People who work on the Chartior team have a love of e-scooters and e-bikes and want to spread that love to as many people as possible. We foresee a future when electric vehicles play a significant role in ensuring the health of our planet. We worked together to realise our goal of providing excellent items at competitive prices backed by outstanding service. All of our efforts are focused on satisfying the needs of our customers who care as much as we do about reducing our impact on the environment through the adoption of electric mobility solutions.

What We Aim To Do And Why
We’re on a mission to get people everywhere riding electric scooters and bikes, starting with the Americas. Scooters and e-bikes, in particular, are gaining popularity rapidly, and we expect this trend to continue. People everywhere are attracted to these vehicles because of their low environmental impact, low cost, and the freedom they give riders from the constraints of public transportation and congested city streets.

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Top-notch materials were used in the development of the Chartior electric scooter, which enables the designers to give special attention to the scooter's stability, portability, comfort, and ease. This one is equipped with both front and rear disc brakes for superior stopping power and bright LED lights for nighttime visibility. Thanks to its dual suspension and built-in shock absorbers, you can enjoy a smooth ride regardless of whether you're cruising around town or racing down a rough terrain. Given its low price, the scooter's powerful 1000W motor is a major selling point.
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