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AER Electric has invested £1 million in design and development to launch a new electric scooter category. The end result is an all-in-one package that caters to commuters seeking a modern, elegant, and ecologically responsible method of transportation. It’s no surprise that it earned an award at the Eurobike Awards in 2019 and was highlighted in WIRED and T3 magazines for its efforts. If it isn’t a statement of quality and class, we don’t know what is.
The AER 557 has a simple and beautiful appearance. The silent, strong 500W direct drive motor in the 557 ensures a smooth and quiet ride without sacrificing speed or performance. The scooter is powered by a high-capacity detachable battery.

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AER 557 Summary

For a new subset of electric scooters, AER Electric has invested £1 million in design and development. The final product is a complete package that benefits anyone searching for a contemporary, fashionable, and ecologically responsible method of transportation. It is hardly surprising given these efforts that it was highlighted in WIRED magazine and T3 Magazine and received a prize at the 2019 Euro bike Awards. We don’t know what more to say about its quality and class if this.

The AER 557 has a simple, sophisticated design. The integrated silent, strong 500W direct drive motor that does not sacrifice performance or speed makes the 557 ride smoothly and silently. The scooter’s large capacity replaceable battery design enables quick replacement or charging anywhere, anytime. The scooter’s maximum range per charge is 20 kilometers. Additionally, because of the strength of the front and rear Maguro dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, stopping won’t be an issue.

A distinctive bamboo foot platform runs the whole length of the electric scooter. No matter the riding circumstances, a strong grip is guaranteed by the anti-slip deck. The deck is wider than other versions available, providing excellent comfort and balance when riding. The scooter has excellent Schwalbe Big Apple tyres, which offer a comfortable ride on the majority of riding surfaces. Additionally, the bamboo deck and aluminum hydroformed frame flex to absorb vibrations from obstructions on the riding track in the absence of a suspension system.

Any hand size may fit comfortably on the elegant handlebars. They also include a high-quality LED display that is removable and records speed and battery life. Additionally, it boasts a built-in immobilizer, four driving modes, and an intelligent drive system with GPS. You will be seen by cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists thanks to the front and back lights. Additionally, for simple parking, the scooter incorporates a double-legged kickstand. An Oscar-worthy PEV may be created by combining these elements with its simple folding mechanism, excellent riding quality, and best-in-class construction.

The 557 is offered in eight colors, and the bamboo deck is offered in two designs.


Performance Overview

Electric scooters are changing how people see and utilize them because to the AER 557. A 500W hub motor that produces more than 50 Nm of torque powers it. It can tow a maximum weight of 265 pounds with ease and reach an astounding top speed of 27 mph (43 kph) because to the strong torque (120 kg).

Four distinct speed options are included with the high-performance e scooter so you may drive as you want. A 557 Wh detachable Panasonic cell battery is also included, allowing you to go up to 20 miles on a single charge. Additionally, the scooter has two Magura hydraulic disc brakes for powerful stopping.

Speed & Acceleration

The AER 557 is a powerful electric scooter with a peak speed that is more than enough for any rider at 27 mph (43 kph). Due to its lightweight construction, the scooter can accelerate swiftly, making it simpler to maneuver quickly when necessary.

The scooter has four distinct riding modes that allow users to customize the peak speed to their liking. Using the display on the handlebars, you may choose the speed setting that you choose.

Hill Climbing

Although AER hasn’t specified a specific gradient for the 557’s ability to climb hills, the size of the engine and the power it produces, together with the size of the tyres, ensure that this scooter will easily climb slopes that are 15% or slightly higher.

Battery & Range

A modern battery system with a detachable Panasonic cell powers the AER 557 Electric Scooter. The battery has high-performance capabilities thanks to its excellent 557Wh power capacity. Because Panasonic batteries are renowned for their quality and dependability, the scooter operates well for a considerable amount of time.

The scooter can go a maximum of 20 miles on a single charge, which is more than adequate to handle the majority of city trips. The changeable battery technology makes it possible to carry extra batteries and extend the range of the scooter’s single charge much beyond 20 kilometres. All you have to do to utilise it is purchase an additional battery pack. The battery is secured with a keyed lock mechanism as an extra measure of security.

When you consider the battery’s power capacity, its outstanding charge time of 4-5 hours is actually rather short.

Motor Configuration

A 500W quiet direct-drive electric motor housed in the back hub powers the 557. The motor’s 50 Nm of excellent torque is produced. The motor can easily reach its highest speeds because to its great torque. Due to the lack of gears, which saves space, increases durability, and lowers noise, direct drive motors are renowned for their efficiency and dependability.


