It’s clear that the team at AnyHill cares deeply about their wares and their clientele. We intend to become the electric scooter industry’s most customer-focused company. AnyHill’s main priority is to supply its global clientele with the best possible electric transportation options. A group of forward-thinking individuals who favour the independence of electric scooters over cars founded Anyhill. Scooters, in our opinion, are the best mode of transportation because they are fun to ride, good for the environment, and cost nothing. There has been no significant improvement in transportation methods over the past few decades, and millions of Americans spend each day and night confined to a carbon-depleting steel box that necessitates a car in order to reach any destination. We’re done with this cumbersome, closed system. After the introduction of scooters, people from all over the world came together to form a community they called Anyhill because of the ease with which they could get around.

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Here's a chance to ride a kickscooter in a different way. Children can ride with complete peace of mind thanks to the triple riding modes. With its comfortable balance of resistance and responsiveness, the thumb throttle makes it easy for riders to take command of the vehicle's speed and immerse themselves in the simulation. Put the Reflective Sticker on the car's fender. It improves security because of its high reflectivity, large reflection angle, and robust adhesion. The UM-3's clever folding mechanism makes it a breeze to stow away, transport, or load into a car the ultra-light scooter. The lithium-ion batteries, the controller, and the BMS intelligent battery control system are all built into a single module within the battery pack. High-rate batteries, with a discharge capacity double that of regular batteries, are chosen for inclusion in the battery pack.
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With a weight limit of up to 300 pounds, it can accommodate most people, including heavy riders. The scooter would be able to handle the extra weight without difficulty, bringing you happiness in the process. In just 3 seconds, you can have this electric scooter folded up and ready to go. It conveniently fits in the trunk of your car, on most forms of public transportation, and anywhere else you might want to bring it. Never worry about balancing your electric scooter again thanks to the UM-2's dual-sided kickstand, which can be used on virtually any surface. You can park just about anywhere these days.
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The AnyHill UM-1 electric scooter is a great device for short to medium distance travel. It's a bit heavy compared to some other scooters on the market, but it makes up for that with its powerful motor. The UM-1 can reach speeds of up to 15 mph, and it has a range of up to 15 miles on a single charge. This scooter is also very sturdy, which makes it perfect for riding on rougher terrain. The only downside is that the battery takes a while to fully charge (up to 8 hours).
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AnyHill UM-1
The AnyHill UM-1 electric scooter is a great choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly mode of transportation. This scooter is easy to operate and perfect for short trips around town. It has a powerful motor that makes it easy to zip through traffic, and the battery lasts for up to 15 miles on a single charge. The UM-1 also has a built-in LCD display that allows you to track your speed, distance, and battery life. Plus, it comes with a handy remote control that lets you start and stop the scooter with just the touch of a button. Overall, the AnyHill UM-1 is a great scooter that offers excellent value for the price. It's perfect for anyone who wants an affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint, or simply wants an easy way to get around town.
  • Premium LG battery
  • One-click folding mechanism
  • Extremely strong brakes
  • IP54 water-resistance rating
  • Plush 8.5 pneumatic tires
  • Choice of three colors
  • Well built
  • Needs better cable management (the cables protrude from the frame)
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