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Apollo has been in operation since 2018 and is one of the world’s top makers of electric scooters. They’re a smart mobility company that’s revolutionising urban mobility while also helping to save the environment. Apollo makes high-quality electric scooters that are put through thorough testing before being shipped out to guarantee they fulfil quality requirements. Their goods are put through three quality checks, including rigorous tests for safety, durability, and battery life, all with the goal of producing only the finest when it comes to these excellently crafted portable electric cars.
Across all scooter categories, the Apollo Pro electric scooter is one of the most powerful, dependable, and well-built scooters. The sleek design will set it apart from any other model on the market. The pneumatic tyres are 10 inches in diameter.

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Apollo Pro Summary

Since its founding in 2018, Apollo has established a name for itself as a manufacturer of wonderfully constructed scooters that continue to revolutionize the scooter industry. They concentrate on producing durable, high-quality electric scooters with appealing aesthetics. The Apollo Pro, their flagship model, is not your typical scooter. The scooter was the creation of two Canadian scooter enthusiasts, whose only goal was to revolutionize urban scooting and create a scooter that lived up to the strict requirements of North America. It is a top-tier adult electric scooter that outperforms its rivals in the same price range with flawless performance.

The Apollo Pro comes in a single distinctive color option: black with blue accents. It has a sleek, aerodynamic design supported by powerful motors. Although having other colors would have been fantastic, this doesn’t seem like a significant tradeoff. The high-quality forged aluminium used in the construction of the Apollo Pro scooter makes it exceedingly strong and durable. The controls are arranged nicely and the display is uncluttered, which reduces distractions while you’re riding. For ease when riding, the display shows important riding data such as speed, distance, and battery charge. Because the wires are internally routed and contained in the stem and deck, they are kept from snagging and tangling Comfort is a top focus in the ergonomic design of the Apollo Pro. It includes a larger deck than a typical scooter, as well as a footrest that is specifically designed and strengthened for the fender, giving riders space to stand up and relax comfortably—perfect for prolonged commuting. The Apollo Pro scooter has some of the strongest handlebars available. They are completely stable and provide comfort and steering stability. Furthermore, the Apollo Pro scooter’s controls are uncomplicated, clear, and straightforward to operate. It has a finger-trigger throttle on the right and a brake lever on the left side of the heavy-duty handlebars; these controls are positioned for quickest access.

With two 1000-watt engines, the electric scooter can reach exhilarating peak speeds of 38 mph (61 km/h). The powerful twin motors can also easily climb incline slopes up to 40 degrees and tow a maximum weight of 330 lbs (150 kg). Riders who are daring will value this type of ability. The Apollo Pro scooter’s high performance and rapid and furious pace need an efficient braking system so that riders may safely stop when necessary. The twin high-performance mechanical disc brakes and electronic regenerative brakes actively assist in this need

The Apollo Pro scooter’s best-in-class dual rear and front swingarm suspension is yet another amazing feature. The incredible ride quality of this not-so-gentle beast is a result of the two swingarm suspensions, which work in tandem with the 10″ pneumatic tyres to absorb as much stress on the riding track as possible. A carefully designed ring lock folding mechanism, in addition to the scooter’s high-performance characteristics, enables easy portability despite its higher weight. The scooter might flip over under its high weight since the kickstand on the Apollo Pro line is a bit short. The illumination, which consists of just four LED lights inlaid on the front and back decks, is nothing special.

Is it too wonderful to be true? Continue reading for a thorough analysis of Apollo Pro’s outstanding features.


Performance Overview

The 2000W combined output of two twin 1000W rear and front hub brushless motors used in the Apollo Pro electric scooter provides the vehicle with unmatched power and acceleration. With a combined instantaneous power output of 2400W, the dual-motor is perfect for rides in turbo mode and the simple ascent of inclines up to 40 degrees. On gear 2 of the riding modes, the enormous torque produced by the Apollo Pro’s dual motors can climb 10% slopes in 7.5 seconds.