Construction & Quality

The scooter boasts a sleek, contemporary appearance that has been meticulously crafted to maximize its visual appeal. It reinterprets contemporary scooter design. The entire frame structure of the scooter is strong and trustworthy for long-term usage since it is composed of high-quality materials.

You can carry it because to the frame’s strong and lightweight hydroformed aluminum construction. Additionally resistant to rust, aluminum alloy frames are simple to maintain and less likely to corrode with time. Additionally, the scooter has a lot of exposed wiring, which does not make for a professional appearance.

A hydraulic front suspension on the scooter guarantees a smooth ride while minimizing vibrations at high speeds. Additionally, it has award-winning, specially designed ergonomic handlebars that provide the best riding posture. The SQ grips on the handlebars are really pleasant to use.

The scooter’s use of a non-slip bamboo deck to guarantee that you have a good grip when riding adds to its futuristic appearance. There is more than enough room for each rider on the strong deck, which can handle up to 265 pounds of weight. The twin legs kickstand that is built into the deck is also intended to keep your scooter steady while it is parked. Finally, each of the tyres have noticeable mudguards.

Suspension & Comfort

The 557 rides differently than other scooters without shock absorbers despite not having a suspension system. The 20-inch tyres on the scooter reduce vibrations and make riding comfortable. Additionally, the hydroformed aluminum frame and bamboo deck of the scooter are designed to bend and absorb vibrations.

Ride Quality

The 557 electric scooter has a futuristic appearance and ride. From the structural soundness of the parts to the riding comfort, the scooter exudes excellent quality. Wide ergonomic handlebars offer a supportive position for an effortless and thrilling ride. For maximum comfort during extended rides, SQ Labs ergonomic grips are installed on the handlebars. Because of the grips’ soft, elastic silicone construction, which makes them very pleasant to use and helps prevent hand fatigue over time,

Users of all heights may operate the scooter thanks to the foldable and height-adjustable stem. The superb Schwalbe tyres on the huge 20-inch wheels attenuate vibrations, making it thrilling and simple to ride the scooter. Large tyres provide the benefits of being easier to roll over obstacles, greater balance, higher grip, and faster acceleration.

The scooter comes with a sizable foot platform made of bamboo. Additionally, the deck is non-slip, improving rider control of the scooter. Additionally, the direct-drive motor is quiet, so you may ride covertly. Additionally, the scooter is equipped with a lighting system on both the front and the back, which makes illumination at night or inclement weather simple.


The scooter is equipped with a reliable lighting system that includes a front headlight and a rear beam light to make the rider visible at night or in inclement weather. Busch & Muller’s 70 lumen front lamp and Supernova’s 120 lumen rear light are both used. The lights are strong enough to illuminate the path at night and guarantee your continued visibility to other drivers.


One of the greatest braking systems available is found in the AER 557, which has front and rear Maguro dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes. The brake system provides powerful, dependable stopping capability. The longevity and top performance of the Maguro brakes are well recognized. Levers on the handlebars are used to operate the brakes for an immediate call to action.


The AER 557 is not the lightest electric scooter in its class, weighing 50 pounds (23 kg). The scooter does, however, include a folding mechanism that enables simple transit and space-saving storage. A hinge mechanism on the scooter allows it to fold in half. You can quickly fold the scooter and put it in practically any vehicle trunk thanks to the rapid folding mechanism on the stem and the hinge system on the deck.

Additionally, the front wheel may be removed for greater mobility. You may even take out the battery to further decrease weight.



The AER 557 Electric Scooter features a distinctive deck made of bamboo that offers a cosy grip. While using the scooter, you can maintain a secure footing thanks to the strong, non-slip deck. An industry first for electric scooters is the bamboo deck.

You will enjoy a pleasant ride since the deck is big enough to fit most foot sizes. Additionally, the deck bends to absorb vibrations at high speeds, resulting in a quiet and comfortable ride. Additionally, the AER has a carbon fiber shin guard at the back of the deck that slopes slightly to provide room for the wheel.

Controls & Display

At the centre of the handlebars, the AER 557 has a removable LED display. Speed, journey distance, duration, and other information are shown on the screen. The LED display also has a GPS-enabled intelligent driving system, a built-in immobiliser, and four different speed levels.

Detaching the display also renders the electric scooter immobile, protecting it from theft. The cyclist has easy access to two brake levers, one on each side of the handlebars. Thumb paddles on the left handlebar are used to operate the throttle.

Water Resistance

The AER 557 scooter has no rating for water resistance. This implies that to avoid damaging the scooter, you should avoid riding in damp weather.


