issues:

  • Riders frequently report troubles with communication between the scooter and the Bird App on both iOS and Android.
  • Only purchases purchased through Bird or authorised dealers are covered by the warranty.
  • The deck’s covering may be removed.


Clean your One using a gentle, damp cloth if it’s soiled. Dirt can also be scrubbed away using a toothbrush. To avoid delays, keep your Bird charged at all times. Alcohol, gasoline, and acetone are all corrosive cleansers to avoid. Despite the One’s IP34 water-resistance designation, it’s best to avoid riding in harsh weather.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Despite being constructed like a tank, the Bird One is elegant and has excellent connection features. While the asking price of $1299 is a little expensive, it’s a modest amount to pay for the One’s many features, particularly the smart ones. You may turn it on and off, lock it remotely, follow its whereabouts, receive warnings in case of tampering, and, most importantly, receive frequent updates and remote diagnostics after scanning the QR code on the handlebar and registering your profile. The value-for-money award goes to these specific elements.

Specification: BIRD ONE REVIEW

Suitable For



300 W

Max Speed

18 MPH


30 miles

Charge Time

12 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

25 miles


No suspension

Braking System

Electronic Front Regenerative front motor brake and rear drum brake


semi-solid tubeless tyres


473.6 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

38.6 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


30-40 lumens, Automatic front and rear LEDs, reflectors.

Product Material

Steel-reinforced aluminum frame

Water Resistance

IP34 & IP67

Extra features


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  1. Ronnie

    For my teenagers, this scooter is fantastic. They walk on them all over the neighbourhood, across cracks and potholes.

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  2. Frederick

    I haven’t ridden any with PU wheels, but this one’s pneumatic air-floated wheels provided a really comfortable ride that also served as a decent workout.

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  3. Gabriel

    Although it has air tyres, this scooter has such a smooth ride and is fairly quick.

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