The Apollo Pro scooter accelerates very quickly, reaching 30 mph (48 km/h) in under 6.2 seconds. Only the Apollo Pro Ludicrous comes close to beating this for a scooter, reaching 30 mph in 5.3 seconds. Apollo gave the Pro some substantial stopping power to handle the rapid acceleration. When travelling at the top speed of 38 mph (61 km/h), the brakes have an amazing stopping distance of 16.1 feet (5 meters). When moving at 15 mph (24 km/h) at a distance of 3 meters, the model is also capable of an abrupt stop. Given that most other scooters can only go 5 meters at the same pace, this feat is remarkable.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Apollo Pro scooter is the ideal vehicle for commuting in cities. The commuters who wish to beat the traffic on their way to work or school are the target audience for this vehicle.

Gear 1, Gear 2, and Gear 3 are the three riding modes available on the Apollo Pro 52V. The highest speeds for Gear 1 mode, Gear 2 mode, and Gear 3 mode are respectively 15 mph (24 km/h), 28 mph (72 km/h), and 38 mph (60 km/h).

The intensity of its acceleration will appeal to speed fans as well. This electric scooter is a speed demon with a record-breaking acceleration time of 6.2 seconds from 0 to 30 mph (48 km/h). The Pro electric scooter incorporates an index-controlled throttle for simpler and more comfortable speed adjustment, unlike the majority of regular scooters.

Hill Climbing

Due to its strong twin motor, the Apollo Pro 52V is a high-performance luxury scooter that can climb hills with inclinations of up to 40 degrees. The scooter can go across moderately steep terrain because to its dual rear and front 1000W engines, which provide a massive 2000 watts of power with an instantaneous peak of 2400 watts.

Battery Life & Range

One element that distinguishes the Apollo Pro is its battery. It makes use of a premium 52V, 22.5 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery manufactured by renowned tech giant LG. Riders will have enough of energy left over when they get at their destination thanks to the high-capacity battery. The excellent lithium ion battery selection made by Apollo for this performance scooter is due to its high energy density, minimal self-discharge, ease of maintenance, and superior performance compared to other battery types.

Depending on a number of variables, the battery in the Apollo Pro delivers an impressive extended range of 56 miles (61 km) on a single charge. While riding in Turbo and Dual motor (full power) mode will demand a greater power output, this is especially true when done on steep terrain. Riding in Eco mode and Single motor mode offers a longer range.

Notably, compared to scooters in the same price range, it might take up to 10 hours to fully charge the battery. However, utilizing two chargers or upgrading to a fast charger will cut the recharge time in half.

The battery makes the claim that it has a sophisticated battery management system that guards it against a variety of potential defects, such as short circuits, under-voltage, and intelligent features like auto sleep protection, overcharging, temperature resistance, and over current protection. The battery, in contrast to common lithium batteries, offers great performance for up to 1000+ charges, which equates to around 2-3 years of daily charging.

Motor Configuration

A twin 1000W motor housed in the front and back wheel hub covers powers the Apollo Pro electric scooter. This model is among the higher-performance electric scooters on the market with a total power of 2000W. The motor’s instantaneous peak power is 2400W. With this amount of power, it can travel at high speeds of 38 mph (60 km/h) and tow a weight up to 330 pounds (150 kg).

Construction & Build Quality

So that it won’t seem out of place on city streets, the Apollo Pro has a sleek and athletic style. Instead, its massive 10-inch air-filled tyres, broad handlebars, big deck, and black color with blue accents make it stand out. It is expertly constructed, and to ensure its endurance and safety, it goes through strict quality control with up to three layers of tests. High-quality components and cutting-edge scooter technology are used in the construction of this electric scooter to provide the user an uncompromising build quality.

It has a high-tensile fork and a forged aluminum frame. Forged aluminum has a substantially greater tensile strength than other forms of aluminum, making it ideal for scooter frames. In contrast to most folding stems, the scooter stem is remarkably strong and offers reliable steering even while travelling at the greatest speed. Riders should be careful since the kickstand on this model is robust and retractable but a little shorter, so the scooter might topple over from its 77 lbs weight.