Big Apple 20-inch tyres are used on the 557 scooter’s wheels. Everywhere in the globe, bicycles are equipped with tyres made by the German company Schwalbe. The tyres’ strength and flexibility provide a comfortable ride even at high speeds while dampening vibrations from off-road travel.

The larger tyre size provides a smoother riding experience and facilitates simple handling. You’ll also notice that the wheels are spoked, which offers a few benefits including lower cost, simpler maintenance, and greater durability over rough terrain.



The AER 557 is cleverly designed to provide outstanding performance and ease. A powerful 500-watt direct-drive motor with great performance is installed in the scooter. You may go at a speed of up to 40 km/h (27 mph) thanks to the motor’s power delivery to the rear tyre.

The scooter’s 20-mile (32-kilometer) range on a single charge makes it ideal for everyday commuting. Using regular 110-240 volt outlets, the AER 557 may be completely recharged in approximately 5 hours. You can easily recharge your scooter at work as a result.

The 557 is equipped with a special handlebar that balances your body weight, preventing the accumulation of hand strain over time. Its distinctive bamboo foot deck is non-slip and gives the rider the most comfort possible. Wide 20-inch Schwalbe tyres are used on the scooter to dampen vibrations and give a comfortable ride.

The scooter is designed to handle repeated riding as well as everyday commuting. This electric scooter, which comes in 8 different colors, will serve you well for many years as long as it is properly maintained and given the necessary servicing.


The scooter comes with a 1-year guarantee for the scooter’s key parts and a 2-year warranty for the scooter’s frame. The purpose of the manufacturer’s warranties is to provide customers peace of mind while purchasing their products.

AER has collaborated with a number of establishments that provide fully functional service centers for the 557. These service centers are conveniently situated close to a number of UK cities. You may have your scooter mended at the outlets while the guarantee is still in effect thanks to the pick-up and drop-off service they provide. Additionally, AER provides customer service agents that may be contacted through social media.


You will use the 557 electric scooter a lot since it is intended for everyday travel. As a result, it has to be well maintained to guarantee productive working conditions. The majority of the scooter’s parts are maintainable by the user and may be fixed in a few hours.

The scooter can be repaired by technicians with the proper training since it is made of bicycle parts. All of the handles, brake levers, and tyres may be serviced by anybody. You may always get help from the manufacturer or consult the user manual if you need to service your 557 e-scooter.

The following actions are required as part of your maintenance schedule:

  • Occasionally, recharge your batteries.
  • Look for damage and wear on the brakes.
  • Maintain proper tyre inflation pressure.
  • Regularly clean it.

Known Issues

Since the 557 is still a new product on the market, no problems have been reported by consumers as of yet. As we continue to test the scooter and wait for comments from the rest of the riding community, keep an eye on our blog for developments.

AER 557: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The 557 is a high-end e-scooter featuring a number of cutting-edge features that enhance its aesthetic appeal and general performance. Its exceptional riding experience and amazing functions are the result of diligent design. The 557 is quite pricey when compared to other e-scooters provided by rival companies on the market, costing up to £2,165.83 / $2,911.96.

Nevertheless, the AER is a game-changer despite its exorbitant cost. You get the best of both worlds when you cross-breed an e-bike with an e-scooter. The ergonomic bamboo deck and hydroformed aluminum frame, which are meant to bend and absorb vibrations, the removable display with a built-in GPS and immobilizer, and the comfy 20-inch tyres are among the most outstanding features.

Therefore, the AER 557 is not simply attractive to look at; it also offers performance and good value for the money. If you’re still unsure, the manufacturer’s trust in their goods should be reinforced by the 2-year frame guarantee and 1-year parts warranty. The 557 is unquestionably the greatest electric scooter we’ve recently had the pleasure of evaluating.

Specification: AER 557 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

27 mph


27 Miles

Charge Time

5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

20 miles


Lacks scooter suspension

Braking System

Front and rear Magura dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes


20 inches Schwalbe big apple tyres


557 Wh

Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight

50 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


70 lumens front headlights (Busch & Muller), Supernova rear beam

Product Material


Water Resistance

Extra features

Intelligent drive system featuring GPS and built-in immobiliser.

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  1. Cynebald

    The best scooter ever made! Big wheels, cool grips, flickering light, and cool grip tape are all great.

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  2. Dunstan

    My son loves how sturdy and long-lasting it feels. The architecture is beautiful.

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  3. Edgar

    Great quality scooter; excellent.

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  4. Godwin

    fantastic stuff fantastic customer service Recommended

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