The scooter has been meticulously constructed to endure the rigors of professional scooter riding and last a long time.


The best-in-class dual rear and front solid spring suspension system is a feature of the Apollo Pro electric scooter. This set of shock absorbers allows the scooter to significantly reduce the shocks and vibrations that come with using a regular electric scooter. They also make sure the scooter is sufficiently springy so stunt enthusiasts may have a good fly-off-the-curb experience.

Ride Quality

Except for the noise created by the rear plastic fender, the Apollo Pro’s two in-hub motors make it quite quiet to ride. Additionally, it has 10-inch pneumatic tyres that can easily roll over city cracks, uneven roads, and potholes. The vehicle has a dual spring suspension system that enhances the ride quality by providing unmatched riding comfort for all riders. For the smoothest, most comfortable ride possible, it has been precisely developed to lessen vibration and absorb bumps and vibrations.

The Apollo Pro’s top-of-the-line twin motors, which can provide up to 2000 watts of power, are also built to easily handle the toughest off-road terrain and inclines. Riders are free to try out the scooter’s exciting high speeds without worrying about compromised stopping thanks to the two disc brake system’s alternatively precise braking. The scooter has a bell, four LED lights, and all-around mounted reflectors for optimal visibility for safe nighttime use. The scooter is weatherproof, so you can even ride it outside in a little rain.


High-performance disc brakes are installed on both the front and back wheels of the Apollo Pro, giving it exceptional stopping ability. The stopping power of this e scooter will astound anybody who is new to riding electric scooters. Apollo may send your scooter upgraded with hydraulic disc brakes for a nominal additional cost. A system of electrical regenerative braking is also included on the scooter. The motor receives a reverse current from the regen brake, which then recharges the battery. As a consequence, every time you brake, it gently slows down the engine and recharges the battery for an even greater range. Exceptional stopping force provided by the Pro’s braking system ensures your greatest level of safety even at high speeds.


One of the most well-liked scooters on the market is the Apollo Pro, and for good reason. It is one of the quickest scooters you can purchase and has fantastic ratings. Its 77 lb (34 kg) weight makes it one of the heaviest versions available, which is also its main flaw. The scooter comes with a cutting-edge folding mechanism with a ring lock to help with its heavy weight. The notch also keeps the handlebars positioned just over the wheels for stable handling. Although the weight makes it less transportable, it improves the steadiness of the ride. The folded box fits in the typical vehicle trunk.


Water Resistance

With an IP54 certification, this electric scooter is resistant to water jets coming from all sides. You may use it in the rain without being concerned that sprays of water would corrode the scooter’s internal components. However, you shouldn’t immerse the scooter in deep water or expose it to water jets with strong pressure.


The Apollo Pro has low-level deck lights, two white LED lights up front, and red LED brake lights at the back. Given the high price tag of the scooter, the lights perform appallingly. Although the more potent Apollo Pro Ludicrous comes with a 2500 lumen add-on headlamp as an accessory, Pro owners must pay an additional fee to have it sent free of charge. Additionally, the scooter has reflectors installed on all of its sides.


10-inch pneumatic tyres are standard equipment on the Apollo Pro electric scooter. Pneumatic wheels provide improved traction, comfort, and durability as compared to solid wheels. Large air-filled pneumatic tyres help make the journey more comfortable. The scooter offers unrivalled riding comfort when combined with the effective twin spring suspension system.



Apollo’s typical grip tape design is used on the sleek riding deck of the Apollo Pro to provide the rider the utmost stability and control at high speeds. The deck is quite large, reaching a magnificent 48.3 cm in length and 22.9 cm in breadth. Additionally, the scooter has a good 15 cm of ground clearance, which prevents the under deck-contained battery from scratching as you go over obstacles.

Controls & Display

The command center of the Apollo Pro includes a modern appearance and an LED display. There are just a few controls on the handlebars, including hand-operated brakes, an index trigger throttle, and buttons for turbo and eco modes. Cruise control and light-on buttons are specifically designated on the display. An additional degree of protection for the scooter is provided by the key-activated ignition that comes with the Apollo. Bluetooth and smartphone connection are not included with the Pro 52V and 60V. The Lacroix Stemcor App, which is included with the Apollo Pro Ludicrous, lets riders to alter the torque, maximum power output, and braking resistance.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

One of the best-built scooters on the market, the Apollo Pro would be useless as a learning scooter. It is designed to serve seasoned riders with dependability. You can trust on the strength and dependability of this model since it is made with high-quality parts and materials. The scooter is propelled by a powerful twin 1000W engine with a total output of 2000W. It can go on paved metropolitan roads, off-road, and even up hills. Large 10-inch pneumatic tyres and a sturdy dual spring suspension absorb any stress from potholes and fractures in the road to improve riding comfort on difficult roads. The increased riding range provided by the high-capacity battery hidden beneath the deck guarantees that the rider arrives at their destination without the need for a recharge. The scooter also has dependable mechanical disc brakes that provide unmatched stopping capability to ensure safety at maximum speeds.

Apollo offers a 24-month guarantee since they are so confident in their goods. A second 12-month period, which comes at a fee, covers repairs after the first 12-month period covers manufacturing flaws. However, you only pay for the bits you really use. Additionally, they have a committed customer support crew that works a lot of hours to quickly resolve consumer concerns. Customers may contact the Canadian-based staff everyday from 9 AM to 5 PM for assistance with any questions. On the Apollo website, you may speak with them. Apollo also provides free delivery for purchases made in the USA and Canada.


Although the Apollo Pro scooter is excellent and long-lasting, it does need regular maintenance to guarantee continued performance and ideal operation. In order to make sure the screws, bolts, and nuts are secure, you need frequently inspect them. Additionally, make sure the brake pads are not worn out by checking them. Compared to the hydraulic disc brakes on this machine, the mechanical disc brakes need far less upkeep and repairs, but they still need some maintenance to operate at peak performance. To avoid causing harm to the battery, it is crucial to charge the scooter as instructed by the manufacturer. Be careful to also switch off the scooter before using the scooter’s original charger to charge it for the required amount of time.

Accessories & Upgrades

  • Helmet Additional charger
  • knee braces
  • Horn/Bell Add-on High Power Lights Known Issues

Known Issues

  • When riding, the plastic rear fender, according to users, rattles.
  • In order to recover complete steering control, the stem has to be adjusted since it becomes loosened during the thrusting motions encountered during intense off-roading.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Absolutely, I say yes! Few electric scooters in the £1,345 ($1,895) price bracket combine comfort and strong performance in this way. In many scooters, one of the two is given up for the other. This Pro range variant is promoted by Apollo as being the “Best value for money.” The utility of this scooter is unmatched for both on- and off-road use. It is one of the greatest mid-range scooters because to its dual spring suspension, 10-inch pneumatic tyres, roomy deck, neck braking speeds, longer mileage, twin disc braking system, and sleek style.

The consumer may vouch for the advertised price’s validity by citing amenities like cruise control, uncompromising build quality, and excellent performance. For riders willing to spend £2,100, the Apollo Pro Ludicrous offers extra features including a peak speed of 44 mph (70 km/h), quicker acceleration, a dedicated PC and phone app, hydraulic brakes, and an additional 2500 lumen floodlight (at no extra cost). However, we definitely advise commuters seeking for a high-performance and dependable way to go from point A to point B without blowing cannonballs through your account to consider the Apollo Pro scooter.

Specification: APOLLO PRO REVIEW

Suitable For



000W, 1

Max Speed

38 mph


25-56 miles

Charge Time

10 hours (5 hours with fast charger upgrade or with dual chargers)

Single-Charge Mileage

56 Miles


Dual spring suspension

Braking System

Dual disc front and rear brakes, electric regenerative braking


25.4 cm Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)


1, 170Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

77 lbs

Max Load

330 Lbs


Front and rear deck-embedded LED lighting, reflectors.

Product Material

Forged aluminium

Water Resistance


Extra features

Bell, deck lights, LED Display, Portability

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